Jan 162020

i recently went to a super show at arthur’s here in dublin, take me to the alley – a night of gregory porter, by bobby mc.  it was a long show — two good sets, and bobby mc and the crowd were in great form.  as he said himself, he wasn’t trying to do a gregory porter tribute, or do gregory porter like gregory porter — which was wise.  but his own style was also well suited to the material.  so, a fun evening & definitely someone to keep an eye out for around here.  anyway, it’d been a while since i’d listened to anything by gregory porter, and it’s time to dust off this excellent show by the man himself and share it here.

(the original seeder on dime must be using some sort of actual database…. no doubt a far cry from my pokey little spreadsheet, and definitely much more detailed)

gregory porter – 2015-10-10 – paradiso – amsterdam

artist……………: gregory porter
album…………….: 2015-10-10 – paradiso – amsterdam
genre…………….: jazz
source……………: tascam dr-2d
year……………..: 2015
ripper……………: &
codec…………….: free lossless audio codec (flac)
version…………..: reference libflac 1.2.1 20070917
quality…………..: lossless, (avg. compression: 66 %)
channels………….: stereo / 48000 hz / 24 bit
tags……………..: vorbiscomment

ripped by…………: on 2015-10-11
posted by…………: on 2015-10-11
news server……….:
news group(s)……..:

included………….: nfo, md5


1. gregory porter – [intro] [00:37]
2. gregory porter – when did you learn [06:43]
3. gregory porter – on my way to harlem [09:08]
4. gregory porter – no love dying [06:32]
5. gregory porter – liquid spirit [06:22]
6. gregory porter – hey laura [04:32]
7. gregory porter – papa was a rolling stone (the temptations)[04:26]
8. gregory porter – musical genocide [09:53]
9. gregory porter – water under bridges [04:27]
10. gregory porter – work song (oscar brown jr) [11:09]
11. gregory porter – our love [08:17]
12. gregory porter – [banter] [01:58]
13. gregory porter – take me to the alley [07:57]
14. gregory porter – 1960 what [10:41]
15. gregory porter – [encore break] [01:17]
16. gregory porter – [new song] [05:50]
17. gregory porter – free [14:08]

playing time………: 01:54:05
total size………..: 1259,66 mb

nfo generated on…..: 2015-10-11 17:21:11

tascam dr-2d ->
wavelab v6.11 build 353 ->
cd wave editor v1.98

sample: t02 on my way to harlem.mp3
download: GregoryPorter_2015-10-10_Paradiso_AmsterdamNL.zip

Jan 142020

eddie harris isn’t a name that i hear very often, which is too bad, as it sounds as if he put on a great show.  this one also has constant bit of crowd noise that gives it the feel of a club; that can be good or bad, here i think it worked (though it needs turning up, or is it my ears?).  i knew i’d not listened to this in years as it was still in shn format (don’t see that much!)  which i’ve converted to flac.

eddie harris
la jolla, california
23 nov 1985

eddie harris – tenor sax
louis spears – bass
albert ‘tootie’ heath – drums
ray renaldo – congas

cd 1: 64:36
d1t01 ?
d1t02 ?
d1t03 equals love
d1t04 you stole my heart
d1t05 how can you live like that
d1t06 introductions and eddie talkin’ shit
d1t07 elario’s theme song
d1t08 ?

cd 2: 45:05
d2t01 ?
d2t02 ->milestones
d2t03 ?
d2t04 god bless the child
d2t05 that is why

cd 3: 46:07
d3t01 ?
d3t02 ?
d3t03 ?
d3t04 evil ways

master: (1) nakamichi cm 300 (with cp-1 capsule) > sony wm d-6c
cdr: yamaha kx393 > tascam cdrw 700 > eac > shntool join > sound forge 4.5 (to remove tape flips) > cdwav > mkwact

i originally downloaded jan-2009 from dime (#232127, seed by ‘abbcccus’) in shn format, and converted the files
to flac in jan 2020. as part of that, i slightly renamed the files from cd 1 to be consistent with the others
(though, would anyone break the show up into audio cds now?), created new checksum files and added this new info
file (original file retained).

sample: d2 t01 unknown.mp3
download: EddieHarris_1985-11-23_Elarios_LaJollaCA_FLAC.zip

Jan 042020

here’s a very nice trumpet-clarinet combo.  have i mentioned that lately i’m becoming more and more fond of the clarinet? ralph alessi/don byron quintet teatro comunale porto san giorgio, italy may 9, 2004 ralph alessi – trumpet don byron – clarinet andy milne – piano drew gress – bass shane endsley – drums 01 – [Read more…]

Jan 012020

happy new year!  i was spending a bit of time booking tickets for shows over the next few months, and listening to a concert by melanie de biasio.  and then one from a year later.  and it was still working very well for me, so what the heck?  one from the next year.  super.   so [Read more…]

Dec 252019

there are always a bunch of christmas jazz concerts floating around on dime, but this one by the incomparable clare teal is my favorite of the ones that i’ve downloaded.  it’s obvious:  she’s great, and just look at the tunes — a pantheon of christmas classics (her xmas cd is great too! and without the [Read more…]

Dec 202019

this is a fun show!  and bound to pick you up if you’re feeling a bit blue.  this reminded me of the great spike jones & the city slickers, but  in a small way — after all, a piano trio ain’t an orchestra.  on the other hand, i might put on a recording by hildegard [Read more…]

Dec 082019

i was listening to something else which was very good, but i got tired of it.  looking for something to cheer myself up, i noticed this show, or rather i noticed “albany, ny” and thought to myself ah, that must be one of those fantastic shows from upstate new york that csatennis has shared!  be [Read more…]

Dec 062019

accordion & piano or violin are both such lovely combinations.  this show is mostly compositions by either peirani or wollny, leavened with a bit of other stuff, including an old favorite oh shenandoah, which a close friend of mine sang a cappella for us recently, at a huge thanksgiving dinner he was hosting (a whole [Read more…]

Nov 302019

another one that’s been floating in my playlist for a while (n.b. this is 2 posts in 2 days – go back a day if you missed it!).  this was (re)seeded on dime by senormogul9 just over a year ago.  their comments (below) need nothing added about the show, and are a good insight into [Read more…]

Nov 302019

this isn’t very long, but i’ve quite enjoyed listening to it.  it’s made it onto the thumb drives in the car and my travel usb hdd.  as peterw (no relation) said “better than nothing”. shirley scott / david fathead newman trio copenhagen jazz festival copenhagen jazzhouse copenhagen, denmark july 11, 1996 shirley scott (hammond b3 [Read more…]