Oct 292014

Snap4Snap9i’m in the process of demuxing a lot of videos that i’ve downloaded, from various formats — dvd, flv, ts, etc — with audio of various quality.  i don’t always (well, ok, i seldom) watch one of these videos, just listen away.  so the video part is generally superfluous.  and then… most of the videos were on a spare hdd which went bad and (natch!) i didn’t have backed up.  sigh!  so ‘the demux project’ for those videos i hadn’t moved to that dead drive.  icing on the cake?  most of those videos, i’ve watched between zero and one time, so catching up on some great stuff!

and speaking of great stuff, this concert punches sooo many buttons for me.  fantastic music, johnny griffin (or am i repeating myself?), vocals…  so, time to take a longer break from my ‘lossless’ rule and share it here.

as i work through these videos (there’s not too many of them after the hdd crash, unfortunately), i’ll post the demux’s up here [20-aug: well, probably not but on occasion].  unless noted, the demux is in the same format as the original audio.

btw, i downloaded the video originally when ‘rillenheini’ shared it just over a year ago.

***update 20-august:  i did a new conversion from .vob files to .ac3, using ffmpeg, and have now tracked it.  the info file details below have also been updated.  i’d not yet used ffmpeg on .vob files, and just happened to pick this concert to try it.  so, having done the work… here it is.  ***


paul kuhn trio & guests
32nd internationale jazzwoche burghausen
burghausen, germany
6 may 2001

johnny griffin (ts°), paul kuhn (p,voc*), paul g. ulrich (b), willy ketzer (dr), silvia droste (voc^)

01. 0:00:00 my world *
02. 0:03:52 pk intro next song
03. 0:04:35 fascinating rhythm
04. 0:07:34 pk intro next song
05. 0:08:13 how deep is the ocean *
06. 0:13:13 pk introduces jg, jg intro next song
07. 0:14:33 hot sake °
08. 0:22:16 jg intro next song
09. 0:22:48 if i should lose you °
10. 0:33:31 jg intro next song
11. 0:33:53 waltz swing °
12. 0:41:30 a foggy day *^
13. 0:48:42 just one of those things ^
14. 0:55:04 someone to watch over me ^
15. 1:00:30 just friends °
16. 1:07:33 body and soul °
17. 1:17:07 pk intro next song
18. 1:17:30 prelude to a kiss
19. 1:23:11 pk introduces the band
20. 1:23:40 in a mellotone ^°
21. 1:33:12 sd intro next song
22. 1:34:06 lady be good ^°
23. 1:39:52 deed i do *^°
24. 1:45:10 clapping etc until end

total time: 1 h 46 m 35 s
lineage: bralpha tv broadcast > analogue cable > vhs > dvd
additional demux lineage:
video (vob) as above > ffmpeg (demux & concatenate) > .ac3 file > ffmpeg (tracking) > tracked audio .ac3 files
ffmpeg demux command:
ffmpeg -y -i “concat:vts_01_1.vob|vts_01_2.vob|vts_01_3.vob|vts_01_4.vob” -vn -acodec copy “input.ac3”
ffmpeg tracking command (shown for 1st track only)
ffmpeg -y -accurate_seek -ss 0:00:00 -i “input.ac3” -vn -acodec copy -t 00:03:52 “t00 my world.ac3”

details per original info file:
gspot specifications:
video: mpeg 2 ~ bit rate: 4596 kb/s ~ frame rate: 25.000 ~ format: pal ~ aspect ratio: 4:3
audio: ac3 ~ bit rate: 256 kb/s ~ 2 channels (stereo)
simple menue, 5 min auto-chapters

video details per mediainfo 0.7.85. i’m not sure why vbr rate in the original info file & mediainfo differ.
video: mpeg-2, vbr 4,658 kbps, 720×576 (4:3), 25,000 fps, pal, duration 1:46:33 (per vlc media player)
audio: ac-3 cm big, cbr 256 kbps, 2 channels, sampling 48.0 khz, duration 1:46:33
demux audio details per mediainfo 0.7.85
audio: ac-3 cm big, cbr 256 kbps, 2 channels, sampling 48.0 khz, duration 1:46:35
tracked audio details per mediainfo 0.7.85
audio: ac-3 cm big, cbr 256 kbps, 2 channels, sampling 48.0 khz, duration 1:46:35 (total duration for all files)

video: info file & setlist redone to break out song intros into separate tracks & include start-times.
demux: demuxed & tracked the audio, using the original codec (no conversion).

sample:  t14 oh lady be good.mp3

download: PaulKuhn_2001-05-06_Burghausen_demux_tracked.zip

Oct 192014

Bard 01 squarehere are the first two sets from the irish association of korea (iak) 2014 ceili, held at d-cube city, sindorim, seoul yesterday.  it was a great day, with good music, dancing and fun.  d-cube city is a great venue for this, being a small amphitheatre & plaza of just the right size, and the adjacent d-cube mall is handy for getting a bite of food or something to drink (or  some shopping, who knows?).

