Jun 282014

here’s one i was listening to last night & this morning. recorded with a “tie-clip mic” (!) and shared on dime a few days after the show. a very nice recording.  as always, the details below are the (largely unedited) original comments…

stan tracey trio with mornington lockett and mark armstrong
bull’s head, barnes
london, uk
27 feb 2010

stan tracey (piano)
mark armstrong (tpt)
mornington lockett (ts)
andy cleyndert (bass)
clark tracey (drums)

first set (63:53)
1_1. stan introduces the band (1:23)
1_2. here or here blues (14:14)
1_3. monk’s dream (17:23)
1_4. body & soul (12:00)
1_5. bye bye blackbird (18:53)

second set (62:31)
2_1. title unknown (18:32)
2_2. title unknown (22:20)
2_3. chelsea bridge (13:24)
2_4. title unknown – improvisation on the chords of blue skies (8:15)

location: bull’s head, barnes, 27/2/2010
skytronic tie-clip mic>sharp mdmt80 md recorder in sp mode>adobe audition>flac

apologies for a little mic handling noise between the 1st and 2nd numbers. i was trying to get comfortable.

sample:  d1 t4 body and soul.mp3

download: StanTracey_2010-02-27_BullsHead_BarnesUK.zip

Jun 262014

here’s a little performance that i recorded recently at the portuguese national day, at the residence of ambassador antonio quinteiro mobre and madame marina nobre. antonio and marina are lovely people, and it was a very nice evening, the highlight being a short performance by 4 korean fado musicians.  who knew that fado was listened to, much less performed, in korea?  so many national day events are, well, a bit dull, but this captured the warmth and vivacity of portugal … not to mention it’s fine cuisine!  holding it in their home was, i think, part of that.

unfortunately, i have not been able to get the names of the performers, but i do have the song titles and original performers.

(performers unknown)
fado for the portuguese national day
residence of the ambassador of portugal to south korea
seoul, south korea
10 june 2014

1 (end of intro by ambassador of portugal) 0:32
2 meu amor (cristina branco) 4:08
3 medo (mariza) 4:12
4 loucura (marco rodrigues) 3:28
5 onde vou (marco rodrigues) 4:12

tt 16:32

recorded at the residence of the ambassador of portugal to the republic of korea, h.e. antónio quinteiro nobre, at a reception for the portuguese national day.

source: iphone 4s (using recorderhq app, set for 44.1 khz) > .m4a > mediacoder > .flac > tlh > .wav > cd wave editor (tracking) > wav

sample:  t04 meu amor.mp3

download:  [download id=”1740″]

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Jun 242014

Anna Laszlo - John Arman - Quartet - Linz, 2010-04-16 coverthis is a short but very sweet little set with anna laszlo singing just 4 songs, well worth a listen, that lewojazz shared on dime in june 2010.  it’s the only show that i have by the anna laszlo – john arman – quartet




anna laszlo – john arman – quartet
linz, austria
16 april 2010

• anna laszlo, voc
• john arman, g
• martin heinzle, b
• peter traunmüller, dr

1 – centerpiece (harry edison, comp) – 5:21
2 – clovis (al, comp) – 4:27
3 – back in a dream (al, comp) – 6:39
4 – nuages / the clouds (django reinhardt, comp; jon hendricks, lyrics) – 8:29

total time: 24:57

broadcast: oe1.orf.at
date: 2010-06-28

source: dvb-s > skystar usb 2 hd > mp2
mpeg 1.0 layer-2; 48,000 hz stereo; 256 kbps
tracked with wavelab > flac

recorded by lewojazz
edited by jazzrita

sample:  t02 clovis.mp3

download: AnnaLaszlo_JohnArman_Quartet_2010-04-16_Brucknerhaus_LinzAustria.zip

Jun 212014

r.i.p. horace silver.   this show of his was the second set after a great warm up set by the ray barretto sextet show back in august 1996 at the blue note, ny city.  i shared the ray barretto set here last july, and was going to post this a couple of weeks ago when i noticed they were the same night.  but i didn’t get around to it… and now horace silver has died.  another great.

ray barretto opened, followed by  horace silver.  bluenote2005 recorded both sets, and uploaded them to dime within minutes of each other in november 2010.  listening to them in sequence, it almost seems as if there was no break between the two sets, a nice effect.  and a nice recording, too.

the horace silver septet
blue note
new york city, ny
3 aug 1996

horace silver-p
doug webb-ts
ron stout-tp
steve baxter-tb
phil due-bs
bob maize-b
harold mazon-dr

01. announcer/ i want you 6:33
02. announcer hs/ the hippest cat in hollywood 14:58
03. announcer hs/ we’ve got silver at six 14:10
04. announcer hs/ song for my father 15:12

source: audience
sound: b+

sample:  t01 i want you.mp3

download: HoraceSilverSeptet_1996-08-03_BlueNoteNYC.zip

Jun 182014

i just downloaded “lester young – complete unreleased live recordings” over at ubu roi (http://ubu-space.blogspot.com/), and am listening to it now.  well, part of it… it’s over 16 hours (!) of unreleased music by ‘prez’.  this may take a few days, a couple of listens.  ubu only shared it in mp3, not flac, but they’re at 192kbps, 44.1mhz and as ubu says on his blog “often with such old and non hi-fi recordings, the quality difference is barely noticeable at all…”

indeed, the shows sound very good (disclaimer:  i use a tv with built-in speakers as a computer monitor; on the other hand, the monitor is only around 60cm/2feet away, so the speakers aren’t being pushed).  lets just say i’ve enjoyed some audience recordings that were worse… much worse.

so… thanks, ubu!

