Oct 122019

well, to accompany the last show, i was going to post a fun selection of songs from the ‘great american songbook’, from a show by david torkanowsky at the new orleans jazzfest in 2017, but it seems to have been released.  fortunately, i had this superb recording from avi avital & omer avital waiting in the wings for next weekend.  but my goodness… listening to it now, the crowd going wild at the end of the 3rd piece… they were on fire!  an album avital meets avital was released in 2017, but as avi avital’s comments at the end of track 3, this was really the first time they had played together:

there is a reason they call this series in the bremen festival the surprise concert.  it’s really a surprise, not only for you but also for us.  at the beginning of this week, we had no idea how this evening was going to sound like, because we just knew we wanted to do something together and everyone brings from his world something to the table and kind of mix it and do a new project.  so we didn’t know really what it’s going to be like. and i think it’s a great surprise for us. even after a week of rehearsals, it’s i think the first time we kind of zoom out and ok, performing in the context of a concert which is very nice, a very nice result actually, just to feel this music with you guys on stage.

avi avital & omer avital
bremen, germany
musikfest bremen, germany
13 sept 2012

avi avital – mandolin
omer avital – bass and oud
omer klein – piano
itamar doari – percussions

01 zamzama (omer avital)
02 lonely girl (omer avital)
03 ana maghrebi (omer avital)
04 shedemati (jedidja admon)
05 españa (omer avital)
06 11/8 (avi avital)
07 hiljazain (omer avital)
08 ballada for eli (omer avital)
09 maroc (omer avital)

min 89:01

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact

globale dorfmusik live

support the artists by buying their records.

sample: t02 lonely girl.mp3 and t04 shedemati.mp3
download: Avi Avital and Omer Avital - Bremen 2012-09-13.zip

Oct 082019

this is from one of my favorite venues, the nch right here in dublin.  there don’t seem to be as many of these broadcasts as there once were, which is really too bad, but the programming at the nch is still very good.  anyway, it was around time for some more singing around here, and this and the next one might fit the bill.

matthew ford & rté national concert orchestra
celebrating the words and music of mr frank sinatra
national concert hall
dublin, ireland
friday 23 april 2010.

conductor and arranger john wilson,
big band singer matthew ford
and the rté concert orchestra

01 face the music and dance
02 it all depends on you
03 nice and easy
04 you make me feel so young
05 music break
06 come fly with me
07 from this moment on
08 luck be a lady
09 when your love has gone
10 ive got you under my skin
11 my kind of town (chicago)
12 new york (new york)
13 so i face the final curtain

received direct from air on f.m. using an analog receiver.
transfer infomation direct to hard drive via fly lead ,ear out panasonic unit to mic in (mono input) to audigy
souncard as wavs at 44 khz.traders little helper flac front end compression * to internet.

present an evening of hits made famous by ol’ blue eyes himself.
all songs are performed in the original orchestrations created for sinatra,
by such master arrangers as nelson riddle, billy may and don costa.
songs on the night include let’s face the music, come fly with me, i’ve got you under my skin,
my kind of town and more.

sample: t01 face the music (and dance).mp3
download: Matthew Ford 2010-04-23 (Celebrating Sinatra) NCH, Dublin Ireland.zip

Oct 072019

mirabassi – what else do you need to know?  this recording at the jazzfestival leibnitz 2018 has only one composition from each of the musicians in the trio, which is a nice balance.  like the last concert, it’s a recording (by unclewolfi, thanks) from austrian radio.  enjoy.

gabriele mirabassi | nando di modugno | pierluigi balducci
schloss seggau
leibnitz, austria
27 sept 2018

gabriele mirabassi – cl
ferdinando di modugno – g
pierluigi balducci – b

01. chisciotte (gabriele mirabassi) 03:39
02. announcement gabriele mirabassi 01:12
03. choro dançado (maria schneider) 06:43
04. espinha de truta (edu lobo) 04:15
05. announcement gabriele mirabassi 01:44
06. choro bandido (edu lobo) 04:26
07. frevo (egberto gismonti) 06:11
08. announcement gabriele mirabassi 01:27
09. gli amori sospesi (fernando di modugno) 07:49
10. announcement gabriele mirabassi 01:03
11. fryderyk (pierluigi balducci) 05:47
12. announcement gabriele mirabassi 00:39
13. sunflower theme (henry mancini) 06:49
14. festa em olinda (toninho horta) 05:50
15. en la orilla del mundo (martin rojas) 05:15

