Jan 162022

first, happy new year to everyone!

this show wasn’t too long after the trio issued good times, in 2016.  the bayreuth.de website (& maybe originally a press release) describes that album as “the three full blood jazz musicians trace their roots back to their parents’ sounds. the result is a tribute to the deep, classic sound of the piano trios in the 1960s.”  i couldn’t (as in, literally couldn’t) have said it better myself.

ulf kleiner – hanns höhn – david meisenzahl
darmstadt, germany
21 oct 2017

ulf kleiner – piano
hanns höhn – bass
david meisenzahl – drums

101 carioca(vincent youman) 6:06
102 amanka (phil bodner) 7:00
103 good times (ulf kleiner) 6:43
104 the groove of love (ulf kleiner) 5:15
105 you must believe in spring (michel legrand) 8:15
106 cuban jam (kleiner/höhn/meisenzahl) 4:57
201 my ideal (richard a. whiting) 8:00
202 without a song (vincent youman) 7:11
203 the look of love (burt bacharach) 7:23
204 mo‘ better blues (bill lee) 6:47
205 the shadow of your smile (johnny mandel) 7:44
206 pieciu piwo prosce 7:50
207 myer‘s waltz 5:11

total time: 1:28:22

lineage: line audio cm3 > sommer cable neutrik nc3 mxx-emc xlr >
zoom h5 with external battery > audacity (editing > flac) > hdd

recording and editing: jaype
seeded on dime 2017-11-10

sample: Good Times (Ulf Kleiner)
download: Ulf Kleiner-Hanns Hoehn-David Meisenzahl 2017-10-21 Darmstadt Germany.zip

image:  stock photo from the internet

Dec 272021

a little out of alphabetical order (but then i’m going by the first letter of the first word, i.e. cheating anyway), here’s a super show that i downloaded just over a decade ago — the only thing that i have by the reiner heute – ludwig nuss quintet.  the balance among the various instruments is very nice, i.e. it makes me feel that “quintet” doesn’t just reflect the number of musicians.

reiner heute – ludwig nuss quintet
mannheim, germany
‘alte feuerwache’
12. april 1994

reiner heute – sax
ludwig nuss – trombone
thilo wagner – piano
wolfgang mörike – bass
matthias danneck – drums

01. ?
02. ?
03. polka dots & moonbeams
04. magpie
05. announcement reiner heute
06. ?
07. ?
08. you’re so far away
09. sparkling
10. lost in the stars
11. milkyway
12. line for lions (fades out, end of broadcast)

tt 1:28:02

fm-master-cassettes>acoustica wave editor>hd>cdwav>2cdr’s>eac>hd>flac, level 8>2cdr’s (audio) or cdr (flac)

sample: Reiner Heute – Ludwig Nuss 5tet 1994-04-12 Mannheim t04 magpie 256k
download: ReinerHeute_LudwigNuss_1994-04-12_MannheimGermany.zip

photo:  stock photo of ludwig nuss, from the internet

Dec 212021
tiger okoshi quintet 1984-08-28 willow jazz club, somerville, ma, usa

my favorite of several recordings shared by ‘glasnostrd19′ of tiger okoshi at the willow in somerville, ma.  it’s another of those locations that i vaguely feel that i know just from the recordings there, a topic that i’ve touched on before.  other places in that general neck of the woods would  include the sidedoor jazz [Read more…]

Dec 182021

you often wonder about the names of groups, where they come from, what they mean, and i’m left wondering in this case.  anyway, a good show for these short, grey days, a bit slow and somber at times.  the white russian 5tet cd was zerafa’s first cd as leader. sandro zerafa white russian 5tet studio [Read more…]

Dec 122021
quincy jones band - 1975-xx-xx, midnight hour, clover studios, hollywood, ca, usa

i think the band was a version of the lineup on ‘mellow madness’ (1975), based on a japanese bootleg version of this (details in the info file), but possibly the entire crew as the lineup included “and other unknown members”.  super quality, i didn’t notice the fm crackling, but then if you’re “multitasking”, nothing gets [Read more…]

Dec 102021
pat martino & jim ridl - 20 jan 2001, the tin angel, philadelphia, pa

first, r.i.p. pat martino. this show is a bit after nexus, which is recordings of pat martino and jim ridl at the tin angel in the mid-1990’s, in fact there’s only one song in common, ‘recollection’.  i’ve been meaning to upload this for a couple of weeks, but instead it’s been sitting in foobar2000 getting [Read more…]

Nov 262021
oregon - 16 oct 1976, the cellar door, washington, dc, usa

here’s another show from the eponymous “dc”, upped on dime in 2014.  a lovely recording, i’m kinda surprised at “portable hitachi mono recorder, with manually set levels, and tdk conventional bias cassettes.”  ol’ dc knew their stuff, i guess! oregon the cellar door washington, dc 16 october 1976 ralph towner – guitar,piano, tp glen moore [Read more…]

Nov 192021
nicola conte - 29 oct 2008 w/kim sanders, quasimodi, berlin, germany & nicola conte w/alice ricciardi & nailah porter, 21 may 2011, teatro piccinni, bari, italy

i liked the 2008 show so much i played the 2011 show right after (both included here) and then two more, from 2008 & 2014.  guess i was in a bit of a nicola conte mood.  i’ve  noted the vocalists in the post title as they’re essential to both these shows.  while i wouldn’t describe [Read more…]

Nov 082021
malcolm goldstein ensemble - 18 jan 1986, martin luther king public library, washington, dc, usa

one of a number of great shows, mostly from washington dc, shared by ‘carville’ on dime, and originally from “‘dc,’ our anonymous donor”.  although i was living in dc at the time, this is not something that i would have gone to, as i would not have liked it then. i like it more now, [Read more…]

Nov 082021
louis smith quartet - 2 sept 2000, detroit jazz festival, hart plaza, detroit, mi, usa

this was near the end of louis smith’s career, about which i found little other than his wikipedia page and a number of very warm obituaries of a man who apparently did a lot for jazz in michigan as an educator and, sometimes, performer.  there are worse fates than to be remembered warmly as having [Read more…]