Apr 242018
gina schwarz - 13 sept 2013, radiocafé, vienna austria

here’s one from 8 years ago, or so…  i found this very listenable earlier today, while working, and again (& more attentively) putting this posting together. www.ginaschwarz.com www.robertbachner.com www.andymiddleton.com benjaminschatz.com harrytanschek.com gina schwarz sextet radiocafé vienna, austria 13 september 2013 gina schwarz (bass, announcements) robert bachner (trombone) andy middleton (soprano & tenor saxophones) benjamin schatz [Read more…]

Apr 202018
maceo parker and the roots revisited - 1 july 1993, piazza della riforma, lugano switzerland

as the man says in track 2, “we’re gonna make it funky right now”.  this is one of the phenomenal swissbird & simplexsimplicissimus releases from estival jazz.  collect ’em all, people. maceoparker.com peeweeellis.tumblr.com www.funkyfredwesley.com maceo parker and the roots revisited estival jazz piazza della riforma lugano, switzerland 1 july 1993 maceo parker – alto saxophone alfred [Read more…]

Apr 122018
sam rivers & dave holland - 24 june 1978, d.c. space, washington dc

unlike ‘bpthree’, our otherwise unknown taper, i went to d.c. space a lot.  in retrospect, it wasn’t perhaps the “best” venue, but boy did it have great shows… which is really what it’s all about. rivbea.com daveholland.com sam rivers & dave holland d.c. space washington, dc 24 june 1978 (two shows) sam rivers – sax, [Read more…]

Apr 052018
charles lloyd quartet - 23 july 1966, juan-les-pins/antibes, france

someone uploaded a charles lloyd show to dime the other day, which i listened to.  and then to another that i had.  and a couple more.  binge listening… it’s a thing.  this was uploaded to dime by maurizio in december 2011.  enjoy. charles lloyd quartet juan-les-pins jazz festival antibes, france 23 july 1966 (flambay pitch fixed [Read more…]

Mar 262018

sunday night… time for a singer…   this show was a few months after  “bright and sweet”, virginie teychené’s third album, was recorded in mid-february 2012.  i’ve listened to this from time to time since ‘kingfrippson’ shared it on dime back in april 2012.  a regular when i’m stocking up a usb thumb-drive for a trip. the [Read more…]

Mar 142018

travelling again.  i brought a long an ssd usb drive that i’d stocked up with a bunch of music at some point in the past.  kind of interesting – what was i listening to, more or less, almost exactly 2 years ago?  there was a while when susanne abbuehl was a regular in the rotation [Read more…]

Mar 102018
noah preminger quintet - 14 march 2014, sidedoor jazz club, old lyme ct, usa

here’s another offering from the fine folks at ‘planet fun camp’, who recorded a number of great shows at the sidedoor in old lyme, connecticut.  i search for them periodically on dime, just to make sure i don’t miss any.  this is a super recording (as always) of a show that i think is sure [Read more…]

Mar 032018
theo bleckmann, uri caine, joyce hammann, chris speed, dj olive - 'brecht reloaded' - 11 sept 2016, augsberg germany

yes, i’m a bit of sucker for music of kurt weill, of hanns eisler, and of their work with bertolt brecht.  here’s a great show that ‘unclewolfi’ shared on dime just over a year ago.  i don’t have many shows with music by hanns eisler, unfortunately.  this show, and a few tracks on a bbc [Read more…]

Feb 222018
stars of modern jazz - 25 dec 1949, carnegie hall, new york city ny

as promised on my posting a few minutes ago, here’s the stars of modern jazz show.  it’s out there on any number of bootlegs, but mostly v.o.a. sourced.  if you’ve not heard it, it’ll knock your socks off. stars of modern jazz concert – recorded @ carnegie hall, new york city, ny (usa), december 25, [Read more…]

Feb 222018

here’s a show that i was enjoying this evening in between phone calls.  ‘survivor69’ shared it on dime in june 2014 and described it well:  quite classic jazz.  and very cheery, i thought, a real pick me up.  survivor69 called the show parker’s mood, since these long tracks are mostly from the album “woman’s land” , and [Read more…]