Nov 202017

it’s always a good time for something lighthearted & fun.  we have several of pink martini’s cds, but this is the only concert recording that i have of them, recorded & shared on dime by ‘zzzaccount’.

it’s only recorded on an iphone 5, but the sound is surprisingly good, and it sounds as if there was a lot of energy that night!

lets get this uploaded and go have a glass of wine!

pink martini
“jacarandas in bloom”
el plaza condesa
mexico city, mexico
14 march 2013

thomas m. lauderdale: piano
storm large: vocals
timothy nishimoto: vocals & percussion
gavin bondy: trumpet
robert taylor: trombone
brian lavern davis: congas, drums & percussion
pansy chang: cello
nicholas crosa: violin
dan faehnle: guitar
phil baker: contrabass
? : percussion and drums

cd 1

01 amado mio
02 quizás, quizás, quizás
03 mayonaka no bossa nova (midnight bossa nova)
04 ¿dónde estás, yolanda?
05 ?
06 and then you’re gone
07 but now i’m back
08 ?
09 veronique
10 the flying squirrel


cd 2

01 ?
02 in the blue dawn
03 splendor in the grass
04 anna (el negro zumbo?n)
05 romanza andaluza
06 ?
07 ?
08 ?
09 malagueña
10 (band intro)
11 piensa en mi

iphone 5 > > .aif 48000 hz • 16-bit • mono > audition cs 5.5 > .wav 44100 hz • 16-bit • stereo > max 0.9.1 > flac (level 5)

it was a real delight… a passionate performance with an outstanding sound. perfect to complement the beauty of mexico city at this time of the year with the thousands of jacarandas in bloom that adorn the city embellishing the dull & suffocating concrete with tiny violet flowers.
… of course it would have been nice to have an edirol or a zoom to record it… but the iphone was the only device handy… & i don’t have an edirol nor a zoom either.

sample:  cd1 t10 the flying squirrel.mp3

cover by ‘zzzaccount’

Nov 132017

i put this on sort of at random while rearranging the office/guestroom, and liked it so much that i’m uploading it now that the room is a bit better sorted out.  ok, it’s not actually a guestroom until the sofabed arrives, but soon…

it was a nice surprise to see that this was another show shared on dime by our unknown friends at planetfuncamp.  seems to always be “lisa e.” attending.  so, thanks to lisa e!  the comments below are hers, i think, and she’s quite right about yosvaney terry.

actually, i’ve come to realize that i’m a bit tired of piano jazz as such.  something like this, that mixes it up more, suits me better at the moment.

manuel valera quartet
the sidedoor jazz club
old lyme ct, usa
11 april 2014

manuel valera: piano
yosvaney terry: sax
junior terry: bass
ej strickland (?): drums

set i

01. introductions by ken
04. banter
06. banter
07. oblique
08. manuel introduces the father of ?
09. *

*guest on chekere

set ii

03. banter
05. banter & crowd
07. banter & crowd

recorded by: planetfuncamp
attendees: lisa e. & heather s.
location: table top behind piano
recorded using: teac vr-10 using internal mics set to +4
transfer: sdcard>wav>audacity(for tracking and labeling; nothing more)>flac>tracker>you

this was a very special night. this was the first time i saw yosvaney terry- the sax player.
i now get out to see him every chance i can. thank you manuel for that. he is so true to
his feeling and background when playing and composing. it was also special because
manuel had the father of something important up there to entertain us on the last tune of
the first set. what a great legacy moment that was. also, yosvaney was playing
that night with his brother literally behind him on bass. plus this night my sister was in
attendance as well as lisa e. and- of course- the music was the real star of that night!
enjoy… please,
and, as always,

peace and much groove from planetfuncamp

trade freely never sell trade freely never sell


sample: t05 unidentified.mp3

covers by pete

Oct 252017
sam rivers trio - 26 sept 1975, l'église notre-dame-des-blancs-manteaux, paris france

i was just trolling through the hard drive looking for something that didn’t look familiar (it’s been a good day), and saw a big bunch of sam rivers shows.  remember:  i’m not mr. memory.  so it was “sam who? and why do i have so many?”  curiously, i definitely disliked the first two that i [Read more…]

Oct 242017

some downloads will be available as bittorrent downloads as well as regular downloads.  i may update some existing links also.  if you use a bittorrent download, i’d appreciate some feedback.  thanks!

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Oct 222017

just heading home after a visit to raleigh, nc, usa, home of one of my favourite online stations, wncu fm. they were having – sorry, are still having – their fundraising week.  it’s one of two jazz stations on the internet radio in the kitchen at home (yes, wpfw fm in d.c. is the other, [Read more…]

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Oct 102017
buster williams quartet (w/ bruce williams) - 28 oct 2013, duc des lombards, paris, france

last month, the nice folks at ‘planetfuncamp’ (aka dime user ‘dagon333’) uploaded a 2014 buster williams show at the sidedoor jazz club in old lyme, ct.  i enjoyed it immensely (like all the planetfuncamp uploads by dagon333), in particular the saxophone, though the bass solo was definitely the highlight. i found that i had one [Read more…]

Oct 032017
sean jones quartet - 26 sept 2015, college of st benedict, st joseph mn, usa

here’s a little something that i was listening to over the weekend while doing a bit of work.  it’s a lovely quartet, and a very nice audience recording that ‘perks’ uploaded to dime three days after the show. mark whitfield jr. sean jones quartet gorecki family theater – college of saint benedict [Read more…]

Sep 292017

just installed an iogear 2-port hd-cable kvm switch (model gcs62su).  setup was easy, & it’s working great.  the audio however follows the kvm switch, which i don’t want.  my workaround is streamwhatyouhear, so the jazz plays on both home & work computers.   also, latency on my home computer: 10-15 seconds to switch the keyboard & [Read more…]

Sep 262017

even though i posted a george coleman show from 12 nov 1979 back in january this year, i can’t resist posting this one.  it’s a good recording but not perfect (the seeder or taper rated it b+), and oh my goodness but this goes on and on (though in fairness, it is over two nights). [Read more…]

Sep 192017

here’s another freddie hubbard show, from almost exactly 10 years later.  why have one when two will do as well or (as here) even better?  saturday turned into a bit of a hubbard-fest around here, not stopping with two shows, but that’s all for tonight. this was (re)seeded by ubu on dime back in 2008. [Read more…]