Feb 232021

another concert featuring the organ, from the great rhoda scott and la velle.  i’m not familiar with la velle, perhaps because she spent most of her life in france (thanks, internet!), but she’s well matched with rhoda scott, and it’s a super show — really sounds as if they were having a lot of fun, and i’m quite sure the audience were.

rhoda scott – la velle – lucien dobat « soul sisters »
duc des lombards
paris, france
25 june 2010

rhoda scott,or,voc
la velle (lavelle mckinnie duggan),voc,p
lucien dobat,dr

1 – title – 9:57
2 – all blues – 8:01
3 – rebellion – 6:15
4 – summertime – 6:03
5 – it don’t mean a thing – 9:39
6 – lord, i want to be a christian in my heart – 12:40
7 – moanin’ – 6:16
8 – everybody needs somebody to love – 6:26
9 – kix on route 66 – 9:12
10 – do nothing till you hear from me (fade-out) – 6:36

total time: 81:11

broadcast: francemusique
date: 2010-06-25

source: dvb-s > skystar usb 2 hd > mp2
mpeg 1.0 layer-2; 48,000 hz stereo; 256 kbps
tracked with wavelab > flac

special thanks to jazzrita for the flac´s !

recorded by lewojazz
edited by jazzrita

sample: t06 lord, i want to be a christian in my heart.mp3
download: RhodaScott_LaVelle_LucienDobat_2010-06-25_DucLombards_Paris.zip

Feb 212021

i’ve been listening to a lot of organ jazz lately (as i mentioned?) and dredging through the back catalogue of shows that haven’t been listened to in a while for more of the same.  this was something i recorded off the air over 13 years ago, from rté’s sadly discontinued show the third wave, back when there was still such a thing as a pcmcia cardbus.  an unwieldly little monster, but it recorded fm & broadcast tv very nicely, you just needed to be sure not to touch the computer during the recording or there’d be drop-outs.  anyway, it’s a good thing that the recording came out well, as it’s a fine (if somewhat short) show from “dr. music”.

doug riley b-3 quartet
maison de la culture frontenac
montréal, quebec, canada
19 oct 2006

doug riley – hammond b-3
chris mitchell – alto & tenor sax   [alt. link]
ted quinlan – guitar
ben riley – drums

01 “the third wave” intro (mostly about a contest) (1:47) [you probably want to delete this track]
02 intro to live feature (1:00)
03 hookup (mike stern) (9:59)
04 windows(chick corea) (8:42)
05 unknown (11:39)
06 nothing personal * (12:06)
07 “the third wave” outro [incomplete] (0:21)

* slight drop at around 3:01 where the song was split between files and i rejoined it with audacity.

analogue fm (avermedia avertv hybrid+fm cardbus) > wav >
cdwave (tracking) > flac (trader’s little helper, level 5)

rté one fm – “the third wave”, recorded 2007-08-04 from rte. described as “highlights from” the show, this is all that was broadcast on the day; i do not think it is the whole show.

recorded straight from fm to my laptop, with a little bit of hiss. rté normally only ever seems to broadcast “highlights”, but this is all of the concert that was broadcast on the day. i don’t know if more of the same show was broadcast on later shows (not that i heard, but i missed a lot of the 3rd wave shows).

sample: t04 windows (chick corea).mp3
download: DougRileyB-3Quartet_2006-10-19_FrontenacQC.zip

Feb 132021

this was just up on dime in a 5.5 gb video, and really knocked my socks off.  so, having demuxed it & tracked it for the stereo in the living room and the car (which, like most cars, doesn’t really deserve the “stereo” moniker, and frankly it’s pushing it for the living room), i thought to share it here in case you’d not had the time or disk space for a belly buster of a video.  yes, call me old fashioned, i still think of 5.5 gb as a “belly buster”.  but well worth it, if you actually watch the videos.  i seldom do.  the audio track was ac-3, 384 kbs/48 khz, which i’ve converted to flac.

