Oct 222015

elvin jones jazz machine - lugano 99 fthis is just a “what i happen to be listening to & thought would be good to share” posting.  i downloaded it from dime when ‘unclewolfi’ seeded it in 2007.

i’m not listened to elvin jones jazz machine much, not sure why as today it was working very well for me.  unclewolfi didn’t seem pleased with the recording (“not the best recording i captured from the radio”) but i think that has to be taken as the relative assessment that it is.


elvin jones jazz machine
estival jazz
piazza della riforma
lugano, switzerland
9 july 1999

elvin jones – dr
carlos mckinney – p
thadeus expose – b
antoine roney – s
robin eubanks – tb

01. wise one 14:44
02. doll of the bride 41:01
03. e.j.’s blues 05:16

tt 1:01:02

source: astra sat > nexus-s > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(astra sat uses MPEG1 Layer 2/192 kbps)

seeder’s comments:
not the best recording i captured from the radio.
it comes from rete due & seems to be a little rough &
in some parts the piano sounds a little bit overloaded.
but all in all it’s a wonderful concert.

sample:  t02_doll_of_the_bride_(6 minute sample).mp3
download: ElvinJonesJazzMachine_1999-07-09_LuganoSwitzerland.zip

Sep 262014

sticking with that “graz” theme, here’s another that i downloaded at around the same time (mid 2011), also from a performance in graz.  but the similarities end there a bit… 11 trombonists vs 2 pianists?  hmmm.  both good, a bit different though.

the announcer does chat a bit between tracks, though, but not too much (unlike, say, most french announcers).

slide hampton & the world of trombones
graz, austria
11 august 2000
(“jazzsommer graz”)

locksley ‘slide’ hampton, robin eubanks, curtis fuller, earl mcintyre, benny powell, andrew williams, john david gibson, delfeayo marsalis, dennis wilson, douglas purviance, erich kleinschuster* (tb), dado moroni (p), reggie johnson (b), alvin queen (dr)

disc 1:

01. radio intro (0:54)
02. lester leaps in (14:06)
03. stolen moments (13:34)
04. someday my prince will come (10:02)
05. blues for erich* (16:10, fade out)

disc 2:

01. tune up (10:11)
02. lush life (10:52)
03: lament* (12:20)
04. maiden voyage* (8:26, fade-out)

lineage: orf radio broadcasts > analogue cable > dat (48 khz) > cd > hdd > audacity (tracking, editing) > flac 8

sound quality: a

sample:  04 maiden voyage.mp3

download: SlideHampton_Graz_2000-08-11.zip

May 142013

i was listening to this the other day, and it just kept going on and on… every time i said “hmm! what’s this i’ve put on now?” it turned out to be the same show.  i downloaded this from dime (seeded by rillenheini) back in aug-2010, when i was listening to a lot of the eubanks, duane & robin, either together or solo (yes, robin’s in this show also).

duane eubanks sextet
new york city, ny (usa)
1999 (sorry, exact date not known)

duane eubanks (tp), robin eubanks (tb), antonio hart (as), orrin evans (p), reid anderson (b), rodney green (dr)

disc 1 (first set):

01. blues for duane – 12:53
02. dear old stockholm – 19:55
03. can’t wait ’til dawn (w/o as) – 9:07
04. clairvoyance (w/o tb,as) – 10:12
05. taylored by louis – 19:19

disc 2 (second set):

06. i love you (w/o tb,as) – 10:59
07. two and one – 19:41
08. diva black (w/o tb) – 14:56
09. my shining hour (w/o tb,as,p) – 8:18
10. slew footed > the theme – 18:40

lineage: unknown (fm? sbd?) > r-t-r tape or mc > cd (in trade) > nero (flac 8) > hd

sound: a – (tape hiss)


sample:  t09 my shining hour.mp3

download: Duane_Eubanks_Sextet_1999_NYC.zip