Jun 062018

well, on the road again, in old madrid, with that trusty solid-state usb drive.  listened to a hank mobley quintet cd and then queued up this lovely show (now playing!) by the great johnny griffin & eddie lockjaw davis.   great way to end the day.  not much to say about these two, individually or together, that hasn’t been said before.  i do forget, sometimes but not for long, that you really can’t have too much of this stuff.

this was shared on dime by ‘kinebee’ back in (wait for it) august 2008.  gracious!

johnny griffin & eddie lockjaw davis
the blue note
new york, ny
18 nov 1983

johnny griffin – tenor saxophone
eddie ‘lockjaw’ davis – tenor saxophone
thomas brown – piano
curtis lundy – bass
kenny washington – drums

set i

rifftide (8:47)
good bait (11:12)
lover man (16:27)
girl from ipanema (5:41)
save your love for me (4:39)
save your love for me (continued) (6:14)

set ii

i’ll remember april (12:17)
robbins nest (11:57)
i can’t get started (5:04)
light and lovely (11:05)

tt 1:33:24

linage is unknown.

sample:  not yet.
download:  JohnnyGriffin_LockjawDavis_1983-11-18_TheBlueNote_NYC.zip

no covers today.

Dec 102015

Johnny Griffin 1998-07-23 Graz Austria cd cover frontit’s been a johnny griffin sort of a day. started off very oscar peterson, but the weather quickly turned, and a strong johnny griffin front blew in from the west.

from “rillenheini’s” comments, you’ll gather that this was the first 3 three nights, and he shared all of them.  i always think of putting together a super-concert from runs like that, but instead i just end up listening to three nights in a row again.  which is not bad, not bad at all, in this case.

johnny griffin quartet
graz (austria)
july 23, 1998
(“jazzsommer graz”)

johnny griffin (ts,announcements)
mulgrew miller (p)
ray drummond (b)
kenny washington (dr)

disc 1 (first set):
1. just one of those things (late start, sorry, not my fault) – 12:59
2. if i should lose you – 14:06
3. lover man – 19:03
4. good bait – 10:51

disc 2 (second set):
1. tuning / sound check / musicians’ chatter – 3:39
2. announcement – 2:44
3. the jamfs are coming – 15:50
4. hot sake – 12:17
5. body and soul – 15:48
6. a night in tunisia – 10:34

lineage: sbd (unknown equipment) > md > sony mdrec (playback) > philips cdrec > nero (flac 8) > hd

sound quality: a / a –

in those days, every group played three consecutive days at the jazzsommer graz festival. happily, i have the original soundboard mds from many evenings and will seed the rest in the future if there is interest.
i had, of course, no influence on how the soundboard junkie handled the recordings. therefore, some are in mono, others in stereo, some are well balanced, others not. sometimes there is background noise because many people only came here to spread the latest news; sometimes it rained and the rain rattled on the tent.
i absolutely made no edits on this particular recording but kept it in their original form in order to let you listen to griff’s announcements, too. needless to say that griff was in fantastic shape!
one final word to .mp3 freaks: you can convert these files for your own pleasure but please do not give them away to sites such as bigo, otherwise i’ll stop seeding here.

sample: t04 good bait.mp3

download: JohnnyGriffin_1998-07-23_Mariahilferplatz_GrazAustria.zip

Oct 292014

Snap4Snap9i’m in the process of demuxing a lot of videos that i’ve downloaded, from various formats — dvd, flv, ts, etc — with audio of various quality.  i don’t always (well, ok, i seldom) watch one of these videos, just listen away.  so the video part is generally superfluous.  and then… most of the videos were on a spare hdd which went bad and (natch!) i didn’t have backed up.  sigh!  so ‘the demux project’ for those videos i hadn’t moved to that dead drive.  icing on the cake?  most of those videos, i’ve watched between zero and one time, so catching up on some great stuff!

and speaking of great stuff, this concert punches sooo many buttons for me.  fantastic music, johnny griffin (or am i repeating myself?), vocals…  so, time to take a longer break from my ‘lossless’ rule and share it here.

as i work through these videos (there’s not too many of them after the hdd crash, unfortunately), i’ll post the demux’s up here [20-aug: well, probably not but on occasion].  unless noted, the demux is in the same format as the original audio.

btw, i downloaded the video originally when ‘rillenheini’ shared it just over a year ago.

