Jan 072023

searching the internet for ‘chet baker tribute’ will give you absolutely no end of actual hits.  and no wonder.  this is a lovely fm recording, interspersed with interviews (in french).  happy new year!

a tribute to chet baker
including eric le lann, philip catherine, enrico pieranunzi, ricardo del fra
grand studio rtl
paris, france
10 june 2013

eric le lann, trumpet
jérôme barde, guitar
sylvain romano, bass

01- portrait in black and white
02- ut
03- interview of eric le lann

ricardo del fra, bass
philip catherine, guitar

04- i’m a fool to want you
05- interview of philip catherine and ricardo del fra

enrico pieranunzi, piano

06- from e to c
07- interview of enrico pieranunzi

enrico pieranunzi, piano
ricardo del fra, bass
philip catherine, guitar

08- beatrice

eric le lann, trumpet
enrico pieranunzi, piano
ricardo del fra, bass
philip catherine, guitar

09- ut

50 minutes

source : rtl (fm) / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: t08_Beatrice_320k.mp3
download: ChetBakerTribute_2013-06-10_ParisFrance.zip

image:  photo of chet baker from the internet.  i have no details on this.

Nov 192016

coryell-catherine-grappelli-nhop-1980-05-03-paris-front-cover-300x300here’s a show featuring nhop – niels henning orsted pedersen.  a danish friend of mine & i were talking about nhop, so i ended up listening to most of the shows that i have with nhop (before making copies for her), and plan to share a few of those here.  unless i get distracted, in which case there’ll be something else.

speaking of nhop…. over on ubu roi, you should still be able to download hank mobley in copenhagen, march 1968, featuring nhop along with albert ‘tootie’ heath & kenny drew.  and the last posting at bogard’s jazz spot is available: martial solal & nhop, at the philharmonie in berlin, november 1976 (it’s mp3 though).

larry coryell, philip catherine, stephane grappelli, niels henning orsted pedersen
espace cardin
paris, france
3 may 1980

larry coryell – guitar
philip catherine – guitar
stephane grappelli – violin
niels henning orsted pedersen – drums

1. my serenade
2. autumn leaves
3. swing guitars
4. tears
5. are you in the mood?
6. nuages
7. minor swing
8. blues for django and stephane

source: fm from reel master
tape reel on akai deck, zoom h4, sd card to pc, audacity (volume & tracks), flac (tlh).

seeder’s comments:
i recorded this with my akai reel to reel machine in 1980.
this deck lost condition some years ago and i recently did my best to give him
a better health.
so, at the moment, i’m able to rip some old interesting recordings.
this one never saw the light of day until now and i don’t see any other version
of this show on the tracker.

sample: t03 swing guitars.mp3
download: LCoryell_PhCatherine_SGrappelli_NHOP_1980-05-03_ParisFrance.zip