Dec 262022

unfortunately, i’ve missed downloading a couple of ellen christi shows, but that’s ok, i’m sure i can find some of her cd’s for sale.  though, with the range of styles she can (and, apparently, will) sing, it remains to be seen if i will have chosen well in my purchase.  i find this very hard to describe, but there’s a sample as alway.  if you like this, a venue called roulette, in brooklyn, has a recording of mark hennen, ellen christi & drummer jackson krall show on 6-mar-1985 available on their website.

a week or two ago, i was again at the workmans club down on wellington quay, for a dublin jazz co-op show:  thomas schuttenhelm & sam perkin.  it sounded interesting & was but i wasn’t sure i’d enjoy it.  but enjoy it, i did!  it was super!  and music to make you think and to be thought about.  i had a nice chat with thomas schuttenhelm afterwards, a very interesting fellow (no surprise that!).  check ’em both out!

ellen christi / mark hennen duo
“the joint”, wbrs-fm
winer wing, usdan student center
brandeis university
waltham, ma
26 september 1985

ellen christi – vocals
mark hennen – piano  also this link

no setlist

total time 61:02

sourced from cassettes copied from the master tapes
1st gen cassette(dolby c on)>denon drm-555>sony pcm-d50(16 bit/44.1 khz)>cdwav>flac(level 6)

sample: t02 unknown title 256k.mp3

picture: ellen christi in avellino, in 1990. cropped screenshot of a youtube video.

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