Apr 252017

here’s a short video from 1965, at the centenary of ella fitzgerald’s birth.

i’ve included a demux (mp2, not tracked) of the audio also.

ella fitzgerald & tommy flanagan trio
helsinki, finland
23 march 1965

ella fitzgerald: vocals
tommy flanagan: piano
keter betts: bass
gus johnson: drums

01. 00:00 people
02. 04:11 they can’t take that away from me
03. 07:09 and the angels sing
04 11:08 hard day’s night
14:12 ef intro to do nothing
05. 15:05 do nothin’ till you hear from me >
06. 17:23 mood indigo >
07. 18:44 it don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing) > ef band intros
08. 20:46 the boy from ipanema
09. 23:20 angel eyes
10. 26:59 hello, dolly!
11. 29:13 (unknown scat song)

total: 33:15 min

dvb-c capture from 2009 “yle teema” rebroadcast
proshot, b/w, pal
chapters, no menu
no artwork
authored by arcana

oscar peterson trio & clark terry also performed at this concert. his portion has been released officially.

sample: t02 they can’t take that away from me.mp3
download:  EllaFitzgerald_1965-03-23_HelsinkiFinland.zip

no covers.

Dec 022016

vf-jm-tf-1983-08-12-amsterdam-front-coveri was in the mood for listening to a bit of von freeman, and ended up on a bit of a tommy flanagan kick, listening to all three days of this tommy flanagan trio + guests run from 1983.  coming back to von freeman, here’s the full show from the 2nd day, when von freeman & james moody join the tf trio.

tommy flanagan trio with von freeman & james moody
international jazz festival amsterdam (de meervaart)
amsterdam, netherlands
friday, 12 august 1983

tommy flanagan trio: tommy flanagan (p), rufus reid (b), billy hart (d)
von freeman & james moody (ts)

set 1 – tommy flanagan trio

06 announcements
07 confirmation
08 the intimacy of the blues
09 monk medley – thelonica (incomplete)
10 relaxin’ at camarillo

set 2 – tommy flanagan trio with von freeman & james moody

01 announcements
02 take the a train * #
03 the preacher * #
04 announcements
05 my little brown book *
06 i remember you *
07 announcements
08 like someone in love
09 announcements
10 yesterdays #
11 freedom jazz dance #
12 announcements
13 i’ll remember april * #
14 announcements

* with von freeman
# with james moody
fm > tape > recording, tracking and editing wav file in audacity > cd-r > wav > tlh (flac 8, align on sector boundaries)

audio quality:
a- (fm)

the tommy flanagan trio at the international jazz festival amsterdam (de meervaart), thursday
through saturday, august 11-13, 1983. the trio acted as the festival’s “trio in residence”.
the trio had several guests passing through on these three days: guitarists herb ellis & emily
remler (august 11); tenor saxophonists von freeman & james moody (august 12); and trombonists
buster cooper & al grey (august 13).

before the sets with guests, the trio had their own sets. dutch radio broadcasts: all three
concerts were recorded and later aired in more than 10 separate broadcasts. radio announcements
by the late michiel de ruyter.

these were originally seeded in 4 separate seeds on dime: all the trio tracks of the three
successive nights in one separate upload of the tommy flanagan trio; and a separate seed for
the performances with the guests on each night. (the trio seed included “like someone in love”,
set 2 track 8 above, as it featured only the trio.)

this has been repackaged to present the entire performance from 12 aug 1983, with set 1 by
the trio, and set 2 by the trio with von freeman and james moody.

these notes have largely been copied from the original seeder’s notes.

sample: t03 thepreacher.mp3
download: VonFreeman_James Moody_TommyFlanagan_1983-08-12_Amsterdam.zip

Apr 082015

we got piano.

this was seeded by nocturnalnph back in april 2010.  in the comments on the dime tracker, one person wrote ‘flanagan is an excellent pianist, i really dig his playing on ‘giant steps’; I don’t know how is the other pianist’, which got the reply ‘”the other pianist” is a jazz legend.’  yeah, well, we all forget names sometimes (no, neither of the people quoted was me, but i’d forget my own name sometimes).

tommy flanagan & hank jones
festival international de jazz de montreal
théâtre st-denis
montreal, quebec, canada
4 july 1986

tommy flanagan – piano
hank jones – piano

1. our delight (tadd dameron) (5:54)
2. jordu (duke jordan) (5:59)
3. autumn leaves (joseph kosma) (9:30)
4. au privave (charlie parker) (8:00)
5. a child is born (thad jones) (7:53)
6. star eyes (don raye) (7:14)
7. blue monk (thelonious monk) (8:34)
8. ladybird (tadd dameron) (7:02)
9. recorda me (joe henderson) (7:31)
10.in a sentimental mood (edward ellington) (6:08)
11.get happy (harold arlen) (5:04)
12.all blues (miles davis) (5:58)

tt= 1:24:47

cbc-fm “jazz beat” live-to-air ‘july 04 1986

fm > tdk-sa90 > pioneer-pt1000(no dolby) > realtekac’97 soundcard > polderbits sound recorder/editor > wavjoiner > wav > flac(7)(asb)

fm master sound quality a+

sample:  t02 jordu.mp3 or stream:

download: TommyFlanagan_HankJones_1986-07-04_Montreal.zip

Sep 292014

i was at a goodbye dinner for one of my wife’s professional contacts, but someone who i like a lot (both him & his wife, actually).  very sorry to see them leaving!  it’s sort of the nature of life, or at least our lives.

anyway, i was sitting next to another guest, philip, and we got to talking about jazz… philip said he had been fan of j.j. johnson.  me being me, that didn’t ring any bells of course, but so few names do.  but i looked through my cd’s and shows and sure enough, i’ve downloaded 3 shows by j.j. johnson.  dime strikes again!

this one, the oldest of the 3, was recorded in 1957 by swedish radio and (re?) broadcast a few years ago.  ‘dsgtrane’ shared it on dime back in 2011, but i don’t think i’ve listened to it (or either of the other j.j. johnson shows) since.  very nice!  thanks, philip, for mentioning it!  maybe i’ll share one of the other shows, just for a change of pace, in a couple of days.

j.j. johnson quintet
karlaplan studios, swedish broadcasting corporation
stockholm, sweden
14 june 1957

j.j. johnson, trombone
bobby jaspar, tenor sax
tommy flanagan, piano
wilbur little, bass
elvin jones, drums

01. intros & interview with j j johnson 2:31
02. thou swell 5:03
03. intro to undecided 0:08
04. undecided 3:35
05. intro to never let me go 0:05
06. never let me go 3:17
07. intro to it’s only a paper moon 0:05
08. it’s only a paper moon 5:05
09. intro to a night in tunisia 0:33
10. a night in tunisia 6:12
11. outro to j j johnson broadcast 0:29
tt 27:07

broadcast on swedish radio in march 2003

sample:  04. undecided.mp3
download: JJ_Johnson_1957-06-14_Stockholm.zip