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here’s a group that i’ve been listening to a lot over the past week.  these guys sound like a whole lot of fun to see live; i hope they make somewhere (near) where i happen to be sometime.

jazzdor strasbourg-berlin festival
kesselhaus kulturbrauerei
berlin, germany
03.june 2014

quentin ghomari – tp, tb
raphaël quenehen – sax
sébastien palis – p, b3, acc
thibault cellier – b
jérémie piazza – dr

01. baleze (sebastian palis) 08:22
02. announcement raphaël quenehen 00:40
03. skätefilk (sebastian palis) 08:24
04. auprès des douces eaux (quentin ghomari) 05:03
05. announcement raphaël quenehen00:22
06. chameau (sebastian palis) 07:08
07. announcement raphaël quenehen 00:48
08. gibril circus (quentin ghomari) 10:02
09. announcement raphaël quenehen 00:51
10. funeral boogaloo (sebastian palis) 10:11

tt 55:54

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – dlf]


sample: t06 chameau 256k.mp3
download: Papanosh_2014-06-03_KesselhausKulturbrauerei_BerlinGermany.zip

photo:  shared by ‘unclewolfi’ when uploaded to dime.

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