Dec 202017

here’s the next of tonight’s random little twosome.  (unrelated:  in korea, there’s a chain of coffee shops called ‘a twosome place’.  took me a while to figure that one out.)  ‘cosmikd’ shared this on dime in march 2014.
antoine paganotti

gaël horellou quartet guest abraham burton
studio charles trenet, maison de la radio
paris, france
8 february 2014

gaël horellou (alto sax)
abraham burton (tenor sax)
etienne deconfin (piano)
viktor nyberg (double bass)
antoine paganotti (drums)

01 samaohi 18:08
02 jackie mclean 17:21
03 berchida’s song 13:02
04 saint leu 14:48

tt 63:19

fm > edirol r-09 (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector align)
broadcast : jazz sur le vif, france musique, 15 march 2014

sample: t03 berchida’s song.mp3

Dec 202017

here’s a quick upload.  i was listening to this back-to-back with the gaël horellou quartet w/ guest abraham burton from 2014 in paris.  a random choice:  the first two shows with foldernames starting with “g”.  sometimes, a bit of randomness & serendipity can pay off.  this was shared on dime by ‘survivor69’ in sept 2013.
roberto del piano
massimo pintori

gaetano liguori new quintet
festival jazz & wine of peace
kulturni dom
nova gorica, slovenia
27 october 2012

piero bittolo bon, alto saxophone
filippo vignato, trombone
gaetano liguori, pianoforte
roberto del piano, bass
massimo pintori, drums

(00 radio introduction by pino saulo) 3.54
01. corale per albert ayler [4.52]
02. tema di luna [5.52]
03. il comandante [5.55]
04. band intros by liguori [2.21]
05. peppina [12.36]
06. tre quarti [3/4] per danilo [9.33]
07. introduction by liguori [0.48]
08. suite del terzo mondo, part i [11.24]
09. drums and bass bridge [5.20]
10. suite del terzo mondo, part ii [10.52]
11. encore break [0.48]
12. noi credevamo [5.27]
13. radio outro [1.33]

running time : 75’49” (without radio intro and outro)
with radio intros and outro it would be 81’16”

lineage (fm > hd > web)
itt hifi4060 tuner > audacity 2.0 via c-media cmi8738/c3dx soundcard > .aup > 44100hz/16bit flac’s (level 8) > webtorrenting

recorded at kulturni dom, nova gorica [slovenia, and it’s pronounced “goritsa”], on saturday 27 october 2012
fm radio broadcast by “il cartellone – festival dei festival”, radio 3 rai [third channell of
italian national radio], on thursday 12 september 2013, 22:38 hours [cet].

a long career since the seventies as leader of idea trio (with the same roberto del piano and filippo monico as drummer) and titles like “cile libero, cile rosso” or “cantata rossa per tall el zaatar”, great tunes “in opposition” as his contemporaries area with fariselli and stratos, and massimo urbani. also included in the folder, marked as track 00, a radio introduction in italian with bio notes and commentaries – this intro runs for 3’54”, you can skip downloading it if you don’t understand italian. these should all be liguori’s own compositions

sample: t10-suite terzo mondo ii.mp3

Dec 042017

here’s a quick upload of a short show by one of my favorite drummers.  it’s demuxed audio from an ancient recording from french tv.  the audio specs are, in my view, a bit dubious, but the sound is quite good (as is the lineup).  so who knows?

speaking of lineup, the announcer at the beginning refers to “three young musicians” supporting jones…  steve grossman was 22, dave liebman was 27 and gene perla was 33.  a posting at says that this was “the live at the lighthouse group”.

elvin jones quartet
jazz session – french tv
29 may 1973

elvin jones – drums
dave liebman – saxophones, flute
steve grossman – saxophones
gene perla – bass

1 00:00 intro (ann. talks over the first few notes of “the children)
2 00:42 the children / merry-go-round (keisho)
3 13:23 yesterdays (j.kern)
4 26:45 soultrane (j.coltrane)
5 37:13 clapping until end

tt 37:55

source: dvd trade > hdd via dvd shrink > dime > you
demux: as above > ffmpeg (demux) > .mp2 audio file (untracked)
broadcast: 29 may 1973

performance date (from comment on blog)
29 may 1973 is the first broadcast date. actually this show was recorded late october 1972
in paris. on 20 october they played at warsaw jazz jamboree and two pieces (yesterdays and
children’s merry-go-round) were issued on polskie nagrania muza sxl 0929 (various artists –
jazz jamboree ’72). dave liebman left elvin quartet to join miles davis band in january 1973.

