Sep 132020

here’s something that i was listening to on thursday.  enjoy!

george gruntz group
dracula club
st. moritz, switzerland
22 july 2011

franco ambrosetti (flugelhorn, announcement)
tobias preisig (violin)
george gruntz (piano, announcements)
herbie kopf (bass)
pius baschnagel (drums)

01 jean tinguely calypso (piano solo) – 4:11
02 george gruntz announcement – 3:40
03 so if love’s a triumph of illusion (piano solo) – 4:37
04 franco’s delight (flugelhorn + piano) – 10:35
05 unknown (piano + violin) – 2:58
06 you don’t know what love is (piano + violin) – 11:08
07 lock-lo-motion (piano, bass + drums) – 8:31
08 all blues – 7:40

tt 53:23

lineage: radio broadcast drs2 (2011-10-14) –> digital cable –> cd-r –> hard disc –> cd wave editor (editing, tracking) –> trader’s little helper (flac 8)

recorded by drs
very good sound quality

sample:  track 04.mp3

Sep 052020

these two shows, only days apart, have only two pieces in common, giving the effect of a 2-hour+ concert (even allowing for the duplicates).  it’s not just the still dreaming album, though much of that does appear (mostly in the first show).  i wonder if anyone made the (5 hour by car) trip to see both shows?  probably.  i realize this is the first concert in some time with no piano, just horns, bass & drums, so if  you’re in the mood for that, i think you’ll enjoy this.

still dreaming
jazz festival
saalfelden, austria
25 aug 2019

joshua redman – ts, ss
ron miles – tp
scott colley – b
dave king – dr

01. blues for charlie (joshua redman) 05:24
02. new year (scott colley) 14:04
03. announcement joshua redman 02:15
04. guinea (don cherry) 11:59
05. walls-bridges (dewey redman) 06:27
06. it’s not the same (joshua redman) 03:10
07. haze and aspirations (scott colley) 10:27
08. bad algorithms (joshua redman) 13:22
09. law years (ornette coleman) 07:27

tt 1:18:40

source: dvb-s > digital devices cine s2 v7a twin tuner > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – oe1]


still dreaming
jazz festival
willisau, switzerland
28 aug 2019

joshua redman – ts
ron miles – tp
scott colley – b
dave king – dr

01. new basic 11:00
02. trouthers (???) 10:43
03. announcement joshua redman 03:28
04. walls – bridges 07:50
05. open or close 10:09
06. announcement joshua redman 00:44
07. haze and aspirations 11:47
08. announcement joshua redman 00:19
09. unanimity 13:46
10. turnaround 08:52

tt 1:14:38

source: dvb-s > digital devices cine s2 v7a twin tuner > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – srf 2]

25-aug t04 guinea.mp3
28-aug t05 open or close.mp3


Aug 292020

it’s not been a great week for music, nothing has seemed right, so friday i pulled out a 6-night run by elvin jones at seattle’s jazz alley.  only made it around 4 hours into it by the end of the day (thanks, conference calls!), and am playing it with breaks until the full 13+ hours runs out.  these are pretty good audience recordings.  anyway, feeling much better now.  also bought a digital download version of will calhoun‘s celebrating elvin jones, “sight unseen” just to round out the week.

elvin jones – drums
antoine roney – tenor & soprano sax
darren barrett – trumpet
eric lewis – piano
steve kirby – bass

elvin jones’ jazz machine
jazz alley
seattle, wa
may 16th, 2000
both sets

antoine roney-ts/ss
darren barrett-tp
eric lewis-piano
steve kirby-bass

cd 1
1 25:04
2 14:36
3 15:47

cd 2
1 30:46
2 20:19
3 19:24

tt 2:05:56

elvin jones’ jazz machine
jazz alley
seattle, wa
may 17th, 2000
both sets

antoine roney-ts/ss
darren barrett-tp
eric lewis-piano
steve kirby-bass

cd 1
1 22:02
2 14:57
3 35:59

cd 2
1 24:34
2 28:47
3 18:47
4 3:53

tt 2:28:58

elvin jones’ jazz machine
jazz alley
seattle, wa
may 18th, 2000
both sets

antoine roney-ts/ss
darren barrett-tp
eric lewis-piano
steve kirby-bass

cd1)set 1 cd1
cd2)set 1 cd2
cd3)set 2

set 1

cd 1
1 25:58
2 37:00

cd 2
3 24:19

set 2

cd 3
1 21:18
2 10:16
3 37:40

tt 2:36:32

elvin jones’ jazz machine
jazz alley
seattle, wa
may 19th, 2000
both sets

antoine roney-ts/ss
darren barrett-tp
eric lewis-piano
steve kirby-bass

cd1) early set part 1
1 27:08
2 11:15
3 12:53

cd2) late set part 1
1 23:39
2 47:48

cd3) part 2’s
1 13:02
2 17:06

tt 2:32:50

elvin jones’ jazz machine
jazz alley
seattle, wa
may 20th, 2000
early set only

antoine roney-ts/ss
darren barrett-tp
eric lewis-piano
steve kirby-bass

1 23:18
2 11:57
3 44:43

tt 1:19:58

elvin jones’ jazz machine
jazz alley
seattle, wa
may 21st, 2000
both sets

antoine roney-ts/ss
darren barrett-tp
eric lewis-piano
steve kirby-bass

last track of 2nd set cuts off…
damaged on the original disk

cd 1
1 18:11
2 10:10
3 24:58

cd 2
1 25:36
2 0:24
3 25:09
4 19:43
5 4:30

tt 2:08:42




image copied from 

Aug 232020

here’s a little something that i was listening to at work last week.

