May 032020

here’s something that i was listening to earlier this afternoon.  well done ‘tatadada’ for getting the whole performance aired & then sharing it.  i’ve added a sample of the first 10 minutes of the performance.  enjoy! gerður gunnarsdóttir | claudio puntin | hilmar jensson | skúli sverrisson festival ‘islandbilder’ “köln trifft reykjavík” stadtgarten cologne, germany [Read more…]

Apr 302020

i sort of go out of my way to download christmas concerts, even though my wife hates xmas jazz.  i ran across this one lurking with “non-seasonal” jazz, so i gave it a listen before moving it to the xmas jazz collection.  super!  this may be my favorite so far and while i don’t think [Read more…]

Apr 252020

i’ve been listening to this on-and-off all day, as i pop in and out doing various tasks.  not the best way to listen to a 2+ hour show, with most pieces clocking in over 15 minutes, but this is holding up well enough for a second, uninterrupted, airing.  this is a bit slow, sometimes even [Read more…]

Apr 242020

this show was a couple of years after les mccann returned to music, several years after his stroke.  it’s a fun show, from a musician who’s back in his groove.  this is the sort of thing i used to listen too all the time, but which i thought of as more blues than jazz mostly.  [Read more…]

Apr 192020
julia hülsmann trio - 20 march 2009, theater am goetheplatz, bremen, germany

julia hülsmann is one of my favorite pianists, but in fairness a lot of that is because of her collaborations with theo bleckmann, who i like partly for his fine versions of songs by brecht, weill, eisler, etc.  but instead of a hülsmann/bleckmann show of weill or brecht covers (tempting! perhaps one of those will [Read more…]

Apr 172020

i was feeling like some of my old favorites, and eddie lockjaw davis is certainly one of those.  this show was near the end of his long career, and this recording has a casual, intimate quality, between davis’s laid back playing, the recording itself (the notes have it as “b+” only) and the occasional background [Read more…]

Apr 122020

i was listening to a lovely show by barbara dennerlein that, shortly after i downloaded it in jan 2008, was released as spiritual movements no.2 — a super recording that you should check out if you like jazz organ.  so not that — though it was just lovely on an easter morning.  but now a [Read more…]

Apr 042020

the name of this quartet has for some reason stuck in my head, a tiny bit of viral marketing for me anyway, probably due to associations with bebop, hard bop, post bop… though i don’t get that association, other than the word.  leaving that aside, it is a great name and this is a bit [Read more…]