Jul 092020

here’s a pair of shows from drummer ed blackwell with ahmed abdullah on trumpet.  i’ve been meaning to share the 1979 nyc show for some time, ages actually.   but like so much, i never got around to it.  then, on a sort of “ed blackwell day” on tuesday, i thought the 1994 montreal show needed to be included as well, to make a little “two-fer”, though i’d reseeded it on dime around a year ago.  if you like ahmed abdullah (as i obviously do), i shared a pair of back-to-back shows in old cabell hall at uva & the next day at d.c.space. back in 2017.

in unrelated news, if you’re partial to drummer paul motian, check out uncle paul’s jazz closet, the blog of his niece’s radio show dedicated to her uncle paul motian.  nice, historical and kinda sweet.

ed blackwell quartet
tin palace
nyc, ny
3 december 1979

ed blackwell – drums
ahmed abdullah – trumpet
charles brackeen – tenor saxophone
mark helias – bass

1 intro
2 ut
3 ut
4 ut

tt 33:00

broadcast on wkcr

ed blackwell
theatre du nouveau monde
montreal jazz fest.,
montreal, quebec, canada
4 july 1991

ed blackwell – drums
carlos ward – flute & alto sax
mark helias – acoustic bass
ahmed abdullah – trumpet

1. announcer and introduction from stage (03:12)
2. unknown (10:45)
3. pettiford bridge (carlos ward) (12:34)
4. beau regard (mark helias) (11:17)
5. unknown (10:07)
6. pentahouve (mark helias) (08:26)
7. mallet song (carlos ward) –> grandma’s shoes (carlos ward) (15:52)
8. lito, part i-iii (carlos ward) (incomplete) –> announcer outro (04:09)

(thanks trane time)
8 cuts

tt 1:16:25

source: trade cd> fm recording > db power> traders little helper> flac (level 8)

fm a

cbc-cbof fm “jazz sur le vif”

sample: ed blackwell 1979-12-03 (4tet) tin palace, nyc t03 ut.mp3  and  ed blackwell 1991-07-04 montreal t02 ut.mp3
downloads: EdBlackwell_1979-12-03_TinPalace_NYC.zip  &  EdBlackwell_1991-07-04_MontrealQCCanada.zip

Jun 282020

time for something a little lighthearted jazz theatre.  dr. pinch himself is a bit over the top, layering on his character a bit thick, but what can you expect from “a minor character from the comedy of errors“?  and the pinchtones are marvelous.  they’d be a fun band to have at a garden party, if you lived in los angeles and had lots of money.  or at a wedding, except the doctor would no doubt try to steal the show…

dr pinch and the pinchtones
union station 75th anniversary
union station, south patio stage
los angeles, ca
3 may 2014

lineup – unknown but possibly:
mary goodchild as hilda (percussions & vocals)
ashley dewitt as ida (vocals))
jim lang as herr lang (piano)
garret lang as giert (bass)
david melville as dr pinch (vocals & announcer)

01 stirred by a spoon 1:48
02 winter in my heart 3:38
03 your secret is safe with me 2:47
04 better than dreams 1:57
05 swing on a vine 2:58
06 ut 3:36
07 i lose my concentration 2:30
08 ut 2:02
09 i am still in love with you 2:36
10 every little raindrop 2:53
11 ut 2:19
12 snow in georgia 3:57
13 i’ll see you in my dreams 3:26
14 bei mir bist du schön 4:38


dsm6 -> pac6lc3b -> r-09hr -> soundforge -> flac


samples: t05 swing on a vine.mp3t07 i lose my concentration.mp3
download: DrPinch_2014-05-03_UnionStation_LosAngelesCA.zip

Jun 192020

here’s what i’m listening to just this minute.  it’s another fair sized group — this is not an intentional theme, btw  — but i think quite different to the last two.  no tracking on this, as it’s a video demux (so .ac3 format), but i haven’t seen many good places to break it into tracks (plus: the hassle!).  so enjoy it as i am:  as one continuous performance.

btw, if you like a midsummer night’s dream, and i most certainly do, check out the globe theatre production, available on youtube until the 28th.

