Jan 302014

i was looking through the orphan list on dimeadozen, and noticed this one that sounded famililar.  sure enough, i’d downloaded it back in late 2010, and so i seeded it to the two leechers who’d been waiting hopefully.  and i gave it a listen.  very nice!  no wonder “pepper adams” had rung a bell.  so here it is.  not too long, not too short, and a lovely recording.

p.s. any help on the line-up appreciated!

p.p.s. as always the files are unchanged unless noted… including the typo “sophistocated lady” in the info file & filename.


pepper adams with the charles biddle quartet
jazz expo, montreal, canada
20 june 1967

pepper adams: baritone sax
charles biddle: bass
unknown: piano
unknown: guitar
unknown: drums

1) cottontail 15:13
2) lady luck 17:37
3) sophisticated lady 13:18
4) straight no chaser 10:09

source: cdr to wav to flac files with checksum

a- sound. pepper cooking with the great montreal bassist charles biddle. any info on the
sidemen would be greatly appreciated. enjoy!

sample:  03_sophisticated_lady.mp3

download: PepperAdams_and_Charles_Biddle_4tet_1967-06-20.zip

Jan 062014

kind of in the mood for some ‘gypsy jazz’ today, this is about the third (shortish) show i’ve listened to this morning, and the best so far.

actually, i’m working my way through all the “hot club” concerts that i have copies of…. hot club d’autriche (this one), hot club de zazz, hot club of cowtown (two shows), hot club of san francisco, one that’s just labelled ‘hot club’, the hot swing trio.  hmmmm.  not sure i’ll make it through all of them today or perhaps even at all before feeling like a change.

anyway, this is a great show, and the original notes claim it’s even played on a stradivarius.

hot club d’autriche
bad radkersburg, austria
11 nov 2012

benjamin schmid (violin)
diknu schneeberger, martin spitzer (guitars)
joschi schneeberger (bass)

01: radio intro – 0:47
02: r-vingt-six – 3:57
03: radio announcer – 3:44
04: servus, karl – 6:41
05: hungaria – 3:01
06: nuages – 7:15
07: radio announcer – 4:13
08: troublant bolero – 7:03
09: medley: night and day –> sweet georgia brown –> honeysuckle rose – 12:35
10: radio announcer – 1:29
11: gipsy fire – 3:58

recorded by orf @ zehnerhaus, bad radkersburg (austria), november 11, 2012 [jazzliebe festival]
lineage: radio steiermark broadcast –> cd –> hard disc –> audacity –> tlh (flac 8)

benjamin schmid plays an original stradivari violin!

sample:  t05 hungaria.mp3

download: Hot_Club_dAutriche_2012-11-11_Bad_Radkersburg.zip