Feb 272017

ingrid jensen only recently showed up on dime, and so also into my awareness.  i found this older show featuring her with anne-mette iversen, that ‘ knudfrank’ seeded on dime around 2 years ago, which was also super.  iversen herself is new to me, so a double bonus.  and another danish group for a danish friend of mine (which is why, unusually, i’ve also added an mp3 option).  nice when thing work out all around, isn’t it?


covers are original.

anne-mette iversen quintet with ingrid jensen
hjørring kunstmuseum
hjørring, denmark
10 march 2005

anne-mette iversen (bass)
ingrid jensen (trumpet)
peter dahlgren (trombone)
danny grissett (piano)
otis brown iii (drums)

1. intro by radio announcer 2:01
2. se nu stiger solen af havets skød 2:06
3. cortots wheel 9:45
4. white bridge 10:46
5. where to place the house 8:55
6. up 12:53
7. loisaida 11:23

tt 57:51

source: fm broadcast > philips cdr765 > adobe audition 2.0 > dbpoweramp music converter 11.5
taped & transfered by peterw

sample: t03 cortots wheel.mp3
– flac:  AnneMetteIversen_IngridJensen_2005-03-10_HjorringDenmark.zip
– mp3:  AnneMetteIversen_IngridJensen_2005-03-10_HjorringDenmark_mp3.zip

Feb 182017

i was listening to a few shows by ron carter earlier this week, which has been unbelievably busy.  didn’t listen to this one until now, but it rather suits my mood.  kismet.

along with this, a shout out to vikram:  thanks for a great evening.

this was shared on dime in january 2011 by bluenote2005.  covers are my own.


ron carter trio
blue note
new york city, ny
3 august 2010

mulgrew miller, piano
russell malone, guitar
ron carter, bass

1 title 7:57
2 title 18:02
3 title / announcement rc 12:36
4 my funny valentine / announcement rc 16:29
5 soft winds 11:22
6 title 4:40

time 71:09

source: audience
sound: a-

sample: track 01.mp3
download: RonCarterTrio_2010-08-03_Blue Note_NYC.zip

Feb 082017

this is one of two ‘tin hat’ shows that were on dime in early 2012.  i’m a little surprised at myself, forgetting all about them instead of rushing out to buy everything that they have.  or maybe tin hat just worked a lot better for me this week than 5 years ago?  then again, i can be a bit of a sucker for accordion & violin…  but tin hat are much more than that.  as they put it on their webpage,

forging a new acoustic sound that defies categorization while striking universal chords, tin hat makes freewheeling chamber music for the 21st century.

that works for me!  enjoy.


tin hat trio
‘jazz lines 2002’
theater im haus der kunst
münchen, germany
14 april 2002

mark orton – guitar, dobro
rob burger – accordion, piano
carla kihlstedt – violin

01 the new pinks tango
02 helium
03 tuning
04 scrap>sand dog blues
05 fountain of youth
06 the last cowboy
07 big top
08 old grey mare
09 bill
10 maximo’s plunge
11 the quick marble tremble
12 untitled
13 waltz of the skycraper
14 fear of the youth

tt: 70 min.

tv-broadcast > hifi video-master > acoustica wave editor > hd > cdwav > flac frontend, level 8 > cdr (audio) or cdr (flac)

sample: t05 fountain of youth.mp3
download: TinHatTrio_2002-04-14_MunichGermany.zip

Feb 042017

i’ve been on a bit of a piano kick this week, and dusted off this fine performance by the lafayette harris trio from just a couple of weeks before his album trio talk was released.


the covers came with the original seed by ‘unclewolfi’ on dime back in 2011.

lafayette harris trio
39. internationalen jazzwoche
jazzkeller im mautnerschloss
burghausen, germany
07 mar 2008

lafayette harris – piano
dwayne dolphin – bass
alvester garnett – drums

01. blues on the edge (harris) 05:38
02. i mean you (monk) 08:25
03. girl talk (hefti) 04:34
04. lover (rodgers/hart) 04:52
05. all the things you are (kern/hammerstein) 08:04
06. bolivia (walton) 05:36
07. i’ve never been in love before (losser) 06:24
08. blues in closet [fade out] (pettiford) 05:09

tt 48:44

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium 2300 > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps)

sample: t06 bolivia.mp3
download: LafayetteHarris_2008-03-07_BurghausenGermany.zip

Feb 042017

there was a problem updating my download manager, and as a result, no download links are working at the moment.

update:  i’ve reinstalled, and it seems to be working now, and it looks (from a spot check) as if all links etc are still there & working.  if you do find a broken link please let me know (particularly in any posting from the past 6 months or so)

(some older postings might still be archived, but let me know about those too if you’d like to download the show)

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