Jun 262021

i’m with metro_cubo, who taped this:  “when i taped this show, i wanted to listen to it once more right away”.  a few parts of this recording reminded me of cds from ninja tunes that i’d get from my late friend george gelestino back in the early 1990s.  george & his wife sali were two of the nicest people i knew.  i met them sort of by accident.  mark noone, singer for the slickee boys, lived across the street from my parents, in washington d.c., for a while back in the early 80s or so (or was it during my year off university, so late 70s? whatever), and i heard them practicing one afternoon, so naturally i went over to see if i could just listen in.  (they were so relieved i wasn’t complaining that they said come right in).  the slickees were hot hot hot, it was great!  anyway, george & sali were there.  we hit it right off & became friends, i’d hang out with them at the weekly garage sales to try & keep their co-op apartment building on columbia road going, go to parties, stuff like that.  and like a lot of their friends, i’d volunteer at george’s vinyl event record conventions, which was a total blast.  after i moved to madrid around the end of the decade, i’d drop by vinyl ink to see them when visiting d.c., and george would inevitably suggest cds based on what i was listening to.  you did not ignore george’s music suggestions.  and so we’re back to ninja tunes and this show.

michel benita quartet feat. erik truffaz
(drastic tour)
6th terni in jazz festival
anfiteatro fausto
terni, umbria, italy
25 june 2006

michel benita – bass, electronics
erik truffaz – trumpet, electronics
patrick muller – keys
philippe garcia – drums, electronics

01. beginning 10:56
02. second tune 7:44
03. steel flow 10:45
04. ending 9:33

total time 39:02 min.

fm recording by metro_cubo
fm > sanyo fmt-3510l fm tuner > audigy soundblaster > hd > sound forge 7.0 > cd wave editor
aired by italian rai radio tre on 2007-02-19

note by metro_cubo:
when i taped this show, i wanted to listen to it once more right away.
this is in the vain of the erik truffaz albums but probably less ethnic and more electronic.
closer to wesse buggeltoft, in a way. but this short set is really nice, with
ambience and great playing by erik. you should really have a go with this one!

cover artwork inside

to whatever combo he plays in, michel benita brings a rich, sure and melodious sonority,
which is as much indebted to scott lafaro for its finesse as to charlie haden for its
virtues of simplicity, without forgetting the steadiness of a dave holland who pairs up
with the most complex drummers around, and the expressive cantabile of nordic bass players
such as arild andersen and palle danielsson.
n 2001, he joins erik truffaz’s ladyland combo (mantis, blue note). most recently,
forming a new trio with sax player gaël horellou and drummer philippe garcia,
two younger musicians (cosmik connection), he finds the time to write the music for
several documentaries. michel now has his ears attuned to experimentation and cross disciplines,
which he has explored since 1996 as the beloved composer of hilton mcconnico, decorator, photographer,
designer, and also scenographer of hermès, for whom he has already composed the music for
5 exhibitions or fashion shows in france and japan. as michel commences his fifth decade,
his career has taken another decisive turn with his new project, drastic, with a new album,
which makes him shiver with excitement in the act of creation and in reaching new audiences.


sample: t03 steel flow 256k.mp3
download: MichelBenita_2006-06-25_w_ErikTruffaz_UmbriaItaly.zip

artwork from the original seed on dime, probably by either metro_cubo or the (re)seeder fbauer

Jun 182021

thanks to the kind efforts of csatennis, i associate jazz in upstate new york with italian-american hard boppers.  today, we have a knockout of a show by the great stanley turrentine, up schenectedy way back in 1998, so maybe there is something about hard bop and that part of the empire state…

anyway, as i often do (you may have noticed), i listened to the same artist all day long, and yesterday (& into today!) was a stanley turrentine period.  this was the last of several shows in the block, and by far the best (both the music and the recording).  it’s sad to think that he died at only 66 — not that old, not even in 2000.

stanley turrentine quintet
the van dyck
schenectedy, ny
7 feb 1998
late show

stanley turrentine – saxophone
dave stryker – guitar
jerry jones – drums
james king – bass
kei akagi – piano / keys

one set
1. bolivia (cedar walton’s), w/o turrentine (8:56)
2. introducing turrentine (0:29)
3. the way you look tonight (jerome kern) (16:19)
4. impressions (john coltrane) > (12:48)
5. my romance (13:35)
6. triste (antonio carlos joabim) (8:28)
7. sugar (stanley turrentine) (11:56)
8. band intros > outro (1:47)
9. crowd (0:36)

