Jan 202017

i gave a good few listens to this live performance of kate westbrook’s “good-bye peter lorre” last year, but didn’t get around to uploading it here.  then the sunday observer review of mike westbrook’s new album, which reminded me of it again.  if you like kurt weill, bertold brecht, etc, you might find this right up your alley.  and check out the other work by kate westbrook, on her website.


kate westbrook
‘good-bye peter lorre’
festival der stimmen
bremen, germany
16 may 1992

kate westbrook : voice
mike westbrook : piano
john alley : piano

01 intro (1:47)
02 prologue: chanson populaire (jean-luc lagarce, kate westbrook, mike westbrook) (4:45) *
03 the show goes on (kate westbrook, mike westbrook) (8:24)
04 the sailor’s tango (bertolt brecht/kurt weill) (6:51)
05 goodbye peter lorre-if brecht could see me now (kate westbrook, karl sigman, tadd dameron) (6:02)
06 hollywood elegies (bertolt brecht/hanns eisler): (9:10)
-unter den grunen pfefferbaumen
-die stadt
-jeden morgen
-diese stadt
-in den hugeln
-the rat man
-i saw many friends
-uber die vier stadte
07 kate westbrook, intro (0:24)
08 casablanca (jean-luc lagarce, kate westbrook, mike westbrook) (5:46)
09 as time goes by (herman hupfield) (4:34)
10 love for sale (cole porter) (5:39)
11 surabaya johnny (bertolt brecht/kurt weill) (6:00)
12 traurig, aber falsch (bernhard lassahn, kate westbrook, mike westbrook) (8:45)
13 titanic song (4:47)
14 the show goes on (reprise) (mike westbrook) (4:23)
15 epilogue: toute seule (jean-luc lagarce, kate westbrook, mike westbrook) (2:18)
16 applause, outro (1:38)

tt 1:21:12

source: fm
lineage: cassette tape (trade)> wav > flac (level 8)
quality: a- (some hiss)
tools: soundforge, trader’s little helper
out of the shadow > 2016

* track 2, “prologue: chanson populaire”, was corrupted (“file is truncated or otherwise corrupt”). it
has been converted to wav using ffmpeg, and then re-encoded into flac (level 8 like the other files) using
tlh. that i can tell, the restoration has been successful.
the original flac file is included here, named “02 prologue chanson populaire.flac.originalfile”
ffmpeg command: ffmpeg -y -i “02 prologue chanson populaire.flac” “02 prologue chanson populaire v02.wav”
comments from original info file:

kate westbrook’s album ‘good-bye peter lorre’ (1991) has at its heart the bertold brecht / hanns
eisler ‘hollywood elegies’.

visiting hollywood in 1941, brecht was dismayed to find his friend peter lorre (once regarded in
germany as the greatest actor of his generation) corrupted by ‘tinsel town’ and lost to art.
brecht poured his scorn and his regret into a sequence of short poems, ‘hollywood elegies’,
brilliantly set to music by hanns eisler.

the artist’s moral dilemma, as exemplified in the split between brecht and lorre, is kate’s
starting point in assembling this collection of songs. she draws on popular standards, on brecht /
weill, cole porter, and on original theatre songs, as she explores themes of betrayal and of
‘selling out’ in politics, love and art.

‘good-bye peter lorre’, with its broad sweep of emotions, takes place within the framework of the
‘silver screen’. kate, as the chanteuse, takes us on the artist’s journey – whatever her inner
conflicts and whatever is happening in the world, the chanteuse must go on stage and face the public.
the show goes on.

sample: t05 good bye peter lorre.mp3
download: KateWestbrook_1992-05-16_GoodbyePeterLorre_BremenGermany.zip

Jan 152017

i recently bought the 4-cd set young anita, which was a very good idea indeed, but despite that, still put this on this morning.  not a very long set, but anita’s in surprising good form (see taper’s notes below) and it’s a very warm performance.  an added bonus (for me, anyway) is tete montoliu on piano!

the cd cover uses a screenshot from a 10-minute video of the performance.

anita o’day
antibes jazz festival
antibes, france
july 1966

anita o’day, vocals
tete montoliu, piano
erik peter, bass
john poole, drums

1. intro (excerpt from ‘jordu’) (1:13)
2. let’s fall in love (4:05)
3. fly me to the moon (4:35)
4. s’wonderful (2:21)
5. they can’t that away from me (1:21)
6. banter (1:07)
7. tea for two (4:51)
8. outro (0:33)

tt: 20:05

source: fm > goldwave (volume boost, compression > dither to 16b) > media monkey (flac transfer l8)

tapers notes:
anita o’day does a short, 20 min set at the antibes jazz festival, coinciding with the release
of bert stern’s film, “jazz on a summer day.” 1966 was disasterous for her image, found
unconscious in a los angeles office building with a hypodermic needle dangling from her arm.

