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here’s the ahmed abdullah show from the next night, in d.c. space.  i used to go there quite a lot in the late 70’s & early 80’s, though at the time i was more into punk, new wave, blues and southern rock (but already had a few jazz lps… so it begins).  it was an amazing club.  a lot of people there also went to the old 9:30 club at 930 f street (was it the atlantic building? atlantis?  anyway, there’s another blast from the past) as the music was more regular (too much, well, jazz & stuff at d.c. space that, sadly, i now regret missing).  by the time of this show, though, i had already moved away.

anyway, i know that on the last posting, i said that from the setlist this seemed like it might be just a first set.  but at 2 hrs 18 mins, i have to question that thought…  just saying.

ahmed abdullah’s solomonic sextet featuring charles moffett
d.c. space
washington dc
september 15, 1990

ahmed abdullah – trumpet and vocals
carlos ward – alto saxophone and flute
billy bang – violin
masujaa – guitar
fred hopkins – bass
charles moffet – drums

01 restore africa to it’s rightful owner 19:05
02 assunta 11:40
03 liquid magic 20:40
04 ut 8:33
05 ut 7:13
06 deja’s view 15:36
07 african songbird 17:26
08 iko iko 7:11
09 mystery of two 16:30
10 ut 8:17
11 ut 6:29

total time 2:18:39
made from the master cassettes > flac
from “dc” our anonymous donor:
from the master maxell udxl-ii cassettes, recorded from the front row of tables, center, with a sony walkman pro using a single-point stereo aiwa mike.

sample: ahmedabdullah_1990-09-15_dc_space_t09.mp3

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  2. thanks a lot!!!!

  3. love the first!
    BIG THX!…

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