Apr 202019

here’s a little set that i was listening to this morning while wasting time.  some excellent jazz, and a decent recording.

one for all
smoke jazz club
new york, ny usa
dec. 10, 2005

eric alexander, tenor sax
jim rotundi, trumpet and flugelhorn
james burton, trombone
david hazeltine, piano
david williams, bass
joe farnsworth, drums

01 nemesis 18:18
02 so when 08:33
03 chestnuts roasting on and open fire (also known as the christmas song) 12:49
04 blueslike 17:33

tt 57:15

recorded and engineered by jazzbike2

sony mz-nf810ck md recorder using sony ecm-ds70p mike<pc<cd<sony sound forge pro 10.0 to boost bass around 80 hz by 6 db and split tracks<flac

sound quality: b+ bass drums distorts ocassionally, some motor hum, instruments sound slightly distant

sample: t02 so when.mp3
download: OneForAll_2005-12-10_SmokeJazzClub_NYC.zip

Apr 202019

it’s jazz month, and tuesday, 30-april, is international jazz day!

i’m planning on going to see a double-header of matt jacobson’s ReDiviDeR and the aoife doyle band, at the wild duck.  i saw aoife doyle recently at one of the dublin jazz co-op‘s sunday night gigs at the workmans club, and matt jacobson seems to pop up on drums constantly here in dublin (which is a good thing).  it should be an excellent evening!


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Apr 192019

here’s another show featuring the clarinet (though not as clarinet-focused as the last post).  the two shows work well as a companion pieces, on a rainy good friday afternoon here.  it’s easter and spring is definitely here.

and such a nice line up too!  incidentally, airelle besson’s website shows that she’s coming to ireland on tour in october, including at the sugar club on leeson street (not yet on their webpage) and the pavilion in dun laoghaire.  book early & often, just like voting (actually, with ireland’s system of a single transferable vote in a multi-member constituency, when you vote, you do vote often, ha ha).

well, that was quite the afternoon, with two posts in as many hours.  about time, after a bit of a dry spell (been busy, yet again).  enjoy!

riccardo del fra quintet
festival international du jazz au cinéma
sunside, paris, france
11 april 2013

airelle besson (trumpet, flugelhorn)
jean dousteyssier (clarinet, bass clarinet)
paul lay (piano)
riccardo del fra (double bass)
ariel tessier (drums)

01 pour rire 17:27
02 unknow 10:34
03 del fra intro 4:17
04 un couple épatant 5:19
05 del fra intro 1:19
06 après la vie 8:44
07 interview 6:48
08 cavale 7:31
09 unknow 8:23
10 rapt 6:17
11 del fra intro 0:46
12 unknow 5:09

tt 1:22:32


fm > edirol r-09 (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : jazz club, france musique, 12 april 2013
interview by yvan amar

sample: t06 apres la vie.mp3
download: RiccardoDelFra_2013-04-11_Sunside_ParisFrance.zip

Apr 192019

anat cohen is another from that musical family, who have featured here a couple of times already, both avishai cohhen and of course the three cohens, so now we’re only missing yuval.  i must say, i love their music.  and anat’s clarinet is a bit more laid back and (as i always think of clarinet, so maybe this is just me) a bit mournful.

anat cohen quartet
berklee college of music
boston, mass.
dec. 31, 2009
(aired dec. 31, 2015 / early jan. 1, 2016)

anat cohen, clarinet/tenor saxophone
jason lindner, piano
joe martin, bass
daniel freedman, drums

1 stage intro 1:28
2 jitterbug waltz 13:43
3 band intro 1:09
4 siboney 13:18
5 stage talk 1:09
6 a change is gonna come 8:00
7 another band intro 1:10
8 washington square park 13:30
9 encore intro 1:14
10 unidentified 2:20

source: wwno-fm > radioshark fm-receiver hardware > usb > sony vaio vpcs131fm (running ubuntu linux) > shark v1.0 (linux command line) > sox v.v14.4.0 > flac (level 8 compression) > copy 1 large flac file > macbook pro (2.3 ghz intel core i7) > sox v14.4.0 > transcoded losslessly from flac to wav > dsp-quattro 4.4 (normalized by 6.2 db db, split into songs) > x audio compression toolkit 2.39 (level 8 compression) > flac

editing notes: 1.2 seconds raised 10 db about 1:10 into track 2 (volume dropped abruptly)

aired as part of npr’s annual “toast of the nation” new year’s eve programming on dec 31, 2015/jan. 1, 2016.