10. ? (w/o turrentine) (7:32)

tt 1:22:25

source: ecm 727 > dat (likely d8)
transfer: mdat > fostex d-15 > ardour @ 48k
master: wavelab 6.10 (tracking; remove dc offset; 48 > 44.1 via crystal resampler; ozone 3 to increase loudness) > flac

a sweet show by the sugar man, recorded at the center of the room right at the top of the stairs, mics clipped to the taper’s chest. sound quality is excellent.

there are about 4 seconds of intermittent, very light static during the way you look tonight. it has been fixed, somewhat, but is still audible. sorry.

stanley turrentine passed away on september 12, 2000.

thanks to tom reizes for the dat.


–mhg :: 08/14/12

june 2021: setlist updated per comments on dime tracker webpage in 2012. info file slightly re-arranged also.

sample: t01 triste 256k.mp3
download: StanleyTurrentine_1998-02-07_TheVanDyck_SchenectedyNY.zip

image from a youtube screen-grab, dated 1998, venue unknown.

Jun 182021

sadly for us, josé miguel lopez, the host of discópolis & discópolis jazz, is about to retire, after an unbelievable 44 — that’s forty-count-em-four — years with radio nacional de españa and over 11,300 discópolis shows (including the discópolis jazz shows). i’m not sure what will take over that slot in the rne radio 3 schedule, hopefully something along the same lines. this sunday is the last broadcast of ‘discópolis jazz’ before he retires.

adios, josé miguel, ¡un abrazo muy fuerte!

Jun 132021

here’s a couple of shows by jasper van’t hof, first a very short show at the berlin jazzfest with archie shepp that i downloaded back in 2014, which i really loved (are we back to the “duo” theme?), and then, being in a jasper mood, an older solo show which was on dime last month.  of these, the first track with archie shepp, revolution (mama rose) is definitely my favorite, but i think i prefer the solo concert overall.  looking online for more about the berlin show, i found a fascinating interview with archie shepp by accra shepp, his son.

jasper van’t hof – archie shepp
jazzfest berlin
berlin, germany
1 nov 2014

jasper van’t hof, pipe organ
archie shepp, sax, voice

1 – radio intro with interview – 3:19
2 – revolution (mama rose) – 12:07
3 – harlem nocturne – 9:41
4 – naima – 8:15 [encore]

total time: 33:22

tracks 1,2 and 4 (320 kbps)
rbb kulturradio
date: 2014-11-02

track 3 (256 kbps)
date: 2014-11-02

dvb-s > digital satellitereceiver humax pvr8000 > mp2
mpeg 1.0 layer-2; 48,000 hz stereo; 256/320 kbps
audioeditdeluxe > wav > jetaudio > flac compress level 8

recorded and edited by lewojazz


jasper van’t hof
debrecen jazz days
debrecen, hungary
5 sept 1979

jasper van’t hof – piano, keyboards

01. untitled 12:38
02. untitled 8:58
03. untitled 11:42
04. untitled 8:45
05. untitled 1:45
06. untitled 7:28
07. untitled 10:12
08. untitled 7:55
09. untitled 6:39
10. untitled 2:08

tt 1:18:10

lineage: sbd source > tape > (received in trade) 2.5″ hdd > eac flac frontend level 8


berlin t2 revolution (mama rose) 256k.mp3
debrecen t01 untitled 256k.mp3


the image is thumbnail of an undated photo from a listing on ebay, which i can no longer even find.

Jun 102021

this performance appears to have been sort of half way through the middle of recording tall tales and dreams, which included all the same musicians (and a few more), and perhaps some of the same songs. “nowjazz meeting” is in the info file… at first i thought that was a typo (“newjazz”?), but now i’m not so sure. there’s not much out there on the internet on this particular show.

be all that as it may, the lads have a serious groove going here sometimes, with the slow sound of that bass clarinet and goodman’s hypnotic guitar, you could just put it on a loop, with a nice counter punch from the faster tracks. definitely need to check out tall tales and dreams

geoff goodman quartet
‘swr nowjazz meeting’
karlsruhe, germany
24 feb 2005

geoff goodman – guitar
rudi mahall – bass clarinet
andy kurz – bass
peter perfido – drums

1 fm – host 0:19
2 the new andy 6:55
3 who is heinz 7:09
4 stomping at the savoy 4:54
5 strip poker 7:46
6 fm – host 0:15

tt 27:17

fm-master > acoustica wave editor > hd > cdwav > flac, level 8 > cdr (audio) or cdr (flac)

sample: t02 the new andy 256k.mp3
download: GeoffGoodman_2005-02-24_KarlsruheGermany.zip

image from geoff goodman’s website.

