Oct 302016

gonzalo-bergara-2012-10-16-arcata-playhouse-front-coverwell, it’s been a busy month. what better to finish up with than a bit of gypsy jazz?

theblackmarkettrust.com (jeffrey radaich & brian netzley & others)

gonzalo bergara quartet
arcata playhouse
arcata, ca
15 october 2012
(second set)

gonzalo bergara, lead guitar
jeffrey radaich, rhythm guitar
leah zeger, violin & vocals
brian netzley, upright bass

1 ? 7:42
2 insulto 5:33
3 it had to be you 6:14
4 ? 6:44
5 nightmare #2 10:26
6 belleville 5:35
7 band intros 4:53
8 elena’s bossa 8:47
9 ? 8:01

tt: 1:03:54

source: tascam dr-03 internal mics (stereo/wave/24/48,000) > audacity (flac8/16bit)

sample: t06 belleville.mp3
download: GonzaloBergara_2012-10-16_ArcataPlayhouse_ArcataCA.zip

covers by pete.  photo of scattered playing pieces after a baduk (go) competition in suwon, korea, oct-2016.

Oct 272016

jan-lundgren-trio-2014-06-16-paris-front-cover2this hit the spot yesterday after a number of shows that didn’t go with my mood at all.  nice when things finally matchup.

jan lundgren trio
duc des lombards, early set
paris, france
16 june 2014

jan lundgren piano
mattias svensson bass
zoltan csörsz drums

01- the poet
02- ut
03- parfait amour
04- transcendence
05- lush life (fades in)
06- ut
07- ut
08- ut
09- ut
10- i’ll remember april

tt 1:15:49

source : tsf fm / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample:  t02.mp3
download: Download

Oct 242016

i’ve enabled registration for the site, as an experiment.  if it gets clogged with spammers, i’ll just turn it off again.

you can register below to the right, where it says “register” in the ‘meta’ section.  or here: link

also, as mentioned earlier, i’ve added an rss feed.  actually, i see one in the ‘meta’ section also, but haven’t tried that link yet.  so you can give it a try, or use the feedburner rss feed, on the right sidebar under ‘follow cipjazz’rss-05


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Oct 222016

sheila-jordan-fritz-pauer-trio-1996-12-10-porgy-bess-front-coverwell, i liked that last one so much, i looked & found [part of] a 1968 concert by betty carter with the fritz pauer trio and this one, shiela jordan & the fritz pauer trio.  can you have too much of a good thing?  i think not in this case.  not sure if i’ll get to the betty carter show… only 3 songs, and i feel as if two uploads in a row is enough for the moment.  enjoy!

sheila jordan & fritz pauer trio
porgy & bess
wien = vienna (austria)
10 december 1996

fritz pauer (p,ann), johannes strasser (b), christian salfellner (dr), sheila jordan (voc,ann)

01. sj ann – 0:47
02. buffalo wings – 8:12
03. the best thing for me is me – 5:58
04. i’m a fool to want you – 5:26
05. where you at – 8:35
06. fp ann – 0:27
07. tricycle (p,b,dr only) – 14:02
08. all or nothing at all – 5:38

lineage: sbd (dat @ 48 khz) > cd > nero (flac 8) > hd

sound: a

this was the first set on that evening. unfortunately, the recordings of the second set are lost.

sample: t03 the best thing for me is me.mp3
download: SheilaJordan_FritzPauerTrio_1996-12-10_PorgyBess_Vienna_Austria.zip

Oct 222016

fritz-pauer-trio-2009-06-20-linz-front-coverhere’s a lovely gem.  i had it mislabelled as just fritz pauer, so when carole alston started singing, it was a quite the pleasant surprise.  this one might have to get on the thumbdrive for my car…


carole alston & the fritz pauer trio
jazzclub “cheese”
linz, austria
20 june 2009

fritz pauer (p,ann), johannes strasser (b), joris dudli (dr), carole alston (voc tracks 7 > 15,ann)

01. easy to love – 8:24
02. survival – 8:12
03. it’s you whom i adore – 8:40
04. cherokee sketches – 8:41
05. there will never be another you – 5:17
06. duke ellington medley – 11:10
07. nobody knows when you’e up and down – 3:26
08. a tisket, a tasket – 3:56
09. god bless the child – 7:03
10. mississippi goddam – 5:40
11. my baby just cares for me – 5:32
12. history repeating – 4:34
13. somewhere – 4:49
14. sister sadie – 7:41
15. caravan (encore) – 9:51

lineage: ö1 radio broadcast > analog cable > dat > cd > hdd > audacity (edits, fades, flac)

sound quality: a

– fritz pauer trio: t02 survival.mp3
– carole alston & fritz pauer trio: t10 mississippi goddam.mp3
download:  CaroleAlston_FritzPauerTrio_2009-06-20_LinzAustria.zip

Oct 192016

betty-carter-1993-10-22-cologne-front-coverthis is the combination of two seeds on dime back in 2010, combined to give what i think is the full show from 1993.  details are in the info file.  about the quality of betty carter, nothing need be said, and her backup is a pretty good lineup too!  it’s all fm-sourced, so the sound is excellent.  so just goodness all around, eh?  this is about my favorite of the betty carter concerts that i’ve heard.

the cd cover pic is based on a screencapture from a video online.

