Dec 042017
elvin jones quartet - xx october 1972, jam session, french television

here’s a quick upload of a short show by one of my favorite drummers.  it’s demuxed audio from an ancient recording from french tv.  the audio specs are, in my view, a bit dubious, but the sound is quite good (as is the lineup).  so who knows? speaking of lineup, the announcer at the beginning [Read more…]

Dec 022017
engel|jacobson|maynard - 25 oct 2017, dwarf jar, dublin ireland

this was up on dime a few days after the show at the dwarf jar cafe, down on the quays here in dublin. it’s a pretty good recording (despite everything mentioned), which probably says more about the band than anything.  it’s a crazy venue, the way they’ve taken advantage of the high ceiling.  i’ve been [Read more…]

Nov 302017
geri allen quintet - 27 august 1995, tompkins square park, nyc ny, usa

not much to say today…  i don’t have any source on this, but sounds like it might be from fm. geri allen quintet charlie parker jazz festival tompkins square park, nyc 1995-08-27 geri allen- p, wallace roney- tp, jessy davis- as, ralphe armstrong- b, eric allen- perc 01. announcer ps/ga 2:42 02. klaactoveesedstene 10:18 03. [Read more…]

Nov 202017
pink martini - 14 march 2013, el plaza condesa, mexico city, mexico

it’s always a good time for something lighthearted & fun.  we have several of pink martini’s cds, but this is the only concert recording that i have of them, recorded & shared on dime by ‘zzzaccount’. it’s only recorded on an iphone 5, but the sound is surprisingly good, and it sounds as if there [Read more…]

Nov 132017
manuel valera quartet - 11 apr 2014, sidedoor jazz club, old lyme ct, usa

i put this on sort of at random while rearranging the office/guestroom, and liked it so much that i’m uploading it now that the room is a bit better sorted out.  ok, it’s not actually a guestroom until the sofabed arrives, but soon… it was a nice surprise to see that this was another show [Read more…]

Oct 252017
sam rivers trio - 26 sept 1975, l'église notre-dame-des-blancs-manteaux, paris france

i was just trolling through the hard drive looking for something that didn’t look familiar (it’s been a good day), and saw a big bunch of sam rivers shows.  remember:  i’m not mr. memory.  so it was “sam who? and why do i have so many?”  curiously, i definitely disliked the first two that i [Read more…]

Oct 242017

some downloads will be available as bittorrent downloads as well as regular downloads.  i may update some existing links also.  if you use a bittorrent download, i’d appreciate some feedback.  thanks!

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Oct 222017

just heading home after a visit to raleigh, nc, usa, home of one of my favourite online stations, wncu fm. they were having – sorry, are still having – their fundraising week.  it’s one of two jazz stations on the internet radio in the kitchen at home (yes, wpfw fm in d.c. is the other, [Read more…]

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Oct 102017
buster williams quartet (w/ bruce williams) - 28 oct 2013, duc des lombards, paris, france

last month, the nice folks at ‘planetfuncamp’ (aka dime user ‘dagon333’) uploaded a 2014 buster williams show at the sidedoor jazz club in old lyme, ct.  i enjoyed it immensely (like all the planetfuncamp uploads by dagon333), in particular the saxophone, though the bass solo was definitely the highlight. i found that i had one [Read more…]

Oct 032017
sean jones quartet - 26 sept 2015, college of st benedict, st joseph mn, usa

here’s a little something that i was listening to over the weekend while doing a bit of work.  it’s a lovely quartet, and a very nice audience recording that ‘perks’ uploaded to dime three days after the show. mark whitfield jr. sean jones quartet gorecki family theater – college of saint benedict [Read more…]