Mar 302013

here’s the fantastic eddie palmieri in a show that i downloaded in august 2011, and have listened to quite a bit since, including earlier today in the car back from lille, france.  as my wife said, this isn’t music that anybody could sleep through (and indeed she didn’t).  just the thing for a quick 75 minute flit back north to brussels on a saturday afternoon.  lille itself was lovely despite being cold and often cloudy.  if you find yourself in the north of france, it’s well worth a weekend stay at the very least, and don’t miss the palais des beaux arts.

eddie palmieri & afro caribbean all-stars
north sea jazz festival

eddie palmieri: piano
donald harrison: saxophone
craig handy: tenor saxophone
brian lynch: trumpet
joe santiago: bass
horacio “el negro” hernandez: drums
giovanni hidago: congas

01 intro (in dutch)
02 tin tin deo
03 in walked bud
04 (unknown)
05 adoración

total time: 54:44

lineage: cdr trade > wav > trader’s little helper (flac 8, align on sector boundaries)

sample:  03 In Walked Bud


Mar 162013

this was uploaded to dime as a dvd, back in july 2010.  i’ve been listening to a lot of shows recorded up in schenectady, ny, lately.  i thought that included some shows by frank vignola, and so gave this another listen.  well, i don’t have any shows by frank vignola from schenectady or albany, but it was a really fun show, so i thought it’d go well here.

this is only the audio from the dvd.  i’ve demux’ed it but have left it in the original ac3 format.  i can play that in fooobar2000, no problem, hope you can play .ac3 as well.

apologies for not uploading the entire dvd — it’s much larger than i wanted to upload today.  the show is in a livingroom (see the sharon house concert site), with a fantastic, intimate feel… and that’s just the video.  if i’m ever in that neck of the woods, i’m definitely going to try to catch a show.

frank vignola trio
february 19, 2010 friday
sharon house concerts,
sharon, ma. usa

frank vignola – guitar
vinny raniolo – guitar
gary mazzaroppi – bass

with special guests:
* jason anick – violin
+ george capernaros – guitar
^ lee shapiro – banjo

opening for frank is sharon high school sophomore jordan tetewsky,
a young electric jazz violinist who is starting to show promise.
01. violin solo #1
02. violin solo #2

sharon house concerts presents: the frank vignola trio
first set
01. stardust
02. getting sentimental over you
03. tico tico > stairway to heaven
04. gypsy mania
05. partita no. 2 (j.s.bach) > turkish march (mozart)
06. band intros
07. excerpts from camine
08. excerpts from camine 2
09. scheherazade medley >
10. flight of the bumblebee
11. frank speaks
12. nuages > how high the moon
13. rhythm futur
14. mystery pacific

second set
15. p.s.i love you *
16. swing 42 *
17. limehouse blues *
18. sound of silence *
19. “we’ve got another guest here”
20. minor swing *+
21. blues in e *+
22. are you ready for “in the mood”?
23. in the mood *^
24. misty
25. the world is waiting for the sunrise *

total time – 105:58

dvd ntsc – audio
sony trv460 ntsc camcorder > lg dr787t stand alone dvd burner >
total video converter > mpg2 > tmpgenc authoring works > dvd
> dvd audio extractor demux > .ac3

audience tripod shot with camera audio (sterero condenser mic)
with menu and chapters

camera and post production by “s”.

additional comments by “s” from original seed:
thanks to lee, gloria and zachary shapiro of sharon house concerts
for another amazing evening of music in their living room.

big “thank you” to frank vignola, gary mazzaroppi and vinny raniolo
for an awesome performance and for allowing it to be recorded.
please support the artists. there is nothing like a “live” concert.


please do not buy or sell. trade freely.

sample:  t22 are you in the mood.mp3

download: Invalid download ID.

Mar 032013

ran across this one in a folder “interesting covers”.  while i don’t remember adding it there, i really enjoyed listening again to the version of “love for sale” and indeed the whole show.  i only played with that “interesting cover” collection for a few months; but for that, this might otherwise have still been overlooked… perhaps i should pick that up again.  be that as it may, it’s a pity this is the only teddy edwards that i have.

teddy edwards
bass clef, hoxton, london
july 1989

teddy edwards, tenor
john pearce, piano
peter ind, bass
mark taylor, drums

1. take the “a” train 9:23
2. april love 8:32
3. love for sale 8:11
4. georgia 10:40
5. undecided 7:49
6. red top 7 :52

total time: 52:35

bbc fm>teac r2r @ 7.5 ips>wave>flac

recorded at the club ran by peter ind for ten years until 1994


sample:  03 love for sale

download: Invalid download ID.

Mar 022013

i’ve been travelling a lot lately, home one week out of the last 5 and out again next week.  getting a bit tired.

anyway, here’s the first of two covers of joni mitchell songs.  this show is a long-time favorite of mine, maria pia de vito singing a number of joni covers.  she has a great voice, well suited (i think) to the songs that she chose.

[update: actually, i just listened to the other show, from central park summer stage in 1999, and i’m not going to upload it.  didn’t really do as much for me as i had remembered, maybe later…]

maria pia de vito, danilo rea & enzo pietropaoli
“so right – a tribute to joni mitchell”
perugia, teatro pavone
15 july 2006

maria pia de vito, vocals; danilo rea, piano; enzo pietropaoli, bass

1. amelia
2. harlem in havana
3. little blue birds (d.rea)
4. god must be a boogie man
5. introduction danilo rea
6. a case of you
7. all i want
8. big yellow taxi
9. woodstock
10. answer me, my love
11. so right (e.pietropaoli)

lineage: rai radio 3 broadcast (21 nov 2006) > sanyo fmt-3510l fm tuner > audigy soundblaster > hd > sound forge 7.0 > cd wave editor > flac frontend (level 6)

sample: t7 all i want.mp3

download: Invalid download ID.