Jul 262020

here’s a charming piano/trumpet duo.  not trying to be fancy, just playing some great jazz really well.  i was a little disappointed not to be able to find out much about berthold brauer, but hopefully he’ll pop up again.  piano jazz is lovely, but there is so much it’s easy to take it for granted.  having a duo like this very refreshing (and who doesn’t love the trumpet?!), and this is in a sweet spot –  something that i can listen to intently or just play during dinner.  an excellent recording.

mathis nicolaus, berthold brauer duo
blue note
dresden, germany
28 nov 2016

mathis nicolaus: piano
berthold brauer: trumpet

brauer-nicolaus duo – set 1
0 intro (0:11)
1 boblicity (6:40)
2 never let me go (7:16)
3 everything happens to me (6:46)
4 reunion (5:03)
5 gloria step (4:46)
6 alright ok you wouldn’t (5:14)

brauer-nicolaus duo – set 2
0 intro (0:29)
1 lush life (5:57)
2 candy (6:08)
3 body & soul (5:45)
4 along came betty (7:42)
5 long ago & far away (7:17)
6 jw over the rainbow (5:10)
7 encore (3:47)

total-time: 1:18:08
complete show

zoom h6 with ext. battery (48/24 wave output, no limiters)>foobar2000>flac(24bit)

record by ricola
seed by lewojazz

sample: s2-t02 candy.mp3
download: MathisNicolaus_BertholdBrauer_2016-11-28_BlueNote_Dresden_Germany.zip

  2 Responses to “mathis nicolaus / berthold brauer duo – 28 nov 2016, blue note, dresden, germany”

  1. osjwqhfrfd

  2. I too like this line up, and the choice of tunes. Thanks pete, sounds like this session may go down well with a nice bottle of red !!

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