betty carter
cologne, germany
22 october 1993

betty carter (voc)
geri allen (p)
dave holland (b)
jack dejohnette (dr)

cd 1
1 feed the fire 12:26
2 sometimes i’m happy 5:46
3 fake 3:45
4 stardust 9:18
5 sing me to sleep 5:48
(lullabye of the leaves)
tt 37:01

cd 2
1 i’m all smiles 6:29
2 all or nothing at all 8:52
3 long ago and far away 14:09
4 day dream 12:23
5 b’s blues 19:29
6 giant steps 14:18
tt 1:14:40

cd 3 *
1 the oracle 19:57
2 don´t explain 7:09
3 love notes 7:18
* betty carter voc – only on track 3
tt 34:25

total time 2:26:06

d1 & d2:
fm (analog cable) >telefunken ht 870 tuner >telefunken ha 870 amplifier >denon dr-m 24hx tape
deck w/ dolby c hxpro >sony ux-s cassette >terratec dmxfire 1024 soundcard>wavelab lite >harddisk
>cdr >.wav >flac level 8

fm (dlf deutschlandfunk) > dat > r09 > magix xxl 2008 > flac > dime

sample: d1t02 sometimes i’m happy.mp3
download: BettyCarter_1993-10-22_Stadtgarten_CologneGermany.zip

Oct 182016

just to point ya to a great blog posting over at dr. fusion.  do not miss this


this is a nice long show.  but for me, actually, this seemed incredibly long.  i’d mp3’ed it for my car and accidentally queued up both the flacs and the mp3s on my computer.  after a number of deja vu moments, i finally realized that it was more than just a sense that i’d heard something before.  (i was a bit distracted, obviously….)

good choice for such a slipup!

and while you’re over at doc fusion’s…



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Oct 132016

t_monkquartet_tivolis_koncertsal_co_frontonlylistening to a bit of thelonious monk, i realized that i’d never posted a show of his here.  so high time that i did.  i was going to post 4 shows from march 1963, but then was listening to this one while i looked at them…  this was pitch fixed by ‘goody’, and it sounds very nice.

the covers came from rem2rigs who provided links to his .jpg files on photobucket here and here, when peterw seeded this on dime back in 2008.

thelonious monk quartet
tivolis koncertsal
copenhagen, denmark
21 february 1964

thelonious monk, piano
charlie rouse, tenor sax
butch warren, bass
ben riley, drums

first set
1. i’m getting sentimental over you (cut) 5:55
2. bright mississippi 7:59
3. epistrophy (cut) 2:48
4. stuffy turkey 10:13
5. evidence 9:44 #
6. drum solo 0:54
7. misterioso 9:35
tt 47:10
# (“pitch problems” doesn’t begin to describe what’s going on here… goody)

second set
1. epistrophy 4:24
2. blue monk 9:00
3. brake’s sake 8:49
4. ruby, my dear 8:58
5. misterioso 6:14
6. don’t blame me (cut) 2:54
tt 40:21

total time: 1:27:31

source (both sets):
fm broadcast > cassette > cdr > dbpoweramp music converter (r13) > goody: nero wave editor > tlh

pitch correction notes, set 1
pitch of 1-3 were approx. 78 cents flat. track 4-7 were approx. 102 cents sharp. 5 had/has extreme
pitch fluctuations/flutter, and this was a compromise solution just to get it sort of in tune.
corrected to the best of my ability. the piano is also not completely in tune with itself, further
complicating things…
fixed and flaced – goody – 2008-10-12

pitch correction notes, set 2
pitch of track 1 was approx. 1 semitone sharp. pitch of tracks 2-6 were approx. 38 cents sharp.
fixed and flaced. goody – 10-12-08

monkbook ( http://www.monkbook.com/sessionography/sessionography-1963-1965/ ) shows this as having been
at the odd fellow palæet, copenhagen

other notes from original info file
*thanks to carl-bernhard kjelstrup aka “red” or “cakjels” for this wonderful show.
*this reseed is upgraded sets and “pitch corrected edition” by goody. many thanks to him!

*thanks, peter, for all you’ve shared.
thanks, red! it’s an honor to upgrade your legacy! the beauty is in the music, although the quality
of the recordings have suffered over the years. we make do, though.
and i owe so much to thelonious. this barely scratches the surface. thanks for leaving this behind.

sample: s2 t02 bright mississippi.mp3
download: TheloniousMonk_1964-02-21_Tivoli_Copenhagen.zip

Oct 092016

fronthere’s a quickie, just somethink that i was listening today while doing not much of anything…  the covers were in the original download by lewojazz on dime.  needless to say, the impossible gentlemen for some fairly obvious reason always makes me think of the league of gentlemen.  maybe the league of impossible gentlemen?  anyone pay money to see the film-of-the-concert for that?


the impossible gentlemen
old customs house hall
tampere, finland
6 nov 2011

gwilym simcock – piano
mike walker – guitar
steve rodby – bass
adam nussbaum – drums

1 – 9:50
2 – 11:13
3 – 14:30
4 – 8:23
5 – 10:54

total time: 54:50


broadcast: rtve.es – rne radio clasica
date: 2012-11-14

dvb-s > digital satellitereceiver humax pvr8000 > mp2
mpeg 1.0 layer-2; 48,000 hz stereo; 256 kbps
mp3directcut 2.08 > mp2

recorded and edited by lewojazz

sample: t4 unknown.mp3
download: Download