Jun 092021

this is a pretty good audio recording of a great show.  duos are always nice, especially when it’s two musicians who have played together, and gotten on well, for a long time.  actually, i was listening to another such duo, paul barrere & fred tackett , just last weekend in the car, cruising through west cork on our way to courtmacsherry, but that’s another story.  this is mostly music from their (then) forthcoming duke at the roadside, roger kellaway & eddie daniels live in santa fe.  they’d already recorded two albums as a duo, and at least one more since.  the audience that night was suitably appreciative.  also, there’s a nice little narrative from roger kellaway that might be of interest (scroll down that page).

eddie daniels and roger kellaway
dizzy’s club, new york
march 13, 2013

eddie daniels, clarinet and tenor sax
roger kellaway, piano

first set

01 get happy
02 kellaway announcement
03 raincheck
04 daniels announcement
05 somewhere
06 daniels announcement
07 duke in ojai
08 kellaway announcement
09 night and day
10 kellaway and daniels announcement
11 capriccio twilight

second set

12 just friends
13 in a sentimental mood
14 daniels announcement
15 pretty women
16 daniels announcement
17 duke at the roadhouse
18 kellaway announcement
19 a place that you want to call home
20 cottontail
21 kellaway announcement
22 it don’t mean a thing
23 creole love call

aud/h2zoom with built-in mikes 16bit/44.1khz in wav

note: low-frequency hum audible in some spots

sony soundforge pro 10 to boost volume, split tracks and convert to flac

sample: t13 in a sentimental mood 256k.mp3
download: EddieDaniels_RogerKellaway_2013-03-13_Dizzys_NYC.zip

Jun 022021

here’s a real treat: the showcase performances from the 2020 jazz i am in barcelona.  most of the showcases are from discópolis jazz on rtve radio 3, except one.  the 12 showcases were around 30 minutes each, so it’s fairly long in total, but of course you can listen in bite-sized half-hour segments.  and if you like the musicians, i have (as always) provided convenient links.  all of josé miguel lopez’s comments are included, and are generally very interesting as always.
no samples – i’d need to do a dozen, in fairness!  and, exceptionally, this is all in the original mp3 (or, for one showcase, the original aac) format.  btw, none of the url’s below are setup as links, but some seem to have turned into links, i don’t know why.

jazz i am 2020
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
9, 10 & 11 dec 2020


01 magalí datzira
02 mark aanderud trio
03 tàlveg
04 the santiago acevedo ensemble

05 lucía rey trio
06 pere bujosa trio
07 smack dab
08 irene reig trio

09 max villavecchia trio
10 pablo rodríguez & humberto ríos
11 nanjazz
12 carlos sarduy


01 magalí datzira
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
9 december 2020

magalí datzira – double bass, guitar and voice

all pieces composed by magalí datzira

01.01 intro j.l.lopez 3:02
01.02 patience 2:41
01.03 samba pra lembrar 3:04
01.04 fruites 3:10
01.05 move out 2:55
01.06 s&s 3:12
01.07 let’s talk 3:55
01.08 better to the top 4:07
01.09 free her 3:00
01.10 outro j.l.lopez 0:26

tt 29:31


source: webstream. see additional details below.
discópolis jazz show 11241 “jazz i am 2 magali datzira, t. merlo, m. azpiroz”, 27-feb-2021


02 mark aanderud trio
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
9 december 2020

mark aanderud – piano
manel fortià – bass
frank durand – drums

all pieces composed by mark aanderud

02.01 intro j.l.lopez 5:50
02.02 el circo 7:50
02.03 agama 6:29
02.04 thlangano 6:31
02.05 beast 8:50
02.06 outro j.l.lopez 0:17

tt 35:46


source: webstream. see additional details below.
discópolis jazz show 11248 “jazz i am 3: mark anderaud”, 6-mar-2021


03 talvèg
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
9 december 2020

marcel·lí bayer – baritone sax
ferran fages – electric guitar
oriol roca – drums

all pieces composed by marcel·lí bayer, ferran fages & oriol roca.

