Aug 222014

i was going to play this over dinner tonight, as we’re having guests, but instead won’t be playing any music at all.  not really the occasion, it must be said, but probably just right for next friday.  it’s one of a short but growing list of shows that i’ve thought would be good in the background at dinner.  hard to get on that list… aside from anything else, i have actually think of dinner while listening to the show.  easier said than done, surprisingly enough.

thomas faist quintet
münchen, germany
4 sept 2009

thomas faist,as
walter lang,p
filip wisniewski,g
thomas stabenow,b
rick hollander,dr

1 solutions 15:50
2 friday 14:42
3 it’s rough sometimes 11:46
4 fast one (fade-in) 8:12

lineage: bayern 4 (mpeg1 layer 2 / 256 kbps, 48kh) > received with satellite > tracked with wavelab > flac > dime
sound rating: a

sample:  t4 fast one.mp3

Aug 192014

Cello Samba Trio 2011-07-30 SJDR 3_b - croppeda cool rainy mid-august day, working away in my home office… a bit of very laid back samba was just the thing.  i don’t think that i have a lot of concerts featuring a cello, and fewer still of samba.  the sound quality is very good (sbd).

cello samba trio
teatro santo antônio
são joão del rei, mg, brasil
30 july 2011

jaques morelenbaum: cello
lula galvão: guitar
renato barata: drums/percussion

01 – samba de uma nota só (tom jobim)
02 – eu vim da bahia (gilberto gil)
03 – pra que discutir com madame (joão gilberto)
04 – outra vez (tom jobim)
05 – coração vagabundo (caetano veloso)/retrato em branco e preto (tom jobim/chico buarque)
06 – brigas nunca mais (tom jobim/vinícius de moraes)
07 – você e eu (carlos lyra/vinicius de moraes)
08 – receita de samba (jacob do bandolim)
09 – bim bom (joão gilberto)
10 – ar livre (jaques morelenbaum)
11 – tim-tim por tim-tim (heraldo barbosa/geraldo jaques)
12 – sambou, sambou (joão donato)
13 – salvador (egberto gismonti)
14 – fla x flu (luizão paiva)

approx. 1h 30 min

sbd > zoom h4n line 1 > mono wav 44100hz 32-bit float > flac
taper: joseba

great instrumental trio full of swing, chops and nice brazilian harmony. great setlist. excellent sound quality.

sample:  t09 bim bom.mp3

Aug 152014

well, august turns out to be a slow month on this blog, but not as slow as last year when we moved to korea.

here’s one that i downloaded just over 3 years ago, and was listening to this morning.  very nice.  as always, the description below is copied almost unmodified from the original info file.

jimmy cobb’s mob
new york city, ny
24 june 1999

richard wyands (piano)
peter bernstein (guitar)
john webber (bass)
jimmy cobb (drums)

cd 1:
track 1: love walked in – 13:13
track 2: say, little mama, say – 10:10
track 3: delilah – 11:40
track 4: this i dig of you – 7:38
track 5: jimmy’s blues – 3:14
track 6: interview – 16:21
cd 2:
track 1: sweet and lovely – 11:27
track 2: will you still be mine – 11:14
track 3: isn’t it a lovely day? – 8:58
track 4: gingerbread boy – 10:01
track 5: vida blue – 10:07
track 6: the theme – 4:16

lineage: unknown (sounds like a fm recording) –> cd-r  –> hard disc –> tlh (flac 8)

very good sound quality!

sample:  cd1 t5 jimmy’s blues.mp3


Aug 092014

Audio_cablei’ve been meaning to try recording from online audio (e.g. webcasts / realplayer /etc) for some time.  one simple method is just to hook up your audio-in and audio-out outlets with a “male-to-male” audio cable.  which i happen to have (and have had for years… guess i’m totally lame that it’s take so long to try this).

anyway, i ran across the u.s. library of congress national jukebox, and inspired by a concert i was listening to recently which had song with lyrics by p.g. wodehouse, i thought it was time to give it a try.  the national jukebox streams using adobe flash player — looks as if the music is in mp3 format, no idea what quality.

so, hooked up the cables, fired up audacity, and recorded a couple of songs.  came out very well!  here’s a copy of “nesting time in flatbush” from 1917, featuring soprano ada jones & tenor billy murray, music by jerome kern & lyrics by p.g. wodehouse.

original vinyl (were records on vinyl in 1917?) > > audacity > mp3

or download the mp3.

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