Nov 162014

here’s a nice little show from las vegas around 11 years ago that i am listening to at this moment…

bob cooper & snooky young
jazz live from las vegas
french quarter room, four queens hotel
las vegas, nevada
xx xxx 1993

bob cooper – tenor
snooky young – trumpet
doug mcdonald – guitar
ross tompkins – piano
carson smith – bass
ed shaughnessy – drums

01. perdido 12:05
02. doxie 11:51
03. i want a little girl 6:14
04. c-jam blues 7:03
05. bounce blues 11:18
06. you’ve changed 4:55
07. jumpin at the woodside 5:10
08. outro 0:59

las vegas – 1993

from knpr-fm radio broadcast.

sample:  t04 C-Jam Blues.mp3


Nov 122014

here’s a little something by one of my favorite groups, who i had a chance to see some years ago in dublin, ireland.  bought every cd they had for sale, as one does.  but haven’t had a chance to see them again.  my favorite cd of theirs, which i had before that dublin show, was ‘the masters of groove meet dr. no’, basically an album of covers from dr. no (and, if memory serves, a few other ‘bond’ pieces?).  fantastic.  must be listened to.

masters of groove
bowery ballroom
new york, ny
13 jan 2013

reuben wilson – organ
grant green jr. – guitar
melvin butler – tenor sax
taurus mateen – e. bass
steve hass – drums

01. hot rod
02. orange peel
03. ?
04. bond ii

source: unknown aud > ? > cdr > eac > flac

note: opened for charlie hunter

sample:  t01 hot rod.mp3
streaming sample (i’m trying out jwplayer): [jwplayer mediaid=”954″]



Nov 082014

Cecile McLorin Salvant 2014-05-28 pic24aaaaaand another demux.  this was a great show, and one that i think i missed listening too after downloading it from dime in august (seeded by yoyoma88).

as i’ve done for some of the other shows that i’ve demuxed, i’ve included a few screenshots.  maybe someone will make up a cd cover and send it in, who knows?

funny sort of a recording, with huge amounts of dead air at the beginning & end.  but decent enough audio quality, so i converted it to flac & tracked it.  the volume of the performance was all over the place, loud bits, soft bits, loud songs, quieter songs… and when tracking it, i notice a certain amount of clipping on some of the louder bits.  but still a very nice recording, so here you go.

cécile mclorin salvant
ronnie scott’s jazz club
london, uk
28 may 2014

cécile mclorin salvant – vocal
aaron diehl – piano
paul sikivie – bass
peter van nostrand – drums

1 intro by mc (0:58)
2 when rome i do as the romans do (coleman/leigh) (7:08)
3 intro to “nobody” (0:39)
4 nobody ( bert williams) (4:35)
5 spring can really hang you up the most (wolf/ landesman) (5:24)
6 intro to “laugh…” (0:27)
7 laugh clown laugh (lewis-young-fiorito) (9:25)
8 intro to “stepsister’s” (1:15)
9 the stepsisters’ lament (rodgers/hammerstein) (2:13)
10 they say it’s spring (marty clark, haymes) (7:14)
11 intro to “clang clang clang” (0:18)
12 trolley song – “clang clang clang” (blane /garland /martin) (3:40)
13 womanchild (mclorin salvant) (6:27)
14 intro to “he’s gone…” (0:18)
15 he’s gone again (curtis lewis) (13:19)
16 what a little moonlight can do (harry m woods) (11:07)
17 band intros > intro to “i didn’t know…” (0:43)
18 i didn’t know what time it was (rodgers/hart) (6:08)
19 applause > mc > applause (1:30)
20 (encore) goodbye (gordon jenkins) (7:05)
21 applause (0:41)

tt 1:30:35

video source per original seed:
livestream (audio aac-lc, bit rate 320 kbps, sampling rate 48.0 khz, see below)

demux source:
video as above (.flv) > mediacoder 08.32.5660 > audio (.flac) > cd wave editor (tracking) > .flac
mediacoder: audio only, format flac, encoder flac (compression level 5), source auto select, resammple & bit depth both original

the original video had a lot of dead air — around 25 mins at the beginning & around 8 mins at the end. since the audio
portion of the video seemed to be a pretty good quality, and to get rid of the dead air, i converted it into flac… and
then tracked the whole thing since i was at it.

