Oct 012022

following a recent question, i’ve found that the rss feed is not working.  so if you’ve not been getting the feed from feedburner… that’s why.  hopefully, i’ve just fixed that.  if not, well, we’ll just see, won’t we?

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Sep 302022

i’ve been listening to a number of shows by leszek mozdzer, and this was my favorite of them.  anna maria jopek has such a wonderful voice and piotr nazaruk’s various instruments add depth to the music (i couldn’t find a link for him, though).

anna maria jopek & leszek mozdzer
bremen, germany

anna maria jopek (voc)
leszek mozdzer (p)
piotr nazaruk (voc, fl, zth, traditionelle polnische instrumente)
robert kubiszyn (b, voc)
pawel dobrowolski (dr)

01 intro
02 hej przelecial ptaszek – trudno u-cha cha
03 laura i filon
04 dwa serduszka cztery oczy
05 teskno mi teskno
06 ucisz sie
07 cyraneczka
08 tell her you saw me
09 szepty i lzy

min 64:13

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact

deutschlandfunk kultur
in concert

support the artists by buying their records.

sample: t05 teskno mi teskno 256k.mp3

image: youtube screenshot from an audience video of this performance

Sep 252022

here’s a sampling of elliott sharp, solo, from various locations and dates over around 5 years.  the style is similar throughout, which isn’t that surprising (but it could be), and the recording levels seemed quite similar (which is surprising).  so they all work together very well, if  you’re in the mood for around 2 hours of elliott sharp solo performances. g’wan, give it a try.  it’s all in 1 zip file, but with separate folders for each section below.  i was torn between this lovely combination and elliott sharp & hélène breschand “chansons du crepuscule”, in saalfelden 2018 — very very different, and in the end, this was much more sunday-morning music.  another day, perhaps.

elliott sharp
bbc studios
london, uk
broadcast: 10th nov 2008 & 24th august 2009 *

elliott sharp, guitar

4.01 velocity of hue
3.42 which delta?
5.49 bemsha swing *

source: bbc dab (mpeg-i layer ii at 192 kb/s joint stereo) > yamaha 1300 audio hdr
editing: trimmed announcements, removed offical material & fixed many balance variations
transfer: cdrw > eac > flac frontend (level 6)

quality: ex, digital all the way to you

seeder’s comments: one of the short but best jazz on 3 sessions, recorded in wonderful clarity, i seeded the first 2 tracks as part of another post while ago (re-seeded unchanged with the same file names) and the bbc broadcasted another track in one of their “missing bits” programs, so i hope you too will…
…enjoy !!

elliott sharp
studio 12/ funkhaus münchen
munich, germany
may 17, 2010.

elliot sharp, guitar

1 blues abstraction 1
2 interview with elliot sharp (radio host: karl bruckmaier)
3 blues abstraction 2

dvb-c (256 kbps/ 48 khz) > technotrend tt-1501 dvb-c pci card > harddisk.
edits were made with the mp3directcut software.

elliott sharp
szegedi jazz napok (szeged jazz days)
szegedi ih rendezvényközpont, szeged (hungary)
8 nov 2013

elliott sharp, guitar

1. raise four
ba-lue bolivar ba-lues-are
’round midnight (fade out)

2. epistrophy

lineage: fm > iriver ihp-120 > sony pcm m-10 > wav (16 bit, 44.1 khz) > edits, converting to flac
sound: 8.75 out of 10 (on a subjective scale); some fm hiss, but very clean

remarks: provided as broadcasted. the second track is faded out because of programme
length limitation. track titles are listed as provided by the station programme.

recorded, edited and shared on dad by eref2000.

sample:  munich 2010-05-17 t01 blues abstraction 1.mp3

Sep 032022

well summer’s over, and we’ve probably all missed the brecon jazz yet again, haven’t we?  but here’s a nice set by ruby braff from around 23 years ago to make up for it.  meanwhile, around here, i’m off to my first show at arthur’s since covid started.  keen excitement all around, naturally.  apparently they’ve (had to) remodel a bit, so also looking forward to see what it looks like now.

ruby braff
brecon jazz festival 1999
brecon, wales, uk
aug 1999 (exact date unknown)

ruby braff, cornet
scott hamilton, tenor saxophone
john bunch, piano
dave green, bass
allan ganley, drums

1 lover come back to me (14:11)
2 some day sweetheart (10:07)
3 memories of you (5:08)
4 easy living (5:07)
5 dinah (12:19)
6 closing announcement (0:08)

recorded by the bbc at the brecon jazz festival in wales
fm broadcast

sample: t01 lover come back to me 256k.mp3

image:  cover to the 1999 brecon jazz festival program, from the friends of brecon jazz site.  used without permission.

Aug 202022

i’ve been meaning to upload this for a few days, just been too busy — the first week back after vacation is always a bit hectic!

amina figarova and her band
scullers jazz club
boston, massachusetts usa
22 march 2019

amina figarova – piano
alex sipiagin – trumpet
bart platteau – flutes
morgan guerin – tenor sax
brian burke – bass
brian richburg, jr. – drums

01 radio-stage intro 0:38
02 road to the sun 10:57
03 stage intro 2:42
04 all we dance 7:03
05 – 8:24
06 morning mist > on my way 11:03
07 stage intro 1:14
08 snow mess 11:13
09 stage intro 0:37
10 circles 11:36
11 – 8:49
12 stage intro 0:39
13 no time for 18:57
14 radio outro 0:37

94:38 minutes

wgbh hd-fm boston live broadcast
hd over fm broadcast;
hd-fm tuner>pc>stereo 16-bit 44.1 kbps wav>
tracked and edited in audio editor>wavs>
sbes repaired, checksum files and flac-8 files
created in trader’s little helper

a zootype project march 2019

sample: t02 road to the sun 256k.mp3

image:  cropped & altered screenshot of a youtube video of a performance by amina figerova at the jazz standard, nyc, in nov 2018.