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – oe1]

sample: t09 gli amori sospesi.mp3
download: Gabriele Mirabassi 2018-09-27 Schloss Seggau, Leibnitz, Austria.zip

covers by unclewolfi

Sep 282019

wncu-fm was playing some lovely music by jamie saft when i was in raliegh, nc recently, and the name stuck in my head for various reasons.  back home, i found this show that is also rather nice, of saft with steve swallow & bobby previte in the new standard trio playing some pieces from their eponymous album.  i was a little confused on the name, but before track 3 saft says “we’re the new standard trio”, so there ya go…

the new standard – jamie saft|steve swallow|bobby previte
festival glatt & verkehrt
winzer krems
krems, austria

jamie saft – p, b3
steve swallow – b
bobby previte – dr

01. i see no leader 17:25
02. blue shuffle 07:38
03. the new standard 09:22
04. step lively 08:19
05. clearing 04:53

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – oe1]

sample: t02 blue shuffle.mp3
download: TheNewStandard_2015-07-26_WinzerKrems_KremsAustria.zip

covers by unclewolfi

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Sep 272019

this has one of my favorite songs, willow weep for me, which i’ve generally only heard performed by jazz singers.  i’m not sure jones plays on it, though; sounds more like a flute, which leo wright did play (and i’ve added an “f” after his name, below].  but let’s not hold that against carmell jones!  there’s a bit of static in a few spots, but otherwise a good recording.

carmell jones
stockholm, sweden

carmell jones -tp
leo wright -as, f
staffan abeleen -p
björn alke -b
leroy lowe -d

1.-straight no chaser
2.-willow weep for me – i can’t get started
3.-the man i love
5.-groovin’ high

radio broadcast

sample: t2 willow weep for me – i can’t get started.mp3
download: CarmellJones_1972-xx-xx_StockholmSweden.zip

Sep 202019

this is another of the shows that i’d picked before my trip, but i had to re-upload it as getting ready to post it here, there were just too many changes to the info file (‘mikeos’ shared it on dime the day after the 11:30pm broadcast, ta!).  a lot of great jazz has come out of the uk, both musicians and performances.  sorry to see them leaving the eu.  anyway, a tight performance at maida vale back before any of that nonsense had started.  spillett’s website quotes the guardian, front & center: “straight-ahead, high energy jazz is his line and he does it with aplomb”.  ’nuff said.

simon spillett quartet,
bbc maida vale studios
london, uk
11 may 2011 (broadcast 22 may 2011)

simon spillett, tenor
john critchinson, piano
alec dankworth, bass
clark tracey, drums

1. no i woodyn’t (tubby hayes)
2. announcement
3. bass house (jimmy deuchar)
4. interview by claire martin
5. all this, and heaven too (van heusen)
6. by myself
7. i never know when to say when (leroy anderson)
8. interview
9. nobody else but me (jerome kern)

dab @192kbps > wave > flac
bbc broadcast “jazz lineup” programme

updated info file sept-2019: corrected bbc programme, per comments on tracker. corrected title of track 1,
added recording location & actual recording date of 11-may-2011, per link in aforementioned comments
( https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b011cjl1 ).

sample: t06 by myself.mp3
download: SimonSpillett_2011-05-11_BBC_JazzLineup.zip

Sep 142019

well after 2 concerts posted in as many hours, here’s a change of pace:  a very interesting article on “economics of bittorrent Communities”, using dime as the example on medium, at https://medium.com/@jbackus/private-bittorrent-trackers-are-markets-1d3cc3c9bacd .  thanks to erik b. who posted the link on the dime discussion list.  not sure i agree with some of the suggestions as presented in the article (have not yet read the actual .pdf), but very interesting reading.  thanks, erik b!

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Sep 142019

here’s another jfk layover special, a bit of vocals this time.  i am very fortunate:  don’t have to change terminals, found a decent spanish tapas bar, have an hour or two battery on ye olde laptoppe.  btw, in pulling the details for this one, i noticed that the info file had no setlist info.  but, crowdsourcing at its best, we have a fairly complete setlist from the tracker on dime.  so update your copy of the info file.

roberta gambarini quintet
teatro d’annunzio
pescara, italy
july 13 2012

roberta gambarini voc
justin robinson as fl
sullivan fortner p
ameen saleem b
quincy phillips dr