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Jun 122014

JamesTaylor 1974-05-26 Front Cover

[update 27-apr-2016:  it’s come to my attention that this has been released by www.concertvault.com (see here and here), so i have deleted the .zip file.]

changing pace a little (i.e., this isn’t jazz), here’s a phenomenal 1974 concert by  james taylor at carnegie hall in nyc.  ‘crazydaren’, the seeder on dime, thought it was actually a combination of his shows over two days, and i’d be inclined to agree.

the download files includes a bit of artwork that crazydaren shared back in 2007.



james taylor
the complete carnegie hall concert
carnegie hall, new york city
26-27 may 1974

first set
1. you can close your eyes
2. riding on a railroad
3. blossom
4. long ago and far away
5. sunshine sunshine
6. me and my guitar
7. country road
8. you’ve got a friend
9. promised land

second set
10. migration
11. let it all fall down
12. brighten your night with my day
13. one man parade
14. anywhere like heaven
15. don’t let me be lonely tonight
16. fire and rain
17. you’re the one (that i adore)
18. rock ‘n’ roll is music now
19. mockingbird

20. ain’t no song
21. sweet baby james

time: 79:10

source: kbfh master reels > dat > cdr > eac > sound forge 6.0 > cd wave > 1shn/1cdr
remastered by als, march 2003


james taylor performed at carnegie hall on may 26th and may 27th in 1974.
these two shows were probably the final two shows of jt’s four-week u.s. tour to promote
“walking man.” the dir concert network had permission to tape both shows and it is not
clear whether this version represents one of the shows or a combination of both shows.
my gut feeling is that it is probably a combination of both shows. kbfh broadcasted this
version of the show on june 30, 1974. this version is superior in every way to the hugely
popular and widely circulated “carnegie hall” kts bootleg. the overall sound quality is
stunning, crystal clear stereo. the soft songs are perfect, although the loud songs are
so full the sound nearly distorts. the kts bootleg was probably sourced from a second or
third generation cassette. the addition of the six songs not included on the kts bootleg
dramatically changes the flow of the show. kts would have you believe that jt jumped from
“fire and rain” to “mockingbird.” not so. jt beautifully built the show to a peak
culminating with carly’s arrival just after the start of “mockingbird.” for jt fans this
version is essential. some minor editing was necessary to best represent the original
concert experience from the perspective of the audience. i edited out the kbfh
announcements. i edited in several “soft endings” where the audience applause would have
otherwise abruptly ended (due to harsh kbfh edits or announcements). no edits were made



download:  (removed)

Jun 112014

BigBadVoodooDaddy_2010 01-01_picas so often, a post of something that i’ve been listening to lately.  i’ve downloaded several bbvd live shows, and this one has a better sound  (pretty good, actually, being fm-sourced) than most of them.

the files for download are labelled 1-jan-2010, but if you listen to it, they get to midnight and auld lang syne towards the end of the show, so it really should be 31-dec-2009.  but…  i downloaded them like that, and didn’t [bother to] change it either on the files, the .zip or even on this posting.  picky picky picky.

i’ve included the cd covers that ‘fastone’ posted in a comment when ‘scooter123’ shared this on dime back in late 2010.


big bad voodoo daddy
disney hall
los angeles, california
1 jan 2010

scotty morris, guitar
anthony von sera, trumpet
glen marhevka , trumpet
alex henderson, trombone
andy rowley, saxophone
dirk shumaker, bass
carl hunter, alto saxaphone
joshua levy, keyboards
kurt sodergren, drums

1. come on
2. calloway boogie
3. pinstripe suit
4. hey now
5. you & me & the bottle makes three
6. 5-10-15
7. jumpin’ jive
8. reefer man
9. minnie the moocher
10. old man of the mountain
11. zig zaggety wup wup
12. simple songs
13. jumping jack
14. i wanna be like you
15. go daddy-o

16. call of the jitterbug
17. big time opera
18. auld lang syne (“old anxiety”)
19. how big can you get
20. so long, farewell, goodbye

TT 1:32

wbgo fm feed > maudio 24b sound card > edirol (24b) > goldwave > media monkey

sample:  t03_pinstripe suit.mp3

download: BigBadVoodooDaddy_2010-01-01_DisneyHall_LosAngelesCA.zip