michele rosewoman and new yor-uba
jazz jamboree
warsaw, congress hall
(warszawa, sala kongresowa),
october 26, 1984

michele rosewoman – piano, vocal
olu femi mitchell – vocal
baikida carroll – trumpet, flugelhorn
rasul siddik – trumpet, flute
oliver lake – alto sax, soprano sax, flute
john stubblefield – tenor sax
howard johnson – baritone sax, tuba, penny whistle
bob stewart – tuba
kelvyn bell – guitar
anthony cox – bass
pheeroan aklaff – drums
gene golden – percussion
eddie bobe – percussion, vocal
eddie rodriquez – percussion, vocal

no setlist

tt: 1:03:59

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

lineage: tvp kultura rebroadcast > digital satellite > hdd > dvd

pro pal dvd
menu and chapters

video attributes:
compression mode: mpeg-2
tv system: 625/50 (pal)
aspect ratio: 4:3
picture resolution: 720×576
frame rate: 25
bitrate: 9830 kbps

audio attributes:
sampling rate: 48 khz
bitrate: 448 kbps

demux additional lineage:
as above > ffmpeg (copy audio) > separate .ac3 audio file

sample: sample 13-00 to 20-00.mp3
download:  MicheleRosewoman_1984-10-26_WarsawPoland_demux.zip

Jun 112020

Following the darcy james argue show, here’s another couple of shows with large groups, both led by maria schneider.  i had trouble deciding between the ndr big band and the parco della musica jazz orchestra, so why not both?  nothing exceeds like excess.   funny, i didn’t set out to have another big band / jazz orchestra posting, but it’s kind of nice it worked out that way.  enjoy!

maria schneider & ndr bigband
100 jahre gil evans
hamburg, germany
7-8 june 2012

maria schneider (leader)
gary husband (drums)
ndr big band

01. summertime (gershwin) ingolf burkhardt (tp);
02. bess, oh where’s my bess (gershwin) claus stötter (tp);
03. the meaning of the blues (troup/worth) claus stötter (flh);
04. my ship (weill) ingolf burkhardt (flh);
05. once upon a summertime {fades out} (legrand/barclay) claus stötter (tp);
06. springsville (carisi/evans) ingolf burkhardt (tp);
07. yardbird suite (parker) vladyslav sendecki (p), stephan diez (g), peter bolte (as);
08. gone, gone, gone (gershwin) gary husband (dr), claus stötter (tp);
09. jambangle (evans) vladyslav sendecki (p), fiete felsch (ss), dan gottshall (trb);
10. unknown
11. waltz (evans) vladyslav sendecki (p), stephan diez (g), frank delle (bar), christof lauer (ts);

tt : approx. 55:00

ndr info 2012-09-02 and 2012-09-09

mp2 (mpeg 1.0 layer-2; 48,000 hz stereo; 320 kbps) >
besweet (convert to wav) >
cool edit pro 2.1
(amplify, editing, fades, tracking)
> tlh (flac8, aligned)

thanks to lewojazz for the recording
bombdiggity – 2012-09

this was broadcast in two segments with considerable discussion throughout.  no applause was present. i edited to music only and added spaces to put fairly consistent distance between each track. i also ordered the tracks to provide a coherence and flow that i felt suited to the music that was provided.  the selection leaned toward the earlier era and contemplative end of his work.  one track was faded out quickly (and challenged my programming ideas regarding flow). one track was unannounced and i cannot recall the title. help with that would be appreciated (and i’ll update these notes).

maria schneider & pmjo parco della musica jazz orchestra
roccella jazz festival
teatro al castello
roccella jonica, italy
24 august 2007

maria schneider, lead, arr

guest: maurizio giammarco, ts
gianni oddi, daniele tittarelli, as, ss, cl, fl
marco conti, gianni savelli, ts,ss, cl, fl
elvio ghigliordini, bar, cl, fl
fernando brusco, claudio corvini,giancarlo ciminelli, aldo bassi, tp, flh
mario corvini, massimo pirone, luca giustozzi, roberto pecorelli, tb, euphonium, tuba
antonio iasevoli, g
pino iodice, p, kb, fender rhodes
luca pirozzi, b, el-b
pietro iodice, dr


01 green piece 07:11
02 maria’s comments 02:47
03 3 romances – i choro dancado 10:34
04 3 romances – ii pas de deux iii danca ilusoria 19:26
05 comments 01:19
06 sky blue 08:19
07 comments 03:04
08 hang gliding 14:01

tt: 1:06:41

source: dvb-s@192, 48khz > raw data > projextx > mp3directcut > mp2
(lossy recording seeded in its original broadcast codec)

roccella jazz festival, 24 august 2007
sample:  t08 gone, gone, gone.mp3
download: Download

rolf-liebermann-studio, 7-8 june 2012
sample: t06 sky blue.mp3
download: MariaSchneider_2007-08-24_PMJO_RoccellaJonica_Italy.zip

May 312020

this bubbled up to the surface a couple of days ago, and i’ve listened to it a few times since.  the info file has one of the best commentaries i’ve read in an info file in a very long time – i’ll quote just a tiny bit, that nicely sums up the secret society (and this recording), with a tip o’ the hat to ‘bombdiggity’

remarkable original compositions, brilliantly arranged and conducted, and quite well played. of particular note to me is david dejesus on the final number.