***update 20-august:  i did a new conversion from .vob files to .ac3, using ffmpeg, and have now tracked it.  the info file details below have also been updated.  i’d not yet used ffmpeg on .vob files, and just happened to pick this concert to try it.  so, having done the work… here it is.  ***


paul kuhn trio & guests
32nd internationale jazzwoche burghausen
burghausen, germany
6 may 2001

johnny griffin (ts°), paul kuhn (p,voc*), paul g. ulrich (b), willy ketzer (dr), silvia droste (voc^)

01. 0:00:00 my world *
02. 0:03:52 pk intro next song
03. 0:04:35 fascinating rhythm
04. 0:07:34 pk intro next song
05. 0:08:13 how deep is the ocean *
06. 0:13:13 pk introduces jg, jg intro next song
07. 0:14:33 hot sake °
08. 0:22:16 jg intro next song
09. 0:22:48 if i should lose you °
10. 0:33:31 jg intro next song
11. 0:33:53 waltz swing °
12. 0:41:30 a foggy day *^
13. 0:48:42 just one of those things ^
14. 0:55:04 someone to watch over me ^
15. 1:00:30 just friends °
16. 1:07:33 body and soul °
17. 1:17:07 pk intro next song
18. 1:17:30 prelude to a kiss
19. 1:23:11 pk introduces the band
20. 1:23:40 in a mellotone ^°
21. 1:33:12 sd intro next song
22. 1:34:06 lady be good ^°
23. 1:39:52 deed i do *^°
24. 1:45:10 clapping etc until end

total time: 1 h 46 m 35 s
lineage: bralpha tv broadcast > analogue cable > vhs > dvd
additional demux lineage:
video (vob) as above > ffmpeg (demux & concatenate) > .ac3 file > ffmpeg (tracking) > tracked audio .ac3 files
ffmpeg demux command:
ffmpeg -y -i “concat:vts_01_1.vob|vts_01_2.vob|vts_01_3.vob|vts_01_4.vob” -vn -acodec copy “input.ac3”
ffmpeg tracking command (shown for 1st track only)
ffmpeg -y -accurate_seek -ss 0:00:00 -i “input.ac3” -vn -acodec copy -t 00:03:52 “t00 my world.ac3”

details per original info file:
gspot specifications:
video: mpeg 2 ~ bit rate: 4596 kb/s ~ frame rate: 25.000 ~ format: pal ~ aspect ratio: 4:3
audio: ac3 ~ bit rate: 256 kb/s ~ 2 channels (stereo)
simple menue, 5 min auto-chapters

video details per mediainfo 0.7.85. i’m not sure why vbr rate in the original info file & mediainfo differ.
video: mpeg-2, vbr 4,658 kbps, 720×576 (4:3), 25,000 fps, pal, duration 1:46:33 (per vlc media player)
audio: ac-3 cm big, cbr 256 kbps, 2 channels, sampling 48.0 khz, duration 1:46:33
demux audio details per mediainfo 0.7.85
audio: ac-3 cm big, cbr 256 kbps, 2 channels, sampling 48.0 khz, duration 1:46:35
tracked audio details per mediainfo 0.7.85
audio: ac-3 cm big, cbr 256 kbps, 2 channels, sampling 48.0 khz, duration 1:46:35 (total duration for all files)

video: info file & setlist redone to break out song intros into separate tracks & include start-times.
demux: demuxed & tracked the audio, using the original codec (no conversion).

sample:  t14 oh lady be good.mp3

download: PaulKuhn_2001-05-06_Burghausen_demux_tracked.zip

Apr 102013

johnny-griffin-eddie-lockjaw-davis-1962-10-10-penthouse-front-coveri think that you can never really get enough of johnny griffin & eddie “lockjaw” davis together.  finishing up now and thought it’s been a while… so tomorrow’s forecast is a johnny griffin & eddie “lockjaw” davis tsunami.

i was in budapest all last week, and caught micheller myrtill & her band swinguistique at fat mo’s. swinguistique were great, and much as the name might suggest; micheller has a lovely voice & gets the audience going.  don’t miss them if you get a chance.  and fat mo’s was very much my kind of place, wish i’d run across it sooner than my last day in budapest so i could spend some serious time there (that’s what you get on business trips, i guess…).

johnny griffin – eddie “lockjaw” davis quintet
the penthouse
seattle, wa
10-11 october, 1962

johnny griffin, eddie “lockjaw” davis – tenor saxophone
horace parlan – piano
buddy catlett – bass
art taylor – drums

october 10

1. the blues up and down – 8:03
2. owl – 8:56
3. bahia – 9:34
4. blue lou – 5:36

october 11

5. second balcony jump
6. how am i to know? – 10:59
7. tickle toe – 7:11
8. sophisticated lady – 4:28
9. theme / announcer (fades out) – 1:23


lineage: fm > ? > cdr > eac (secure) > cd wave > flac frontend

sample:  griff-lock1962-10-10_t04.mp3

download: JohnnyGriffin_EddieLockjawDavis_1962-10-10_Penthouse_SeattleWA.zip