Feb 072015

StaceyKent_2014-08-15_croppedimagei have a few concerts by stacey kent, all of which are excellent, but this one particularly struck me.  most of the songs are from her 2014 album “the changing lights”.  i didn’t realize that the lyrics to the title track were by kazuo ishiguro… didn’t even know he wrote poetry or lyrics (as may be), but when i looked it up, turned out that they posted the lyrics to all the songs on that cd up on facebook.  and there it was.  actually, he also wrote the lyrics to “the summer we crossed europe in the rain” and “waiter, oh waiter”.  i also didn’t know that a lot of the songs are composed by her husband, jim tomlinson.  when did i stop reading liner notes?

anyway, it’s a great concert.  and stacey kent has a lot of shows coming up.  not around here, unfortunately… mostly around western europe + a few days in the us & canada, including 5 nights at birdland in nyc (!).


stacey kent
jazz middelheim 2014
antwerp, belgium
15 aug 2014

stacey kent (voice)
jim tomlinson (tenorsax)
graham harvey (piano)
jeremy brown (bass)
josh morrison (drums)

01. radio intro (1:45)
02. this happy madness (6:17)
03. só danço samba (6:29)
04. sait-on jamais? (4:40)
05. waiter, oh waiter (6:27)
06. mais uma vez (7:04)
07. so nice (4:49)
08. how insensitive (4:05)
09. one note samba (4:03)
10. the changing lights (6:17)
11. the waters of march (3:27)
12. that’s all (8:31)
13. samba saravah (12:02)

tt 1:16:56

radio klara fm (cable) -> adobe audition cs6.6 (48kh-16bit)(6db boost
and noise reduction applied) -> wav -> cdwave editor (tracking) -> tlh (flac8)

sample:  t10_the_changing_lights.mp3

download:  StaceyKent_2014-08-15_JazzMiddelheim.zip

Aug 192014

Cello Samba Trio 2011-07-30 SJDR 3_b - croppeda cool rainy mid-august day, working away in my home office… a bit of very laid back samba was just the thing.  i don’t think that i have a lot of concerts featuring a cello, and fewer still of samba.  the sound quality is very good (sbd).


cello samba trio
teatro santo antônio
são joão del rei, mg, brasil
30 july 2011

jaques morelenbaum: cello
lula galvão: guitar
renato barata: drums/percussion

01 – samba de uma nota só (tom jobim)
02 – eu vim da bahia (gilberto gil)
03 – pra que discutir com madame (joão gilberto)
04 – outra vez (tom jobim)
05 – coração vagabundo (caetano veloso)/retrato em branco e preto (tom jobim/chico buarque)
06 – brigas nunca mais (tom jobim/vinícius de moraes)
07 – você e eu (carlos lyra/vinicius de moraes)
08 – receita de samba (jacob do bandolim)
09 – bim bom (joão gilberto)
10 – ar livre (jaques morelenbaum)
11 – tim-tim por tim-tim (heraldo barbosa/geraldo jaques)
12 – sambou, sambou (joão donato)
13 – salvador (egberto gismonti)
14 – fla x flu (luizão paiva)

approx. 1h 30 min

sbd > zoom h4n line 1 > mono wav 44100hz 32-bit float > flac
taper: joseba

great instrumental trio full of swing, chops and nice brazilian harmony. great setlist. excellent sound quality.

sample:  t09 bim bom.mp3
download: JaquesMorelembaum_CelloSambaTrio_2011-07-30_SaoJoaoDelRei_MG.zip

Jun 262014

here’s a little performance that i recorded recently at the portuguese national day, at the residence of ambassador antonio quinteiro mobre and madame marina nobre. antonio and marina are lovely people, and it was a very nice evening, the highlight being a short performance by 4 korean fado musicians.  who knew that fado was listened to, much less performed, in korea?  so many national day events are, well, a bit dull, but this captured the warmth and vivacity of portugal … not to mention it’s fine cuisine!  holding it in their home was, i think, part of that.

unfortunately, i have not been able to get the names of the performers, but i do have the song titles and original performers.

(performers unknown)
fado for the portuguese national day
residence of the ambassador of portugal to south korea
seoul, south korea
10 june 2014

1 (end of intro by ambassador of portugal) 0:32
2 meu amor (cristina branco) 4:08
3 medo (mariza) 4:12
4 loucura (marco rodrigues) 3:28
5 onde vou (marco rodrigues) 4:12

tt 16:32

recorded at the residence of the ambassador of portugal to the republic of korea, h.e. antónio quinteiro nobre, at a reception for the portuguese national day.

source: iphone 4s (using recorderhq app, set for 44.1 khz) > .m4a > mediacoder > .flac > tlh > .wav > cd wave editor (tracking) > wav

sample:  t04 meu amor.mp3

download:  [download id=”1740″]

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Mar 302013

here’s the fantastic eddie palmieri in a show that i downloaded in august 2011, and have listened to quite a bit since, including earlier today in the car back from lille, france.  as my wife said, this isn’t music that anybody could sleep through (and indeed she didn’t).  just the thing for a quick 75 minute flit back north to brussels on a saturday afternoon.  lille itself was lovely despite being cold and often cloudy.  if you find yourself in the north of france, it’s well worth a weekend stay at the very least, and don’t miss the palais des beaux arts.

eddie palmieri & afro caribbean all-stars
north sea jazz festival

eddie palmieri: piano
donald harrison: saxophone
craig handy: tenor saxophone
brian lynch: trumpet
joe santiago: bass
horacio “el negro” hernandez: drums
giovanni hidago: congas

01 intro (in dutch)
02 tin tin deo
03 in walked bud
04 (unknown)
05 adoración

total time: 54:44

lineage: cdr trade > wav > trader’s little helper (flac 8, align on sector boundaries)

sample:  03 In Walked Bud

download: Eddie_Palmieri_2005-07-10_NorthSeaJazzFest.zip