Dec 182015

Smoke Fairies 2011-02-03 The Scala, London cover imagea little break from jazz.  i downloaded this when ‘rayrad’ shared it on dime a few years ago.  tried to buy an album at the time, but their website wasn’t working for me, oh well.  but i was listening to another show of theirs lately and lo! their website was working, there was a new album out, etc etc.  happy days.  i bought one of each cd, thanks much.  only arrived today, still listening my way through them, and i strongly recommend you do the same.  but at the same time this show (which, in the day, i absolutely listened the bejaysus out of) remains a favorite.  now if smoke fairies would just come to korea…

smoke fairies
the scala
3rd february 2011

jessica davies – vocals / guitar
katherine blamire – vocals / guitar
kristofer harris – bass
neil walsh – violin
martin dean – drums

01. summer fades
02. devil in my mind
03. river song
04. new song
05. gastown
06. erie lackawanna
07. living with ghosts
08. strange moon rising
09. feeling is turning blue
10. storm song
11. hotel room
12. after the rain
13. frozen heart
14. requiem (killing joke)

lineage: olympus ls10 recorder (internal mics) > 24 bit > amadeus pro > 16 bit > xld > flac
taper: rayrad

support the artist – buy the records – go to the shows

sample: t05 gastown.mp3


Aug 232015

while jenny scheinman is, according to wikipedia, “renowned as a jazz violinist, she has credits with artists in many genres”.  clearly: this was shared on dime as ‘jazz’, i’d call it singer-songwriter, folk, maybe a bit of blues… anyway, i was tidying up a few things and ran across it on my hard drive.  as is so often the case, the name didn’t ring a bell (i am starting to think i’m not very good with names of musicians & groups), so i gave it a listen (or perhaps another listen?).  lovely show, and i look forward to hearing some of her works in other genres (including jazz :-).

jenny scheinman
alexandria, virginia
21 August 2014

jenny scheinman – violin

instrumental 1:39
still just a child 6:46
brother 4:51
got my name in the paper 3:07
deadheads 3:53
when he’s sleeping* 3:22
you throw down* 4:29
instrumental?* 2:23

church audio ca-11 cardoid mics -> battery box -> oade acm marantz pmd 620
-> sound forge xp -> cdr wav -> flac (level 8)

opened for bruce cockburn trio

sample: t07 you throw down.mp3

Feb 072015

StaceyKent_2014-08-15_croppedimagei have a few concerts by stacey kent, all of which are excellent, but this one particularly struck me.  most of the songs are from her 2014 album “the changing lights”.  i didn’t realize that the lyrics to the title track were by kazuo ishiguro… didn’t even know he wrote poetry or lyrics (as may be), but when i looked it up, turned out that they posted the lyrics to all the songs on that cd up on facebook.  and there it was.  actually, he also wrote the lyrics to “the summer we crossed europe in the rain” and “waiter, oh waiter”.  i also didn’t know that a lot of the songs are composed by her husband, jim tomlinson.  when did i stop reading liner notes?

anyway, it’s a great concert.  and stacey kent has a lot of shows coming up.  not around here, unfortunately… mostly around western europe + a few days in the us & canada, including 5 nights at birdland in nyc (!).

stacey kent
jazz middelheim 2014
antwerp, belgium
15 aug 2014

stacey kent (voice)
jim tomlinson (tenorsax)
graham harvey (piano)
jeremy brown (bass)
josh morrison (drums)

01. radio intro (1:45)
02. this happy madness (6:17)
03. só danço samba (6:29)
04. sait-on jamais? (4:40)
05. waiter, oh waiter (6:27)
06. mais uma vez (7:04)
07. so nice (4:49)
08. how insensitive (4:05)
09. one note samba (4:03)
10. the changing lights (6:17)
11. the waters of march (3:27)
12. that’s all (8:31)
13. samba saravah (12:02)

tt 1:16:56

radio klara fm (cable) -> adobe audition cs6.6 (48kh-16bit)(6db boost
and noise reduction applied) -> wav -> cdwave editor (tracking) -> tlh (flac8)

sample:  t10_the_changing_lights.mp3


Jun 122014

JamesTaylor 1974-05-26 Front Cover

[update 27-apr-2016:  it’s come to my attention that this has been released by (see here and here), so i have deleted the .zip file.]