unrelated to that, i’m currently readying young man with a horn by dorothy baker, which i picked up at a surprisingly good bookshop in macroom, co. cork, a couple of weeks ago (‘surprising’ as there weren’t actually very many books; small but very well curated).  i also bought the curry guy veggie, and my wife bought something as well.  anyway, the blurb on the back says ymwah is “widely regarded as the first jazz novel, and it pulses with the music that defined an era”.  i’ll take that on faith, but in any event, i’m enjoying it immensely and do recommend it.  it’s a nice little edition from the nyrb classics; i’ve not seen many of their books before, and will have to look through their catalog.  perhaps they’ll be an alternative to persephone books, whose selections i can definitely recommend as well.

dusko gojkovic quartet
royal garden jazz club
graz, austria
5 november 2010

dusko gojkovic (tp,flh,announcements)
renato chicco (p)
dusan simovic (b)
manfred josel (dr)

01. radio intro (0:42)
02. you’re my everything (10:37)
03. inga (8:09)
04. five o’clock in the morning (8:11)
05. bass blues (9:47)
06. ow! (9:21)
07. lotus blossom (8:05)

sound quality: a

lineage: orf radio broadcast > digital cable > datrec > dat @ 44 khz > cd > hdd (flac 8)

sample: t03 inga.mp3

Aug 142020

what i’ve been listening to yesterday.  it’s nice to have some jazz violin that’s not “gypsy jazz” (which i also am very fond of).  and an excellent recording, like all the other “lerond” recordings i’ve heard.  there’s also a solo performance by jenny scheinman birchmere in alexandria, posted here almost exactly 5 years ago.

lately, i’ve been listening to a few jazz performances from youtube (not great sound specs, but you pays your money and you takes your choice, eh?) of performances that i’d mostly missed at the hugh lane gallery and/or from the improvised music center, both here in dublin.  you might enjoy the recent show at the hugh lane by izumi kimura and cora venus lunny, who i heard last year at an improv festival here.  (that link is to the hugh lane page; the yt page is here.)  it’s funny:  it seems easier to make it to a show at a club than online… life gets in the way more often.

jenny scheinman & allison miller’s parlour game featuring tony scherr & carmen staaf
freight & salvage coffeehouse
berkeley, ca
4 june 2019

jenny scheinman: violin
allison miller: drums
tony scherr: contrabass
carmen staaf: piano

set one

s1t01 – greetings and announcements from tim mcgraw 03:39
s1t02 – play money 07:25
s1t03 – 116th and congress 09:04
s1t04 – band intros 01:15
s1t05 – lead with love 08:22
s1t06 – top shelf 05:16
s1t07 – fake weather 07:04
s1t08 – michigan 08:57
s1t09 – 4b or for b 09:02
s1t10 – miss battle’s cannonball 07:56
s1t11 – i heart eye patch 04:25

set two
s2t01 – greetings and announcements from tim mcgraw 00:56
s2t02 – beans and rice 06:38
s2t03 – song for sidiki 10:03
s2t04 – untitled 04:13
s2t05 – untitled 03:19
s2t06 – untitled 05:40
s2t07 – band intros 04:32
s2t08 – sleep rider 06:27

total: 114:23

this is a 16bit 44.1khz file set
recorded by jean lerond
dpa4023 cardioids in din configuration -> sound devices mixpre-6
audacity was used for tracking and flac8 conversion

sample:  s1t07 fake weather.mp3

Aug 102020

well, i’m on a little vacation, but this time i did a full backup and brought along the main usb drive since we were driving.  how much padding around a usb drive is enough, really?  all good so far, including this show.

omar sosa – joo kraus – gustavo ovalles
bremen, germany
14 sept 2014

omar sosa – piano
joo kraus – trumpet
gustavo ovalles – percussion

01 moforibale (omar sosa)
02 iyawo (omar sosa)
03 days remembered (omar sosa, joo kraus)
04 1993 recaredo (omar sosa)
05 african feeling (omar sosa, joo kraus)
06 alternativo (omar sosa)
07 talking
08 in the south (omar sosa, joo kraus)
09 el commentario (omar sosa)
10 free moment (omar sosa)
11 light in the sky (omar sosa) / space base / furuco groove (omar sosa, joo kraus)
12 muevete en d (intro) (omar sosa) / muevete en d (omar sosa)
13 latin moment (omar sosa, joo kraus)

min 111:54

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact

nordwestradio in concert: pop & jazz

sample: t02 iyawo.mp3

Jul 262020

here’s a charming piano/trumpet duo.  not trying to be fancy, just playing some great jazz really well.  i was a little disappointed not to be able to find out much about berthold brauer, but hopefully he’ll pop up again.  piano jazz is lovely, but there is so much it’s easy to take it for granted.  having a duo like this very refreshing (and who doesn’t love the trumpet?!), and this is in a sweet spot –  something that i can listen to intently or just play during dinner.  an excellent recording.

