Jan 062021

happy new year!  here’s something upbeat to get our year started.  i’m back at work today after a bit of time off, still full of all the enthousiasm that a new year brings, not yet laid low by the post-holiday blues.  enjoy! clemens salesny plays the music of leadbelly, clifford jordan and charles mingus brucknerhaus [Read more…]

Dec 282020
hannibal marvin peterson - jan-1987 (?), metropol, vienna, austria

this is a demux of the 4.1gb video which was just uploaded on dime.  the sound quality is excellent, fortunately, since hannibal peterson was in fine form that night.  put this on at your new year’s eve party (next year, that is) and crank it up.  i don’t see a lot of hannibal peterson around, [Read more…]

Dec 182020

well, i’m theoretically off now until after new year’s, so here’s a perennial favorite, cedar walton.  he’s in quintet including sax & trombone, a very nice combination indeed to set us up for the holiday season.  i continue to amass christmas jazz shows (of which this is not one, never fear) but sadly the family [Read more…]

Dec 102020

here’s the next show.   the taper summed it up so well, there’s not much to add, except maybe the download code 😉 1920s/30s jazz played by a great orchestra, superb arrangements, combined with max raabe’s deadpan humor, made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening max raabe & palast orchester scottsdale center for the performing arts piper [Read more…]

Dec 102020

here’s one of two shows that i’ve been listening to today, both featuring big bands, and both just hopping!  it’s a lot of fun, and definitely a better ‘ding dong the witch is dead’ than the munchkins’ version.  the other show, which is another corker alright, coming up shortly. buddy rich 100 livestream buddy rich [Read more…]

Dec 032020

while this isn’t the first show here featuring the harmonica, there aren’t very many (one of which, inevitably, is the great toots thielemans).  it’s not long though.  if you like the harmonica paired with the trombone (of course you do!), grossi & coelho also play together on grossi’s live album #motion, which i also recommend. [Read more…]

Nov 302020

this is a slow, sweet selection of (mostly) classics, with one of the nicest version of willow weep for me that i’ve heard in a long time, and definitely my favorite instrumental version, by a long shot.  i wasn’t really in the mood for jazz guitar, and was juuuust about to change when the clarinet [Read more…]

Oct 252020

quite the week around here, but it’s all good (as they say), and i’ve been listening to a lot of japanese jazz and a lot of spanish jazz.  some of it has even made it into my car, with the likes of perico sambeat getting me to and from the foodstore (have to drive if [Read more…]

Oct 152020

i’m going to be taking a little break to listen to a super series of japanese jazz thanks to josé miguel lopez, the host of discópolis jazz on rtve (radio y television española).  there are over 35 in the series so far, from broadcasts going back over 2 years, which you can download from the discópolis [Read more…]

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Oct 102020

just when i thought west side story was dead and gone, “oh no! not when you’re a jet again“, dave grusin, with some mighty fine unindicted co-conspirators, proves me wrong.  this completely renewed my appreciation for this show (not to the extent of watching the film or listening to an original sound track; even great [Read more…]