“three-quarters of the time, i was higher than a kite,” she noted in her memoir, “high times hard

after listening to this bootleg, i wanted to go get some heroin, and see if it would improve my singing.

tapers trade list: http://db.etree.org/mylibbydog

sample:  t07 tea for two.mp3
download: AnitaODay_1966-07-xx_AntibesJazzFestival_Juan-les-PinsFR.zip

Jan 142017

here’s toots thielemans’ european quartet live in oosterhout.  this was actually just posted on dime by “dutch_master” earlier this year (and it’s only 14 jan), but after a couple of listens i thought it should be one of few shows that get up here almost immediately.  a great recording by the late “old dutch master”!

the cover uses screenshots from youtube, and is a riff on the cover of the european quartet live cd (which has material from concerts in 2006, ’07 and ’08).

jean toots thielemans
de bussel
oosterhout, netherlands
10 oct 2004

line up (partially announced after three views):
jean toots thielemans (guitar, harmonica)
karel boehlee (piano)
hein van de geyn (bass)
hans van oosterhout (drums)

set 1
01 green dolphin street (bronislaw kaper)
02 autumn leaves (joseph kosma)
03 footprints (wayne shorter)
04 i do it for your love (paul simon)
05 the dolphin (luiz eça)
06 one note samba (antonio carlos jobim)
07 somewhere over the rainbow (harold arlen)
08 waltz for sonny (toots thielemans)

set 2
01 dat mistige rooie beest/that misty red beast (rogier van otterloo)
02 turks fruit/turkish delight (rogier van otterloo)
03 circle of smiles [theme from baantjer] (jurre haanstra)
04 midnight cowboy (john barry)
05 three views of a secret (jaco pastorius)
06 sophisticated lady (duke ellington)
07 bluesette (toots thielemans)
08 bluesette, continued
09 what a wonderful world (bob thiele)

equipment: core sound binaural microphones + sony d8 dat
recording: old dutch master // editing: reel records
the sound is good.
old dutch masters archives series # 43

info file updated with setlist per dime tracker webpage. setlist provided by jazzbike2 and justplainhip and brikmop.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
old dutch masters archives series:
the odm-archives series consists of recordings the odm made over the years.
he sadly passed awy on 17 april 2016. many of these recordings were just waiting
on a harddisk as he was depending on friends to prepare these for upload.
the man was just too busy working and visiting concerts.

sample: d2t01 dat mistige rooie beest.mp3
download: TootsTielemans_2004-10-10_DeBussel_OosterhoutNetherlands.zip

Jan 072017

some very nice old concerts being rebroadcast by the ‘les légendes du jazz’ show on france musique, every saturday night at 18:00 cet, with rebroadcasts a few hours later.  previous shows are available on that webpage as podcasts.  as far as i can tell, their stream and podcasts are both 128kbps mp3 (if you’re in france, maybe the radio broadcasts might be higher quality, i don’t know…).  the shows all clock in at just under an hour, so they’ve got to have cut up the shows somewhat, but it’s still a killer selection and fabulous recordings.

so anyway, listen to these online or, if you’re so inclined, try to download with something like jdownloader2.




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Jan 072017

there’s been a slow but steady, and always good, trickle of chris potter shows on dime.  this was the first show of his that i downloaded, back in april 2008 when ‘colors’ shared it there. april 2008!  that seems so long ago now.  anyway, i just downloaded a couple of chris potter shows from last summer, and thought it might be a good time for a mini ‘chris potter fest’ around the house this weekend, starting with this one while i get the upload ready… which it now is.


chris potter
köln, germany
29 april 2001

chris potter – tenor sax, soprano sax
kevin hays – piano
scott colley – bass
brian blade – drums

01 the mind’s eye 13:14
02 high noon 15:10
03 the source 13:38
04 the visitor 15:04
05 eurydice > pelog 22:32
06 sun king 14:11

total time 1:33:48

source: fm
the first few tunes have minor skips from the
taping source–they skip about .5 seconds at a time

sample: t01 the mind’s eye.mp3
download: ChrisPotter_2001-04-29_CologneGermany.zip

Jan 042017

here’s another show by one of my favorite new york (or perhaps new jersey, see below) italian jazzmen, frank vignola.  mostly i’ve heard shows with only frank vignola & vinny raniolo – and you don’t want to miss one of those! – but here we have that great duo rounded out to a full quintet.

the cover uses a modified photo from albanyjazz.com – i hope they don’t mind

gary mazzaroppi

and looking up those links, i found this site, featuring al caiola, bucky pizzarelli, lou pallo and frank vignola, along with gary mazzaroppi. might just be worth a closer look…


frank vignola quintet
the egg
albany, ny
6 february 2010
100th birthday django reinhardt tribute tour

frank vignola, guitar
vinny raniolo, guitar
gary mazzaroppi, bass
julien labro, accordion
zach brock, violin

set 1
01. stardust 3:27
02. i’m getting sentimental over you 6:07
03. belleville 6:00
04. gypsy mania 6:58
05. introductions 2:57
06. nuages 4:23
07. how high the moon 4:52
08. diminishing blackness 5:42
09. tears > 4:18
10. rhythm futur 4:58

tt: 49:41

set 2
11. la vie en rose 4:14
12. begin the beguine 6:33
13. scheherazade > 4:28
14. flight of the bumblebee 1:50
15. p.s. i love you 1:49
16. atonal medley 1:19
17. limehouse blues 5:12
18. killing me softly with his song 3:55
19. troubland bolero 8:52
20. django tune 8:26
21. django tune 2:11
22. django 5:20

tt: 54:08

total time: 1:43:51

lineage: core sound mics > sony d8 > dat master > cd > flac
nice audience recording, 5th row dead center. enjoy.

on track 1, the crackling at the start is not
a digital flaw; it’s me opening a cellophane candy package.

sample: t13 scheherazade > t14 flight of the bumblebee.mp3
download: FrankVignola_2010-02-06_The Egg_AlbanyNY.zip