Jun 112016

CD Front Insertnow it’s time for some pharoah sanders!  i can’t really listen to very much & do anything else, as it’s just too distracting.  so giving this a good listen has been difficult, but now it’s the weekend… enjoy!

pharoah sanders quartet
ancona teatro sperimentale
ancona, italy
20 dec 1985

pharoah sanders ts, voc
kirk lightsey p
reggie johnson b
alvin queen dr

1 (cd 1 01) doktor pitt (sanders) 12:20a/24:27b – (24:25)
2 (cd 1 02) naima (coltrane) 17:23a/17:28b – (17:28)
3 (cd 2 01) blues for santa cruz (sanders) 18:55a/18:51b – (18:49)
4 (cd 2 02) heart is a melody (sanders) 10:47a/10:10b – (10:08)
5 (cd 2 03) you’ve got to have freedom (sanders) 13:36b – (13:36)

source (per original info file): aud > ? > cdr > wav > flac 6

times (in parentheses) are actual track times.
times with “a” or “b” are per the pharoah sanders sessionography at
a – from tv transmission.
b – audience recording
so this appears to be the audience recording.

sample: t203 youve got to have freedom.mp3
download: PharoahSanders_1985-12-20_AnconaItaly.zip

Sep 262014

sticking with that “graz” theme, here’s another that i downloaded at around the same time (mid 2011), also from a performance in graz.  but the similarities end there a bit… 11 trombonists vs 2 pianists?  hmmm.  both good, a bit different though.

the announcer does chat a bit between tracks, though, but not too much (unlike, say, most french announcers).

slide hampton & the world of trombones
graz, austria
11 august 2000
(“jazzsommer graz”)

locksley ‘slide’ hampton, robin eubanks, curtis fuller, earl mcintyre, benny powell, andrew williams, john david gibson, delfeayo marsalis, dennis wilson, douglas purviance, erich kleinschuster* (tb), dado moroni (p), reggie johnson (b), alvin queen (dr)

disc 1:

01. radio intro (0:54)
02. lester leaps in (14:06)
03. stolen moments (13:34)
04. someday my prince will come (10:02)
05. blues for erich* (16:10, fade out)

disc 2:

01. tune up (10:11)
02. lush life (10:52)
03: lament* (12:20)
04. maiden voyage* (8:26, fade-out)

lineage: orf radio broadcasts > analogue cable > dat (48 khz) > cd > hdd > audacity (tracking, editing) > flac 8

sound quality: a

sample:  04 maiden voyage.mp3

download: SlideHampton_Graz_2000-08-11.zip