Oct 072018

well, this has been something of a run, between posts here and to dime.  but i think it ends with this charming show by twana rhodes (who i’d not heard of before).  this was combined with a show by dianne reeves in a video, but i quite preferred this show.  so i’ve split it out [Read more…]

Oct 052018
don pullen and george adams quartet - 23 oct 1985, bologna, italy

it’s been a seriously don pullen – george adams day around here.  i’ve listened to must be 4 or 5 concerts, over 10 hours of music.  been working, been working, but i still got a long way to go.  started the day with the django bates concert that i’d been messing with last weekend, thought [Read more…]

Oct 052018

fantastic schedule coming up all this month at arthur’s blues & jazz, in the heart of the liberties here in dublin.  i’ve a lot going on too, but just have to make more time than normal for the trek down to thomas street.  (i generally walk in, around 40 minutes, so when i say “trek”… [Read more…]

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Oct 052018
django bates' quiet nights w/josefine cronholm - 11 june 1997, cologne, germany

i was listening to part of this the other day and noticed it was a duplicate — but the “duplicate” turned out to be (almost all of) the rest of the show. so here are the two halves, in flac format with replay-gain. researching this, i discovered (a) someone else did this too (but i [Read more…]

Sep 142018

here’s one from dublin!  this was recorded over 5 days, two songs at a time, by ‘johnos’, which took some real dedication.  unfortunately, there’s no more live jazz on irish radio since the blue of the night.  maybe the odd piece, coincidentally.  and there’s often a live song or two on arena (though seldom jazz) [Read more…]

Sep 092018
krzysztof komeda quartet with tomasz stanko - 1967, polish television "jazz w filharmonii"

this was seeded recently enough on dime by ‘davidraphael’, in video format, which i’ve demuxed. the sound quality is very good. it was seeded as “requiem for john coltrane” (a.k.a. “nighttime daytime requiem”) but on www.komeda.art.pl it’s just “nighttime daytime requiem”.  either way, allaboutjazz.com says that it “was written as a response to the news of the death [Read more…]

Aug 312018
dee alexander - evolution ensemble + ernest dawkins - 27 august 2009, piazza del nuraghe, sant'anna arresi, italy

i’m still only listening to the first half of this, haven’t gotten to the second half with ernest dawkins, but (despite having no memory of this show, much less the 2nd half) am uploading it anyway.  it was shared (and maybe recorded?) by ‘jazzrita’ in early sept 2009, which is a pretty good lineage. dee [Read more…]

Aug 262018
emilie-claire barlow quartet - 17 april 2009, mississauga, ontario, canada

here’s a very cheery show from almost a decade ago.  this performance was just after the release of “haven’t we met”, presumably part of the tour to promote that album.  this was shared on dime in mid-2011 by ‘plaz_restore’. there is one little glitch, a 9-second clip from a comedy skit in the middle of [Read more…]

Aug 182018

i think that i don’t like the organ, and then i pull a show like this out of long-term storage while loading up the usb drive for a trip.  this great show was shared by ‘frekem’ in sept 2010. richard “groove” holmes quartet international jazz fest amsterdam, netherlands 29 september 1985 richard “groove” holmes (org) [Read more…]