Nov 262021

here’s another show from the eponymous “dc”, upped on dime in 2014.  a lovely recording, i’m kinda surprised at “portable hitachi mono recorder, with manually set levels, and tdk conventional bias cassettes.”  ol’ dc knew their stuff, i guess!

the cellar door
washington, dc
16 october 1976

ralph towner – guitar,piano, tp
glen moore – bass, piano
collin walcott – percussion, sitar, tabla, cl
paul mccandless – bcl, oboe, eng, horn

1 applause (0:07)
2 ghost dance (10:41)
3 yellow bell (6:53)
4 tuning (0:58)
5 improvisation (9:04)
6 song for a friend (6:40)
7 tuning (0:58)
8 nimbus (7:46)
9 nn (6:12)

total time 49:18

made from the master cassettes

from “dc” our anonymous donor:
oregon, live at the cellar door, washington, dc, october 16, 1976, from the master cassette tapes. the recording was made from the first row of tables, near the low stage, using a portable hitachi mono recorder, with manually set levels, and tdk conventional bias cassettes. this transfer was made in 2013 by playing the master tapes (after the actual cassette reels and tapes were moved to new cassette shells) on an akai gx f31 cassette deck into a pc, where the signal was captured via goldwave. the channel with the strongest signal was copied and the copy was pasted into the opposite channel for true mono sound.

nov 2021: updated setlist and instruments played, from comment on dime tracker from the 2014 seed.

sample: oregon cellar door DC 08

image:  the image is the cd cover, from the full set of covers shared by ‘lauramareike’ via comments on the 2014 dime seed.

Nov 192021

i liked the 2008 show so much i played the 2011 show right after (both included here) and then two more, from 2008 & 2014.  guess i was in a bit of a nicola conte mood.  i’ve  noted the vocalists in the post title as they’re essential to both these shows.  while i wouldn’t describe this as “like pink martini”, if you enjoy p.m. then you might like nicola conte also (such is my hope anyway, which will give another option for music to eat dinner to).

listening to this again, i realized that tracks 5 & 6 from the quasimodo show are both leaves in the wind, which looks like a mistake (though i’ve not done a careful comparison).  great song though!  i’ve left the .zip file & setlist uncorrected, at this point.

nicola conte
29 october 2008

nicola conte, g, lead
daniele scannapieco, reeds
flavio boltro, tp
pietro lussu, p
pietro ciancaglini, b
teppo mäkynen, dr
kim sanders, voc (4 – 10)

01 macedonia – rituals 22:10
02 band intros 02:29
03 solo 07:08
04 08:18
05 leaves in the wind 07:09
06 leaves in the wind 07:14
07 love in 06:34
08 paper clouds 05:16
09 08:48
10 caravan 15:18
11 09:10

tt: 1:39:34

source: dvb-s@256, 48khz > raw data > projextx > mp3directcut > mp2
(lossy recording seeded in its original broadcast codec)

nicola conte
teatro piccinni
bari, italy
21 may 2011

nicola conte, guitar and conduction;
flavio boltro, trumpet;
magnus lindgren, tenor sax, flute;
gaetano partipilo, alto sax;
pietro lussu, pianoforte;
paolo benedettini, bass;
teppo mäkynen, drums;
alice ricciardi, vocals on 6-7-8;
nailah porter, vocals on 3-4-5.

(00-radio introduction by pino saulo) 2.52
01 all praises to allah [ed roses]
02 band’s introductions
03 do you feel like i feel [nicola conte]
04 shiva [nicola conte]
05 black spirits [nicola conte]
06 quiet dawn [cal massey]
07 scarborough fair [simon & garfunkel]
08 kind of sunshine [jimmie davis, charles mitchell and nicola conte]
09 radio outro 0.46

running time : 44’58” (without radio intro and outro)
(with radio intro and outro, it would be 48’36”)

fm radio broadcast by “il cartellone – radio tre suite jazz”, radio 3 rai [third channel of italian national radio], on wednesday 15 february 2012, 21:48 hours cet.

lineage (fm > wav > flacs > web):
sony st-s370 tuner > sony pcm-d50 linear pcm recorder > 44.100khz/16bit wav on sony memory stick produo [mark2] > usb > audacity 1.3.5 beta (editing and track splitting) > 44.100khz/16bit flac’s (level 8) > webtorrenting

an italian guy who is now recording for impulse a few albums of “spiritual jazz”, in the style on seventies albums by pharoah, charles lloyd, with tracks of the era too, very “orchestral”, but in fact it closely reminds of the british idj movement of the early eighties. also included in the folder as track 00 a radio introduction in italian with bio notes and commentaries – this intro runs for 2’52”

t05 leaves in the wind 256k.mp3
t05 black spirits 265k.mp3


photo:  nicola conte, kim sanders & other musicians, posted by vincenzo cosenza on his website in may 2007.  used without permission.

