Apr 292016

here’s one from the nrk archives, and a video to boot.  this is a phenomenal video (except for a short glitch in the middle), so i’m making an exception to my ‘no videos on account of they’re too large’ for the moment.

miles davis
chateau neuf
oslo, norway
9 november 1971

miles davis – tp
gary bartz – ss, as
keith jarrett – el-p, org
michael henderson – el-b
ndugu leon chancler – dr
charles don alias – cga, perc
james mtume forman – cga, perc

1 directions (j. zawinul)
2 honky tonk (m. davis)
3 what i say (m. davis)
4 sanctuary (w. shorter)
5 it’s about that time (m. davis)
6 yesternow (m. davis)
7 funky tonk (m. davis)
8 closing theme (sanctuary)

duration: 01:22:05

nrk webcast > adobehds php downloader > .flv video
no re-encoding has been applied, the adobehds.php downloader
is a script for downloading .flv video streams.

source url: https://tv.nrk.no/serie/jazzforum/fuha01008571/08-06-1972
original broadcast date: 8 june 1972

video: mpeg-4 (avc high@l3.1), bit rate 2250 kbps, 1280×720 (16:9), 25.000 fps
audio: aac-lc, 160 kbps, 48.0 khz, 2 channels

– this was also seeded on dimeadozen (torrent #556735), but this .flv file was
downloaded directly from the nrk.no website, not via the seed on dimeadozen.
– as noted on the dime seed, ‘the abrupt interuption of tv translation is between
00:32:59 and 00:35:34 during “what i say”. a part of don alias conga solo is
missing.’ from the way the picture & sound fade back in, it looks like a problem
with the original recording &/or transmission. i’d like to remove that 2-1/2
minutes, but don’t know how without transcoding; maybe someday.
– setlist & line-up are from the dime seed, which took it from the peter losin site

sample: (no sample yet)
download: MilesDavis_1971-11-09_ChateauNeuf_Oslo.zip
cd jewel case cover: link

Apr 232016

CD Front Insertthis is one of only two shows by hannibal that i’ve downloaded, the other being from 1976, in new york city.  there’s a lot of energy in this show, then the last song (or, at least the last in the recording anyway) is very calm, really brings it down.  btw, the sample below is just that – the first 6 mins of track 2.

hannibal marvin peterson quintet
bremen, germany
8 october 1991

hannibal marvin peterson
idris muhammad
johannes barthelmes
uli lenz
günter lenz

001 drums forever (idris muhammad) 19:14
02 melanie (hannibal marvin peterson) 16:17
03 kiss on a bridge (hannibal marvin peterson) 16:12
04 naima (john william coltrane) -fades out- 3:01

min 54:44

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact

sample: t2 melanie (sample).mp3
download: HannibalMarvinPetersonQuintet_1991-10-08_Bremen.zip

Apr 192016

i’ve moved a lot of the .zip files to filefactory.com, and will be moving more later.  i’d be interesting in a bit of feedback on downloads from there.  my experience is that it works fine, but as expected it’s both a bit of a bother (so many banners urging you to join) and a bit slow.  but, i think, probably a bit more reliable than this was getting, as they were throttling my downloads from time to time.

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Apr 152016

CD Front Insertafter listening to a lot of sal nistico on the complete bee hive sessions from mosaic records, i thought i’d share this show from 1983.  very good recording,  great show.  i re-shared this on dime last november, having originally downloaded it when diego60 shared it back in Sept 2010.

sal nistico quartet
panino jazz club
perugia, italy
18 jan 1983

sal nistico, tenor sax
enrico pieranunzi, piano
furio di castri, bass
giampaolo ascolese, drums

1 little melonae (jackie mclean) 13:18
2 i hear a raphsody (george fragos, dick gasparre, jack baker) 10:22
3 the hymn (wichita blues) (jay mcshann) 11:40
4 but beautiful jimmy van heusen, johnny burke) 8:42
5 shaw’nuff (dizzy gillespie, charlie parker) 10:59
6 night bird (enrico pieranunzi) 11:33
7 speak low (kurt weill, ogden nash) 12:25

tt 79:01

lineage: sony tcd 5 sony ecm 990 micropone to tascam dvd recorder
audience a

sample: t04 but beautiful.mp3
download: SalNistico_1983-01-18_PaninoJazzClub_PerugiaItaly.zip

Apr 122016

CD Front Insertwell, here’s someone who’s albums i’m buying on my next cd purchasing bing.  and this is a good recording — an fm grab of a superb performance.  go see her shows, buy her cds — sarah mckenzie is great!

i spent some time trying to identify the songs, but for three of them i was completely unsuccessful.  any help appreciated.




sarah mckenzie
jazz sur seine 2015
duc des lombards
paris, france
20 october 2015 (early set)

sarah mckenzie, piano and vocals
jo caleb, guitar
pierre boussaguet, bass
marco valerio, drums
+ guest : julien alour, trumpet

1 almost like being in love (nat king cole)
2 we could be lovers
3 that’s it, i quit!
4 don’t be a fool (?)
5 i don’t know where my man is
6 three little words, two broken hearts and one jealous moon (?)
7 something happens to me (?)
8 don’t tempt me (sarah mckenzie)
9 sonny’s brother (sarah mckenzie)
10 quoi, quoi, quoi (sarah mckenzie)

10 tracks, 52 minutes

source : tsf, fm > naim uniti > rh-09r > audacity > xact > flac

sample: t06_threelittlewords.mp3
download: SarahMcKenzie_2015-10-09early_DucLombards_Paris.zip