this likely will appeal to fans of jazz, big band, orchestras, modern composers, new music, and/or classical, and perhaps even those slightly inclined to the avant-garde side of things.

i know, sounds a bit all-things-to-all-people, right?  normally that’s the kiss of death, but not this time.

btw, if you want more (in addition to their albums), here’s a few secret society shows available on the npr website:  darcy james argue’s secret society: newport jazz 2014 and in ‘real enemies,’ darcy james argue confronts a post-truth world  and john ellis, darcy james argue on jazzset.  there may be more, but those are ones that popped up in my searches.

darcy james argue’s secret society
kennedy center,
washington, dc, usa
5 jan 2011

darcy james argue : agent in charge
sebastian noelle : guitar [webpage didn’t work in my usual browser but did in another]
red wierenga : piano, keyboard
matt clohesy : bass
jon wikan : drums
seneca black : trumpet
tom goehring : trumpet
matt holman : trumpet
nadje noordhuis : trumpet
david smith : trumpet
noah bless : trombone
tim sessions : trombone
kevin moehringer : trombone
jennifer wharton : trombone
david dejesus : winds
rob wilkerson : winds
sam sadigursky : winds
mark small : winds
josh sinton : winds

01. transit (8:45)
02. phobos (12:55)
03. induction effect (13:56)
04. roll call (1:46)
05. obsidian flow (11:12)

tt : approx 48:30

recording: 2 x nakamichi cm-100 w/ cp-1 cardiod capsules >
oade c modded edirol r-44 (recorded @ 24/96)
edit/track/levels/downsample (to 16 bit/44.1 mhz): cool edit pro 2.1
sector realign/flac/torrent: tlh

support the artists. buy the cd, see them live.

sample: 01 transit.mp3
download: SecretSociety_2011-01-05_KennedyCtr_WashingtonDC.zip

May 292020

yesterday was al cohn day, i feel as if i’ve listened to every al cohn show that i have (well, a lot anyway!).  i was going to share one of his shows (up next!), but this little jem from jim galloway, featuring al cohn and eddie lockjaw davis, has elbowed its way to the front of the queue!  a woody herman show (also with mr. al cohn) was trying to do the same, but will just have to wait.  anyway, a bit of a busy day at work, but with these shows and the warm sunshine we’ve had, it was a beautiful day.  tip ‘o the hat to ‘jazzrita’ for sharing this.

jim galloway quartet + al cohn + eddie lockjaw davis
sheraton hotel
toronto, ontario, canada
19 dec 1981

jim galloway,ss,bs
al cohn,ts
eddie lockjaw davis,ts
ian bargh,p
neil swainson,b
terry clarke,dr

01 – strike up the band – ann dj 9:28
02 – on green dolphin street (jg,bs) – ann dj 10:32
03 – i can’t get started (eld,ts,ib,p-trio) – ann dj + ac 5:18
04 – blue hodge (garymcfarland,comp) (ac,ts,ib,p-trio) – ann dj 6:40
05 – i want to be happy 11:08
06 – ann dj – old folks (jg,ss-ib,p-trio) – ann dj 4:53
07 – what’s the thing called love – ann dj 9:32
08 – on the trail (eld-al+ib,p-trio) – ann dj 10:20
09 – lester leaps in (jg,bs) 11:02


fm got in trade

sample: t04 blue hodge.mp3
download: JimGalloway_1981-12-19_4tet_AlCohn_EddieDavis_TorontoON.zip

May 212020

this was up on dime just in the past week or two, and it really hit the spot.  enjoy!

btw, his website is really hard to load as it has bad certificates; try twitter or instagram instead.

keyon harrold & band
ronnie scott’s
london, uk
04. july 2018

keyon harrold – tp, voc
shedrick mitchell – p
nir felder – g
burniss travis – b
charles haynes – dr

01. the mugician (harrold) 22:30
02. announcement keyon harrold 00:47
03. mb lament (harrold) 17:44
04. love in tragedy (harrold) 08:13
05. announcement keyon harrold 00:40
06. she’s leaving home (lennon/mccartney) 08:29

tt 58:25

source: dvb-s > digital devices cine s2 v7a twin tuner > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – oe1]

sample: t04 love in tragedy.mp3
download: KeyonHarrold_2018-07-04_RonnieScotts_LondonUK.zip

May 162020

here’s another show that popped up on the search for la vie en rose.  very different to the last one.  who doesn’t like piano jazz?  well, i do get tired of that sometimes (hard to believe, eh?), but i never tire of a good piano-violin quartet like this one.  this was shared by ‘jazzrita’, whose fine taste can always be relied upon.

