Apr 242018

here’s one from 8 years ago, or so…  i found this very listenable earlier today, while working, and again (& more attentively) putting this posting together.


gina schwarz sextet
vienna, austria
13 september 2013

gina schwarz (bass, announcements)
robert bachner (trombone)
andy middleton (soprano & tenor saxophones)
benjamin schatz (piano)
heimo trixner (guitar)
harry tanschek (drums)

first set:

01: ramsampal – 8:16
02: brush hour – 7:33
03: for c & c – 8:16
04: venezia – 8:35
05: there is one place – 7:29

second set:

06: hexagon – 9:24
07: morpheus – 7:55
08: caballitos – 5:11
09: free – 6:46
10: jazzista – 7:24
11: caps and rags (encore) – 6:58

tt 1:23:49

recorded by orf
lineage: ö 1 radio broadcast (analog cable) –> cd –> hard disc –> audacity –> tlh

very good sound quality


sample: t06 hexagon.mp3
download:  GinaSchwarz_2013-09-13_RadioCafe_ViennaAustria.zip

covers by pete.

Apr 202018

as the man says in track 2, “we’re gonna make it funky right now”.  this is one of the phenomenal swissbird & simplexsimplicissimus releases from estival jazz.  collect ’em all, people.


maceo parker and the roots revisited
estival jazz
piazza della riforma
lugano, switzerland
1 july 1993

maceo parker – alto saxophone
alfred “pee wee” ellis – tenor saxophone
fred wesley – trombone
bruno speight – guitar
william boulware – keyboards
carl dashiell – bass
melvin parker – drums

disc 1 :
1. for the elders 12:02
2. shake everything you`ve got 17:51
3. addictive love 7:56
4. gimme some more 17:06


disc 2 :
1. let`s get it on / sexual healing 9:51
2. cold sweat 9:34
3. chicken soup 4:55
4. doin` it to death 2:52
5. funky good times 7:29
6. make it funky 4:45
7. pass the peas 2:17
8. soul power 7:22


tt 1:44:07

soundboard > dat > 1st copy > eac > wave > flac frontend
(align on sector boundaries level 8) >
torrent on http://bt.easytree.org (as shn version)
reseed in 2004 on www.dimeadozen.org (as flac version, see lineage)

seeder’s comments:
the one or another may have this great bootleg
as fm source , but believe me , this soundboard version
is much better and no radio moderation disturbs.

not only for jazz fans , very funky !!!

naughtyknight (a.k.a. simplex) & the swissbird` first release

sample: d2t02_cold sweat.mp3
download:  MaceoParker_1993-07-01_EstivalJazz_LuganoSwitzerland.zip

covers included in the original download, presumably by swissbird & simplexsimplicissimus, but i don’t know for sure.

Apr 122018

unlike ‘bpthree’, our otherwise unknown taper, i went to d.c. space a lot.  in retrospect, it wasn’t perhaps the “best” venue, but boy did it have great shows… which is really what it’s all about.


sam rivers & dave holland
d.c. space
washington, dc
24 june 1978 (two shows)

sam rivers – sax, flute & piano
dave holland – stand-up bass

disc one (time: 58:09m)(first show; 9pm):
01. improvisation # 1 (tape flip)
02. improvisation # 1 (part two)

disc two (time: 61:45m)(second show; 11pm):
01. improvisation # 2 (tape flip)
02. improvisation # 2 (part two)
03. audience

tt 119:54 minutes

taper: bpthree
taping gear: sony tc-1100t with sony ecm-16 condenser microphone
lineage: maxell ud master cassettes> teac a-550rx cassette playback> tascam cdrw-700> trade cd-r> (wav) eac (secure mode)> (flac) trader’s little helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
quality: vg+ (please read my notes)

taper’s comments
this was the only time i went to “d.c. space”, which was essentially a row home.
they had a restaurant or bar downstairs, and the upstairs was used for the
performances. none of the instruments were mic’d, so it was like you were sitting
in your living room, and the guys came in to play for you. they did have a p.a. for
announcements, and that was it. while the sound was good, you also unfortunately
pick up other noises that would have been drowned out if the instruments had been
amplified. this includes my camera shutter, and some odd noise, especially on the
second show, that sounds like a minor loose connection, or something rubbing against the
mic. it’s not horrible by any means, but it is noticeable. i seem to remember there was
little or no seating, and my friend paul and i sat on the floor in front of sam & dave
(no relation to the great soul band!).

this was the last time i saw sam rivers, but i’m glad to hear he’s still going strong today.
like my posting of sam’s show at “the cellar door” from 1977 (torrent # 281440), this
one is “free form”, “avant garde”, or whatever you want to call it. i assume these
performances were just improvisations made up on the spot. dave holland also played
his bass with a bow, so if you hear sections that sound like a cello, that’s why. enjoy!


sample: t02.mp3
download: Sam Rivers_DaveHolland_1978-06-24_dc_space_WashingtonDC.zip

cover by pete, using a modified photo (photo page is here) from the d.c. space photo gallery website.  used without permission.

Apr 052018

someone uploaded a charles lloyd show to dime the other day, which i listened to.  and then to another that i had.  and a couple more.  binge listening… it’s a thing.  this was uploaded to dime by maurizio in december 2011.  enjoy.

charles lloyd quartet
juan-les-pins jazz festival
antibes, france
23 july 1966
(flambay pitch fixed / 1966 fm broadcasts)

charles lloyd (ts, fl)
keith jarrett (p)
cecil mcbee(b)
jack dejohnette (d)

1 intro 00:47
2 autumn sequence 09:46
– prelude
– leaves
– echo
3 forest flowers 18:40
4 love ship 05:49
5 manhattan tripper 07:58
6 island blues 05:19

tt 44:23

source: flac files directly from web > audacity (3-4 small noises in
forest flower and love ship) > tlh (sbe -flac 8) > dime
thanks to flambay for the pitch correction
quality a+
uploaded by u014945 december 01 2011

this is a simplified info file.

contrast clauses:
this version was uploaded to dime (torrent #384082) by maurizio (u014945) in december 2011.
(a) a version was uploaded to dime (torrent #286855) by michaelmee, which did not have track 5 “manhattan tripper”.
(b) in april 2016, unclewolfi uploaded (torrent #559292) a new digital recording, also without “manhattan tripper”.
that torrent also had 5 tracks from performances 25-26 oct 1966 in cologne germany.

sample:  t05 Manhattan Tripper.mp3
download:  CharlesLloyd4tet_1966-07-23_Juan-les-Pins_France.zip

cover by pete.  have i used this photo before?