Feb 242023
billy hart quartet - 7 mar 2014, birdland, new york city, ny, usa

this was part of a 5-day run at birdland for the release of one is the other.  despite that, this show only had 3 pieces from the (then) new cd: lennie groove, teule’s redemption, and amethyst, i suppose in part because lee konitz was a guest musician for part of the show.  i quite like that — [Read more…]

Feb 012023
papanosh - 3 june 2014, kesselhaus kulturbrauerei, berlin, germany

here’s a group that i’ve been listening to a lot over the past week.  these guys sound like a whole lot of fun to see live; i hope they make somewhere (near) where i happen to be sometime. papanosh jazzdor strasbourg-berlin festival kesselhaus kulturbrauerei berlin, germany 03.june 2014 quentin ghomari – tp, tb raphaël quenehen [Read more…]

Jan 212023
leïla olivesi nonet - suite andamane - 2 apr 2022, studio 104, paris, france

i’ve listened to this a few times over the past several weeks, and finally decided it had spent too much time in my foobar2000 playlist not to share it here.  nonets and tentets are so nice, more depth of sound than a small combo but still not a full orchestra, a cozy in-between. leïla olivesi [Read more…]

Jan 182023
nicole glover trio - 23 july 2022, inntöne festival, diersbach, austria

this is one of those shows that i’m posting here though it was only just on dime.  i don’t think you can get nicole glover’s first record anymore, but she has a second album strange lands & is on a few albums by other people.  anyway, loved this show, looking forward to when strange lands and george [Read more…]

Jan 072023
chet baker tribute (including eric le lann, philip catherine, enrico pieranunzi, ricardo del fra) - 10 june 2013, grand studio rtl, paris, france

searching the internet for ‘chet baker tribute’ will give you absolutely no end of actual hits.  and no wonder.  this is a lovely fm recording, interspersed with interviews (in french).  happy new year! a tribute to chet baker including eric le lann, philip catherine, enrico pieranunzi, ricardo del fra grand studio rtl paris, france 10 [Read more…]

Dec 292022

where did i just see bern nix?  i thought it was dime, but no, so maybe it was something on mastodon?  anyway, i brushed off a few old shows that’ve been lurking in the vaults, and here’s one of them.  smashing stuff.  i have to look into jim nolet now. bern nix / jim nolet [Read more…]

Dec 262022
ellen christi / mark hennen duo - 26 sept 1985, brandeis university, waltham, ma, usa

unfortunately, i’ve missed downloading a couple of ellen christi shows, but that’s ok, i’m sure i can find some of her cd’s for sale.  though, with the range of styles she can (and, apparently, will) sing, it remains to be seen if i will have chosen well in my purchase.  i find this very hard [Read more…]

Dec 162022
charles tolliver & the erich kleinschuster quintet - 1 feb 1969, vienna, austria + charles tolliver's music inc - 29 may 1971 lila eule, bremen, germany

well, a charles tolliver double-header is a fine way to hit 500 posts! the first show, from 1969, is a phenomenal recording.  as someone commented on dime, when it was shared a few years ago, listening now, great stereo sound, good enough for a commercial release.  sounds fantastic, swings like crazy. i can say the [Read more…]

Dec 132022
muriel grossman, ibiza jazz 2014 / susana sheiman, ibiza jazz 2014 & barcelona 2012 (mp3)

well, i hadn’t really planned on this one.  i was listening to ibiza 2014 from the old discopolis recordings, and really enjoyed muriel grossman’s concert.  and then it fed right into the next concert, by susana sheiman, which i also really enjoyed.  and then i looked to see what other shows by grossman or sheiman [Read more…]

Dec 032022

just realized (right after posting 2 shows by elisabeth kontomanou, which you might have missed if you’re reading this) that i had overlooked the cipjazz 10-year anniversary! just under 500 jazz postings (plus a number of “commentary” postings like this one). belated happy birthday, cipjazz!

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