Jun 182021

thanks to the kind efforts of csatennis, i associate jazz in upstate new york with italian-american hard boppers.  today, we have a knockout of a show by the great stanley turrentine, up schenectedy way back in 1998, so maybe there is something about hard bop and that part of the empire state…

anyway, as i often do (you may have noticed), i listened to the same artist all day long, and yesterday (& into today!) was a stanley turrentine period.  this was the last of several shows in the block, and by far the best (both the music and the recording).  it’s sad to think that he died at only 66 — not that old, not even in 2000.

stanley turrentine quintet
the van dyck
schenectedy, ny
7 feb 1998
late show

stanley turrentine – saxophone
dave stryker – guitar
jerry jones – drums
james king – bass
kei akagi – piano / keys

one set
1. bolivia (cedar walton’s), w/o turrentine (8:56)
2. introducing turrentine (0:29)
3. the way you look tonight (jerome kern) (16:19)
4. impressions (john coltrane) > (12:48)
5. my romance (13:35)
6. triste (antonio carlos joabim) (8:28)
7. sugar (stanley turrentine) (11:56)
8. band intros > outro (1:47)
9. crowd (0:36)

10. ? (w/o turrentine) (7:32)

tt 1:22:25

source: ecm 727 > dat (likely d8)
transfer: mdat > fostex d-15 > ardour @ 48k
master: wavelab 6.10 (tracking; remove dc offset; 48 > 44.1 via crystal resampler; ozone 3 to increase loudness) > flac

a sweet show by the sugar man, recorded at the center of the room right at the top of the stairs, mics clipped to the taper’s chest. sound quality is excellent.

there are about 4 seconds of intermittent, very light static during the way you look tonight. it has been fixed, somewhat, but is still audible. sorry.

stanley turrentine passed away on september 12, 2000.

thanks to tom reizes for the dat.


–mhg :: 08/14/12

june 2021: setlist updated per comments on dime tracker webpage in 2012. info file slightly re-arranged also.

sample: t01 triste 256k.mp3
download: StanleyTurrentine_1998-02-07_TheVanDyck_SchenectedyNY.zip

image from a youtube screen-grab, dated 1998, venue unknown.

Jun 182021

sadly for us, josé miguel lopez, the host of discópolis & discópolis jazz, is about to retire, after an unbelievable 44 — that’s forty-count-em-four — years with radio nacional de españa and over 11,300 discópolis shows (including the discópolis jazz shows). i’m not sure what will take over that slot in the rne radio 3 schedule, hopefully something along the same lines. this sunday is the last broadcast of ‘discópolis jazz’ before he retires.

adios, josé miguel, ¡un abrazo muy fuerte!

Jun 132021
jasper van’t hof - w/archie shepp, 1 nov 2014, berlin germany & solo 5 sept 1979 debrecen, hungary

here’s a couple of shows by jasper van’t hof, first a very short show at the berlin jazzfest with archie shepp that i downloaded back in 2014, which i really loved (are we back to the “duo” theme?), and then, being in a jasper mood, an older solo show which was on dime last month.  [Read more…]

Jun 102021
geoff goodman quartet - 24 feb 2005, swr nowjazz meeting, karlsruhe, germany

this performance appears to have been sort of half way through the middle of recording tall tales and dreams, which included all the same musicians (and a few more), and perhaps some of the same songs. “nowjazz meeting” is in the info file… at first i thought that was a typo (“newjazz”?), but now i’m [Read more…]

Jun 092021
eddie daniels and roger kellaway - 13-mar-2013, dizzy's, new york city, ny, usa

this is a pretty good audio recording of a great show.  duos are always nice, especially when it’s two musicians who have played together, and gotten on well, for a long time.  actually, i was listening to another such duo, paul barrere & fred tackett , just last weekend in the car, cruising through west [Read more…]

Jun 022021
jazz i am - 9, 10 & 11 dec 2020, fabra i coats, barcelona, spain

here’s a real treat: the showcase performances from the 2020 jazz i am in barcelona.  most of the showcases are from discópolis jazz on rtve radio 3, except one.  the 12 showcases were around 30 minutes each, so it’s fairly long in total, but of course you can listen in bite-sized half-hour segments.  and if [Read more…]

May 272021
michel legrand - extracts - jacques demy tribute (1990) & michel legrand quintet (1992)

the two parts of this michel legrand broadcast are very different.  the first being a solo performance of jacque demy’s wistful songs, and the second a much jazzier performance with his quintet.  you might want to split them into two separate folders even, but these are unfortunately just extracts, so neither part would be terribly [Read more…]

May 262021
ronnie cuber quartet - 15 oct 2010, duc des lombards, paris, france

here’s one of two ronnie cuber shows that i have.  a little baritone sax as we roll towards summer.  indeed it almost seemed like summer today, or perhaps that was the summer, and we’re back to our perpetual, wet, spring again.  fingers crossed! also, i’ve added the same ripped-off image as a floating logo here [Read more…]

May 202021
eddy louiss multicolor feeling - 23 june 1983, studio 104, paris, france

where has this show been my whole life?  actually, i was listening to eberhard weber, whose music wikipedia describes as “characteristic examples of the ecm records sound” immediately before, and so this came across like a breath of fresh air which was a bit of a surprise as i do like “the ecm sound” if [Read more…]

May 182021

today was a pablo held day, for no particular reason but a good choice.  i nearly picked a great show where pablo held is joined by chris potter , but in the end, this organ-trumpet combination won out.  both shows are mostly his compositions, which only made the choice more difficult. you’ll be no doubt [Read more…]