audio demux (same as audio in original .vob files) per mediainfo
audio: mp2; cbr 320 kbps; sampling 48.0 khz; 2 channels; lossy; duration 37:56

sample: (none)
*** updates to info file& & covers:


cover by pete

Dec 022017

this was up on dime a few days after the show at the dwarf jar cafe, down on the quays here in dublin. it’s a pretty good recording (despite everything mentioned), which probably says more about the band than anything.  it’s a crazy venue, the way they’ve taken advantage of the high ceiling.  i’ve been trying to see if any of these lads are playing around town… and haven’t been able to make it to the dwarf jar for ages (mondays not being great for me lately).

dwarf jar
wellington quay
dublin, ireland
25 oct 2017

chris engel – sax
sean maynard smith – bass
matthew jacobson – drums

set 1
01 unidentified 7:07
02 band intros 0:47
03 c jam blues (ellington) 8:26
04 (crowd noise) 0:43
05 unidentified (thelonious monk) 10:18
06 (crowd noise) 1:23
07 unidentified 5:08
08 (crowd noise) 1:02
09 unidentified (“someone to watch over me”?) 7:29
10 talk and crowd noise 0:29
11 a night in tunesia 9:13

set 2
12 unidentified > i got it bad
and that ain’t good > better get in your soul 18:22 *
13 set list 0:57
14 unidentified (cuts out almost at once) 0:28 **

* seemed more like a long medley to me, so i couldn’t figure out where to cut.
** yes, i left this in at just 28 seconds.

source: zoom h4n > wav > hdd > cd wave editor (tracking) > flac

sample: t03 c jam blues.mp3

covers by pete

Nov 302017

not much to say today…  i don’t have any source on this, but sounds like it might be from fm.

geri allen quintet
charlie parker jazz festival
tompkins square park, nyc

geri allen- p,
wallace roney- tp,
jessy davis- as,
ralphe armstrong- b,
eric allen- perc

01. announcer ps/ga 2:42
02. klaactoveesedstene 10:18
03. if i should lose you 13:59
04. announcer ga 0:57
05. cherryl 12:58

tt 40:58

sample: 02 Klaactoveesedstene.mp3

covers by pete

Nov 202017

it’s always a good time for something lighthearted & fun.  we have several of pink martini’s cds, but this is the only concert recording that i have of them, recorded & shared on dime by ‘zzzaccount’.

it’s only recorded on an iphone 5, but the sound is surprisingly good, and it sounds as if there was a lot of energy that night!

lets get this uploaded and go have a glass of wine!

pink martini
“jacarandas in bloom”
el plaza condesa
mexico city, mexico
14 march 2013

thomas m. lauderdale: piano
storm large: vocals
timothy nishimoto: vocals & percussion
gavin bondy: trumpet
robert taylor: trombone
brian lavern davis: congas, drums & percussion
pansy chang: cello
nicholas crosa: violin
dan faehnle: guitar
phil baker: contrabass
? : percussion and drums

cd 1

01 amado mio
02 quizás, quizás, quizás
03 mayonaka no bossa nova (midnight bossa nova)
04 ¿dónde estás, yolanda?
05 ?
06 and then you’re gone
07 but now i’m back
08 ?
09 veronique
10 the flying squirrel


cd 2

01 ?
02 in the blue dawn
03 splendor in the grass
04 anna (el negro zumbo?n)
05 romanza andaluza
06 ?
07 ?
08 ?
09 malagueña
10 (band intro)
11 piensa en mi

iphone 5 > > .aif 48000 hz • 16-bit • mono > audition cs 5.5 > .wav 44100 hz • 16-bit • stereo > max 0.9.1 > flac (level 5)

it was a real delight… a passionate performance with an outstanding sound. perfect to complement the beauty of mexico city at this time of the year with the thousands of jacarandas in bloom that adorn the city embellishing the dull & suffocating concrete with tiny violet flowers.
… of course it would have been nice to have an edirol or a zoom to record it… but the iphone was the only device handy… & i don’t have an edirol nor a zoom either.

sample:  cd1 t10 the flying squirrel.mp3

cover by ‘zzzaccount’

Nov 132017

i put this on sort of at random while rearranging the office/guestroom, and liked it so much that i’m uploading it now that the room is a bit better sorted out.  ok, it’s not actually a guestroom until the sofabed arrives, but soon…

it was a nice surprise to see that this was another show shared on dime by our unknown friends at planetfuncamp.  seems to always be “lisa e.” attending.  so, thanks to lisa e!  the comments below are hers, i think, and she’s quite right about yosvaney terry.