Nov 082021

one of a number of great shows, mostly from washington dc, shared by ‘carville’ on dime, and originally from “‘dc,’ our anonymous donor”.  although i was living in dc at the time, this is not something that i would have gone to, as i would not have liked it then. i like it more now, especially in person; but with recordings, even live, my tolerance can start to wane, not sure why that is.  but no worry of that with this show, though i did have to put off listening until after work; it’s really something, like so many of the shows from the anonymous and eponymous “dc”.

fun facts:  did you know that ornette coleman & his son denardo coleman (on drums in this recording) played with the grateful dead?

malcolm goldstein ensemble
martin luther king public library
washington, dc (usa)
january 18, 1986

malcolm goldstein – violin
david murray – tenor saxophone & bass clarinet
henry threadgill – alto saxophone & flute
ray anderson – trombone
joseph celli – oboe & english horn
vincent chancey – french horn
borah bergman – piano
deirdre murray – cello
fred hopkins – bass
denardo coleman – drums
archie shepp – tenor saxophone * track 4 only

01. been in the storm too long
02. soweto stomp
03. my feet is tired but my soul is rested
04. that hung like fire on heaven*

total time = 73:52

source: “made from the master cassettes. from ‘dc,’ our anonymous donor, recorded from front row center with a small sony recording walkman, a binaural headphone/microphone combination (which could have been better in places), and a high bias denon 90 minute cassette.”

the ensemble was apparently originally billed as the malcolm goldstein-archie shepp ensemble, but shepp did not arrive until the beginning of the fourth and final piece (hence the applause heard then).

sample: t2 soweto stomp 256k.mp3

photo: copied from (credited to amy horvey), used without permission.

Nov 082021

this was near the end of louis smith’s career, about which i found little other than his wikipedia page and a number of very warm obituaries of a man who apparently did a lot for jazz in michigan as an educator and, sometimes, performer.  there are worse fates than to be remembered warmly as having made something better.

louis smith quartet
ford detroit international jazz festival”
hart plaza
detroit mi
2 sept 2000

louis smith, trumpet
gary schunk, piano
paul keller, bass
bert myrick, drums

1 ut (4:29)
2 ed’s love (7:51)
3 ut (8:25)
4 ut (7:09)
5 autumn leaves (7:49)
6 ut (6:39)

tt 42:22

recording info:
fm > dat master @ 16bit/32khz
processing: dat master > m1 > adobe audition > cdwav > tlh flac 8
these are 16bit/32khz flac files

line up per louis smith’s comments at the end of track 1. at the
start of track 4, the announcer gives “george davidson” instead
of bert myrick, but i think louis smith knew who he was playing with.

sample: t02 ed’s love 256k.mp3

photo:  undated photo, downloaded from

Oct 312021

unlike the last posting, which really needed my attention, this is one i could listen to closely or let it play gently in the background as we chat away amongst ourselves, as the crowd that night seemed to be doing.  but fortunately that just gives ambience – it’s an excellent audience recording and chock-a-block full of familiar songs.

kirsten tegtmeyer
jazz in the burbs
the green gate inn
camillus, ny
january 10, 2019

kirsten tegtmeyer, vocals
john magnante, guitar *
matthew vacanti, bass *
* from e.s.p.

