Apr 082021

another b3 great, joey defrancesco!  this was actually sitting quietly in a tab in foobar2000 for a while — after giving it another listen, i might just keep that tab open… no seriously,  this is a real picker-upper if you’re feeling a bit lethargic.  good party music too, not that we’re going to a lot of parties just now.  go wild!

joey defrancesco trio
duc des lombards
paris, france
11 may 2015
early set

joey defrancesco, hammond b-3 organ, trumpet, vocals
dan wilson, guitar
jason brown, drums

01- ut
02- ut
03- up jump spring
04- i wish your love
05- who shot john ?
06- ut
07- ut

68 minutes

source : tsf, fm / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: JoeyDeFrancesco_2015-08-11_DucdesLombards_t05_256k
download: JoeyDeFrancesco_2015-08-11_DucdesLombards_ParisFrance.zip

Apr 032021

it’s getting very hard to find anything to post here as there is simply so much coming through on dime at the moment.  i cannot keep up (not that anyone can, but…) and it’s even harder on a long weekend like this one, not spending hours a day enjoying the jazz while i work (all in all, i’ll take the weekend 🙂 ).  it’s the opposite of the old joke about the food.

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Mar 302021

here’s a ‘two-fer’ of shows featuring sarah tandy, that i was listening to last week.  after plucking the show with silke eberhard out of the archive, i remembered the other show.  they’re nice companion pieces, and were both shared on dime by unclewolfi (another tip o’ the hat).  the second show is mostly pieces composed [Read more…]

Mar 282021

here’s something a little more contemplative (is that the word i’m looking for?), which was on the play list early this last week.  this sort of thing can be very difficult to listen to live:  your mind starts to wander and in the end you attention drifts away down little sidetracks.  this is not a [Read more…]

Mar 252021

what i was listening to for most of yesterday, when not on phone calls that is!  this is the only show that i have with john handy as leader, but at around 3 hours (!)…  very refreshing! john handy quintet storyville jazz club san francisco, ca usa 31 march 1997 jerry hahn – guitar don [Read more…]

Mar 052021

here’s another of the occasional posts of shows only very recently on dime.  enjoy! also in the news, i’ve caught up the postings page — over 400 posts, and a slightly greater number of shows (when you consider a few multi-show postings and the occasional ‘twofer’). purple is the color radiokulturhaus vienna, austria 16.10.2020 simon raab [Read more…]

Feb 232021

another concert featuring the organ, from the great rhoda scott and la velle.  i’m not familiar with la velle, perhaps because she spent most of her life in france (thanks, internet!), but she’s well matched with rhoda scott, and it’s a super show — really sounds as if they were having a lot of fun, [Read more…]

Feb 212021

i’ve been listening to a lot of organ jazz lately (as i mentioned?) and dredging through the back catalogue of shows that haven’t been listened to in a while for more of the same.  this was something i recorded off the air over 13 years ago, from rté’s sadly discontinued show the third wave, back [Read more…]