actually, i’ve come to realize that i’m a bit tired of piano jazz as such.  something like this, that mixes it up more, suits me better at the moment.

manuel valera quartet
the sidedoor jazz club
old lyme ct, usa
11 april 2014

manuel valera: piano
yosvaney terry: sax
yunior terry: bass
e.j. strickland (?): drums

set i

01. introductions by ken
04. banter
06. banter
07. oblique
08. manuel introduces the father of ?
09. *

*guest on chekere

set ii

03. banter
05. banter & crowd
07. banter & crowd

recorded by: planetfuncamp
attendees: lisa e. & heather s.
location: table top behind piano
recorded using: teac vr-10 using internal mics set to +4
transfer: sdcard>wav>audacity(for tracking and labeling; nothing more)>flac>tracker>you

this was a very special night. this was the first time i saw yosvaney terry- the sax player.
i now get out to see him every chance i can. thank you manuel for that. he is so true to
his feeling and background when playing and composing. it was also special because
manuel had the father of something important up there to entertain us on the last tune of
the first set. what a great legacy moment that was. also, yosvaney was playing
that night with his brother literally behind him on bass. plus this night my sister was in
attendance as well as lisa e. and- of course- the music was the real star of that night!
enjoy… please,
and, as always,

peace and much groove from planetfuncamp

trade freely never sell trade freely never sell


sample: t05 unidentified.mp3

covers by pete

Oct 252017

i was just trolling through the hard drive looking for something that didn’t look familiar (it’s been a good day), and saw a big bunch of sam rivers shows.  remember:  i’m not mr. memory.  so it was “sam who? and why do i have so many?”  curiously, i definitely disliked the first two that i sampled.  but number three…

sam rivers trio
paris (france)
l’église notre-dame-des-blancs-manteaux
1975.09.26 – september 26, 1975

sam rivers ts, fl, ss, voice
dave holland b
barry altschul dr

shapes for paris
1) 34.66 ..faded out
2) 55:41

note: track 1) radio voice over at the beginning – faded out
track 2) 55:41 radio voice over at the beginning

source/lineage/quality: fm – revox a77 – edirol-r09 > hd >
magix xxl 20008 – flac – dime – a-


sample:  01 Sam Rivers Trio Paris 19750926 sample
download: (torrent)

covers by pete.

Oct 102017

last month, the nice folks at ‘planetfuncamp’ (aka dime user ‘dagon333’) uploaded a 2014 buster williams show at the sidedoor jazz club in old lyme, ct.  i enjoyed it immensely (like all the planetfuncamp uploads by dagon333), in particular the saxophone, though the bass solo was definitely the highlight.

i found that i had one other show featuring the saxophonist, bruce williams (no relation to buster, a.f.a.i.k.), from a paris show by the buster williams quartet that ‘elgaucho’ uploaded about a week after that show.

buster williams
bruce williams on bandcamp
joey baron

buster williams quartet
duc des lombards
paris, france
28 october 2013
early set

buster williams, bass
bruce williams, saxophones
eric reed, piano
joey baron, drums

01 a different place
deja (23:33) *
02 triumphant dance of the butterfly (15:47)
03 rainbow (fades in) (12:28)
04 concierto de aranjuez / summertime (bass solo) (9:08)
05 epistrophy (fade out/fm outro) (12:21)


73 minutes

source : tsf fm / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

* setlist updated per comments on the dime tracker. i think both
a different place and deja are included in track 1, and so have
listed them that way.

sample: t03 rainbow.mp3

cover by pete

Oct 032017

here’s a little something that i was listening to over the weekend while doing a bit of work.  it’s a lovely quartet, and a very nice audience recording that ‘perks’ uploaded to dime three days after the show.
mark whitfield jr.

sean jones quartet
gorecki family theater – college of saint benedict
st. joseph, mn
26 september 2015

sean jones – trumpet
orrin evans – piano
luques curtis – bass
mark whitfield jr. – drums

1. intro
4. how high (to the moon)
5. i don’t give a damn blues
6. bj’s tune (life in the hand)
7. e:

tt 1:30:48

source: schoeps mk5’s (c) > active cables > nbox > tascam dr-07 @ 24/48. recorded from stage lip at the center of the stage.
transfer: 16gb emtec sdhc card > dell pc > 24bit wav > sony sound forge 9.0e > cdwave editor > trader’s little helper > flac16.

recorded and transferred by perks.


sample: sean jones 4tet 2015-09-26 t03.mp3

covers by pete