May 272021

the two parts of this michel legrand broadcast are very different.  the first being a solo performance of jacque demy’s wistful songs, and the second a much jazzier performance with his quintet.  you might want to split them into two separate folders even, but these are unfortunately just extracts, so neither part would be terribly long.  still they are each super individually, and work together well enough.

michel legrand
france musique studios (1990) & théâtre de boulogne-billancourt (1992)

part 1 :

jacque demy tribute
france musique studios
‘six et demie’, prod. alain lacombe
5 november 1990

michel legrand, piano and vocals

01 intro (tribute to j. demy) 1:28

b.o les demoiselles de rochefort :
02 chantez la vie 2:53
03 la chanson de maxence 2:52
04 la chanson d’andie 2:08

b.o peau d’âne :
05 amour, amour 2:09
06 la chanson du prince 2:31

07 bo les parapluies de cherbourg : ut 2:43
08 thème principal 3:17

part 2 :

michel legrand quintet
théâtre de boulogne-billancourt
paris, france
6 may 1992

michel legrand, piano and vocals
jean-loup longnon, trumpet
denis leloup, trombone
marc-michel le bevillon, bass
andré ceccarelli, drums

09 la valse des lilas 5:50
10 you must believe in spring 6:55
11 what are you doing the rest of your life? 7:18
12 un eté 42 6:29
13 medley (take the a train) 5:23
14 les moulins de mon cœur 6:34

tt 58:30

france musique, 2020 (fm) / pioneer f91 / edirol rh-09r / audacity / xact / flac

samples: t04 la chanson d’andie.mp3  &  t12 un eté 42.mp3
download: Michel Legrand 1990-1992 radio broadcasts,

May 262021

here’s one of two ronnie cuber shows that i have.  a little baritone sax as we roll towards summer.  indeed it almost seemed like summer today, or perhaps that was the summer, and we’re back to our perpetual, wet, spring again.  fingers crossed!

also, i’ve added the same ripped-off image as a floating logo here & on twitter.  it’s a cropped & (un)distorted detail from a photo of viktor schreckengost’s “jazz” punch bowl from 1931, from (used without permission).

ronnie cuber quartet
duc des lombards, paris, france
15 october 2010

ronnie cuber (baritone sax)
michael wolff (piano)
peter herbert (double bass)
jeff boudreaux (drums)

01 all the things you are 9:06
02 unknown 9:34
03 unknown 8:37
04 unknown 9:27
05 miles’ mode 9:06

tt 45:50

fm > edirol r-09 (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector align)
broadcast : jazzlive, tsf, 21 oct 2010

sample: pending t02 Unknown 256k.mp3

May 202021

where has this show been my whole life?  actually, i was listening to eberhard weber, whose music wikipedia describes as “characteristic examples of the ecm records sound” immediately before, and so this came across like a breath of fresh air which was a bit of a surprise as i do like “the ecm sound” if there is such a thing.  i was sure that there was an eddy louiss show up here, but i can’t find it.  just as well ’cause i can post this now.

eddy louiss multicolor feeling
studio 104, maison de la radio
paris, france
june 23, 1983

eddy louiss (organ)
hamid belhocine, jacques bolognesi, jean-marc welch (trombones)
francis cournet, jim cuomo, richard foy, bob garcia, françois pettier, jean-pierre solves (saxophones)
michel peyratout (bass)
abdou m’boup, sydney haddad (percussions)
andré ceccarelli (drums)

01 mix (eddy louiss) 13:19
02 calin cala (eddy louiss) 27:05
03 smoking crab louse (eddy louiss) 13:55
04 trio (eddy louiss) 11:59
05 5/4 (eddy louiss) 24:46
06 samba (eddy louiss) / amazing grace (traditionnal) 15:57


fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcasts : les légendes du jazz, france musique, october 27 & 28, 2018

sample: t04 trio 256k.mp3

May 182021

today was a pablo held day, for no particular reason but a good choice.  i nearly picked a great show where pablo held is joined by chris potter , but in the end, this organ-trumpet combination won out.  both shows are mostly his compositions, which only made the choice more difficult.

you’ll be no doubt overjoyed to know that cipjazz is now on twitter, we’ll see how long that lasts.  on the downside, though, the site was briefly hacked and searches on google have gone wonky.  i’m trying to work it all out.  it’ll no doubt hurt traffic here, but then i’ve never put much effort into “seo”.

finally, past daily has a great recording from rai of a 1962 chet baker / rené thomas show in bologna.  and the recordings seem to be in mp3/320 now, a definite improvement.  check it out.

pablo held quartet
lvr landesmuseum
bonn, germany
11.june 2018

pablo held – p
kit downes – org
percy pursglove – tp
sean carpio – dr

01. floater (carla bley) 12:08
02. buoyancy (pablo held) 13:08
03. krusmynta (pablo held) 09:04
04. longstreth blues (pablo held) 10:23
05. ruthie in may (robert stillman) [fade in] 01:28

tt 46:13

source: dvb-s > digital devices cine s2 v7a twin tuner > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – dlf]

sample: t02 buoyancy.mp3

May 092021

the 2013 show by la marina band was already on dime in flac format (these here are mp3), along with the rest of the 2013 festival.  in addition to la marina band, pere navarro popped up as a guest on several other shows during the 2013 festival.  i liked both la marina band and his guest spots so much that i bought his albums (which are super, btw).

anyway, la marina band also performed in the 2012 eivissa jazzfest… so here are both performances.  i tried finding la marina band’s only cd online, but it was only available on spotify (which i don’t use) at least that i could find; it was also very hard to find links for most of the musicians.