for the first time, the st. andrew’s society participated which added both more people and another dimension.  i’ll be posting about the event later on my a gentleman who lunches blog, so this here is just about the music.

although i’ve billed bard first, above, the ceili started off with ceoltoiri soul, including shauna browne, the iak chieftainess (see?  that scottish influence is already taking its toll!).  i think they played again later, but sadly i missed that — ceoltoiri soul were great!  after some irish dancing, bard came on and played a fantastic set.  they finished with a big dance number which was just as well as the scots were on next with a bit of dancing and then everyone was already warmed up for to join the scots for a go at ‘strip the willow’.

anyway, a great day!  if you’re in seoul in mid-october ever, look up the iak and don’t miss the ceili!

(no link available for bard)

Also… .. . thanks for any help on names and/or song titles!

bard and ceoltoiri soul
irish association of korea 2014 ceili
d-cube city, sindorim, seoul, korea
18 oct 2014

ceoltoiri soul

shauna browne – tin whistle
dimitri – tin whistle
robin carson – accordion
grainne barret – piano accordion
? – bodhran
1 (cut in) unknown (1:40)
2 talk – shauna browne (0:36)
3 unknown (4:27)
4 unknown (3:27)
5 talk – shauna browne (0:24)
6 unknown (2:55)
7 unknown (3:13)
8 outro – shauna browne / fr. sean conneally (0:12)


(musicians not identied)

1 intro fr. sean conneally (1:02)
2 unknown / warm up (1:08)
3 unknown (4:25)
4 talk (1:00)
5 unknown (3:26)
6 talk (1:07)
7 unknown (4:05)
8 talk (1:26)
9 unknown (5:04)
10 talk (0:38)
11 unknown (5:24)
12 talk (0:30)
13 unknown (3:42)
14 talk (0:39)
15 unknown (4:27)
16 talk (1:16)
17 unknown (4:07)

tt 1:00:08

source: zoom h4n > audacity (fix hums; amplify +7db) > cd wave editor (splits) > .wav > tlh > .flac (level 5)
recorded from front row center, but with a dance space between seats & stage

– we had to leave before the end, so there may have been another set, whether by bard, ceoltoiri soul or someone else.
– this was recorded at a ceili, so there is quite a bit of crowd noise throughout (particularly on a few tracks) a bit of crowd noise on some songs. despite that, i think that the recording came out very well.
– there are a few glitches: (a) bad hums in a few spots (especially on the very last track). that was from the sound system, not the zoom h4n. they were really loud, so i dumped the volume on those in audacity, to avoid blasting your eardrums. (b) low recording levels were a problem. playing it back, i had foobar2000, my laptop’s volume and my tv/monitor all turned up all the way… so i used audacity to amplify by +7.0db. the volume is still low, but better. however, (c) that caused a bit of clipping. not much, and only in a couple of very short spots.

Ceoltoiri Soul t06.mp3


Bard t07.mp3

in an exception to my usual practice, here are copies in both .flac and .mp3 formats:


Oct 152014

Eric Alexander Quartet Feat. Louis Hayes cd cover (front)here’s another show featuring louis hayes, this time as a sideman, that jazzbike2 shared on dime back in feb 2014.  the seed included a number of photos of the show (included), so i took the liberty of making a pretty basic cd cover (front only).  when you consider that louis hayes was born in 1937, and so it 77 years old… !


eric alexander quartet feat. louis hayes
linda’s jazz nights
an beal bocht café
riverdale, ny
5 feb 2014

eric alexander, tenor saxophone
rick germanson, piano
tyler mitchell, bass
louis hayes, drums
rale micic, guitar tracks 10-11

01 impresssions 10:20
02 the nearness of you 11:38
03 samba d’orfeus 13:36
04 barbados 10:27
05 just one of those things/alexander announcement 03:16
06 bolivia 13:34
07 on a clear day 12:05
08 skylark 10:29
09 alexander announcement 00:41
10 i love you 08:32
11 parker’s mood 10:05

sound quality: a. ambient audience noise.

notes: support linda’s jazz nights by coming out for these shows: www.lindasjazznights.com

zoom reset to low to eliminate overmodulation after first few seconds of track 01
photos accompany

aud/h2zoom with built-in mikes 16bit/44.1khz in wav sony soundforge pro 10 to adjust volume, split tracks, convert to flac

sample:  t04_Barbados.mp3
download: EricAlexanderQuartet_w_LouisHayes_2014-02-05_AnBealBocht.zip

