Nov 182022

there’s not too much piano jazz up here, but occasionally one really strikes my fancy, like this one, recorded just 6 months before sal mosca died at age 80.

sal mosca
amsterdam, netherlands
12 jan 2007

sal mosca, piano

01 gone with the wind
02 just one of those things
03 i’ve got rhythm
04 on the sunny side of the street
05 i don’t stand a ghost of a chance
06 the song is you > night and day
07 caravan
08 i cover the waterfront
09 how high the moon
10 radio outro (in dutch)

total time: 42:04

source: radio
lineage: cdr trade > wav > trader’s little helper (flac 8, align on sector boundaries)

sample: t06 the song is you – night and day 256k.mp3

photo:  copied from  it has a copyright symbol, but i’ve no idea who owns that.  used without permission.

Nov 112022

the very beginning to this isn’t great (and the cut-in doesn’t help!), so i nearly just moved on to something else, but fortunately stuck with it.  i might just spend the rest of today listening to other courtney pine recordings!  looking for photos from that period turned up very little except for this rather nice jazz photo blog, with some excellent shots of courtney pine from 1988 (but in the end, i went with a photo of the tape’s j-sleeve… so mid-80s!).

courtney pine quartet
ravenna jazz 1987
rocca brancaleone
ravenna, italy
4 july 1987

courtney pine, tenor sax, soprano sax
jo bashorun, piano
gary crosby, bass
mark mondesir, drums

01) unknown title [cut in] (9:48)
02) unknown title (12:03)
03) unknown title [cut in and with tape flip] (12:34)
04) unknown title (12:38)
05) unknown title [tape end] (14:33)

tt 61′ 38″

lineage: audience recording > tape sony hf-es60 (1st gen) > unknown tape recorder
then denon drw-850 (no dolby) > sony pcm-d50 (rec level 5,5) (48khz-16bit) > nero wave editor 11

quality: b+

sample: Courtney Pine 1987-07-04 Ravenna t03 Unknown title 256k

photo:  shot of the tape j-sleeve from the original recording, shared along with the music by the uploader.

Nov 052022

here’s some harmonica jazz.  like (i suppose) many people, you say “harmonica” and i think of blue ‘harp’.  silly me!  but i do love the harmonica, be it blues or jazz…  such a lovely warm sound.

anyway, recently back from madrid where i saw andrea motis (who was fantastic, and sang more / played trumpet less than i expected).  then last weekend, down at the cork jazz fest, i saw sélène saint-aimé, in a show that still leaves me a bit speechless (& that’s a good thing in this case, in case you’re unsure).   so jazz-wise, i’m in jolly mood, and hope you’re the same!

completely unrelated to any of that, i recommend a series that i’m listening to (some bits again, some for the first time), the imc’s blind date jazz series, which you can see through their site or on the series youtube playlist.  check it out.

olivier ker ourio quintet
studio 104, maison de la radio
paris, france
(concert without audience)
february 20, 2021

olivier ker ourio (harmonicas)
grégory privat (piano, fender rhodes)
gino chantoiseau (bass)
arnaud dolmen (drums)
inor sotolongo (percussion)

01 a380 8:35
02 singular insularity 9:16
03 intro 1:16
04 largue pa tienbo 9:02
05 payanké 15:47
06 intro 0:26
07 unknow 8:31

52:53   [that link is broken]

fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : jazz club, france musique, direct live

nov-2022: changed the filename for track 5 to “05 payanke.flac” (changing the final letter from “é” to “e”). updated md5 file for changed name. also added an ffp file.

sample: t04 largue pa tienbo 256k.mp3

photo:  one of the photos from the discogs page for olivier ker ourio.