Dec 202013

here’s a very small, old and good little piece that’s been sitting on my hard drive since jan 2012.  charlie parker and dizzy gillespie from december 1945!  and the sound is really good too!  wow!  maybe it’s time for more old bebop…

i remember back at the university of virginia, wtju had a weekly show (for a while, as with all college stations) “doctor bebop”.  played great tunes and had a fantastic (scripted) patter between tracks. “… i’m going to lay my racket edgewise to tell a green man something, even for the unbooted these issues cover all tracks…”  i had a couple of his shows taped, listened to them for years.  remember cassettes?

“dr. bebop back after that”

dizzy gillespie and his rebop six
nbc studio, hollywood, ca.
29 december 1945

dizzy gillespie – trumpet
charlie parker – alto sax
al haig – piano
milt jackson – vibes
ray brown – bass
stan levey – drums
ernie “bubbles” whitman – mc

00 intro 00:25
01 shaw ’nuff 04:30
02 intro 00:21
03 groovin’ high 05:40
04 intro 00:17
05 dizzy atmosphere 04:23

tt 15:41

original source: american forces radio services > ? > “complete birth of the bebop” (stash stcd 535) > eac > flac (secure mode) + checksum by amellowsoul
depopping/retracking: … > dime > cool edit pro (click/pops elimination) > audacity (noises cutting and volume adjusting) > tlh ( sbe – flac 8) > dime

original comments:
dig it, daddy-o! this is a holy grail! it’s hard to believe that something as critical, classic and timeless remains
one very rare recording. it’s beyond me why this was never scooped up by a major offical record company,
such as blue note or verve.
a complete and utter shame! anytime dizzy and bird played together, there was magic.
this also is blessed with being the time when bebop was young, and very fresh, at the time of this recording.
then the serious kicker that it has excellent sound quality.
much better than even studio recordings of the time!
this material was only issued on a few lps over the years, of which none of which were offical release.
it’s only cd issue of thus, that i am aware of, was on stash’s “complete birth of the bebop.” it’s that which this is taken from.

as always, enjoy!
-tom shyman (

u014945’s “sound improved” comments:
as stated in the original notes below the sound was already very good
just a bit ‘dusty’ so i used a cep utility to remove pos and clicks and
after that i had only to remove several clicks per track

i have also divided mc intros from tracks so that those, (like myself) who don’t like
listening to people shouting before tracks ,
can leave such things out.

my additional comment:
2013-12-20: in the process, u014945 updated the md5 checksum, but not the ffp. i’ve replaced it with a new ffp file.

Sample:  t05 dizzy atmosphere.mp3


Dec 172013


this posting is in memory of the late dalia pinkus, who left us this phenomenal (and aptly named) collection of “old but great jazzy songs”.

i don’t normally download rips of cd’s, but when researching a  concert, i ran across the think too much jazz blog.  needless to say, i browsed it out of curiosity — a lot of very tempting stuff, but that way lies madness.

however, one item did catch my eye, two cd’s by dalia pinkus, “old but great jazzy songs” vol. 1 & 2.  And, there was a comment that her husband jerry pinkus had allowed the music to be shared.  hadn’t heard of dalia pinkus but there are so many people whom i seem not to have heard of.  i downloaded it.

wow!  it’s great!  if you like classic jazz songs (and you’d probably not be here if you didn’t, eh?), then give it a listen.  she had a fantastic voice, and it’s a terrific selection of songs (and well suited to her voice, i think).

i emailed jerry pinkus, who again gave permission for the music to be shared.

so, in memory of dalia pinkus, here are a few links and a copy of her two cd’s for download.

dalia pinkus
old but great jazzy songs
volumes 1 & 2

originally downloaded with the comment “a word before the actual details of these two cd’s: dalia pinkus was an israeli jazz singer who died last month (july 30) of cancer, she was almost 45. a friend suggested the idea of sharing her cd’s online, she would have love that.., and her husband agreed…” i contacted jerry pinkus, her husband, who kindly gave permission for these files to be further shared.