01. walk on / tuning (1:48)
02. is you is or is you ain’t my baby (5:41)
03. blues skies (5:12)
04. never no lament (4:03)
05. who will comfort me (5:34)
06. i get a kick (4:58)
07. kiss on my list (4:17)
08. consider me gone (5:40)
09. ain’t no sunshine (4:10)
10. sway (5:26)
11. don’t know why (4:40)
12. comes love (6:16)
13. sunday morning (5:08)
14. cheek to cheek (4:35)
15. kirsten intro banter (1:06)
16. pat metheny tune (6:44)
17. can’t buy me love (7:39)
18. isn’t she lovely (5:08)
19. turn me on (4:42)
20. stitched up (5:54)
21. old devil moon (5:22)
22. mr magic (through the smoke) (4:33)
23. twisted (3:36)
24. that man (3:43)
25. a night like this (5:19)

tt 2:01:12

recording info: beyerdynamic mc930 -> ps-2 -> r-09hr (24/96)
transfer info: audacity (tracking, normalize, dither) -> tlh (flac level 8)
location info: dfc, stage lip, mics at 5′

recorded and mastered by hunting sound man

sample: t22 mr magic (through the smoke) 256k.mp3

Oct 312021

while a bit of this seemed very “60s” to me, most of it really grabbed my attention, slow, paced, pared down, a bit somber really.  the more i listen to this (on the 3rd time now), the  more i like it.

karin krog & arild andersen
montreux jazz festival
casino (pavillon)
montreux (switzerland)
21 june 1972

karin krog (voc,synth,perc)
arild anderson (b)

1. ode to billie joe – 6:00
2. god bless the child – 4:10
3. medley: different days, different ways > the baby – 10:39
4. ’round midnight – 7:41
5. bansull [norwegian folk song] – 5:09
6. lonely woman – 6:55

tt 40:34

lineage: ö 3 fm broadcast (mono) > r-t-r tape > cd > hdd > audacity > tlh

sound: a – – (tape hiss)

sample: t03 different days, different ways – the baby 256k.mp3

photo:  from norwegian tv, a still from a 23-minute performance that was broadcast the next day, with helge hurum, karen krog, arild andersen, jan garbarek, bernt steen, & others.  turn on your vpn and have a look, it’s a great line up and the best 23 minutes you’ll spend this week.

Oct 282021

it’s been a jeremy pelt afternoon, listening to these two shows (early & late) and another (soundboard recording) from 2018 in lugano.  the sbd is arguably better, but i liked this more, and it’s an excellent “aud” recording.

following on the ari hoenig show that i saw & greatly enjoyed in greystones recently, i also booked in to see aja (not surprisingly, they’re a steely dan tribute band, but supposed to be good) in mid-november.  feeling very chuffed indeed, but then today a nice surprise:  the brad mehldau show that i booked at the start of march 2020 — which was of course cancelled, i don’t even remember when it was going to be — is next tuesday at the nch!  totally forgotten about that, not eeeeeven on my horizon.  guess i’ll mosey on into town!  “it never rains, but it pours!”  and who’ll use my second ticket?

jeremy pelt quartet
paris, france
27 april 2014

jeremy pelt, trumpet
danny grissett, fender rhodes, piano
joshua ginsburg, bass
andreas svendsen, drums

early set

01 ut (9:01)
02 ut (26:08)
03 i only miss her when i think of her (16:42)
04 banter (6:35)
05 ut (12:46)

tt 1:11:12

late set

01 ut (26:05)
02 ut (7:18)
03 ut (8:57)
04 ut (13:22)
05 ut (2:26)
06 ut (12:37)

tt 1:10:44

tt 2:21:57

source : core sound binaural microphone / rh-09r / audacity / xact / flac 8

the two sets were seeded separately by elgaucho. i’ve combined them into one folder, with separate subfolders, and added new combined md5 & ffp checksum files plus of course this combined info file. the original flac files are unchanged and are not renamed.

sample: t03 i only miss her when i think of her 192k.mp3

the image is by jean paul ‘guerrier’ bellanger bel7infos, used without permission.

