Mar 172017

here’s the ahmed abdullah show from the next night, in d.c. space.  i used to go there quite a lot in the late 70’s & early 80’s, though at the time i was more into punk, new wave, blues and southern rock (but already had a few jazz lps… so it begins).  it was an amazing club.  a lot of people there also went to the old 9:30 club at 930 f street (was it the atlantic building? atlantis?  anyway, there’s another blast from the past) as the music was more regular (too much, well, jazz & stuff at d.c. space that, sadly, i now regret missing).  by the time of this show, though, i had already moved away.

anyway, i know that on the last posting, i said that from the setlist this seemed like it might be just a first set.  but at 2 hrs 18 mins, i have to question that thought…  just saying.

ahmed abdullah’s solomonic sextet featuring charles moffett
d.c. space
washington dc
september 15, 1990

ahmed abdullah – trumpet and vocals
carlos ward – alto saxophone and flute
billy bang – violin
masujaa – guitar
fred hopkins – bass
charles moffet – drums

01 restore africa to it’s rightful owner 19:05
02 assunta 11:40
03 liquid magic 20:40
04 ut 8:33
05 ut 7:13
06 deja’s view 15:36
07 african songbird 17:26
08 iko iko 7:11
09 mystery of two 16:30
10 ut 8:17
11 ut 6:29

total time 2:18:39
made from the master cassettes > flac
from “dc” our anonymous donor:
from the master maxell udxl-ii cassettes, recorded from the front row of tables, center, with a sony walkman pro using a single-point stereo aiwa mike.

sample: ahmedabdullah_1990-09-15_dc_space_t09.mp3

Mar 152017

following up on the jack dejohnette show at old cabell hall, ‘pino’ had asked for more from old cabell hall, and i immediately thought of this show, a bit of a favorite of mine.  i’ve never heard much by sun ra; that seriously needs to be remedied but in the meanwhile this period of ahmed abdullah suits me just fine.

so… here’s the first of two back-to-back shows by ahmed abddullah, first at old cabell hall at the university of virginia, and then (next post) at d.c. space just 110 miles up the road in washington.  same line up, and a lot of overlap with the first set of this performance but not the second — perhaps the show is only the first set.

ahmed abdullah’s solomonic sextet featuring charles moffett
old cabell hall
charlottesville, virginia
14 september 1990

ahmed abdullah – trumpet, vocals
carlos ward – alto saxophone
billy bang – violin
masujaa – guitar
fred hopkins – bass
charles moffett – drums

disc one / set one (1:11:35):
1. intros – 1:20
2. mystery of two – 10:49
3. deja’s view (hello again) – 20:15
4. walk with god – 10:28
5. remarks – 1:45
6. liquid magic – 17:48
7. ? – 9:08

disc two / set two (1:09:18):
1. introduction to suite for planet earth – 1:25
suite for planet earth:
2. part one: song of the holy warrior – 13:05
3. part two: song of time – 6:33
4. part three: song of the force – 13:54
5. part four: african wind – 4:55
6. part five: song of love – 10:34
7. remarks – 0:54
8. amanpondo – 17:54

open air venue recording

sbd >dat >dat clone >.wav via s/pdif and m-audio audiophile 2496 digital soundcard >soundforge 6.0 >cd wave >flac frontend (level 6, sbe ok)

sample: d2 t02 suite for planet earth part one song of the holy warrior.mp3

cd covers are original using a modified photo by “Briles Takes Pictures” from wikimedia.

Mar 082017

for some reason, antonio faraò is one of my favorite pianists, and though this great performance with hadrien feraud wasn’t what got me hooked, it easily could have been.  at one point, i thought (pace salieri) that there were just too many notes for him to be playing them all (it’s not just the number of notes, mind you).  and feraud’s no slouch either (speaking of which, listen for the faint voice around 11 mins into track 5…  🙂 ).  anyway, ‘jswetch’ shared this on dime in mid-2013.

antonio faraò trio
paris, france
18 aug 2009

antonio faraò-piano
hadrien feraud-electric bass
loïc pointeaux-drums

set one-
track 1-club intro 2:22
track 2- nardis- 13:22
track 3- unknown 12:17
track 4- unknown 8:24
track 5- unknown 16:46
track 6- monk tune 11:32

set 2-
track 7- unknown 15:27
track 8- unknown 17:20
track 9- unknown 4:43
track 10- maiden voyage 13:53
track 11- unknown 15:10
track 12- encore in a sentimental mood 6:47

lineage- audience capture on roland edirol r-09 as wav> wav to flac on tlh> tlh torrent creation> dime

seeder’s comments
terrific intro for me to the great pianist, antonio farao. a fine recording from a warm parisian summer night. went to this show to see feraud, who i knew from associations with john mclaughlin. farao and feraud are both masters of their instruments and most of the solos here are from them. pointeaux struck me as a serviceable drummer. overall feel of this is quite good. very high-level improvs and sensitivity throughout.
a 2nd encore was played of giant steps, but my batteries died just as the song started.
please help with any of the song titles, and be sure to support these artists by purchasing their commercially available releases.

sample: t06 monk tune.mp3

covers are original

Mar 042017

here’s a show from my old alma mater, with two current favorites jack dejohnette & lester bowie.  ‘nobody’ did some work on this (see notes), before re-seeding it on dime just over 3 years ago.  i think it is better than the previous incarnation, which i also have, so thanks for the work.  actually, i have several other shows from old cabell hall, and they’re all excellent.

jack dejohnette new directions
uva jazz concert series
old cabell hall
charlottesville, va
22 february 1992

jack dejohnette – drums, piano
john abercrombie – guitar
lester bowie – trumpet
eddie gomez – bass

disc 1
1. intro [1:23]
2. bayou fever (dejohnette) [23:05]
3. silver hollow (dejohnette) [15:46]
4. when lights are low (benny carter) [16:25]

disc 2
1. where or wayne? (dejohnette) [24:05]
2. timeless (abercrombie) [10:28]
3. one handed woman (dejohnette, abercrombie, bowie, gomez) [17:36]
4. solar (miles davis) [9:09]

total time: 1:57:57

sbd/aud matrix: sbd stereo feed + a pair of schoeps cmc cardiod mics in ortf at the front of the stage, into furman six channel mixer and into a panasonic sv 3800 dat
remastering: sound forge 9 graphic dynamics tool to widen the low end somewhat; boosted silver hollow & timeless by 4db

sample: t03 silver hollow.mp3

covers by pete.

Mar 022017

the beginning of march already.  here’s one that i’ve listened to a time or two, including right now.  no covers, just a quick upload.

anne paceo “yôkaï”
jazz sous les pommiers
magic mirrors
coutances, france
11 may 2013

anne paceo (drums, voice)
leonardo montana (piano)
pierre perchaud (guitar)
stéphane kerecki (double bass)
antonin-tri hoang (alto sax, bass clarinet)

01 toutes les fées étaient là 10:02
02 smile 4:30
03 when the sun rises 7:12
04 birman folksong 7:07
05 crunch 12:49
06 shwedagon 8:29
07 yôkaï 5:57

tt 56:06

fm > edirol r-09 (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : jazz sur le vif, france musique, 18 may 2013

sample: t01 toutes les fees etaient la.mp3