dalia pinkus – vocal
gilad chazav – keyboards
donovan bullen – bass
yonatan rosen – drums

vol. 1

1. get happy (3:04)
2. little jazz bird (3:35)
3. come rain or come shine (4:14)
4. the preacher (3:10)
5. cry me a river (5:21)
6. blue skies (3:20)
7. i only have eyes for you (4:06)
8. put on a happy face (3:35)
9. on a small boat to china (4:21)
10. lulu’s back in town (2:39)
11. alice in wonderland (4:18)
12. i’ll build a stairway to paradise (3:05)
13. it might as well be spring (5:13)
14. there will never be another you (3:53)


vol. 2

1. everything but you (4:21)
2. he loves & she loves (3:23)
3. rock a bye baby with a dixie melody (3:05)
4. moon river (3:15)
5. it’s only a paper moon (3:05)
6. smile (3:47)
7. swinging on a star (1:58)
8. how about you (3:39)
9. manhattan (4:00)
10. secret love (3:49)
11. thou swell (4:03)
12. diana (2:25)


tt 1:34:44

recorded @ noga studios, kadima israel 2012

dec-2013: originally downloaded from flac files unchanged, but added this info file and .ffp & .md5 checksum files.

sample:  v1 t11_alice_in_wonderland.mp3


Dec 142013

not really sure if i should call this jazz or singer/songwriter.  be that as it may, i have a few concerts by rebekka bakken and this is my favorites of those… this was uploaded via dime, by hjweis in sept 2008 and has been sitting on my hard drive ever since.

rebekka bakken
2 feb 2008
‘women in jazz’
alte oper
halle, germany

rebekka bakken: vocal
sebastian studnitzky: piano
sven lindvall: bass
tommy baldu: drums


cd 1:

1. you bring new stars 05:11
2. you’re crying 03:58
3. we hit it again 04:45
4. any pretty girl 04:31
5. as tears clear our eyes 04:41
6. hard to be a looser 03:14
7. may i borrow your pillow 04:24
8. so ro 11:35
9. why do all the good guys get the dragons 09:56

cd 2:

1. what love is not 05:02
2. virgin’s lullaby 05:33
3. powerless 05:36
4. didn’t i 05:38
5. say goodbye to what is gone 05:49
6. time after time (c. lauper) 04:52
7. in the early morning ours 04:33
8. maybe i 03:01

total time 92:28 min

dvb-s recording @ 48khz/320kbps by hjweis
aired by german radio mdr figaro
dreambox 7000s (ts-file) > projektx (demux to wav) > audacity (cutting and export to flac)

sample: t03 we_hit_it_again.mp3


Dec 062013

here’s a little gem that i downloaded back in 2007 (seeded by ubu).  it was broadcast on swf “jazz session” radio in karlsruhe, the day after webster & byas had recorded “don byas meets ben webster” in villingen on feb 1st & 2nd.  it’s not very long (only 28 minutes) but is lovely, and features the wonderful tete montoliu on piano.

ubu commented that ‘this session has been released (and is likely sourced from there, hence add LP in the lineage) on a bootleg released by the Italian Musica Jazz magazine: Musica Jazz LP 12″: 2MJP 1068’, which was also noted on an allaboutjazz forum.  see also appendix: ben webster’s musical activities from the univ. of michigan.

life has settled down a bit, so i hope to start posting here regularly again.

ben webster / don byas quintet
karlsruhe, germany
2 feb 1968

ben webster – tenor sax
don byas – tenor sax
tete montoliu – piano
peter trunk – bass
albert heath – drums

1. darn that dream () 8:05 [db,ts-feat – cuts in during piano intro]
2. stardust () 5:28 [bw,ts-feat]
3. perdido (juan tizol) 15:07

tt: 28:41

sound: a/a-
source: swf ‘jazz session’ radio broadcast
lineage: radio > (possibly bootleg lp?) > cdr in trade > eac (secure) > cool edit pro > flac (8,asb,verify)

<hr style=”width: 50%; color: #ddd; background-color: #ddd; solid; height: 1px; border: none;” />

sample:  karlsruhe_02_stardust.mp3