Jun 202019

here’s the promised second show by sphere, the last of their shows that i have.  it’s a corker, too, and it’s only a pity that the third set is not included.

new york, new york
united states of america

7 september 2002

gary bartz (ss on 7-8, as on 1-6, 9)
kenny barron (p)
buster williams (b)
ben riley (d)

cd one 55:21
01. pumpkin’s delight (charlie rouse) 14:24
02. we see (thelonious monk) 15:23
03. if i should lose you (leo robin, ralph rainger) 17:20
04. tokudo (charles ‘buster’ williams) 8:12

cd two 68:49
05. isfahan (duke ellington, billy strayhorn) 13:39
06. evidence (thelonious monk) 14:21
07. cook’s bay (kenny barron) 15:21
08. twilight song (kenny barron) 13:36
09. the surrey with the fringe on the top (richard rodgers, oscar hammerstein ii) 11:50

total time: 124:10

first and second sets (of three).

aud>?>trade cds>eac>flac>vuze>dimeadozen

discographical information adapted from sphere discography: http://www.jazzdiscography.com/leaders/sphere-ldr.php

sample: t02 we see.mp3
download: Sphere_2002-09-07_NewYork.zip

May 172019

here’s what i started the day with — and then followed it up with 2 more sphere concerts.  time for a change, but first to post this up here.    they also played 2 days later at teatro morlacchi, in perugia, some of which has been released.

panino jazz club
umbria jazz festival
perugia, italy
12 july 1986

charlie rouse t.s.
kenny barron p.
buster williams bass
ben riley dr.

part 1

1 if i should loose you 21’35”
2 clubsound 1’44”
3 tokodu 15’58”
4 spiral 19’05”

total time 58’28”

part 2
1 flight path (end of the first set) 12’56”
2 scratch 18’50”
3 christina 9’17”
4 well,you needn’t 22’08”

total time 63’12”

source: my* mixer recording aaa
* “my” is diego60, the seeder on dime. thanks, diego60!

sample: part 2, t01 flight path.mp3
download: Sphere_1986-07-12_PaninoJazzClub_PerugiaItaly.zip

Mar 012019

naoaki-san requested some kenny barron (among other things) on the posting here of a benny green show.  actually, to digress, that show is a bit of a magnet for requests (ok, it now has two…), so i probably should put up another benny green.  anyway, i did find this, which was the first of three nights at the regattabar, and enjoyed listening to it again, so here it is (but only the first night).  the regattabar is a bit of a magnet itself for three-nighters:  see the three nights of ahmad jamal that i posted here (link to 1st night) a few years ago.

kenny barron/stefon harris duo
the regattabar
cambridge, ma, usa
22 aug 2002 early & late shows

kenny barron – piano
stefon harris – vibes

early set
1 intro
2 softly, as in a morning sunrise
3 and then again
4 body and soul
5 this i dig of you

late set
1 intro
2 well, you needn’t
3 medley: blue monk > ?
4 epilogue for milt
5 oleo

tt 2:11:38

schoeps mk4(ortf) > reutelhuber box(2k1 model) > mod. sbm-1 > m1 @44.1k;
r500 > za2 > soundforge 4.5 > cdwav > shn (original dat > shn 08/23/2012) > flac (shn > flac 05/24/2002)

sample: d1t03 and then again.mp3
download: KennyBarron_StefonHarris_2002-08-22Regattabar_CambridgeMA.zip

no covers.

Nov 222018

yesterday, i played dexter gordon all day long, and this show (or rather, shows: with a companion performance by stan getz) really struck my fancy.  it’s not as originally shared by ‘itzero’ on dime in oct 2010, as i’ve added the song titles to the filenames (“05.flac” is so prosaic!), and having done that, went ahead & split the two performances into two separate folders.  so, here’s a little thanksgiving treat for y’all.  enjoy!

meanwhile, it’s been a busy old time around here:  pharoah sanders last week, madeleine peyroux on tuesday and camille o’sullivan this saturday.  it never rains but it pours, i guess.  pharoah sanders himself was excellent, but the rest of the group without him didn’t thrill me (and the sound seemed off, particularly for the band); still, even with his rests, it was a pretty astounding concert for a man in his mid 70s.  madeleine peyroux’s show, on the other hand, had no sound issues and she seemed to be having a lot of fun – i know the audience did.  and next, it’s high hopes for saturday at the olympia & camille o’sullivan, who i saw in her amazing version of shakespeare’s ‘rape of lucrece’ (do not miss it, if you ever, ever get a chance).  then next week, it’s back to the local jazz scene — which is great!  i only wish i had time to go to more shows.