changing pace a little (i.e., this isn’t jazz), here’s a phenomenal 1974 concert by  james taylor at carnegie hall in nyc.  ‘crazydaren’, the seeder on dime, thought it was actually a combination of his shows over two days, and i’d be inclined to agree.

the download files includes a bit of artwork that crazydaren shared back in 2007.


james taylor
the complete carnegie hall concert
carnegie hall, new york city
26-27 may 1974

first set
1. you can close your eyes
2. riding on a railroad
3. blossom
4. long ago and far away
5. sunshine sunshine
6. me and my guitar
7. country road
8. you’ve got a friend
9. promised land

second set
10. migration
11. let it all fall down
12. brighten your night with my day
13. one man parade
14. anywhere like heaven
15. don’t let me be lonely tonight
16. fire and rain
17. you’re the one (that i adore)
18. rock ‘n’ roll is music now
19. mockingbird

20. ain’t no song
21. sweet baby james

time: 79:10

source: kbfh master reels > dat > cdr > eac > sound forge 6.0 > cd wave > 1shn/1cdr
remastered by als, march 2003


james taylor performed at carnegie hall on may 26th and may 27th in 1974.
these two shows were probably the final two shows of jt’s four-week u.s. tour to promote
“walking man.” the dir concert network had permission to tape both shows and it is not
clear whether this version represents one of the shows or a combination of both shows.
my gut feeling is that it is probably a combination of both shows. kbfh broadcasted this
version of the show on june 30, 1974. this version is superior in every way to the hugely
popular and widely circulated “carnegie hall” kts bootleg. the overall sound quality is
stunning, crystal clear stereo. the soft songs are perfect, although the loud songs are
so full the sound nearly distorts. the kts bootleg was probably sourced from a second or
third generation cassette. the addition of the six songs not included on the kts bootleg
dramatically changes the flow of the show. kts would have you believe that jt jumped from
“fire and rain” to “mockingbird.” not so. jt beautifully built the show to a peak
culminating with carly’s arrival just after the start of “mockingbird.” for jt fans this
version is essential. some minor editing was necessary to best represent the original
concert experience from the perspective of the audience. i edited out the kbfh
announcements. i edited in several “soft endings” where the audience applause would have
otherwise abruptly ended (due to harsh kbfh edits or announcements). no edits were made



download:  (removed)

Mar 072014

i’ve been quite fond of agnes obel for a few years now, and was sorry to miss her when she played in brussels while we were there (and, no surprise, she’s not coming to seoul on this tour).  taper ian macdonald (ianmacd) uploaded a recent show of hers to dime, along with her opening act.

you don’t always see both the warm-up and main act seeded, and when you do, you might not care about one or the other act.  but in this case i was curious…. who might open for agnes obel?  i thought it was a good match (not always the case) and a pretty good recording.  so, although it’s not jazz, here’s a very nice show by agnes obel.

i’ve included all of ianmacd’s comments in the posting below, even though they’re a bit long, as they might be of interest.  (they’re in the d/l also, of course.)  (redirects to the feral & stray site)

feral & stray
(supporting agnes obel)
het concertgebouw
amsterdam, the netherlands
4 february 2014

01. [06:18] anchor
02. [03:22] threads
03. [00:48] [banter]
04. [05:05] quiet soul
05. [00:39] [banter]
06. [04:14] falling
07. [05:27] all the birds in the world
08. [00:58] [banter]
09. [04:15] safe and sound

total running time: 31:10

type: audience master, recorded from seat 30 of row 12, approximately 15 metres back from the suspended left-hand side pa stack.
source: schoeps ccm 41v microphones (dina mounted) -> marantz pmd661 recorder > audacity > flac
taper: ian macdonald (ianmacd)

feral & stray a.k.a. erin lang once again provides a fragile, almost whispered
opening set in support of agnes obel, this time in the illustrious setting of
amsterdam’s famed concertgebouw.

the quality of the recording is excellent, perhaps a little better than the
one of rotterdam from the previous night. the set-list is identical.

as always, samples are attached to the torrent to allow you to decide whether
this is something for you.

