Jul 222020

a couple of shows by melissa aldana, first with aaron diehl in switzerland in 2017 and then leading her quartet in berlin in 2019, each shared by unclewolfi some months after the shows.  i found these to be a bit somber & meditative, and am not sure which of them i prefer.  very different groups – duo with a pianist vs a quartet with a guitarist, and one is covers while the other is mostly originals.  i don’t really have to pick, though, and they also worked quite well together as companion pieces.    melissa aldana has a new cd out recently, btw, with the artwork by cécile mclorin salvant (who only seems to perform with aaron diehl, or is that just the shows that i’ve heard).  one imagines a cozy group of artists having fun working together, sounds nice.  and what might be nice too: a concert by aldana, diehl and salvant?

melissa aldana & aaron diehl
jazz festival
marian’s jazzroom
bern, switzerland
03.may 2017

melissa aldana – ts
aaron diehl – p

01. canadian sunset (heywood) 09:12
02. unrequited (mehldau) 04:55
03. never let me go (livingston) 07:32
04. one for prez (gray) 03:55
05. four in one (monk) 06:00
06. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (rodgers/hart) 07:03
07. room 608 (silver) 04:05


source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – srf 2]

sample: t05 four in one 06-00.mp3
download: MelissaAldana_AaronDiehl_2017-05-03_MariansJazzroom_BernCH.zip

melissa aldana quartet
jazzclub a-trane
berlin, germany
02. nov 2019

melissa aldana – ts
lage lund – g
pablo menares – b
kush abadey – dr

01. visions (melissa aldana) 12:45
02. elsewhere (melissa aldana) 11:25
03. ray ray (lage lund) 12:23
04. acceptance (melissa aldana) 08:17
05. the bluest eye (melissa aldana) 11:25
06. polkadots and moonbeans (bruke/van heusen) 11:52
07. appearances (melissa aldana) 11:29
08. el castillo de velenje (melissa aldana) 05:38


source: dvb-s > digital devices cine s2 v7a twin tuner > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps) [radio station – sr2]

sample: t05 the bluest eye 11-25.mp3
download: MelissaAldana_2019-11-02_ATrane_BerlinGermany.zip

Nov 082014

Cecile McLorin Salvant 2014-05-28 pic24aaaaaand another demux.  this was a great show, and one that i think i missed listening too after downloading it from dime in august (seeded by yoyoma88).

as i’ve done for some of the other shows that i’ve demuxed, i’ve included a few screenshots.  maybe someone will make up a cd cover and send it in, who knows?

funny sort of a recording, with huge amounts of dead air at the beginning & end.  but decent enough audio quality, so i converted it to flac & tracked it.  the volume of the performance was all over the place, loud bits, soft bits, loud songs, quieter songs… and when tracking it, i notice a certain amount of clipping on some of the louder bits.  but still a very nice recording, so here you go.


cécile mclorin salvant
ronnie scott’s jazz club
london, uk
28 may 2014

cécile mclorin salvant – vocal
aaron diehl – piano
paul sikivie – bass
peter van nostrand – drums

1 intro by mc (0:58)
2 when rome i do as the romans do (coleman/leigh) (7:08)
3 intro to “nobody” (0:39)
4 nobody ( bert williams) (4:35)
5 spring can really hang you up the most (wolf/ landesman) (5:24)
6 intro to “laugh…” (0:27)
7 laugh clown laugh (lewis-young-fiorito) (9:25)
8 intro to “stepsister’s” (1:15)
9 the stepsisters’ lament (rodgers/hammerstein) (2:13)
10 they say it’s spring (marty clark, haymes) (7:14)
11 intro to “clang clang clang” (0:18)
12 trolley song – “clang clang clang” (blane /garland /martin) (3:40)
13 womanchild (mclorin salvant) (6:27)
14 intro to “he’s gone…” (0:18)
15 he’s gone again (curtis lewis) (13:19)
16 what a little moonlight can do (harry m woods) (11:07)
17 band intros > intro to “i didn’t know…” (0:43)
18 i didn’t know what time it was (rodgers/hart) (6:08)
19 applause > mc > applause (1:30)
20 (encore) goodbye (gordon jenkins) (7:05)
21 applause (0:41)

tt 1:30:35

video source per original seed:
livestream (audio aac-lc, bit rate 320 kbps, sampling rate 48.0 khz, see below)

demux source:
video as above (.flv) > mediacoder 08.32.5660 > audio (.flac) > cd wave editor (tracking) > .flac
mediacoder: audio only, format flac, encoder flac (compression level 5), source auto select, resammple & bit depth both original

the original video had a lot of dead air — around 25 mins at the beginning & around 8 mins at the end. since the audio
portion of the video seemed to be a pretty good quality, and to get rid of the dead air, i converted it into flac… and
then tracked the whole thing since i was at it.

the original seeder, yoyoma88, didn’t give a lot of information: basically just that it was a livestream recorded at ronnie scott’s.

sample:  t12 trolley song (clang clang clang).mp3

download: CecileMcLorinSalvant_2014-05-28_RonnieScotts_demux.zip