03.01 intro j.l.lopez 6:53
03.02 zenclat 5:38
03.03 hipsodis 4:20
03.04 rerfront > aposkip 8:25
03.05 volx 5:29
03.06 outro j.l.lopez 0:21

tt 31:07


source: webstream. see additional details below.
discópolis jazz show 11255 “jazz i am 4: talveg – j. navas”, 13-mar-2021


04 santiago acevedo
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
9 december 2020

gabriel amargant, sax, clarinet
joan monné, piano
vicenç solsona, guitars
ramón angel rey, drums
luis alfonso guerra, congas, cajón, percusion
santiago acevedo, bass & musical direction

all pieces composed by santiago acevedo casas

04.01 intro j.l.lopez 3:35
04.02 la travesía 4:55
04.03 como la brisa 5:58
04.04 preludio en gm (sol menor) 6:35
04.05 cañaveral 6:15
04.06 clapping 0:28
04.07 outro j.l.lopez 0:55

tt 28:40


source: webstream. see additional details below.
discópolis jazz show 11262 “jazz i am 5: santiago acevedo – alexey león”, 20-mar-2021


05 lucia rey trio
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
10 december 2020

lucía rey castillo, piano, keyboard on “nomadas”, vocal on “oriente”
alberto brenes, drums
ander garcía, bass

all pieces composed by lucía rey

05.01 intro j.l.lopez 2:13
05.02 lucerías 9:05
05.03 destino habana 7:01
05.04 nómadas 5:40
05.05 domingo 4:08
05.06 oriente 4:56
05.07 outro j.l.lopez 0:29

tt 33:31


source: webstream. see additional details below.
discópolis jazz show 11276 “jazz i am 7: lucia rey trio – grammys”, 3-apr-2021


06 pere bujosa trio
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
10 december 2020

pere bujosa, contrabajo
xavier torres, piano
joan terol, batería

all pieces composed by pere antoni bujosa abellan

06.01 intro j.l.lopez 1:57
06.02 wabi-sabi 4:47
06.03 dysfunctional automaton 5:52
06.04 musing 6:20
06.05 zukunft 8:19
06.06 (dead air) 0:22
06.07 arise 4:19
06.08 outro j.l.lopez 0:15

tt 32:11


source: webstream. see additional details below.
discópolis jazz show 11283 “jazz i am 8: pere bujosa trio – fantastic negrito”, 10-apr-2021


07 smack dab
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
10 december 2020

oriol vallès, trompeta
joan casares, batería
lluc casares, saxo
xavi torres, piano
pau sala, contrabajo

07.01 intro j.l.lopez 5:12
07.02 jo c’s delight (joan casares) 8:18
07.03 comments j.l.lopez 0:11
07.04 couple years (lluc casares) 6:09
07.05 comments j.l.lopez 0:15
07.06 peña duro (joan casares) 7:01
07.07 comments j.l.lopez 0:30
07.08 cece sees it (oriol vallès) 6:07
07.09 outro j.l.lopez 1:34

tt 35:17


source: webstream. see additional details below.
discópolis jazz show 11310 “berta moreno – jazz i am y12: smack dab”, 8-may-2021


an arpa legüera is “a percussion/string instrument that evokes the sounds of a charango, african kora, and
asian koto…. invented and crafted by franco pinna in 2013”, according to https://www.duochuno.com/arpaleguera
which also has photos of the construction of the first arpa legüera.

josé miguel refers to smack dab as “smack daff”, which is a real madrideño (maybe general castellaño?) pronunciation,
as in a pub is a “puff”. my spanish friends entirely deny that this “ff” pronunciation even exists.


8 irene reig trio
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
10 december 2020

irene reig, alto sax
pau sala, bass
joan casares, drums

08.01 borinquen (irene reig)
08.02 i let a song go out of my heart (duke ellington arr. irene reig)
08.03 mira (irene reig)
08.04 kleinetjeeta (irene reig)
08.05 the sweetest sound (bobby timmons)

tt around a half-hour


source: youtube > jdownloader2 > hdd .m4a (aac-lc; cbr 128 kbs; 2 channels; sampling 44.1 khz)
> mp3directcut > .tracked .aac (aac-lc; vbr; 2 channels; sampling 44.1 khz)

discópolis jazz show 11269 “jazz i am 6: irene reig trio”, 27-mar-2021

comments & links
this performance was downloaded from theyoutube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y4lzrpjy3m as the
discópolis blog (# 11209 “jazz i am 6: irene reig trio”) doesn’t have the .mp3 file due to some
error ( https://www.rtve.es/alacarta/audios/discopolis-jazz/jazz-am-6-irene-reig-trio-27-03-21/5824289/
the setlist is per the discópolis blog, however.


