Jul 092020

here’s a pair of shows from drummer ed blackwell with ahmed abdullah on trumpet.  i’ve been meaning to share the 1979 nyc show for some time, ages actually.   but like so much, i never got around to it.  then, on a sort of “ed blackwell day” on tuesday, i thought the 1994 montreal show needed to be included as well, to make a little “two-fer”, though i’d reseeded it on dime around a year ago.  if you like ahmed abdullah (as i obviously do), i shared a pair of back-to-back shows in old cabell hall at uva & the next day at d.c.space. back in 2017.

in unrelated news, if you’re partial to drummer paul motian, check out uncle paul’s jazz closet, the blog of his niece’s radio show dedicated to her uncle paul motian.  nice, historical and kinda sweet.

ed blackwell quartet
tin palace
nyc, ny
3 december 1979

ed blackwell – drums
ahmed abdullah – trumpet
charles brackeen – tenor saxophone
mark helias – bass

1 intro
2 ut
3 ut
4 ut

tt 33:00

broadcast on wkcr

ed blackwell
theatre du nouveau monde
montreal jazz fest.,
montreal, quebec, canada
4 july 1991

ed blackwell – drums
carlos ward – flute & alto sax
mark helias – acoustic bass
ahmed abdullah – trumpet

1. announcer and introduction from stage (03:12)
2. unknown (10:45)
3. pettiford bridge (carlos ward) (12:34)
4. beau regard (mark helias) (11:17)
5. unknown (10:07)
6. pentahouve (mark helias) (08:26)
7. mallet song (carlos ward) –> grandma’s shoes (carlos ward) (15:52)
8. lito, part i-iii (carlos ward) (incomplete) –> announcer outro (04:09)

(thanks trane time)
8 cuts

tt 1:16:25

source: trade cd> fm recording > db power> traders little helper> flac (level 8)

fm a

cbc-cbof fm “jazz sur le vif”

sample: ed blackwell 1979-12-03 (4tet) tin palace, nyc t03 ut.mp3  and  ed blackwell 1991-07-04 montreal t02 ut.mp3
downloads: EdBlackwell_1979-12-03_TinPalace_NYC.zip  &  EdBlackwell_1991-07-04_MontrealQCCanada.zip

Jun 282020

time for something a little lighthearted jazz theatre.  dr. pinch himself is a bit over the top, layering on his character a bit thick, but what can you expect from “a minor character from the comedy of errors“?  and the pinchtones are marvelous.  they’d be a fun band to have at a garden party, if you lived in los angeles and had lots of money.  or at a wedding, except the doctor would no doubt try to steal the show…

dr pinch and the pinchtones
union station 75th anniversary
union station, south patio stage
los angeles, ca
3 may 2014

lineup – unknown but possibly:
mary goodchild as hilda (percussions & vocals)
ashley dewitt as ida (vocals))
jim lang as herr lang (piano)
garret lang as giert (bass)
david melville as dr pinch (vocals & announcer)

01 stirred by a spoon 1:48
02 winter in my heart 3:38
03 your secret is safe with me 2:47
04 better than dreams 1:57
05 swing on a vine 2:58
06 ut 3:36
07 i lose my concentration 2:30
08 ut 2:02
09 i am still in love with you 2:36
10 every little raindrop 2:53
11 ut 2:19
12 snow in georgia 3:57
13 i’ll see you in my dreams 3:26
14 bei mir bist du schön 4:38


dsm6 -> pac6lc3b -> r-09hr -> soundforge -> flac


samples: t05 swing on a vine.mp3t07 i lose my concentration.mp3
download: DrPinch_2014-05-03_UnionStation_LosAngelesCA.zip

Jun 192020

here’s what i’m listening to just this minute.  it’s another fair sized group — this is not an intentional theme, btw  — but i think quite different to the last two.  no tracking on this, as it’s a video demux (so .ac3 format), but i haven’t seen many good places to break it into tracks [Read more…]

Jun 112020

Following the darcy james argue show, here’s another couple of shows with large groups, both led by maria schneider.  i had trouble deciding between the ndr big band and the parco della musica jazz orchestra, so why not both?  nothing exceeds like excess.   funny, i didn’t set out to have another big band / jazz [Read more…]

May 312020

this bubbled up to the surface a couple of days ago, and i’ve listened to it a few times since.  the info file has one of the best commentaries i’ve read in an info file in a very long time – i’ll quote just a tiny bit, that nicely sums up the secret society (and [Read more…]

May 292020

yesterday was al cohn day, i feel as if i’ve listened to every al cohn show that i have (well, a lot anyway!).  i was going to share one of his shows (up next!), but this little jem from jim galloway, featuring al cohn and eddie lockjaw davis, has elbowed its way to the front [Read more…]

May 212020
keyon harrold & band - 4 july 2018, ronnie scott's, london, uk

this was up on dime just in the past week or two, and it really hit the spot.  enjoy! btw, his website is really hard to load as it has bad certificates; try twitter or instagram instead. keyon harrold & band ronnie scott’s london, uk 04. july 2018 keyon harrold – tp, voc shedrick mitchell [Read more…]

May 162020

here’s another, brazilian-flavoured, concert featuring la vie en rose.  this is very baffling, as the name cyrille aimee seems very familiar yet i don’t remember ever listening to this performance.  whatever, it’s a very sweet show, and i particularly liked cyrille’s solo fortunate son, accompany herself via the loop pedal.  i appreciated also the comments from [Read more…]

May 162020
jermaine landsberger trio feat. sandro roy - 20 nov 2019, br münchner funkhaus, munich, germany

here’s another show that popped up on the search for la vie en rose.  very different to the last one.  who doesn’t like piano jazz?  well, i do get tired of that sometimes (hard to believe, eh?), but i never tire of a good piano-violin quartet like this one.  this was shared by ‘jazzrita’, whose fine [Read more…]