Apr 292015

how can i resist david ‘fathead’ newman and john hicks?  rillenheini seeded a bunch of shows from graz, including this one, recently, and i downloaded most of them, including this performance from 2002.


groove merchant
graz (austria)
18 july 2002

david ‘fathead’ newman (ts,fl,ann)
john hicks (p)
greg skaff (g)
stefan held (elb,ann)
victor lewis (dr)

01. it’s me you’re talking to (w/o newman) – 11:47
02. sunrise – 12:58
03. hard times – 10:50
04. davey blue – 13:58
05. delilah (not complete) – 4:42

lineage: radio steiermark broadcast > dat > cd > hdd > tlh (flac 8)

sound quality: a

sample:  t06 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.mp3

download: GrooveMerchant_2002-07-18_Graz.zip

Apr 162015

when i found myself listening to this one a second time in a row, it seemed a likely candidate for a posting here.  again from dime (thanks to smegma0), this january just past.  and a fairly long show too, at almost 2 hours.


george coleman quartet
880 club
hartford connecticut
12 nov 1979

george coleman – tenor sax
harold mabern – piano
jamil nasser – bass
walter bolden – drums

0. introductions 2:34
1. sonnymoon for two 17:19
2. this masquerade/ 17:58
3. what’s going on/ 15:15
4. body & soul 21:18
5. on green dolphin street 24:00
6. summertime 17:51

total time: 1:56:14

lineage: fm (wwuh?) broadcast -> cassette -> <digitization> -> cd -> dbpoweramp rip -> flac -> audacity 2.0.5 for repair -> dime

background [from seeder]:
i got this from a friend i used to go to the 880 club with all the time in the late 70s/early 80s. he recorded this off the radio. i know nothing of the equipment used at any step but this was the lineage.

the transfers my friend made to cd were too hot and were direct from the cassette, it seems, not even edited to remove tape flips! so in audacity i had to reduce the levels, run the “clip fix” routine against the entire recording (one flac file at a time), clean up the start and end of most files (and the middle of some), and normalize. so if i can get my hands on his original cassettes i’ll redigitize them properly and re-distribute this really wonderful show.

songs 2 and 3 cut at the end.

sample:  t2 this masquerade.mp3

download: GeorgeColeman_1979-11-12_880Club_Hartford.zip

Apr 092015

picking some old shows at random, i ended up with… another hank jones concert!  i quite liked the show itself too!  but in fairness it’s not the best recording ever (the seeder gave it a b+ which seems about right).  still, it fits too well with the last show, so i’ll go with coincidence this time!  anyway, thanks to agriffith who seeded this in jan 2011.

warne marsh – hank jones quartet
village vanguard
new york city, ny, usa
26 oct 1983

warne marsh: tenor sax
hank jones: piano
george mraz: bass
tim horner: drums

1) don’t get around much anymore 10:12
2) just friends 7:39
3) i remember april 8:32
4) easy to love 8:03
5) my old flame 6:46
6) blue bossa 8:01
7) strike up the band 7:31
8) all the things you are 9:19
9) subconcious lee 7:44
*10) it’s you or no one 8:45
*11) star eyes 8:55
*12) the nearness of you 5:50
*13) moose the mooche 7:42

cassette/cdr to wav to flac files and checksum
audience recording: b+ sound

*tracks 10-13: on the dime tracker, dgstrane commented

i’m pretty sure i seeded the complete version a few years back.

those four added tunes actually belong at the beginning,
resulting in a complete setlist as follows:

disc one:
1. it’s you or no one
2. star eyes
3. the nearness of you
4. moose the mooche
5. don’t get around much anymore
6. just friends

disc two:
1. i’ll remember april
2. easy to love
3. my old flame
4. blue bossa
5. strike up the band
6. all the things you are
7. subconcious-lee

sample:  t03 i’ll remember april.mp3

download: WarneMarsh_HankJones_4tet_1983-10-26_Vanguard.zip

Apr 082015

we got piano.

this was seeded by nocturnalnph back in april 2010.  in the comments on the dime tracker, one person wrote ‘flanagan is an excellent pianist, i really dig his playing on ‘giant steps’; I don’t know how is the other pianist’, which got the reply ‘”the other pianist” is a jazz legend.’  yeah, well, we all forget names sometimes (no, neither of the people quoted was me, but i’d forget my own name sometimes).

tommy flanagan & hank jones
festival international de jazz de montreal
théâtre st-denis
montreal, quebec, canada
4 july 1986

tommy flanagan – piano
hank jones – piano

1. our delight (tadd dameron) (5:54)
2. jordu (duke jordan) (5:59)
3. autumn leaves (joseph kosma) (9:30)
4. au privave (charlie parker) (8:00)
5. a child is born (thad jones) (7:53)
6. star eyes (don raye) (7:14)
7. blue monk (thelonious monk) (8:34)
8. ladybird (tadd dameron) (7:02)
9. recorda me (joe henderson) (7:31)
10.in a sentimental mood (edward ellington) (6:08)
11.get happy (harold arlen) (5:04)
12.all blues (miles davis) (5:58)

tt= 1:24:47

cbc-fm “jazz beat” live-to-air ‘july 04 1986

fm > tdk-sa90 > pioneer-pt1000(no dolby) > realtekac’97 soundcard > polderbits sound recorder/editor > wavjoiner > wav > flac(7)(asb)

fm master sound quality a+

sample:  t02 jordu.mp3 or stream:

download: TommyFlanagan_HankJones_1986-07-04_Montreal.zip

Apr 062015

here’s a bit of new orleans / dixieland jazz for you.  i downloaded this around 5 years ago, and don’t think i’ve listened to it in around 4.95 years.  sound quality is quite good, and it’s a very pleasant show…  kind of laid back if that’s possible.

note that the files are in shorten® (.shn) format; depending on your audio player, you might need to convert it (or change audio player… in which case i suggest foobar2000).

the tremble kids
29th internationale jazzwoche
burghausen, germany
28 march 1998

henri chaix – piano
peter lange – trumpet
werner keller – clarinette, vocals
walter leibundgut – trombone, vocals
peter schmidli – guitar
vinzenz kummer – bass
charly antolini – drums

1 tv – announcer
2 struttin’ with some barbecue
3 beale street blues
4 star dust
5 back home again in indiana
6 st. james infirmary
7 i found a new baby
8 tutti for eddie

tt 42:33

tv-hifi video-master > acoustica wave editor > hd > cd-wav > .mkw > cdr (audio) or cdr (shn)

sample:  t4_stardust.mp3
ooo! tough call!  sample of stardust or st. james infirmary?  what the heck!
t6_st james infirmary.mp3

download:  TrembleKids_1998-03-28_Burghausen.zip