sample: t06 a change is gonna come.mp3
download: AnatCohen_2009-12-31_BerkleeCollege_BostonMA.zip

Apr 062019

so, camille o’sullivan is touring this year, including her version of shakespeare’s rape of lucrece, as well as her nick cave show.  i’ve seen her rape of lucrece, and really must say that is is immensely powerful, a show not to be missed.  i’ll be seeing it again at the pavilion in dún laoghaire, but there will also be shows at the droichead arts center, drogheda and the everyman, cork.  hoping to also catch the nick cave show at the olympia next fall, but tickets aren’t on sale yet.


Apr 052019

here’s a live version of miles davis kind of blue, which seems to me like a pretty brave undertaking, but i think martin auer really pulled it off.  (i was going to say ‘has the chops for it’ but then on his webpage i saw his mutton-chop sideburns… which he also carries well).  this is the only show i have by the bold martin auer.

martin auer quintet
‘our kind of ….’
jazz units
volksbuehne, gruener salon
berlin, germany

martin auer – tp
florian truebsbach – as, ss
jan eschke – p
andreas kurz – b
bastian juette – dr

01. so what 12:03
02. blue in green 09:14
03. freddie freeloader 10:26
04. flamenco sketches 10:13
05. all blues 11:38

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps) [radio station – rbb kulturradio]

sample: t04 flamenco sketches.mp3
download: MartinAuer_2016-11-30_Volksbuehne_BerlinGermany.zip

covers by dime seeder ‘unclewolfi’ (again!). nice job on the cover, unclewolfi!

Mar 302019

the dime seed (from ‘blackforest’) that i downloaded showed a couple of dates, but blackforest confirmed at the time that 15 june 1980 was the right date.  so this would have been just a few days after dixon recorded two albums with the same line up, “in italy – volume one” and “in italy – volume two”, recorded June 11, 12, 13, 1980 at barigozzi studios, milan.  wikipedia says that “dixon was one of the seminal figures in the free jazz movement”, which may be but i find this a lot more accessible than most free jazz.  for my taste, he was having a good day.  it’s a good recording, probably a soundboard.  the levels could have been a bit higher, though, so you might want to turn it right up.

bill dixon sextet
piazza s.s. annunziata
firenze (italy)
15 june 1980

bill dixon tp, p
arthur brooks tp
stephen haynes tp
stephen horenstein ts, bs, cl
alan silva b
freddie waits dr

1) 40:18
2) 17:50
3) 15:09

tt 1:13:18

source/lineage/quality: copy from master – cr-sii90 – r09 –
magix xxl 2008 – flac –dime – a—

sample: track 03.mp3
download: BillDixon_1980-06-15_Florence_Italy.zip

Mar 302019

a bit of nice italian jazz, shared by the prolific dimer ‘survivor69’ who called it “sixties soul-jazz” with a bit of swing.  however you describe it, this is very listenable music, and adds a lift to whatever you’re doing while it’s on.

giampaolo ascolese swing machine jazz quartet
etruria jazz festival 2010
piazza santa maria
cerveteri (roma), italy
6 august 2010

mauro zazzarini, saxophones and compositions
andrea beneventano, pianoforte
elio tatti, contra-bass
giampaolo ascolese, drums

