Jul 182020
sean conly trio - 19 may 2018, ibeam, brooklyn, ny, usa

this is perhaps the sort of thing that i generally prefer live, ideally in a small venue, but this audience recording worked very well for me and feels like it captured the show quite faithfully. sean conly trio ibeam brooklyn, ny may 19 , 2018 sean conly – bass & composition michaël attias – alto [Read more…]

Jul 152020

i feel as if luck was with me tonight, picking something just right on my first try.  none of that “no, not in the mood for that” or “oh dear, that’s not really a very good recording, is it?” business.  and, curiously enough, it’s the second time that east orange has come up in as [Read more…]

Jul 152020

here’s nice line-up, led by george russell, from 1964.  i don’t remember hearing a jazz version of you are my sunshine before (and not for a long time in any other style you’d care to mention).  the last four tracks have been released on a bootleg, btw, along with 4 tracks from another show.  i [Read more…]

Jul 132020

here’s something from a little further afield that i played right after roxy coss — yes, it was all about alphabetical proximity, as you’ll no doubt agree if you like browsing in bookstores or, for that matter, music stores.  i don’t miss lp’s clicks, pops and skips, but the album covers, now… it’s interesting that [Read more…]

Jul 122020

this was “uploaded and processed by thosespacesinbetween” which i think might be (some of?) the (former?) planetfuncamp crew up in old lyme, connecticut, up to their usual fine work, especially the bold lisa e — a tip o’ the hat to lisa e.  i have friends in fairfield, just an hour up the road; if [Read more…]

Jul 092020

here’s a pair of shows from drummer ed blackwell with ahmed abdullah on trumpet.  i’ve been meaning to share the 1979 nyc show for some time, ages actually.   but like so much, i never got around to it.  then, on a sort of “ed blackwell day” on tuesday, i thought the 1994 montreal show needed [Read more…]

Jun 282020

time for something a little lighthearted jazz theatre.  dr. pinch himself is a bit over the top, layering on his character a bit thick, but what can you expect from “a minor character from the comedy of errors“?  and the pinchtones are marvelous.  they’d be a fun band to have at a garden party, if [Read more…]

Jun 192020

here’s what i’m listening to just this minute.  it’s another fair sized group — this is not an intentional theme, btw  — but i think quite different to the last two.  no tracking on this, as it’s a video demux (so .ac3 format), but i haven’t seen many good places to break it into tracks [Read more…]

Jun 112020

Following the darcy james argue show, here’s another couple of shows with large groups, both led by maria schneider.  i had trouble deciding between the ndr big band and the parco della musica jazz orchestra, so why not both?  nothing exceeds like excess.   funny, i didn’t set out to have another big band / jazz [Read more…]

May 312020

this bubbled up to the surface a couple of days ago, and i’ve listened to it a few times since.  the info file has one of the best commentaries i’ve read in an info file in a very long time – i’ll quote just a tiny bit, that nicely sums up the secret society (and [Read more…]