9 max villavecchia trio
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
11 december 2020

max villavecchia, piano
javier garrabella, bass
joan carles marí, drums

all pieces composed by max villavecchia

09.01 intro j.l.lopez 1:45
09.02 dormant mons igneus 8:40
09.03 comment j.l.lopez 0:08
09.04 bardo 7:42
09.05 comment j.l.lopez 0:07
09.06 noche en vela * 6:43
09.07 tatlin’s tower * 3:34
09.08 mariannata * 4:44
09.09 outro j.l.lopez 1:03

tt 34:26

* josé miguel noted in the discópolis blog that these were a continuous performance; nonetheless, i have
split them into what i think are the right tracks (fingers crossed).


source: webstream. see additional details below.
discópolis jazz show 11290 “jazz i am 9: max villavecchia”, 8-may-2021


10 pablo rodíguez & humberto ríos
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
11 december 2020

pablo rodíguez, violin
humberto ríos, piano

transoceanica’ and ‘aires de lima’ by pablo rodríguez;
‘nuevos aires’ and ‘pequeño interludio’ by pablo rodríguez & humberto rios rodríguez

10.01 intro j.l.lopez 3:40
10.02 transoceanica 5:38
10.03 comments j.l.lopez 0:15
10.04 nuevos aires 4:24
10.05 comments j.l.lopez 0:08
10.06 pequeño interludio 1:38
10.07 comments j.l.lopez 0:13
10.08 aires de lima 16:51
10.09 outro j.l.lopez 0:22

tt 33:09


source: webstream. see additional details below.
discópolis jazz show 11303 “angel unzu – jazz i am: 11 rodríguez & ríos”, 8-may-2021


11 nan jazz
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
11 december 2020

adam ‘nano’ giménez, piano
gerardo lópez, trumpet
raúl giménez, vocals
jesus martí, bass
willy giménez & santos giménez, percussion

tracks 1 & 3: music adán giménez giménez & manuel luis avellanas chavala, lyrics manuel luis avellanas chavala
tracks 2 & 4: music adán giménez giménez & gerardo lópez pontaque, lyrics manuel luis avellanas chavala
track 5: gerardo lópez pontaque

11.01 intro j.l.lopez 2:25
11.02 barrio de la catedral (alegrias) 5:23
11.03 comments j.l.lopez 0:10
11.04 de jerry a javier (seguirilla) 5:40
11.05 comments j.l.lopez 0:24
11.06 agosto (guajira) 7:13
11.07 comments j.l.lopez 0:12
11.08 penas de mi pesar (martinete) 4:55
11.09 comments j.l.lopez 0:18
11.10 band preparing 0:39
11.11 pulida magallonera (bolero-rumba-verdiales) 8:44
11.12 outro j.l.lopez 0:54

tt 36:58


source: webstream. see additional details below.
discópolis jazz show 11296 “jazz i am 10: nan jazz – big band gran canaria”, 24-apr-2021


carlos sarduy
fabra i coats
barcelona, spain
11 december 2020

carlos sarduy – trumpet and congas
martin leiton – cello, double bass
frank durand – drums
tomas amat – piano
alexey leon – alto sax

12.01 intro j.l.lopez 6:32
12.02 juega 7:39
12.03 comments j.l.lopez 3:55
12.04 miles 5:54
12.05 moçambique 12:27
12.06 carlito’s way 7:22
12.07 alamar 23 5:17
12.08 outro j.l.lopez 3:44

tt 52:49
(inluding a lot of comments from josé miguel)


source: webstream. see additional details below.
discópolis jazz show 11234 “jazz i am 01 carlos sarduy”, 20-feb-2021


source (all sessions except 08 irene reig trio)
rtve website (untracked mp3) > ffmpeg v4.31 (convert to wav) > cd wave editor (tracking) > tracked flac
metadata/artwork edited using foobar2000.
original mp3 was cbr 256 kbs; 2 channels; sampling 44.1 khz

webstream mp3, downloaded 10 & 11 may 2021, from the discópolis blog on the rtve website.
discópolis blog details provided separately for each session, above.

as noted by josé miguel lopez in the intro to the first show, these are 30-minute showcases. the order here
is per the jazz i am program; the order presented on the show was slightly different.

per the discópolis blog,
“jazz i am es un encuentro internacional anual nacido en 2019 en barcelona con el objetivo de impulsar
alianzas entre profesionales de la música a través de conferencias, talleres y los mejores shows nacionales
de jazz. lo dirige rosa galbany en una iniciativa del taller de musics. iniciamos hoy un repaso a los
conciertos de la segjnda edición que tuvieron lugar del 9 al 11 diciembre 2020 en fabra i coats – fàbrica
de creació de barcelona, en el distrito de sant andreu.”

