Sep 012019
oliver jones trio & friends - 30 june 2009, l'astral, montréal, québéc, canada

here’s a lovely set by oliver jones, and featuring vocals by ranee lee on some songs.  the comments below are (like the other details) copied from the info file. oliver jones trio & friends le festival international de jazz de montréal l’astral montréal, québéc, canada 30 june 2009 oliver jones – piano eric lagace – [Read more…]

Aug 242019
hilary kole - 30 april 2014, iridium jazz club, nyc, ny, usa

here’s a treat: hilary kole live at the iridium, singing a lot of ‘standards’, though not all standards that i’ve heard much (as she comments about one song, actually).  the only glitch is that the recording cuts out 30 minutes into the second set!  this was a live webstream (so a rare video here on [Read more…]

Aug 182019

and here’s another featuring geoffrey keezer on keyboards.  about time i had a dianne reeves show up here!  enjoy! dianne reeves twin cities jazz festival amsterdam bar st. paul, mn june 28, 2014 dianne reeves, vocals romero lubambo, guitar geoffrey keezer, keyboards reginald veal, bass terreon gully, drums disc 1 (60:40) 1. <introduction> – 6:26 [Read more…]

Aug 182019

we had a request for geoffrey keezer on piano, preferably playing standards.  i don’t have any solo shows, but there were a few which included him, including this one, that i don’t remember even listening to ever.  i really liked cd1, and would recommend this for that alone.  the concerto de aranjuez set it up, [Read more…]

Aug 152019

i seem to be on a run of shows that need to be turned up!  this one just has low levels – better you turn it up than i mess with it.  be that as it may, here’s a good quality audience recording from a super canadian vocalist.  it’s a long show, with quite a [Read more…]

Aug 102019

maria joão has been a favorite of mine for a number of years, and she & david linx really shine in this original & refreshing versions of songs from porgy & bess.  it’d be great to see her in a full production of the show, wouldn’t it? brussels jazz orchestra feat. david linx & maria [Read more…]

Jul 072019

i was watching the 1955 version of guys & dolls, with frank sinatra and marlon brando a week or two ago, and ‘if i were a bell’ has popped up a number of times since, including this fun performance from cleo laine.  and it is fun! which is more than i can say for brando’s [Read more…]

Jul 012019

here’s a nice bit of straight-ahead italian jazz that alphaboogie shared on dime back in november 2011.  just hit lucky on a random dive into the “r” part of the alphabet. [edit] this is actually the 2nd show from rosario gulliani up here – i didn’t realize that when i posted this, but it seems [Read more…]

Jun 272019

here’s the salena jones show that i mentioned back in feb 2018 when i posted an erich kleinschuster show in feb 2018.  i was listening to it again the other day, and again was very taken with it.  it seems a bit of that era too, somehow. salena jones & orf big band orf studio [Read more…]