Jun 262022

superband is totally the word here.  not much more to be said about that!  the venue, on the other hand, is a bit mysterious.  as far as i can tell, the riverview supper club closed in 2000 and the site is now condos.  and yet, the occasional later reference on the internet,  like this tim warfield setlist from 2016 or this caitlin robertson setlist from 2019.  (i’m not familiar with those musicians, btw.)  the cover is an old photo of the original riverview supper club (1980-2000), and details of its namesake are no doubt out there somewhere.  ps, the cover is not in the zip file; click on the image if you want it.

mack avenue superband
riverview supper club
minneapolis, mn
february 11, 2016 (late set)

gary burton – vibes (the url wasn’t working when i checked it)
sean jones – trumpet, flugelhorn
tia fuller – alto saxophone
christian sands – piano
carl allen – drums
christian mcbride – bass

1. intro
2. preach hank (kirk whalum)
3. sean jones intros band
4. sudden impact (freddie hendrix)
5. christian mcbride intros
6. paint brushes(christian mcbride)
7. gary burton intros song
8. uncle james (christian mcbride)
9. christian sands intros song
10. up (christian sands)
11. tia fuller intros song
12. test of time (makoto ozone)
13. e:

tt 1:35:00

source: schoeps mk5’s (cardioid position/ortf pattern) > nbox active cables > nbox > edirol r-05 @ 24/48.

transfer: sandisk 16gb sdhc card > dell pc > 24bit wav > sony sound forge 9.0e > cdwave editor > trader’s little helper > flac16.

recorded and transferred by perks.

sample: t04 sudden impact 256k.mp3
download: MackAvenueSuperband_2016-02-11_MinneapolisMN.zip

image:  a modified copy of a picture of the riverview supper club “Riverview1985MHSweb.jpg”, from the twincitiesmusichighlights.net site.

Jun 182022

what a lineup!  b.sax, t.sax and organ!  i have no memory of this from when i downloaded it in march 2020, and you’d think that i would!  but then again that was a busy time, cancelling flights, learning to wear masks, and so forth.  anyway, glad this has been dredged up from the archive!

gary smulyan & ralph lalama organ quartet
duc des lombards
paris, france
march 9 2020

gary smulyan – baritone saxophone
ralph lalama – tenor saxophone
fred nardin – organ
bernd reiter – drums

01 hey luck, pt 1    ( 5:15)
02 hey luck, pt 2    ( 9:41)
03 lalama announcement    ( 0:19)
04 antigua (beginning cut)    (12:57)
05 title/smulyan announcement    (12:09)
06 an oscar for oscar (beginning cut)    (13:51)
07 lalama announcement    ( 0:17)
08 lover man/smulyan announcement    ( 6:34)
09 fifty six    (10:30)

71 minutes

tsf (fm) / pioneer f91 / edirol rh-09r / audacity / xact / flac

track names per comments on the dime tracker by jazzbike2.

sample: t05 unknown title 256k.mp3
download: GarySmulyan_RalphLalamaOrgan4tet_2020-03-09_ParisFrance.zip

photo: gary smulyan & ralph lalama at professor java’s, colonie, ny, in jan 2011. photo by rudy lu, downloaded from albanyjazz.com. used without permission.

Jun 132022

this is very slow, maybe even wistful (ok, track 4 is definitely wistful).  kinda busy at the moment, but i really enjoyed listening to this show so here it is.

artists: ralph towner & paolo fresu
date: 2016-05-09
event: fiharmonia
venue: ck jazovia
localization: gliwice, poland

ralph towner: classic guitar
paolo fresu: trumpet & flugelhorn

01. annoucement
02. punta giara
03. tuning
04. wistful thinking
05. introduction & tuning
06. doubled up
07. tuning
08. as she sleeps
09. tammurriata
10. blue in green
11. introduction & tuning
12. zephyr
13. i fall in love to easily
14. tuning & introduction
15. chiaroscuro
16. introduction & tuning
17. the sacred place
18. summer’s end

tt: 84 min. 15 sec

taped, mastered, tracked, tagged by fekete.
have a nice listening 🙂

lineage: zoom h2 > 24/48 sd card > hdd > magix audio & music lab > flac16 > dime
some time ago one dimer posted this show from mp3 source, this one is from my original master. thanks to waterwheel for identify two songs.

sample: t10 blue in green 256k.mp3
download: RalphTowner_PaoloFresu_2016-05-09_GliwicePoland.zip

photo:  from the 2016 archive section of the filharmonia website, photo credited to michal buksa.  used without permission.

Jun 052022

this might be a nice companion piece for this 1967 krzysztof komeda show with a much younger tomasz stanko.  nice to see things going around like that.  not anything that i’ve seen before since i don’t watch polanskiy’s films.  nice line up, too!  looking for this on the web, i did run across a jazz(ish) blog i’ve not seen before, musica degradata, who shared the show back in 2013 (dead link now).

tomasz stanko quartet plus gianluigi trovesi
“litania: krzysztof komeda’s music for roman polanski’s films”
parmajazz frontiere
parma, italy
7 dec 2003

tomasz stanko, trumpet
marcin wasilewski, piano
slawomir kuriliewicz, double bass
michal miskiewkz, drums
guest: gianluigi trovesi, alto sax & clarinets

1 – announcement    (0:25)
2 – litania    (5:43)
3 – svantetic    (12:07)
4 – ballada    (10:00)
5 – sleep, safe and warm    ( 7:15)
6 – night-time, daytime requiem ballad for brent   (18:58)

tt 54:28

quality a

source: radio3 fm
radio3 broad. philips cdr 770 – then wav – flac

parmajazz borders festival 2003
from 5 to 7 december 2003

sample: t03 svantetic 256k.mp3
download: TomaszStanko_GianluigiTrovesi_2003-12-07_ParmaItaly.zip

photo: from the parma frontiere website, unchanged.  used without permission.