“jazz i am is an annual international meeting started in 2019 in barcelona with the aim of promoting
alliances between music professionals through conferences, workshops and the best national jazz shows.
it is directed by rosa galbany in an initiative of the taller de musics. today we begin a review of the
concerts of the second edition that took place from december 9 to 11, 2020 at fabra i coats – fàbrica
de creació de barcelona, in the sant andreu district.”

showcase program
(omitting panel discussions, workshops, etc)

Program 2020

videos of all performances are available on youtube, either individually through the jazz i am pages
below or the full playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=plqnsrm8syx7p-8nmus2dzuwiinsh6rvus

01 magalí datzira https://jazziam.barcelona/showcases-2020-3/magali-datzira/
02 mark aanderud trio https://jazziam.barcelona/showcases-2020-3/mark-aanderud-trio/
03 tàlveg https://jazziam.barcelona/showcases-2020-3/talveg/
04 the santiago acevedo ensemble https://jazziam.barcelona/showcases-2020-3/the-santiago-acevedo-ensemble/

05 lucía rey trio https://jazziam.barcelona/showcases-2020-3/lucia-rey-trio/
06 pere bujosa trio https://jazziam.barcelona/showcases-2020-3/pere-bujosa-trio/
07 smack dab https://jazziam.barcelona/showcases-2020-3/smack-dab/
08 irene reig trio https://jazziam.barcelona/showcases-2020-3/irene-reig-trio/

09 max villavecchia trio https://jazziam.barcelona/ca/showcases-2020/max-villavecchia-trio/
10 pablo rodríguez & humberto ríos https://jazziam.barcelona/ca/showcases-2020/pablo-rodriguez-humberto-rios/
11 nanjazz https://jazziam.barcelona/showcases-2020-3/nanjazz/
12 carlos sarduy https://jazziam.barcelona/showcases-2020-3/carlos-sarduy/

>> 9-dec-2020 <<

12:30-13:00 magalí datzira
magalí datzira, double bass, guitar and vocals

14:00-14:30 mark aanderud trio
mark aanderud, piano
manel fortià, double bass
frank durand, drums

15:00-15:30 tàlveg
marcel·lí bayer, baritone sax
ferran fages, electric guitar
oriol roca, drums

16:30-17:00 the santiago acevedo ensemble
gabriel amargant, saxophones, clarinet
joan monné, piano
vicenç solsona, guitars
ramon angel rey, drums
luis alfonso guerra, congas, cajon, percussion
santiago acevedo, double bass, musical direction

>> 10-dec-2020 <<

12:30-13:00 lucía rey trio
lucía rey castillo, piano, keyboards, vocals
alberto brenes, drums
ander garcía, double bass

14:00-14:30 pere bujosa trio
pere bujosa, double bass
xavier torres, piano
joan terol, drums

15:00-15:30 smack dab
oriol vallès, trumpet
joan casares, drums
lluc casares, sax
xavi torres, piano
pau sala, double bass

15:45-16:15 irene reig trio
irene reig, saxophone
pau sala, double bass
joan casares, drums

>> 11-dec-2020 <<

12:00-12:30 max villavecchia trio
max villavecchia, piano
javier garrabella, bass
joan carles marí, drums

13:30-14:00 pablo rodríguez & humberto ríos
pablo rodíguez, violin
humberto ríos, piano

15:00-15:30 nanjazz
adán giménez ‘nano’, piano
gerardo lópez, trumpet
raúl giménez, voice
jesús martí, bass
willy giménez, percussion
santos giménez, percussion

15:30-16:00 carlos sarduy
carlos sarduy, trumpet and congas
martin leiton, cello
frank durand, drums
tomas amat, piano
alexey león, sax


download: Jazz_I_Am_2020-12-9_10_11_BarcelonaSpain.zip
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