Aug 022021

this looks like a very interesting pair of series on jazz, here from wtju-fm,  uva, charlottesville, va.

jazz at 100

in early 1917, the original dixieland jazz band made the first jazz recording. over the next 100 years we have heard transcendent leaps of creativity and staggering virtuosity; we have experienced the music of crushing pain, breathless romance, anger, exhilaration and humor. “jazz at 100” is that story – one hundred years of jazz recordings – in 100 one-hour programs that will present representative music from a century of recorded jazz history. the series will explore the broad sweep of that narrative; its representative and its idiosyncratic players; its durable movements and dead ends; its popular recordings and rarities.

and it’s continuation series, jazz at 100 today!

because we have virtually instant access to 100 years of recorded jazz, documenting broad sweeps of creativity and innovation, it can be difficult for today’s working musicians to be heard. a successor to the celebrated jazz at 100 series, jazz at 100 today! gives voice to the current jazz scene and celebrates the incredible music of the living treasures who keep pushing boundaries while standing on the shoulders of giants.


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Jul 282021

wooph!  how things work out!  i started out a little while ago all set to upload an absolutely super show by jackie mclean in old cabell hall at the university of virginia, only to find it was already on nowbodhi’s☾✺☽blissness☯ (hope those characters show up ok!).   slightly different tracking than my copy, but definitely the same recording, you should totally have a listen.  by then i was sort of over-full with jackie mclean anyway, having listened to him all day long, and ended up just a few bars down the “j’s” with this stunning show by james carter (not to be confused betty, ron, or benny carter, whose shows are also available here).  another little jem lurking away!  and, double bonus, nowbodhi was a new find for me as well!

i’m off on vacation for 3 weeks (well, a bit of work will need to be done, but mostly vacation), so things might be a bit slow around here.  or not — taking the laptops, main usb drive and speakers, so who knows?  still, don’t hold your breath, and have a good august!  that reminds me, need to backup that monster before i go…

james carter’s organ trio
jazz en touraine
montlouis-sur-loire, france
14 sept 2012

james carter saxophones, flute
gerard gibbs organ
leonard king drums

01- jc talks 1:32
02- rouge 10:27
03- the hard blues 16:50
04- killer joe 16:01
05- ut (fades out) 13:36
06- ut (fades in) 5:03
07- milestones 10:06
08- ut 13:53

tt 1:27:27

source : tsf (fm) / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

updated to reflect gerald gibbs being on organ, not bass.

sample: t03 the hard blues 256k.mp3

pic is a youtube screen grab, from a jcot show at miles davis hall, montreux, switzerland on 7 july 2012

Jul 232021
eight bold souls - 24 aug 1986, festival de meer vaart, amsterdam, nl

i’m really not sure what to say about this show.  different parts of the show elicited very different reactions from me (though i did enjoy it all), so i’m really not sure what to make of it, except that it’s for listening to, not for my car.  when he seeded it in 2018, ‘carville’ noted [Read more…]

Jul 222021
sligo jazz festival 2021

enjoying the sligo jazz festival, streaming/playback free on youtube, with lots of details on either or  (and donations are accepted for the festival!).  @sligojazz on twitter.

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Jul 172021
pete york trio - 14 sept 2013, birdland, neuburg a.d.d., germany

a fine selection of familiar tunes, something i can listen to again and again, including one of my personal favorites ‘sing, sing, sing’, or as keely smith has it, in what is definitely my favorite version on the eponymous cd, ‘swing, swing, swing’; but the version here was a very pleasant surprise.  crank it up, [Read more…]

Jul 072021
julian siegel quartet - 18 mar 2018, the vortex club, london, uk

just something i enjoyed listening to earlier today. i’ve been listening to a few shows online this week, for a change, from smalls and the king georg.  any recommendation for other clubs with a decent online presence?  my local favorite (arthur’s, natch! and not an overly long walk!) has been closed for the duration, though [Read more…]

Jul 042021
graham collier dozen - 10 july 1968, bbc radio 3, london, uk

reading about graham collier in his cuneiform bio, i kinda feel as if he’s the most famous british jazz musician that i’ve never heard of.  actually, this recording isn’t great, but i like this so much, here it is anyway — it was a phenomenal show.  as various people commented on propylaen’s 2018 seed on [Read more…]

Jun 262021
michel benita quartet feat. erik truffaz - 25 june 2006, anfiteatro fausto, terni, umbria, italy

i’m with metro_cubo, who taped this:  “when i taped this show, i wanted to listen to it once more right away”.  a few parts of this recording reminded me of cds from ninja tunes that i’d get from my late friend george gelestino back in the early 1990s.  george & his wife sali were two [Read more…]

Jun 182021
stanley turrentine quintet - 7 feb 1998, the van dyck, schenectedy, ny, usa

thanks to the kind efforts of csatennis, i associate jazz in upstate new york with italian-american hard boppers.  today, we have a knockout of a show by the great stanley turrentine, up schenectedy way back in 1998, so maybe there is something about hard bop and that part of the empire state… anyway, as i [Read more…]