Aug 122022

here, on the last full day of vacation, is something a little sad and sweet from the great anouar brahem.  the oud has such a lovely sound!

among other things, this vacation, i’ve moved the concert database from a popular spreadsheet program to db browser for sqlite, which i have to say is a lot quicker and easier for searching than the spreadsheet had become.

anouar brahem trio
festival grenzenlos
murnau, germany
september 2005 (exact date unknown, the festival ran 22-25 sept 2005)

anouar brahem, oud
francois couturier, piano
jean-louis matinier, accordeon

00 interview (in french)
01 le pas du chat noir (anouar brahem)
02 leila au pays du carrousel (anouar brahem)
03 pique-nique à nagpur (anouar brahem)
04 l’arbre qui voit (anouar brahem)
05 déjà la nuit (anouar brahem)
06 leila au pays du carrousel (anouar brahem)

43 minutes

thanks to lewojazz for the master

br (mp2, 320 kbps) / audacity / xact / flac 8

sample: 04 l’arbre qui voit 256k.mp3

image: an altered screenshot of a youtube video of a 2005 performance in catania by the same trio.

Aug 082022

having recently seen girl from the north country at the olympia with my wife, which we both enjoyed, i was glad to actually find this show lying around.  while i’m not the biggest dylan fan, i’d not have guessed that gftnc was all dylan’s music (sometimes even for songs that i knew).  and the music was really good (except hurricane, which didn’t seem to fit the story).  listening to this too, i kept forgetting that these are all dylan covers too, mostly from blonde on blonde which would be from the period that i would have listened to most.

absolutely sweet marie
leer, germany
3 feb 2017

steffen faul, trumpet
matthias müller, trombone
alexander beierbach, saxophone
max andrzejewski, drums

01 with god on our side
02 could irons bound
03 the lonesome death of hattie carroll
04 talking
05 rainy day women # 1 & 35
06 pledging my time
07 visions of johanna
08 one of us must know
09 talking
10 i want you / stuck inside of mobile with the memphis blues again
11 leopard-skin pill-box hat
12 just like a woman
13 most likely you go your way and i’ll go mine
14 temporary like achilles
15 absolutely sweet marie
16 4th time around
17 obviously five believers
18 talking
19 sad-eyed lady of the lowlands
20 talking
21 einzug des nobelkomitees zur verleihung des literaturnobelpreises (steffen faul)
22 hamburguesa for you (steffen faul)
23 duquesne whistle (bob dylan/robert hunter)
24 sad-eyed lady of the lowlands
25 in my time of dyin’
26 north country blues

min 102:54

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact

nordwestradio in concert: pop & jazz

sample: t07 visions of johanna 256k.mp3
download: AbsolutelySweet

image:  a cropped photo of the poster for this show, from facebook /

Jul 312022

here’s the next show, the fantastically named bellevue nurses with a live version of mingus’ the black saint and the sinner lady.  they’ve stretched out tracks 3 & 4 (or mode c and modes d-e-f, if you prefer) compared to the studio lp.  wonderful performance.

bellevue nurses
play charles mingus ‘the black saint and the sinner lady’
5. nuejazz festival
kulturwerkstatt auf aeg
nuremberg, germany

peter fulda – ld
andrey lobanov – tp
manuel scherer – tp
kim barth – as
lutz häfner – ts
norbert emminger – bs
gerhard gschlössel – tb
ralf bauer – tba
frank wuppinger – g
michael flügel – p
markus schieferdecker – b
julian fau – dr

01. track a – solo dancer 07:55
02. track b – duet solo dancers 06:26
03. track c – group dancers 11:16
04. mode d – trio & group dancers > mode e – single solos & group dance > mode f > group & solo dance 22:56

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps) [radio station – br klassik]

sample: t02 track b – duet solo dancers 256k.mp3
download:  BellevueNurses_2017-11-11_BlackSaint&

photo:  of the show, downloaded from the website.  used without permission.

Jul 302022

here’s one of two shows that took my fancy this past week.  first, an audio demux of a video from the 2016 montreux jazz festival. antonio faraò is one of my favorite pianists, and guitar-and-piano is such a nice combination.  so despite being “just” m4a 128/44, i thought i’d share this.  no sample as it’s not tracked.

biréli lagrène, antonio faraò, ira coleman, lenny white
montreux jazz festival
montreux jazz club
montreux, switzerland
15 july 2016

biréli lagrène – guitar
antonio faraò – piano
ira coleman – bass
lenny white – drums

1. [00:01:10] unknown
2. [00:11:10] unknown
3. [00:19:55] unknown
4. [00:31:50] one take (biréli lagrène)
5. [00:42:20] unknown
6. [00:50:05] black inside (antonio faraò)
7. [01:00:50] unknown
8. [01:13:20] unknown
9. [01:21:10] unknown
10.[01:30:50] wolfbane (lenny white)
11. giant steps (john coltrane)

duration: 1:59:42

source (no tracking):
montreux website webstream > jdownloader2 > mp4 file > ffmpeg (trim dead air) > mp4 file
ffmpeg used to trim 7:50 of dead air at the start. original duration 1:59:42, new duration 1:51:55
ffmpeg command like: ffmpeg -y -accurate_seek -ss 07:50 -i “input.mp4” -vcodec copy -acodec copy “output.mp4”
additional demux audio source:
video .mp4 as above > ffmpeg (demux) > audio .m4a
ffmpeg command like: ffmpeg -y -i “input.mp4” -vn -acodec copy “output.m4a”


sample: (no sample)

photo:  screenshot from the video.