01- announcement by club mc (00:22)
02- ????? (03:01) vocal solo
03- nobody else but me (02:42)
04- rb announcement (00:50)
05- moody’s groove (04:15)
06- rb announcement (00:25)
07- italian singing (05:08)
08- rb announcement (03:09)
09- on the sunny side of the street (06:42)
10- rb announcement/bolivian?? (05:55)
11- sicily/rb announcement (08:12)
12- rb announcement/with every breath i take (04:44)
13- rb announcement (00:38)
14- multi-colored blue (09:41)
15- ???? (06:28)
16- lover come back to me/rb announcement/set closer (08:14)
17- when lights are low (07:07)

torsone’s aud recording
sony md- cd-r -wav-flac 8

sample: (also pending!)
download: RobertaGambarini_2012-07-13_PescaraItaly.zip

Sep 142019

this is one of a number of shows that i uploaded to 1fichier, in the rather misguided belief (supported neither by past history nor any reasonable expectation) that i would have some spare time while visiting my parents.  naturally, i remember very little except that at the time, i planned to share it here.  anyway:  a good trip, now on the way home, waiting for my connecting flight, so straight to you from jfk international in ny…

joey calderazzo trio
cambridge, ma
3 may 2001

joey calderazzo-piano
john pattitucci-bass
jeff ‘tain’ watts-drums

disk 1
set i: (63:31)
1. introduction 02:17
2. the oracle-> 15:56
3. time rmemembered 19:50
4. catana 13:12
5. the impailor 12:14

disk 2
set ii: (60:09)
1. the charmer 10:49
2. attainment 16:24
3. midnight voyage 07:13
4. slings & arrows 18:39

schoeps mk4->br box->sbm-1->m1 @44.1khz
from front row table, 2 seats left of center,
110 degrees. recorded by microburst,
master used in below transfer

r500->audio magic presto ii->za2->
soundforge 4.5->cdwav->.shn (original dat > shn 05/2001) >
flac (shn > flac 04/29/2012) by microburst.

* no normalizing, dae, resampling, or editing(other than start/end set fades) *

note: ticking noises on d1t01 5:45-5:50 are on master the master tape. i also
had a cold and had a small coughing problem in the second tune.

sample: (pending, but you’ll love it, sure)
download: JoeyCalderazzo_2001-05-03_Regattabar_CambridgeMA.zip

Sep 012019

like the last show posted here (which also feature ranee lee), this was shared on dime by ‘plaz_restore’, and again the comments below are from the info file.  i love the comment “…and taurey butler (piano). this was only the third concert that butler played since joining the quintet two days prior.”  anyway, that’s about it for shows from that great northern land, at least for now.

ranee lee quintet
winnipeg international jazz festival
west end cultural centre theatre
winnipeg, manitoba, canada
1 july 2010

ranee lee – vocals
richard ring – guitar
taurey butler – piano
morgan moore – bass

1 surrey with the fringe on top (rogers/hammerstein) 6:09
2 she’s come undun (randy bachman, burton cummings) 3:46
3 fire and rain (james taylor) 8:10
4 one note samba (antonio carlos jobim, newton mendonca) 6:26
5 beautiful love (egbert alstyne, haven gillespie, burke van heusen) 5:08
6 swinging shepherd blues (moe koffman, kenny jacobson, rhoda roberts) 3:46
7 a crooked road (pat metheny, samantha moore) 8:10
8 stromy weather (harold arlen, theodore koehler) 6:22

runtime: 48:00

dave laing – drumsbroadcast: ‘canada live’ on cbc radio two
mpeg ii, layer 1 (192 kb/s, 48 khz, stereo)
recorded and edited at 44.1 khz suitable for cd audio
lineage: l-band broadcast > dab receiver > hd @ 44.1 khz > edit > flac(lvl8)

ranee lee is a consumate performer. an accomplished singer who started out as a jazz drummer and saxophonist, now she’s also an author of children’s books and an educator. she appeared at the 2010 winnipeg international jazz festival with her quintet in her first visit in 15 years. this performance was on canada day and ranee reflected that on this same day 18 years ago in 1992, she became a canadian citizen. she’s well known to winnipeg audiences and they appreciated the passion she brought to the stage. ranee recently won a juno in the category of vocal jazz album of the year for her live cd “lives upstairs”.

this performance is a mix of old and new, and includes a swing version of “she’s come undun” by winnipeg’s guess who.  ranee is accompanied by her husband richard ring on guitar and 3 very capable montreal players: david laing (drums), morgan moore (bass) and taurey butler (piano). this was only the third concert that butler played since joining the quintet two days prior.

sample: t2 she’s come undone.mp3
download: RaneeLee_2010-07-13_WinnipegManitoba.zip