Feb 102018
erich kleinschuster - 1969 & 1970, orf studios, vienna austria

it’s the day for vienna, i guess.  had some trouble finding something that i felt like listening to (i’d been listening to a tom waits show and was thinking of posting it here, but it seems to be both on 100 greatest bootlegs and also on past daily.  sometimes, one little thing…).  but seriously, after [Read more…]

Feb 032018
margaret parsons jazz group - 7 sept 2007, saxx lounge, charlottesville va

this is one of my favorite lounge recordings, with that bit of background noise giving atmosphere but not taking too much away from the music.  only problem (if it is that) is that you need to turn this up a bit.  a nice collection of classics, including one of my favorites ‘willow weep for me’ [Read more…]

Jan 312018

piano & guitar is a great combination.  and then when you add in harry sweets edison & james moody on a few tracks… lutherhughes.com paulkreibich.com/paul/home.html frankpotenza.com gene harris quartet yoshi’s oakland, ca 1 january 1999 gene harris – piano luther hughes – bass paul kreibich – drums frank potenza – guitar special guests: harry “sweets” [Read more…]

Jan 252018

‘survivor69’ who uploaded this on dime in late 2010 called this ‘this is “average” jazz (and i nowhere mean it badly) like you heard it hundreds of time‘.  maybe…  i was listening to it earlier today, while listening to it while working away like mad, and it was just right for the moment.  maybe ‘straight [Read more…]

Jan 212018

i ran across this just after posting the jazzmeia horn show, and they’re good companion pieces, even if this is more than twice as old as ms. horn!  this lh&r show seems to be all over the internet (mostly bootlegs), but it always comes back to gordon skene.  and this version too was originally from [Read more…]

Jan 152018

this is another of the few shows that i download from dime and almost immediately post here.  this was uploaded on dime by ‘kingfrippson’ earlier this month and i just absolutely loved it.  not much else to say?  next stop, an online cd purchase, perhaps? www.theartistryofjazzhorn.com jazzmeia horn opera garnier monte carlo, france 20 nov [Read more…]

Jan 122018
azar lawrence - 15 may 2016, konzertscheune buchmannhof, diersbach, austria

here’s one of the shows from our little trip over the holidays.  another of the many shows shared on dime by ‘unclewolfi’.  lets give him a tip o’ the hat. azarlawrence.com www.gadilehavi.com www.wolframderschmidt.com dusan novakov azar lawrence quartet ‘tribute to mccoy tyner’ inntoene festival konzertscheune buchmannhof diersbach, austria 15 may 2016 azar lawrence – ts gadi [Read more…]

Jan 012018

happy new year!  i’m on the road visiting family, and using my trusty mobile wifi unit.  just relaxing before meeting friends later, and can’t take the heat in the living room (literally… it feels like 35 degrees [like 95 or so, if you’re in the u.s.] in there, i keep passing out from the heat).  [Read more…]

Dec 202017

here’s the next of tonight’s random little twosome.  (unrelated:  in korea, there’s a chain of coffee shops called ‘a twosome place’.  took me a while to figure that one out.)  ‘cosmikd’ shared this on dime in march 2014. www.gaelhorellou.com www.abrahamburtonjazz.com www.etiennedeconfin.com viktornyberg.weebly.com antoine paganotti gaël horellou quartet guest abraham burton studio charles trenet, maison de [Read more…]

Dec 202017

here’s a quick upload.  i was listening to this back-to-back with the gaël horellou quartet w/ guest abraham burton from 2014 in paris.  a random choice:  the first two shows with foldernames starting with “g”.  sometimes, a bit of randomness & serendipity can pay off.  this was shared on dime by ‘survivor69’ in sept 2013. [Read more…]