(00-radio introduction by pino saulo) 1.45
01-funky man 11.37
02-it’s impossible but for you 6.55
03-come on brothers 8.36
04-soul woman 7.22
05-presentazioni 1.09
05-step by step 6.45

running time : 42’25” (without radio intro and outro)
with radio intro and outro, it would be 44’48”

fm radio broadcast by “il cartellone – radio 3 suite jazz”, radio 3 rai [third channel of italian national radio], on tuesday 19 april 2011, 21:26 hours.
lineage (fm > wav > flacs > web):
sony st-s370 tuner > sony pcm-d50 linear pcm recorder > 44.100khz/16bit wav on sony memory stick produo [mark2] > usb > audacity 1.3.5 beta (editing and track splitting) > 44.100khz/16bit flac’s (level 8) > dimeadozen.org

all tracks are by the saxophonist (an orchestral sideman), but the leader is the drummer, with a long career in italian music. music proposed here is allegedly “sixties soul-jazz” with a bit of swing, check samples for an idea of what this could mean… also included in the folder, marked as track 00, a brief radio introduction in italian with bio notes and commentaries – this intro runs for 1’45”, you can skip downloading it if you don’t understand italian.

originally upped by survivor69 on dimeadozen.org, 20-april-2011 (dimeupload #403)

sample: t03 come on brothers.mp3
download: Download

Mar 212019

another request, and a good one.   really long shows like this are a real treat,  both in themselves and as a counterpoint to how often radio recordings miraculously clock in at just 1 hour.

monty alexander quartet
porgy & bess
vienna, austria
17 oct 2011

monty alexander: piano, melodica, vocals
laurin cohen: bass
frits landesbergen: drums
bobby thomas, jr.: percussion

cd1 (57:32)

01) unknown title
02) unknown title
03) eleuthera
04) unknown title
05) introducing the band
06) renewal
07) unknown title
08) unknown title

cd2 (1:17:12)

09) night mist blues
10) unknown title
11) unknown title
12) unknown title
13) medley 1
14) medley 2
15) too marvelous for words
16) unknown title
17) come fly with me

audience recording
lineage: edirol r05 + ca-9100 (preamp) + ca-14 (mics)
sd card>pc>audacity>cd wave editor>flac level 8 (16/44,1)

notes: there are some handy-interferences, 3 or 4 times
(mine was turned off)

sample: cd01 t02 unknown title.mp3
download: MontyAlexander_2011-10-17_PorgyBess_ViennaAustria.zip

Mar 062019

this is a lot of fun!  enjoy!

club des belugas
jazzville festival
weissenhäuser strand, baltic sea
30 october 2015

brenda boykin & anna luca, vocals
lars kuklinski, trumpet
philipp schlug, trombone
karlos boes, saxophones
detelf hoeller, guitar
roman babik, keyboards
matze bangert, bass
mickey neher, drums, vocals
kay vester, percussion

(00-radio introduction by ghighi di paola)
01- never think twice
02- it’s a beautiful day
03- the road is lonesome
04- (light is) passing on the screen
05- weapon of voice
06- desperately trying
07- something big and endless
08- what is jazz
09- feel me
10- love is in town
11- bands intros
12- be my lover
13- she said no

running time : 87’03” (excluding radio intros)
with radio intro it would be 89’00”

fm radio broadcast by “battiti dal vivo”, radio3 rai [third channell of italian national radio], on sunday 20 march 2016, 24:09 hours [cet].

lineage (fm > hard disc > web):
itt hifi4060 tuner > audacity 2.0 via asus a7s333 c-media cmi8738/c3dx soundcard > 44100hz/16bit wav > audacity 1.3.5 beta > flac’s (level 8) > webtorrenting
folder size : 656 mb

survivor69’s comments:
it’s very hard to file this as a jazz combo, but found no better options…
their sound fuses souljazz, bossanova and electroswing (with some jamesbrown funk at the end of the set), in a way that reminded me of working week, carmel (or sade), but never that good, with something from the nineties as morcheeba, and the sort of tunes you would find in mario biondi or some nicola conte… also included in this folder as track00 a short introduction in italian with bio notes and commentaries – this intro runs for 1’57”, you can skip downloading it if you don’t understand italian. the set was kinda abruptly edited to have it fit the 90mins radio show

sample:  t03 the road is lonesome.mp3
download: ClubDesBelugas_2015-10-30_JazzvilleFestival_Germany.zip