Oct 282021

it’s been a jeremy pelt afternoon, listening to these two shows (early & late) and another (soundboard recording) from 2018 in lugano.  the sbd is arguably better, but i liked this more, and it’s an excellent “aud” recording.

following on the ari hoenig show that i saw & greatly enjoyed in greystones recently, i also booked in to see aja (not surprisingly, they’re a steely dan tribute band, but supposed to be good) in mid-november.  feeling very chuffed indeed, but then today a nice surprise:  the brad mehldau show that i booked at the start of march 2020 — which was of course cancelled, i don’t even remember when it was going to be — is next tuesday at the nch!  totally forgotten about that, not eeeeeven on my horizon.  guess i’ll mosey on into town!  “it never rains, but it pours!”  and who’ll use my second ticket?

jeremy pelt quartet
paris, france
27 april 2014

jeremy pelt, trumpet
danny grissett, fender rhodes, piano
joshua ginsburg, bass
andreas svendsen, drums

early set

01 ut (9:01)
02 ut (26:08)
03 i only miss her when i think of her (16:42)
04 banter (6:35)
05 ut (12:46)

tt 1:11:12

late set

01 ut (26:05)
02 ut (7:18)
03 ut (8:57)
04 ut (13:22)
05 ut (2:26)
06 ut (12:37)

tt 1:10:44

tt 2:21:57

source : core sound binaural microphone / rh-09r / audacity / xact / flac 8

the two sets were seeded separately by elgaucho. i’ve combined them into one folder, with separate subfolders, and added new combined md5 & ffp checksum files plus of course this combined info file. the original flac files are unchanged and are not renamed.

sample: t03 i only miss her when i think of her 192k.mp3
download: JeremyPelt_2014-04-27_Sunset_ParisFrance.zip

the image is by jean paul ‘guerrier’ bellanger bel7infos, used without permission.

Dec 152018

not much to say about this:  just good jazz that i sometimes think i could listen to all day.  need more be said, really?  i was sorry not to find any webpage for justin robinson, as i thought he was very good  here, so i added a bio on allaboutjazz.com.  shared on dime by ‘elgaucho’ in march 2014.

also in the news, i finally updated the listing of all posts here.  lot of catchup, but a quick mysql query, dump the details into excel and finish the html formatting there… and didn’t even take long.  looking at the list, i realized that this blog has been up 6 years, as of last month, and this makes 275 shows (almost all of which are still available here).

willie jones iii quintet
duc des lombards
paris, france
11 march 2014, early set

willie jones iii, drums
justin robinson, alto saxophone
eddie henderson, trumpet
danny grissett, piano
darryl hall, bass

01- presentation of the musicians by wj
02- in the spur of the moment
03- ut (from the c. brown / m. roach quintet song book)
04- ut (fades in)
05- jitterbug waltz
06- what’s new ?
07- what is this thing called love ?
08- cheryl

71 minutes

source : tsf, fm / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: t06 what’s new.mp3
download: WillieJonesIII_2014-03-11_DucLombards_ParisFrance.zip

Jun 302018

this was the perfect decompression after some free jazz that didn’t go down all that well.  i thought the combination of tom harrell & wane escoffery worked really well (and why wouldn’t it?).  from an relyles upload to dime in early 2012.


tom harrell quintet
duc des lombards
paris, france
november 8, 2010

tom harrell – trumpet, flugelhorn
wayne escoffery – tenor saxophone
danny grissett – piano
ugonna okegwo – bass
johnathan blake – drums

01. unknown title – 5:36
02. unknown title – 9:52
03. unknown title – 9:26
04. unknown title – 10:08
05. unknown title – 11:37

total time = 46:40

radio broadcast -> cdr trade -> eac -> wav -> tlh -> flac

sample: t01 unknown title.mp3
download: TomHarrell_2010-11-08_DucdesLombards_ParisFrance.zip

covers by pete:  construction rubble detail.

Feb 272017

ingrid jensen only recently showed up on dime, and so also into my awareness.  i found this older show featuring her with anne-mette iversen, that ‘ knudfrank’ seeded on dime around 2 years ago, which was also super.  iversen herself is new to me, so a double bonus.  and another danish group for a danish friend of mine (which is why, unusually, i’ve also added an mp3 option).  nice when thing work out all around, isn’t it?


covers are original.

anne-mette iversen quintet with ingrid jensen
hjørring kunstmuseum
hjørring, denmark
10 march 2005

anne-mette iversen (bass)
ingrid jensen (trumpet)
peter dahlgren (trombone)
danny grissett (piano)
otis brown iii (drums)

1. intro by radio announcer 2:01
2. se nu stiger solen af havets skød 2:06
3. cortots wheel 9:45
4. white bridge 10:46
5. where to place the house 8:55
6. up 12:53
7. loisaida 11:23

tt 57:51

source: fm broadcast > philips cdr765 > adobe audition 2.0 > dbpoweramp music converter 11.5
taped & transfered by peterw

sample: t03 cortots wheel.mp3
– flac:  AnneMetteIversen_IngridJensen_2005-03-10_HjorringDenmark.zip
– mp3:  AnneMetteIversen_IngridJensen_2005-03-10_HjorringDenmark_mp3.zip