Jul 152020

here’s nice line-up, led by george russell, from 1964.  i don’t remember hearing a jazz version of you are my sunshine before (and not for a long time in any other style you’d care to mention).  the last four tracks have been released on a bootleg, btw, along with 4 tracks from another show.  i wonder why they do that — for me, it much more interesting as a full concert (though one often takes what one can get, sometimes!).

george russell sextet
bremen, germany
28 sept 1964

george russell (p)
joe farrell (ts)
thad jones (tp)
garnett brown (tb)
barre phillips (b)
al heath (dr)

01 intro
02 the outer view
03 the lydiot
04 volupte
05 stratusfunk
06 applause
07 ’round midnight
08 you are my sunshine
09 d.c. divertimento
10 sipping at bells

min 85:45

cdr (prefm) – xact

sample: t05 stratusfunk.mp3
download:  GeorgeRussell_1964-09-28_BremenGermany.zip

May 212017

after listening to this yesterday & this morning, i was thinking of uploading this show, but found that it is already available at galatabridge, a monographic website that

attempts to provide a chronological list of recordings featuring John Surman, be they commercially-released albums, radio or TV broadcasts, audience recordings, film soundtracks or otherwise.

if you like john surman / the trio,  well, you’ve probably already found the site.  if you are less familiar with the trio, then head over to galatabridge and have a listen to this great show by the trio, from jazzhaus, hamburg germany, in early 1970.

the version there appears to be the same as the one seeded on dime in aug 2016 by tomp


cover by lewojazz, included in the dime seed in 2016