agnes obel
het concertgebouw
amsterdam, the netherlands
4 february 2014

01. [03:24] louretta
02. [04:02] philharmonics
03. [00:39] [banter/band introduction]
04. [04:06] beast
05. [05:29] fuel to fire
06. [06:43] on powdered ground
07. [03:11] chord left
08. [01:15] [banter]
09. [04:49] aventine
10. [00:31] [banter]
11. [05:24] dorian
12. [05:19] wallflower
13. [04:41] riverside
14. [00:21] [banter]
15. [05:15] run cried the crawling
16. [04:29] words are dead
17. [05:47] the curse
18. [02:00] [encore break]
19. [01:06] [banter]
20. [04:36] just so
21. [00:41] [banter]
22. [05:05] katie cruel

total running time: 79:05

type: audience master, recorded from seat 30 of row 12, approximately 15 metres back from the suspended left-hand side pa stack.
source: schoeps ccm 41v microphones (dina mounted) -> marantz pmd661 recorder > audacity > flac
taper: ian macdonald (ianmacd)

after rotterdam last night, i can relax in the knowledge that i have an
assigned seat for this evening’s show in the illustrious setting of the
capital’s concertgebouw.

it’s funny to think that it was just three and a bit years ago that the newly
discovered agnes was playing upstairs at the paradiso on an electric keyboard
to a standing crowd of 250 people.

her star was on the rise from the very beginning and she is now able to sell
out one of the most beautiful and prestigious venues in the city. the electric
keyboard is long gone, replaced by a much more befitting steinway grand piano.

if you live in the netherlands, belgium, france, germany or her native
denmark, you’d have to have been living in a bunker for the last four years
not to have heard of agnes obel.

despite debut album sales of 450,000 copies, however, she remains something of
an unknown quantity in much of the rest of europe and beyond. i remain
convinced that it can only be a matter of time before the rest of the world
wakes up to her subtle, understated songs and the enchantment of that fragile,
fluttering voice.

the main hall of the concertgebouw can house 1,674 people, although i note
that the lousy seats behind the stage were obviously not made available for
sale. nevertheless, there must easily be 1,500 people in attendance this

feral & stray a.k.a. erin lang once again provides a fragile, almost whispered
opening set, her banter full of hyperbole for the beautiful audience, the
“courageous, fearless women” with whom she is on tour, etc.

agnes follows and performs an almost identical set to the night before. the
differences arrive in the encore, where ‘brother sparrow’ and ‘smoke &
mirrors’ make way for ‘just so’ and ‘katie cruel’. it’s the first time i’ve
heard ‘just so’ on the aventine tour, and it’s good to hear it live again
after more than two years.

the concertgebouw is world-renowned for its superb acoustics, and that it is
deserving of that fame is a detail overwhelmingly proven this evening. the
sound in here tonight is beyond amazing. agnes herself remarks at one point,
“you really hear everything in here, i think.”

if i said the vocal harmonies in particular were impressive last night, the
clarity with which they can be appreciated tonight is simply jaw-dropping.

listening to the recording now through headphones, i have to remind myself
that it was made from the audience by some scruffy bloke, not streamed
directly from the radio. apart from a few winter sniffles from those around
me, there’s really very little to remind you that this is a covertly made
amateur recording.

truthfully, audience recordings don’t get much better than this. i sincerely
hope you enjoy it.

as always, samples are attached to the torrent to allow you to decide whether
this is something for you.

feral and stray – 02_thread.mp3
agnes obel – 01_louretta.mp3


Dec 172013


this posting is in memory of the late dalia pinkus, who left us this phenomenal (and aptly named) collection of “old but great jazzy songs”.

i don’t normally download rips of cd’s, but when researching a  concert, i ran across the think too much jazz blog.  needless to say, i browsed it out of curiosity — a lot of very tempting stuff, but that way lies madness.

however, one item did catch my eye, two cd’s by dalia pinkus, “old but great jazzy songs” vol. 1 & 2.  And, there was a comment that her husband jerry pinkus had allowed the music to be shared.  hadn’t heard of dalia pinkus but there are so many people whom i seem not to have heard of.  i downloaded it.

wow!  it’s great!  if you like classic jazz songs (and you’d probably not be here if you didn’t, eh?), then give it a listen.  she had a fantastic voice, and it’s a terrific selection of songs (and well suited to her voice, i think).

