Dec 032022

these were both shared by ‘cosmikd’, years apart.  i was going to upload the 1988 show and then listened to the 2007 show & just had to go for a “twofer”.  of the two, i prefer the second (2007) simply because it has more elisabeth kontomanou and was mostly written by her.

alain jean-marie & elisabeth kontomanou quartet
studio 105, maison de la radio, paris, france
april 21, 1988

alain jean-marie (piano)
elisabeth kontomanou (vocals)
jean bardy (bass)
sangoma everett (drums)

01 search for peace (mccoy tyner) 7:33
02 deluge (wayne shorter) 9:30
03 this is new (kurt weill, ira gershwin) 7:01
04 ev’ry time we say goodbye (cole porter) / my ideal (newell chase, leo robin, richard a. whiting) 4:22
05 falling grace (steve swallow) 5:27
06 very early (bill evans) 7:35
07 italian sorrow (alain jean-marie) 2:55
08 straight, no chaser (thelonious monk) 6:44

tt 51:07

fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : les légendes du jazz, france musique, sept 19, 2020

elisabeth kontomanou quartet
festival jazz à vannes
jardin de limur, vannes, france
25 july 2007

elisabeth kontomanou (vocals)
manu codjia (guitar)
thomas bramerie (double bass)
donald kontomanou (drums)

1. talk 1:05
2. sunny (bobby hebb) 14:30
3. where i’m coming from (kontomanou) 8:29
4. the abuse (kontomanou) 4:30
5. black angel (kontomanou) 9:23
6. back to my groove (kontomanou) 9:01


fm > wav (wavelab) > flac (frontend level 8)
jazz sur le vif, france musique, 1 oct 2007
talk by xavier prévost

sample – 1988:  t06 very early 256k.mp3
sample – 2007:  t03 where i’m coming from 256k.mp3
downloads: and

image:  from the ‘jazz in langourla’ site, photo of elisabeth kontomanou aken at her 11-aug-2007 performance at the jazz in langourla festival.  used without permission.

Nov 112022
courtney pine quartet - 4 july 1987, rocca brancaleone, ravenna, italy

the very beginning to this isn’t great (and the cut-in doesn’t help!), so i nearly just moved on to something else, but fortunately stuck with it.  i might just spend the rest of today listening to other courtney pine recordings!  looking for photos from that period turned up very little except for this rather nice [Read more…]

Nov 052022
olivier ker ourio quintet - 20 feb 2021, studio 104, paris, france

here’s some harmonica jazz.  like (i suppose) many people, you say “harmonica” and i think of blue ‘harp’.  silly me!  but i do love the harmonica, be it blues or jazz…  such a lovely warm sound. anyway, recently back from madrid where i saw andrea motis (who was fantastic, and sang more / played trumpet [Read more…]

Oct 012022

following a recent question, i’ve found that the rss feed is not working.  so if you’ve not been getting the feed from feedburner… that’s why.  hopefully, i’ve just fixed that.  if not, well, we’ll just see, won’t we?

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Sep 302022
anna maria jopek & leszek mozdzer - 20 apr 2018, die glocke, bremen, germany

i’ve been listening to a number of shows by leszek mozdzer, and this was my favorite of them.  anna maria jopek has such a wonderful voice and piotr nazaruk’s various instruments add depth to the music (i couldn’t find a link for him, though). anna maria jopek & leszek mozdzer jazzahead! glocke bremen, germany 2018-04-20 [Read more…]

Sep 252022
elliott sharp fest -  2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013, london, munich & szeged hungary

here’s a sampling of elliott sharp, solo, from various locations and dates over around 5 years.  the style is similar throughout, which isn’t that surprising (but it could be), and the recording levels seemed quite similar (which is surprising).  so they all work together very well, if  you’re in the mood for around 2 hours [Read more…]