it’s nice that we have choices for high spec recordings — and choices other than the usual giant internet companies (we know who they are).  for example, sandro roy is on qobuz; jermaine landsberger is on both bandcamp and qobuz.  what other platforms do artists use to sell high-quality copies of their albums?  if you were choosing between a purchase available on multiple sites, which would you choose, and why?  (paranoid thought for the day:  why do i think those two sites are not part of the stables belonging to the giant internet companies?)

jermaine landsberger trio feat. sandro roy
bayerischer rundfunk, münchner funkhaus
munich, germany
20 nov 2019

sandro roy, vio
jermaine landsberger, p
joel lochner, b
matthias gmelin, dr

01 – jazz bourree (leopoldmozart,comp,sr,arr,sr,vio-solo) 1:58
02 – troublant bolero (djangoreinhardt,comp) – ann jl 8:11
03 – jl swing (sr,comp) 7:44
04 – souvenir de paris (sr,comp) 4:14
05 – las olas (jacopastorius,comp) 7:59
06 – la vie en rose (edithpiaf,comp) 10:15
07 – wendy (stephanegrappelli,comp) (fade-in) 4:57


lineage: dvb-s 320kbit/s + 48000 khz mp2 (br) > asv audio converter (in flac) > audacity

source: br (bayerischer rundfunk)


danke für die daten an reinhard!!!!!

sample: t05 las olas.mp3
download:  JermaineLandsberger_SandroRoy_2019-11-20_BRFunkhaus_MunichGermany.zip

May 152020

i was looking for nice covers of la vie en rose today, and ran across a number of nice shows, including this one that nolataper shared a some point.  this is a lot of fun (i must get back to new orleans some day…), and nicely edited (thanks, nolataper, for editing out station ids, and so well!) ms. ketchens seems to be described just as a clarinetist, which is true, but it turns out she’s also a fine singer!  a nice surprise, not having heard this show since i first downloaded it (as is so often the case).  in fairness, this is not my favorite version of the song from the shows i’ve been listening to, but the concert really hit it for me.  there you are, eh?  perhaps we’ll get a few more versions of la vie en rose before this weekend is out…

doreen ketchens
new orleans jazz & heritage festival
new orleans fair grounds
new orleans, la.
may 5, 2017

1 radio intro 0:36
2 lord, lord, lord intro 0:13
3 lord, lord, lord 2:31
4 this train 8:35
5 it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing 6:27
6 lil liza jane 5:52
7 la vie en rose 4:57
8 bill bailey won’t you come home 7:49
9 house of the rising sun 7:01
10 sweet georgia brown 3:35

source: wwoz-fm > radioshark fm-receiver hardware > usb > sony vaio vpcs131fm (running ubuntu linux) > shark v1.0 (linux command line) > sox v.v14.4.0 > flac (level 8 compression) > copy 1 large flac file > macbook pro (2.3ghz, intel core i7, osx 10.11.6) > sox v14.4.0 > transcoded losslessly from flac to wav > dsp-quattro 4.4 (trimmed, repaired – see below, normalized by 5.1 db, split into songs) > x audio compression toolkit 2.39 (sector boundaries repaired; level 8 compression) > flac

some additional editing was done with bias peak pro 6.2.0.

editing notes:
* a 65-second station id was removed at 2:32 into track 3.
* a 17-second station id was removed at 8:03 into track 4.
* a 17-second station id was removed at 3:43 into track 7.
* a 4-second id was removed at 6:19 into track 9.

note: this performance was not broadcast live but was delayed two days until may 7, 2017.

sample: t08 bill bailey won’t you come home.mp3
download: DoreenKetchens_2017-05-05_NOJazzfest_NewOrleansLA.zip

May 112020

this is the only trumpet-guitar duo that i remember hearing.  i’ve been listening to the show bit-by-bit over the last 24 hours, as various things have kept me away from the computer (not necessarily a bad thing), and it’s been growing on me.  they take it from one extreme – just guitar – to the other – just trumpet – and back again, which gives the show a nice balance.  sorry about the setlist; there was none and almost every time i try to identify a song, the title is always at the tip of my tongue…

fabrizio bosso – irio de paula
cortile della rocca dei boiardo
scandiano, italy
august 4 2010

fabrizio bosso tp
irio de paula g

01- (04:05)
02- (06:56)
03- (06:24)
04- (06:51)
05- (06:39)
06- (02:00)
07- (04:37)
08-  mack the knife (05:55)
09- georgia on my mind (06:19)
10- (05:13)
11- (04:14)

aud recording
sony md mz-rh910 hi-sp – atrac -wav-flac 8

sample: track 05.mp3 and t08 mack the knife.mp3
download: FabrizioBosso_IrioDePaula_2010-08-04_ScandianoItaly.zip