the penultimate piece from 2012, ‘ya no juegan’, with the 2 guest rappers, works very well; i think you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as i was.

la marina band
eivissa jazz 2012
balouard de sta lucia
ibiza, spain
15 aug 2012

enrique canet, electric bass
llorenç prats, piano & keyboards
joaquín (quimi) luzón, drums
pere navarro, trumpet & flugelhorn
franco botto, alto & soprano saxophones
with joaquín luzón, saxophone (from track 10 “be hop” until the end)
and guests del valle & azido the black cat (on track18 “ya no juegan”)

00 outro j.l.lopez (eivissa jazz big band) (0:38)
01 intro j.l.lopez (la marina band) (2:26)
02 back to 1976 (canet) (5:12)
03 pn band intros (1:20)
04 sa penya (navarro) (5:12)
05 the only one (botto) (5:39)
07 pn song intros (0:23)
08 a little beat from your heart (prats) (6:19)
09 pn talking (0:40)
10 be hop (joaquín luzón) [dedicated to the memory of xicu lluy] (5:46)
11 bossa uno (botto) (5:22)
12 pn talking (0:40)
13 posta en sol (navarro) (6:12)
14 outro jll (0:23)
15 intro jll (1:51)
16 tabú (prats) (6:06)
17 pn intro del valle & azido the black cat” (1:06)
18 ya no juegan (del valle & azido) (7:58)
19 pn talking (0:32)
20 kahori (canet) (7:57)
21 outro jll (1:32)

tt 1:13:15


rtve website (untracked mp3) > mp3directcut (tracking) > foobar2000 (metadata) > tracked mp3
original & tracked mp3 are all: mp3; cbr 256 kbs; 2 channels; sampling 44.1 khz
see included mediainfo details. metadata/artwork edited using foobar2000.

webstream as mp3, 7-may-2021 from the discópolis blog on the rtve website.

tracks 01-14, discópolis jazz show 8344 “la marina band”, 30-jul-2013

tracks 16-21, discópolis jazz show 8345 “la marina band 2 – ángela cervantes 1”, 31-july-2013


la marina band were a last minute substitution for abe rábade, whose daughter was born that night.
credits for the individual songs are from a review the next day in the ‘periódico de ibiza’, at

navarro describes ‘ya no juegan’ (written & rapped by del valle & acido) as a fusion of john
coltrane’s ‘impressions’ and miles davis’s ‘so what’.

i’ve kept the comments by josé luis lopez, the host of the rtve radio 3 ‘discópolis’ show because
they’re quite interesting (as always), but they in spanish. speaking of languages, the comments by
pere navarro (at least, i think it was he) are in catalan.


see the full live show of del valle & azido the black cat with la marina band, in the summer
of 2011, at
“eivissajazz2012.pdf” is the press file, downloaded from


la marina band
eivissa jazz 2013
balouard de sta lucia
ibiza, spain
16 aug 2013

enrique canet, electric bass
llorenç prats, piano & keyboards
joaquín (quimi) luzón, drums
pere navarro, trumpet & flugelhorn
franco botto, alto & soprano saxophones

01 intro j.l.lopez (2:34)
02 mc intro 2013 (j.l.lopez) (3:05)
03 band preparing (dead air) (0:19)
04 longboard * (5:32)
05 back to 1976 (?) (4:56)
06 new belair (4:03)
07 song intros (0:35)
08 black coffee + (6:01)
09 outro j.l.lopez (0:29)
10 band intros (1:40)
11 intro j.l.lopez (2:14)
12 j.l.lopez talking about eivissa 2014 (1:45)
13 intro j.l.lopez (0:07)
14 herbes-bop * (9:55)
15 carrer de sa xeringa * (8:34)
16 song intros (0:31)
17 toxic speed (6:52)
18 outro j.l.lopez (0:20)
19 band outros & thanks (0:52)
20 a rainy day (7:27)
21 crowd noise (1:15)
22 thank yous & band intros (0:54)
23 ut (5:58)
24 crowd noise (0:26)
25 mc outro 2013 (j.l.lopez) (4:08)
26 comments j.l.lopez (0:13)

tt 1:20:44

* from their then-just-released first album, “adalt”
+ small glitch midway, also in the original download

rtve website (untracked mp3) > mp3directcut (tracking) > foobar2000 (metadata) > tracked mp3
original & tracked mp3 are all: mp3; cbr 256 kbs; 2 channels; sampling 44.1 khz
see included mediainfo details. metadata/artwork edited using foobar2000.

webstream mp3, downloaded 12-apr-2021 from the discópolis blog on the rtve website.

tracks 01-11: discópolis jazz show 8673 “china moses – la marina”, 8-aug-2014

tracks 12-27: discópolis jazz show 8675 “la marina”, 11-aug-2014


eivissa jazz program 2013 –

wednesday, 14 august:
– eivissa jazz big band
– eivissa jazz experience 2013 – abe rábade trio
– jazz disco (djs + jamm sessions)

thursday, 15 august:
– threejay trio
– china moses & raphael lemonnier ibiza jazz
– jazz disco (djs + jamm sessions)

friday, 16 august:
– the marina band
– stromboli (injuve group)
– ronald baker
– jazz disco (djs + jamm sessions)

saturday, 17 august:
– sedajazz sextet
– tracey reid and the sweet rhythm kings
– jazz disco (djs + jamm sessions)

samples: 2012 sa penya.mp32013 black coffee.mp3
download: La Marina 2012 & 2013 Ibiza