Oct 152021

here’s another “i” that i had stashed up in the cloud, and which ticks an awful lot of boxes.  there’s an interesting review of this show up at, including (which is fascinating) that maalouf “plays a microtonal trumpet that was invented by his father, which enables him to play the quarter tones that are essential to the performance of maqqam”.  who knew there even was such a thing?  kcrw has an article on this particular trumpt also, but apparently there have been others in the past, including one commissioned by jazz trumpeter don ellis.  as far as i can tell, they all have one thing in common:  a fourth valve.   and “microtonal“? the notes between the notes… you have to love something anything so interstitial (though i suppose in this case “interstitial” might depend on your perspective).

imbrahim maalouf
womex – the world music expo
copenhagen, denmark
29 oct 2011

françois delporte (guitar)
frank woeste (piano)
ibrahim maalouf (trumpet)
laurent david (bass)
xavier roge (drums)

1 – obsession – 10:28
2 – will soon be a woman – 11:05
3 – united – 10:46
4 – beirut – 11:31

tt 43:50

tracks 1+2:, vprojazzlive date: 2012-02-04
tracks 3+4:, de zaterdagavond 1 september date: 2012-09-01

dvb-s > digital satellitereceiver humax pvr8000 > mp2
mpeg 1.0 layer-2; 48,000 hz stereo, 256 kbps
audioeditdeluxe > wav > jetaudio > flac

recorded and edited by lewojazz

sample: t2 will soon be a woman.mp3
download: Download

Oct 132021

about time we had a show by at least one (never mind both!) of the jensen sisters here.  this is a very good audience recording of them in australia, a place from which i only have a few shows, or so it seems to me without counting, but including several excellent shows from the excellent sydney women’s jazz festival.  a tip o’ the hat to the bold ‘vierstein91’ who shared this & a number of other shows from that neck of the woods.

ingrid & christine jensen with the mike nock trio
2016 sydney international women’s jazz festival
foundry 616
ultimo (sydney), australia
3 nov 2016

ingrid jensen – trumpet, electronics
christine jensen – alto and soprano saxophone

mike nock – piano
brett hirst – bass
james waples – drums

***special guest kristin berardi – vocals

set one

01.//intro by peter from foundry 616 (1:30)
02.intro by ingrid (0:47)
03.leaves (11:06)
04.banter (2:01)
05.sea fever (10:25)
06.banter (1:51) hour (8:48)
08.banter (1:07)
09.ut (15:00) intro (1:07)
11.ut (13:43)

set two

01.purple gazelle (14:15)
02.banter (1:16)
03.swirlaround (10:36)
04.ingrid invites kristin berardi to the stage (1:08)
05.just squeeze me (ellington/gaines)*** (11:04)
06.banter (2:25)
07.flower*** (6:20)
08.banter (1:41)
09.margareta (12:30)

tt 2:08:41

audience recording
edirol r-09hr > 24/48 > wavepad sound editor > 16/44 > tlh > flac16 sydney international women’s jazz festival sydney improvised music association

sample: s1 t09 unknown title 256k.mp3
download: Ingrid&

photo used without permission from, from a performance with (among others) hannah james on bass, at the unorthodox church of groove (what a great name!), newcastle n.s.w. in nov 2018.

Oct 122021

we’ll come back to “g” later, the only thing that i had stashed in the cloud was an april 1966 gunter hampel show which is still up on inconstant sol (pro tip: go get it!).  so on to “h”, with and all too short performance at studio 105, paris, by the hanna paulsberg quartet.  (somehow i always think of studio 104, not 105. poor old 105!)

there’s a nice write-up of the show, with some pics (including the one to the right) at, that ended on a note i quite like, “a very nice discovery for all the spectators, obviously won over (just like yours truly), and the hope of hearing this great musician again”.

unrelated to any of that, open culture has an article watch jaco pastorius: the lost tapes documentary, the fan-made film on the most innovative bass player of all time that might be of interest.  (i’ve not actually watched it yet, but open culture is a pretty good site, so i have high hopes.)

finally, is it just me or is myspace a total waste of time?  never go there and can find out anything, even when i’m on the right page.  like, i don’t even link to it now.  #InternetSearchPerils anyone?

hanna paulsberg quartet
studio 105 de la maison de la radio
paris, france
21 jan 2017

hanna paulsberg – ts
oscar gonberg – p
trygve waldemar fiske – b
hans hulbaekmo – dr

01. hemulen (paulsberg) 09:55
02. ayumi (paulsberg) 09:44
03. totem får snø (paulsberg) 08:34
04. catalan boy (paulsberg) 08:19
05. eastern smiles (paulsberg) 09:13

tt 45:46

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – france musique]


sample: t01 hemulen 256k.mp3

the photo is a cropped shot taken from the page mentioned above.