mathis nicolaus, berthold brauer duo
blue note
dresden, germany
28 nov 2016

mathis nicolaus: piano
berthold brauer: trumpet

brauer-nicolaus duo – set 1
0 intro (0:11)
1 boblicity (6:40)
2 never let me go (7:16)
3 everything happens to me (6:46)
4 reunion (5:03)
5 gloria step (4:46)
6 alright ok you wouldn’t (5:14)

brauer-nicolaus duo – set 2
0 intro (0:29)
1 lush life (5:57)
2 candy (6:08)
3 body & soul (5:45)
4 along came betty (7:42)
5 long ago & far away (7:17)
6 jw over the rainbow (5:10)
7 encore (3:47)

total-time: 1:18:08
complete show

zoom h6 with ext. battery (48/24 wave output, no limiters)>foobar2000>flac(24bit)

record by ricola
seed by lewojazz

sample: s2-t02 candy.mp3

Jul 222020

a couple of shows by melissa aldana, first with aaron diehl in switzerland in 2017 and then leading her quartet in berlin in 2019, each shared by unclewolfi some months after the shows.  i found these to be a bit somber & meditative, and am not sure which of them i prefer.  very different groups – duo with a pianist vs a quartet with a guitarist, and one is covers while the other is mostly originals.  i don’t really have to pick, though, and they also worked quite well together as companion pieces.    melissa aldana has a new cd out recently, btw, with the artwork by cécile mclorin salvant (who only seems to perform with aaron diehl, or is that just the shows that i’ve heard).  one imagines a cozy group of artists having fun working together, sounds nice.  and what might be nice too: a concert by aldana, diehl and salvant?

melissa aldana & aaron diehl
jazz festival
marian’s jazzroom
bern, switzerland
03.may 2017

melissa aldana – ts
aaron diehl – p

01. canadian sunset (heywood) 09:12
02. unrequited (mehldau) 04:55
03. never let me go (livingston) 07:32
04. one for prez (gray) 03:55
05. four in one (monk) 06:00
06. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (rodgers/hart) 07:03
07. room 608 (silver) 04:05


source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – srf 2]

sample: t05 four in one 06-00.mp3

melissa aldana quartet
jazzclub a-trane
berlin, germany
02. nov 2019

melissa aldana – ts
lage lund – g
pablo menares – b
kush abadey – dr

01. visions (melissa aldana) 12:45
02. elsewhere (melissa aldana) 11:25
03. ray ray (lage lund) 12:23
04. acceptance (melissa aldana) 08:17
05. the bluest eye (melissa aldana) 11:25
06. polkadots and moonbeans (bruke/van heusen) 11:52
07. appearances (melissa aldana) 11:29
08. el castillo de velenje (melissa aldana) 05:38


source: dvb-s > digital devices cine s2 v7a twin tuner > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps) [radio station – sr2]

sample: t05 the bluest eye 11-25.mp3

Jul 202020

although this was shared on dime back in feb 2019, it looks as if les légendes du jazz on france musique has aired it again just last month,  describing it as a double tribute to shelly manne on the centenary of his birth and to lee konitz who died from coronavirus on april 15.  not much more that i can add to that.

shelly manne quartet
la maison pour tous
elancourt, france
november 11, 1977

shelly manne (drums)
lee konitz (alto sax) enters in track 3
mike wofford (piano)
chuck domanico (bass)

01 softly, as in a morning sunrise (sigmund romberg, oscar hammerstein ii) 12:27 >
02 body and soul (johnny green) 6:38
03 what is this thing called love? (cole porter) 8:41 >
04 lover man (jimmy davis, ram ramirez, james sherman) 8:05 >
05 solar (miles davis) 8:18 >
06 take the coltrane (duke ellington) 4:08
07 stella by starlight (victor young, ned washington) 5:39
08 dearly beloved (jerome kern, johnny mercer) 11:25 >
09 all blues (miles davis) 11:10
10 what’s new ? (bob haggart, johnny burke) 8:57 >
11 take the coltrane (duke ellington) 4:54
12 yesterdays (jerome kern, otto harbach) 10:10


fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcasts : les légendes du jazz, france musique, january 26 & february 3, 2019

sample: t03 what is this thing called love.mp3

Jul 182020

this is perhaps the sort of thing that i generally prefer live, ideally in a small venue, but this audience recording worked very well for me and feels like it captured the show quite faithfully.

sean conly trio
brooklyn, ny
may 19 , 2018

sean conly – bass & composition
michaël attias – alto saxophone
tomas fujiwara – drums

1 ut
2 ut
3 ut

tt 44:29

aud zoom h2n – soundforge – flac

sample: Sean Conly Trio 2018-05-19 Ibeam, Brooklyn NY t1
download: Download

image is from sean conly’s website and is no doubt copyrighted by sean conly.