i emailed jerry pinkus, who again gave permission for the music to be shared.

so, in memory of dalia pinkus, here are a few links and a copy of her two cd’s for download.

dalia pinkus
old but great jazzy songs
volumes 1 & 2

originally downloaded with the comment “a word before the actual details of these two cd’s: dalia pinkus was an israeli jazz singer who died last month (july 30) of cancer, she was almost 45. a friend suggested the idea of sharing her cd’s online, she would have love that.., and her husband agreed…” i contacted jerry pinkus, her husband, who kindly gave permission for these files to be further shared.

dalia pinkus – vocal
gilad chazav – keyboards
donovan bullen – bass
yonatan rosen – drums

vol. 1

1. get happy (3:04)
2. little jazz bird (3:35)
3. come rain or come shine (4:14)
4. the preacher (3:10)
5. cry me a river (5:21)
6. blue skies (3:20)
7. i only have eyes for you (4:06)
8. put on a happy face (3:35)
9. on a small boat to china (4:21)
10. lulu’s back in town (2:39)
11. alice in wonderland (4:18)
12. i’ll build a stairway to paradise (3:05)
13. it might as well be spring (5:13)
14. there will never be another you (3:53)


vol. 2

1. everything but you (4:21)
2. he loves & she loves (3:23)
3. rock a bye baby with a dixie melody (3:05)
4. moon river (3:15)
5. it’s only a paper moon (3:05)
6. smile (3:47)
7. swinging on a star (1:58)
8. how about you (3:39)
9. manhattan (4:00)
10. secret love (3:49)
11. thou swell (4:03)
12. diana (2:25)


tt 1:34:44

recorded @ noga studios, kadima israel 2012

dec-2013: originally downloaded from flac files unchanged, but added this info file and .ffp & .md5 checksum files.

sample:  v1 t11_alice_in_wonderland.mp3


Dec 142013

not really sure if i should call this jazz or singer/songwriter.  be that as it may, i have a few concerts by rebekka bakken and this is my favorites of those… this was uploaded via dime, by hjweis in sept 2008 and has been sitting on my hard drive ever since.

rebekka bakken
2 feb 2008
‘women in jazz’
alte oper
halle, germany

rebekka bakken: vocal
sebastian studnitzky: piano
sven lindvall: bass
tommy baldu: drums


cd 1:

1. you bring new stars 05:11
2. you’re crying 03:58
3. we hit it again 04:45
4. any pretty girl 04:31
5. as tears clear our eyes 04:41
6. hard to be a looser 03:14
7. may i borrow your pillow 04:24
8. so ro 11:35
9. why do all the good guys get the dragons 09:56

cd 2:

1. what love is not 05:02
2. virgin’s lullaby 05:33
3. powerless 05:36
4. didn’t i 05:38
5. say goodbye to what is gone 05:49
6. time after time (c. lauper) 04:52
7. in the early morning ours 04:33
8. maybe i 03:01

total time 92:28 min

dvb-s recording @ 48khz/320kbps by hjweis
aired by german radio mdr figaro
dreambox 7000s (ts-file) > projektx (demux to wav) > audacity (cutting and export to flac)

sample: t03 we_hit_it_again.mp3


Nov 142012

i’ve  been listening to tig & bean in my car lately, and thought that i’d start with this, even though i mostly listen to jazz.  have a listen, then go to their shows & buy their albums.

tig & bean
providence, ri, usa
may 1, 2012 (tuesday)

lily mccall ‘tig’ costner – acoustic guitar, percussion, banjo, vocals
caroline ‘bean’ hecht – banjo, electric guitar, vocals
eric d. – upright bass

set list
01.intro for me, i’ll work for you
03.summer blues out of water
05.wild with the wolves
07.swallowed by swells

tt: 42’22

lineage: aud > sp-cmc-8 (cards) w/mod > edirol r-09hr @ 24b/96k > adobe audition (track/edit) > wav @ 16b/44.1k > flac

the evening’s line-up: ‘coke weed’ (bar harbor, maine), ‘tig & bean’ (providence), ‘micah blue smaldone’ (portland, maine), in that order

-reduced volume of end-song applause
-attentive & quiet audience of around 30 souls

sample: tig+bean 2012-05-01 track 02.mp3

download: Invalid download ID.