ferenc snetberger, markus stockhausen, arild andersen
zeneakademia (academy of music concert center)
budapest, hungary
13 oct 2019

ferenc snetberger (guitar)
markus stockhausen (trumpet)
arild andersen (bass)

01 hajnal [snetberger-stockhausen] 10:45
02 alom [snetberger] 9:37
03 landlooper [arild andersen] 8:43
04 mira [arild andersen] 10:20
05 gomme [snetberger] 9:00
06 ease [snetberger] 7:38
07 flower of now [stockhausen] 9:14
08 gond nelkül [snetberger-stockhausen] 5:26
09 rambling [snetberger] 7:19
10 basswave [arild andersen] 7:47
11 band intros & clapping 1:48
12 rose [stockhausen] 1:48
13 clapping 7:33
14 childhood [snetberger] 1:05
15 clapping 5:48

tt 1:45:16

hungarian tv m5 (eutelsat 9 grad east)
date: 2021-02-06

original source:
skystar2 dvb-s2 > ts > videoredo tvsuite v6 > mp4
tvsuite version 6 retains all the original quality of your videos
video: avc; bit rate 6550 kbs; 1920×1080 (16:9); constant frame rate 25.000; bit depth 8 bits
audio: ac-3; cbr 384 kbs; 2 channels; sampling rate 48.0 khz

demux source:
as for ac-3 above > ffmpeg (convert audio stream to wav) > cd wave editor (tracking, flac)
> foobar2000 (metadata) > tracked flac


sample: t08 gond nelkuel.mp3
download: Snetberger_Stockhausen_Andersen_2019-10-13_Zeneakademia_BudapestHU.zip

Feb 092021

a very nice audience recording of some straight ahead jazz, a really nice show that i started my day with.   and nice to have a few photos of the show.  my photos of shows that i go to never come out very well, but then i’m using my phone & i don’t move around, so they’re all from basically the same perspective.  and like so many people, nobody in my family has a working camera, we all just use our phones.  oh well, just enjoy the music!

james morton featuring andy sheppard
watermill jazz club
dorking, surrey, uk
26 sept 2014

james morton, tenor
andy sheppard, tenor & soprano
david newton, piano
chris dodd, bass
andy tween, drums

01 sack o’woe 17:02
02 footprints 15:30
03 stars fell on alabama 11:08
04 you don’t know what love is 10:42
05 little sunflower 17:20
06 the shadow of your smile 12:55

tt 1:24:39

zoom h4-wave>flac
recorded 26/9/2014

sample: t06 the shadow of your smile.mp3
download: JamesMorton_2014-09-26_Watermill_SurreyUK.zip

Feb 022021

this show was not long after, and with the same line up as, hendrika entzian’s album pivot, released in may of that year.  she released another album (her third) marble in april last year, which i also quite liked, and which is a little more upbeat than this more sombre offering.  not sure why i’ve bought marble and not pivot, maybe because it was newer (a change from the “get the oldest first” approach?).  perhaps i should go shopping…

hendrika entzian quartet
darmstadt, germany
6 oct 2017

hendrika entzian – bass
matthew halpin – tenor sax
simon seidl – piano
fabian arends – drums

101 weekdays (entzian) 9:53
102 pivot (entzian) 8:37
103 ¾ rueck (entzian) 10:48
104 sleeping dancer sleep on (wayne shorter) 7:09
105 phasen (entzian) 9:24

201 mare e monte (entzian) 9:19
202 everything all at a time (jakob bro) 6:58
203 peripherique (entzian) 11:17
204 nebel in noerre nebel (entzian) 9:07
205 i fall in love too easily (styne/cahn) 10:32

total time: 1:33:04

lineage: line audio cm3 > sommer cable neutrik nc3 mxx-emc xlr >
zoom h5 with external battery > audacity (editing > flac) > hdd

recording, photo and editing: jaype
seeded ondime 2017-12-03

sample: t102 pivot.mp3
download: HendrikaEntzian_2017-10-06_Stadtkirche_DarmstadtGermany.zip