dexter gordon round midnight band
umbria jazz 1987
r.curi stadium
perugia, italy
saturday, 18 july 1987

d.gordon, tenor sax
b.hutcherson, vibes
c.walton, piano
p.michelot, bass
b.higgins, drums

1 bolivia trio 8’59”
2 little b’s poem 4et 11’27”
3 b.hutcherson presenting d.gordon 1’44”
4 round’midnight 13’22”
5 society red 17’37”
6 dexter speack 0’52”
7 fried bananas 16’59”
8 body & soul 14’48”
9 rhythm a ning 15’25”

source: soundboard aa

originally seeded with the dexter gordan “after midnight” band on the same day & location.
split into two separate folders; files renamed with song titles; filenames in the ffp &
md5 files updated; new info file (this file) created.

stan getz quartet
umbria jazz 1987
r.curi stadium
perugia, italy
saturday, 18 july 1987

stan getz, tenor sax
kenny barron, piano
rufus reid, bass
victor lewis, drums

10 el cahon 8’56”
11 soul eyes 7’57”
12 voyage 10’35”
13 yesterdays 10’10”
14 stella by starlight 10’26”

source: soundboard aa

originally seeded with the dexter gordan “after midnight” band on the same day & location.
split into two separate folders; files renamed with song titles; filenames in the ffp &
md5 files updated; new info file (this file) created.

sample: dexter gordon t08 body & soul.mp3
sample: stan getz t12 voyage.mp3
download:  DexterGordon_StanGetz_1987-07-18_UmbriaJazz_Perugia.zip



May 152018

just back from a great trip to são paulo.  a lot of work, but had a great time.  saw a very little bit of the city, like having a sip of someone’s drink, really.  here’s a little something that’s helping fight my jetlag (which is pretty fierce… due to flight cancellations, it took over 34 hours, door-to-door, to get home).

superstar quintet
“festival tent”
wiesen (austria)
july 16, 1982.

freddie hubbard (tp, fl-h)
joe henderson (ts)
kenny barron (p)
ron carter (b)
tony williams (dr)

1 a quick sketch 15:02
2 recorda-me (not complete) 4:35
3 spiral 17:26
4 sister cheryl 13:35
5 byrdlike (not complete) 9:20

tt 59:59

soundboard recording

sample:  t05 byrdlike.mp3
download: SuperstarQuintet_1982-07-16_WiesenAustria.zip

covers by pete

Nov 072014

Dizzy Gillespie 1965-11-24 Olympia, Paris - screenshot 1 another demux from a video mastered for dvd.  the dvd’s (in .vob format) are demuxing fine, but i’m having trouble with the .flv’s.  i know i’ve done that before, so am baffled that now it’s not working for me.

i downloaded this when ‘vdgg86’ seeded it in february last year.  vdgg86 has only seeded a few things, but both that i’ve downloaded have been fascinating little gems from another era.


dizzy gillespie
paris, france
24 november 1965

dizzy gillespie (tp, voc)
james moody (ts, as, fl)
kenny barron (p)
christopher white (b)
rudy collins (d)

1 one note samba
2 con alma
3 tin tin deo
4 poor joe

running time – 33:31 (19:21 + 14:10)

Dizzy Gillespie 1965-11-24 Olympia, Paris - screenshot 3original video lineage
tv > unknown source > mpeg2 > authoring

additional audio demux lineage
as above (.vob) > mediacoder > audio (.ac3)
mediacoder settings: audio only; format copy audio; encoder ffmpeg (at 224 kbps).
there were three vob files, _0, _1 and _2. _0, which had 0.4 seconds, did not decode properly and has not been included.

video specs per original seed
audio: dolby ac3 48000hz 2ch 224kbps
video: mpeg2 video 720×576 (4:3) 25.00fps 7000kbps

original seeder’s comments
both partis was originally broadcasted by french tv at the time.
sourced from french tv master tape. this show is one of the hundreds french tv jazz shows i have.

additional comments:
i’ve updated this info file based on comments on the dime tracker. this was originally seeded as “dizzy gillespie a l’olympia 1967 (with jimmu smith)”. according to the intro (by norman granz in perfect french, according to comments on the dime tracker), the first part is the dizzy gillespie group, followed by the jimmy smith trio. only the dizzy part of the show is included here.

sample:  dizzy gillespie 1965-11-24 olympia sample.mp3
download: DizzyGillespie_1965-11-24_OlympiaParis_demux.zip