May 132022

i moved from filefactory to 1fichier quite some time ago, and my ff subscription is running out in around a month.  so… those files might go missing.  if you have an ‘invalid download link’ issue on ff, just drop a note & i’ll see about uploading a fresh zip file to 1f.

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May 042022

still out of town, listening to this on a little bluetooth speaker the size of a pack of cards that has a surprisingly good sound.  i just threw a few shows on the laptop before i headed out, and really hit paydirt with this one.  aside from mark murphy’s super singing, all the musicians stretch their legs a bit, which is always nice.  and such singing!  enjoy!

mark murphy
sunside, paris, france
october 16, 2002

mark murphy (vocals)
george robert (alto sax)
giovanni mazzarino (piano)
stefano senni (bass)
andrea michelutti (drums)

01 stolen moments (oliver nelson, mark murphy) 17:25
02 when i fall in love (victor young, edward heyman) / my one and only love (guy wood, robert mellin) 11:49
03 red clay (freddie hubbard, mark murphy) 6:11
04 maiden voyage (herbie hancock) 17:33
05 skylark (hoagy carmichael, johnny mercer) 6:30
06 all blues (miles davis, oscar brown jr.) 10:43
07 summertime (george gershwin, dubose heyward, ira gershwin) 7:39 >
08 autumn leaves (joseph kosma, johnny mercer) 3:51 >
09 bye bye blackbird (ray henderson, mort dixon) 10:32
10 miles (mark murphy) 2:42
11 milestones (miles davis, jim britt) 9:40

tt 1:44:35

fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : les légendes du jazz, france musique, april 13 & 14, 2019

sample: t03 red clay 256k.mp3

photo:  screenshot of a youtube video of mark murphy at the 2002 sammys.

May 022022
houston person - 7 sept 2013, northampton jazzfest, northampton, ma, usa

off travelling again, here’s one of the shows that i brought with me.  a little bit of research reveals this to be “the green street trio with houston person”, according to the jazz fest website.  it’s a great show and one of those audience recordings that really makes you wonder how they do it.  mine [Read more…]

Apr 232022
joe nay sextet - 2 mar 1989, orf landesstudio, linz, austria

hans rettenbacher died in dec 1989, aged 50, and joe nay died in a car crash in dec 1990,  aged 56.  both very young.  r.i.p. with radio studio recordings, i sometimes wonder to what extent a performance’s length was set by the show’s time slot.  not that all venues & performers don’t plan or expect [Read more…]

Apr 162022
edmar castañeda & joe locke duo - 26 may 2010, jazz standard, nyc, ny, usa

proving that too much is not enough, here’s this delightful show from edmar castañeda & joe locke, on harp and vibes — probably my two least favorite instruments in jazz, and yet, and yet…  the info file has mr. castañeda playing both colombian and classical harp.  i’m not sure what the difference is, and the [Read more…]

Apr 162022
lyle mays sextet - 29 may 1982, willow jazz club, somerville, ma, usa

very generously, lyle mays has a bootlegs page on his website,  so a tip o’ the hat to the bold lyle mays!  (he also has a store, just saying)  that page includes this show, but this version is from an fm broadcast, not mr. mays website.  it’s a great recording of a super pianist, but [Read more…]

Apr 072022
bob moses quintet - 2 nov 1984, berlin, germany

a bit of an unexpected break there due to covid, but i’m feeling much better now.  here’s another one that’s been lurking in the archives, waiting for the right moment, and it certainly found it!  love the lineup, a great show and a long performance (which is always nice in a great show, but not [Read more…]

Mar 252022
louis hayes / woody shaw quintet - 1 feb 1977, subway, cologne, germany

here’s the next of the shows that have gotten me out of the doldrums lately.  been meaning to post this all week, but life got in the way as happens sometimes.  on the other hand, i’ve listened to this around 4 times this week, and it’s still as fresh as a daisy.  enjoy! louis hayes [Read more…]

Mar 172022
paris jazz underground - 20 sept 2021, baiser salé, paris, france

things are opening up here in dublin, at last, and though i’m nervous, i’ve been to one jazz show this month and have tickets for another.  it was so nice to get out of the house for some live music. recording-wise (“-wise”… you can tell i’ve recently seen the apartment starring jack lemmon & shirley [Read more…]

Mar 052022

here’s a nice bit of italian jazz that i’ve been listening to, shared by ‘survivor69’ that same day. no seriously, how do you do that?  even when the program is early in the day?  i found a pdf of the program (a copy is now included). i recently bought an avermedia tvhybrid usb tuner for [Read more…]