the original seeder, yoyoma88, didn’t give a lot of information: basically just that it was a livestream recorded at ronnie scott’s.

sample:  t12 trolley song (clang clang clang).mp3


Nov 072014

Dizzy Gillespie 1965-11-24 Olympia, Paris - screenshot 1 another demux from a video mastered for dvd.  the dvd’s (in .vob format) are demuxing fine, but i’m having trouble with the .flv’s.  i know i’ve done that before, so am baffled that now it’s not working for me.

i downloaded this when ‘vdgg86’ seeded it in february last year.  vdgg86 has only seeded a few things, but both that i’ve downloaded have been fascinating little gems from another era.

dizzy gillespie
paris, france
24 november 1965

dizzy gillespie (tp, voc)
james moody (ts, as, fl)
kenny barron (p)
christopher white (b)
rudy collins (d)

1 one note samba
2 con alma
3 tin tin deo
4 poor joe

running time – 33:31 (19:21 + 14:10)

Dizzy Gillespie 1965-11-24 Olympia, Paris - screenshot 3original video lineage
tv > unknown source > mpeg2 > authoring

additional audio demux lineage
as above (.vob) > mediacoder > audio (.ac3)
mediacoder settings: audio only; format copy audio; encoder ffmpeg (at 224 kbps).
there were three vob files, _0, _1 and _2. _0, which had 0.4 seconds, did not decode properly and has not been included.

video specs per original seed
audio: dolby ac3 48000hz 2ch 224kbps
video: mpeg2 video 720×576 (4:3) 25.00fps 7000kbps

original seeder’s comments
both partis was originally broadcasted by french tv at the time.
sourced from french tv master tape. this show is one of the hundreds french tv jazz shows i have.

additional comments:
i’ve updated this info file based on comments on the dime tracker. this was originally seeded as “dizzy gillespie a l’olympia 1967 (with jimmu smith)”. according to the intro (by norman granz in perfect french, according to comments on the dime tracker), the first part is the dizzy gillespie group, followed by the jimmy smith trio. only the dizzy part of the show is included here.

sample:  dizzy gillespie 1965-11-24 olympia sample.mp3

Nov 022014

updated jan 2023:  listening to this again for the first time in probably 8 years, and i really enjoyed it.  yes, there was a bit of crowd noise, but it worked (for me at least, again!) to give it that ‘live show’ feel.  it’s a long show too, and they took the time to play some long numbers, always nice!  i’ve added the musicians’ urls i could find & a photo (which i wasn’t doing 8 years ago).

i’ve downloaded two ernie watts shows from ‘ijwthstd’ on dime.  ijwthstd doesn’t give much information about anything*, and (be warned) there is a quite a lot of crowd noise in this.  but i really enjoyed it.  enough that i took the trouble to update the info file (below) with what i could, though i couldn’t understand the titles of the last two songs (not even sure those titles were announced).  maybe it caught me in just the right mood, i don’t know… so here’s the show from 2011 that was seeded back in january  2014.
*  on dime, he has a ul/dl ratio of 1.7, and high volume; should we complain too loudly?

ernie watts quartet
farmer’s market
los angeles ca
08 sept 2011

ernie watts, tenor sax
bob leatherbarrow – d
bruce lett – b
andy langham – p

soundcheck/set 1/set 2

0.1 soundcheck (5:45)
1.1 to the point (15:12)
1.2 konbanwa (good evening) (9:48)
1.3 for michael (11:04)
1.4 shaw nuff [dizzie gillespie-charlie parker] (10:12)
2.1 animal man (14:23)
2.2 blackbird [lennon-mccartney] (10:31)
2.3 you are there [john mandell] (7:54)
2.4 ? (12:59)
2.5 ? (9:27)

tt 1:47:15

dsm6 -> paclc -> r-09hr -> soundforge -> flac.
when asked “do you have any additional info about anything?”, taper ‘ijwthstd’ said he “was standing 10 feet away from a place that serves fried alligator.”

info file updated with lineup per dime tracker comments & track titles per ernie watts’ song intros/outros.

sample:  t2-02 blackbird.mp3

photo:  downloaded from, original source unknown. used without permission.