Oct 142014

LouisHayesJuniorCook1976-04-05IchibanLivei got this back in jan 2011 when ‘kinebee’ seeded it on dime.  woody shaw really is great.  i have to give another listen to the other shows headlining louis hayes too.  i loved this… and then find ichi-ban listed on the hard bop page on tripod.  no surprise there!

this was recorded just a month before the same quintet (plus guilherme franco) recorded ichi-ban, with much the same songs (only much longer live than on lp, as you’d expect).  i’d like to get a copy, but a quick search only turned it up on diskunion jazz in japan.  gosh, they’re only “right next door”, maybe i’ll give it a try.  i’m still waiting for some cds from cdjapan… took them 10 days to ship.  i can read the cdjapan website without google translate, but i’m thinking to myself that diskunion might be faster.

i was in a couple of diskunion stores in tokyo last month, including the one specializing in jazz.  it was great!  pressed for time at each, which isn’t the best way to buy anything, and only travelling with carry-on for a 5 day trip, so space was also a serious consideration.  but i was very happy with 8 of the 9 cds that i bought.

i’m trying to find where to buy jazz cds here in seoul… it’s a search that’s fighting with a lot of similar priorities.  so any tips appreciated.  i suspect won’t be anything like japan, where every shop or restaurant that i went into seemed to be playing jazz, often very nice jazz at that, which was a real surprise.  here it’s more like k-pop is the soundtrack to the city.


louis hayes/junior cook 5tet w/woody shaw
jazzclub ostertor
bremen, germany
5 april 1976

woody shaw – trumpet
junior cook – tenor saxophone
ronnie matthews – piano
stafford james – bass
louis hayes – drums

disc one (1:18:08):
1. dj intro – 0:29
2. the moontrane – 18:56
3. book’s bossa – 23:31
4. pannonica – 11:25
5. ichi-ban – 23:46

disc two (37:00):
1. brothers and sisters – 23:01
2. outro & band introductions – 3:46
3. round about midnight – 10:12

ndr (norddeutscher rundfunk) digital radio broadcast

digital broadcast > hifi vhs > dat > .wav at 48 khz via s/pdif and m-dio 2448 digital soundcard > soundforge 6.0 > cd wave > shn > hdd (checksums verified) > .wav > flac frontend (level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)

ndr currently transmits an mpeg1 layer at a minimum of 2/192 kbps; however, the bitrate could actually have been higher at the time of this broadcast. to my knowledge, there is no better recording available.

sample:  t4 pannonica.mp3

download: LouisHayesJuniorCook5tet_withWoodyShaw_1976-04-05_Bremen.zip

Oct 122014

a nice bit of piano jazz from someone i’d not heard before downloading this (or since, unfortunately).  i must say, i really enjoyed this.  according to wikipedia, elsässer is a german jazz pianist (yes, got that!), film composer and lecturer at the munich university of music & theatre (hochschule für musik und theater münchen [sorry, german language, for dropping all those capital letters]).

this was sourced from a webcast, and so is in mp2 format as that’s all i have.


christian elsässer trio
studio 2, funkhaus des bayerischen rundfunks
munich, germany
30 march 2011

christian elsässer – p
henning sieverts – bs
bastian jütte – dr

1. skylark (hoagy carmichael)
2. parkside avenue(christian elsässer)
3. seemingly (christian elsässer)
4. ostinato (christian elsässer)
5. in the end (christian elsässer)

source: dfm (mp2, 320 kbps, 48 khz) > mp3directcut

sample: t3_seemingly.mp3

download: ChristianElsaesserTrio_2011-03-30_Muenchen.zip

Oct 072014

seems firedrive is down again…  and i’ve got most of my files hosted there.

if you’re trying to download something and it’s a link to firedrive, post a message & i’ll upload a .zip file to another location.

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Oct 072014

happy october.  i downloaded this a couple of days after it was seeded.  don’t remember it… just was picking older shows at random and quite liked it (again?  i don’t remember it).

christian vander rings no bells for me.  a quick search shows he was (is?) drummer for “prog rock legends magma”, but (apparently) started in jazz and loves john coltrane.  well, that explains a lot!  not really into prog rock anymore, myself, but a nice show.

christian vander quartet
sunside, paris, france
6 jan 2012

laurent fickelson – piano
emmanuel grimonprez – bass
jean-michel couchet – tenor and soprano saxophone
christian vander – drums

01- ut
02- body and soul
03- india
04- naima
05- wise one
06- impressions
07- my favourite things
08- for tomorrow
09- transition
10- equinox
132 minutes

for the release of the cd “john coltrane l’homme suprême”, seventh records

source : rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample:  t2 body and soul.mp3

download: Christian_Vander_Quartet_2012-01-07_Sunside_Paris.zip