Jul 152020

i feel as if luck was with me tonight, picking something just right on my first try.  none of that “no, not in the mood for that” or “oh dear, that’s not really a very good recording, is it?” business.  and, curiously enough, it’s the second time that east orange has come up in as many days, three if you count “when it’s apple blossom time in east orange, new jersey, we’ll make a peach of a pear”, which the first time reminded me of (and i even remember the little tune my parents sang it with… and in fact, it’s a misquotation of a line from the lobby number, by danny kaye. why’d i look it up anyway?  i prefer my folks’ version, naturally).  anyway, you’ll be happy to know that this is nothing at all like danny kaye.  or not much anyway.

charles erland quartet
east orange, nj

charles erland– b3
eric alexander– ts,
dave samson- g
greg rockingham-d

01. announcer 0:37
02. blowing the blues away 14:41
03. announcer cr 0:37
04. eroupa 19:48
05. announcer ce 1:13
06. i love you more today than yesterday (tape flip) 6:32
07. i love you more today than yesterday (cuts in) 4:11
08. announcer ce 2:17
09. always and forever 8:52
10. announcer ce 0:22
11. ready and able 7:56


source unknown

sample: t04 eroupa.mp3 heck, i woulda posted this show if this was the only song they played.
download: CharlesErland_1995-07-11_EastOrangeNJ.zip