Jan 292013

off on a business trip, this was on the thumb drive that i brought along.  who’s that? i said, being ever feeble minded when it comes to remembering names.  listened to it … loved it.  the dime page showed that i d/l’ed it back in oct 2010 (tip o’ the hat to piergi), and liked it enough to add a comment that i loved it.  well, i haven’t changed, i still love it.  now where can i get some more?

i’m in budapest at the moment.  great city, really enjoy it every time that i come here.  but you need to plan ahead, which i singularly failed to do, as the penultimate performance of wagner’s the flying dutchman was on the day i arrived (arrive sooner… coulda woulda shoulda) and the last performance is on saturday (but i must be off friday night).  oh well.  looking into the schedule around the next couple of month-ends, maybe i can catch something here then… .. .

hungarians really seem to like meat, i swear it seems as if every dish has a bit, even my layered cabbage appetizer tonight.  the place we went boasted about it (meat, that is), and on the back of the waiter’s shirts, over a shoulder blade, it said things like ‘vegetarians are people who eat side dishes’ & ‘real men eat meat’.  and something i’ve not seen in a ‘meat’ restaurant:  a large group of women having dinner together.  didn’t look to see what they were having, but probably not side dishes.

bobby watson “horizon” quintet
studiodue -radio svizzera lugano
lugano, switzerland
10 november 1991

bobby watson – alto sax
terrell stafford – trumpet
edward simon – piano
? – bass
victor lewis – drums

1 – intro
2 – track 01 – karita
3 – track 02 – in case you missed it
4 – announce
5 – track 03 – i got it bed
6 – track 04 – country cornflakes
7 – radio outro

dvb-s linn preamp-pphilips cdr – wav – flac – dime a- (some noise on last track, i have used audacity to cut pops…)

sample:  04 – country cornflakes

download: Bobby_Watson_Quintet_1991-11-10_Lugano.zip

Jan 192013

i was listening to this as i slaved away late on a saturday night, and thought to myself that i’ve been listening to a fair bit of gerry mulligan lately.  so which to share here?  why not the one that i was listening to for the first time tonight…

gerry mulligan and the gerry mulligan concert jazz band
sunday, july 10, 1988 (20:30 – 21:15)
north sea jazz festival
pwa zaal
the hague, the netherlands
runtime: 55:35

source: dutch radio (dr) fm broadcast
lineage: fm > tape > cd-r > wav > flac > dime > wav > plaz_restore > flac(lvl8)

gerry mulligan (bar, ss); laurie frink, barry ries, bud burridge, gary guzio (tp); dave glenn, john fedchock, joe randazzo (tb); gary neawood, marty fogel (as), seldon powell, mark vinci (ts), tom boras (bar); bill charlap (p), dean johnson (b), bobby rosengarden (d).

1 sun on the stairs (5:46)
2 out back of the barn (6:57)
3 walk on the water (6:50)
4 bweebida bwobbida (9:10)
5 with a smile on your face (4:53)
6 absent friends (don’t go away) (5:04)
7 k-4 pacific (11:21^) [inc, tf at ~8:00]
8 line for lyons (4:29)
9 radio announcement (1:01)

^ tape flip spliced at 47:20

sample:  1 Sun on the Stairs.mp3

download: Gerry_Mulligan_Jazz_Band_1988-07-10_The_Hague.zip

Jan 132013

here’s a great show by the charlie haden quartet from sometime in 1988, down in nice, southern france.  don’t know precisely when or where (maybe the nice jazz festival?), nor even if it’s the whole show… but it’s well worth a listen; i’ve added the entire 11-minute first song as a sample.

charlie haden quartet
nice, france

charlie haden
ernie watts
alan broadbent
paul motian

setlist :

1. segments 11:06
2. lonely woman 23:58
3. sandino 5:45


source : fm / yamaha kx 500 / maxell xl2s / audacity / xact
audio quality : a- (fm hiss)

sample:  01 Segments.mp3

download: Charlie_Haden_Quartet_1988_Nice_France.zip

Jan 052013

well, enough slow and sad.  while we’re still close enough to christmas to get away with it, here is my all-time favorite christmas jazz show, featuring the fantastic dwight trible singing.  why have i not heard of him before?  anyway, the seeder on dime (ladyface57) “edited out two songs which do not fit in this category”… i’m not sure if ladyface57 meant jazz or christmas or both.  around here, this got a lot of play over the past few weeks (i even burnt an audio cd!).  so tuck this away for another 11 months & then do the same.

paul zauner quintet featuring dwight trible

paul zauner (trombone, announcements)
klemens pliem (tenor saxophone, flute)
carlton holmes (piano)
wolfram derschmidt (bass)
dusan novakov (drums)
dwight trible (vocals)

01: we three kings – 11:25
02: merry christmas, baby – 4:51
03: merry christmas (?) – 6:04
04: cristo redentor – 5:47
05: unknown tune – 6:20
06: unknown tune – 6:19
07: unknown tune – 8:00
08: blue christmas – 9:39
09: africa (not complete) – 6:12

recorded by orf @ radiokulturhaus, vienna (austria), december 17, 2012 –
lineage: ö1 radio broadcast (live) –> cable receiver — cd –> hard disc –> audacity –> tlh

sample: 02 merry christmas, baby.mp3

download: Paul_Zauner_Quintet_2012-12-17_Vienna_Austria.zip

Jan 052013

ran across this a week or so ago, when i was tidying things up a bit, and realized that i’d played it 3 or 4 times since.  so here it is.  slow, kind of sad (“turn out the stars”; “ne me quittes pas”;”i ain’t got nothing but the blues”), just the thing for these short, cold, wet early january days when the christmas cheer is fading away…

karrin allyson
duc des lombards
paris, france

karrin allyson, vocals, piano
ed howard, bass
rod fleeman, guitar

setlist :

1- ut
2- turn out the stars (evans)
3- ut
4- footprints (shorter)
5- double rainbow (jobim)
6- i’m always chasing rainbows
7- ut
8- ne me quitte pas (brel)
9- i ain’t got nothing but the blues (fitzgerald)
10- smile (chaplin)
11- ut
12- ut

total time : 58 minutes

source : fm (tsf jazzlive) / naimuniti / r-09hr / audacity / xact


sample: 02 Turn out the stars.mp3

download: Invalid download ID.