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change is possible.  the payment machines in all the parking garages in dublin tell us so, the little digital displays giving us these words of cheer as we come to retrieve our cars. update: in summer 2013, there are new, and less existential, machines.  but change is still possible.

this blog has copies of concerts that i’ve enjoyed or maybe just that i’ve been listening to, and very occasional notes.

that i am aware, nothing posted here has been released commercially — that is, no cd rips, no official releases, etc. if that is incorrect (i.e., if the show has been released), or if you’re the artist (or their legal representative) and don’t want your show here, just let me know & it’ll be removed immediately.

the shows will generally be in flac format (an audio format similar to mp3, but lossless) but occasionally might be in other formats if that’s what’s available.  as a rule of thumb, i don’t download or share mp3 of any quality (though i do convert shows into mp3 for listening in my car).

twitter:  www.twitter.com/cipjazz1

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  1. for the password protected concerts like the NOHP one what do i need to do ?…reply please

  2. well, good for you, visiting the land of bossa nova & samba, have fun

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