Oct 252020

quite the week around here, but it’s all good (as they say), and i’ve been listening to a lot of japanese jazz and a lot of spanish jazz.  some of it has even made it into my car, with the likes of perico sambeat getting me to and from the foodstore (have to drive if i’m to shop for 5 days at a pop, thanks covid).  and so today, time to go back to some old favorites, with the great benny carter, one of a series of jazz shows from canada up on dime.  indeed, thanks to those shows, the spectrum has made it to my list of venues from which i’ve only heard shows, but which seem now so familiar.  so here’s some ‘comfort food’ to make you feel better.

benny carter with the reg wilson trio
samedi 28 juin 1986, à 19, spectrum de montréal
festival international de jazz de montreal, qc
28 june 1986

benny carter – al sx, tpt(8)
reg wilson – pno
skip bay – ac bs
andre white – dms

01. honeysuckle rose (rozaf-waller) (08:38)
02. misty (garner) (07:59)
03. blue star (carter) (08:53)
04. take the “a” train (strayhorn) (08:17)
05. what is this thing called love? (porter) (06:59)
06. easy money (carter) (07:06)
08. perdido (tizol) (08:20)
09. bc interview (05:35)

50:06 min

394 mb flac
sound quality a+

source: fm master
#’s 1-4 broadcast on cbc-fm -“jazzbeat” airdate ’12/13/86
#’s 5-8 broadcast on cbc-fm -“jazzbeat” airdate ’06/20/87

lineage: fm> (rec)sony-ts-750> maxell xlii cassette> (pb)teac w890-r> realtekac’97 soundcard> polderbits sound recorder> polderbits sound editor> wav> flac(7)(asb)

taped & transfered by nocturnal_n

sample: t03 blue star.mp3
download:  BennyCarter_1986-06-28_Spectrum_MontrealJazzFest.zip

Oct 152020

i’m going to be taking a little break to listen to a super series of japanese jazz thanks to josé miguel lopez, the host of discópolis jazz on rtve (radio y television española).  there are over 35 in the series so far, from broadcasts going back over 2 years, which you can download from the discópolis pages on the rtve website (link below).

there’s actually a lot more there (not all jazz, but a lot!) — josé miguel only plays the japanese concerts once or twice a week, as far as i can tell.  still, at around an hour each, it’s a massive view into contemporary japanese jazz.  the shows are all at the nhk fureai hall.

and — a nice surprise — the bold josé miguel doesn’t talk over the music.  good man yerself, pepe.  and good commentary, to boot.

tracking these was a bit of a conundrum, as the mp3 cutters (not editors) don’t have user interfaces that play nice with me.  it’s probably me.  so i’ve setup a little assembly line process that ends up with ffmpeg doing the tracking.  whatever works, eh?


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Oct 102020

just when i thought west side story was dead and gone, “oh no! not when you’re a jet again“, dave grusin, with some mighty fine unindicted co-conspirators, proves me wrong.  this completely renewed my appreciation for this show (not to the extent of watching the film or listening to an original sound track; even great [Read more…]

Oct 092020

well, i was going to upload something completely different a day or two ago, but the flacs turned out to be corrupt!  i was able to decode them to wav, and then i said ah to hell with it.  instead, here’s one of several james moody shows that i’ve been listening to since.  i could [Read more…]

Oct 042020

french jazz brings in some nice influences, as here with the oud & the derbouka (i had to look derbouka up.. oh! so that’s what that is called…).  the oud is a beautiful instrument, in so many ways, and i enjoyed hearing it in a slightly different context.  it all works together very well.  another [Read more…]

Sep 212020

here’s something that i quite enjoyed on friday.  from elene dee’s facebook page, it sounds as if there might be another album coming out at some point. elene dee duc des lombards paris, france 14 nov 2011 early set elene dee (vocals) david berkman (piano) stéphane guillaume (sax) dominique di piazza (bass) manhu roche (drums) [Read more…]

Sep 132020

here’s something that i was listening to on thursday.  enjoy! george gruntz group dracula club st. moritz, switzerland 22 july 2011 franco ambrosetti (flugelhorn, announcement) tobias preisig (violin) george gruntz (piano, announcements) herbie kopf (bass) pius baschnagel (drums) 01 jean tinguely calypso (piano solo) – 4:11 02 george gruntz announcement – 3:40 03 so if [Read more…]

Sep 052020

these two shows, only days apart, have only two pieces in common, giving the effect of a 2-hour+ concert (even allowing for the duplicates).  it’s not just the still dreaming album, though much of that does appear (mostly in the first show).  i wonder if anyone made the (5 hour by car) trip to see [Read more…]

Aug 292020
elvin jones - 16-21 may 2000, jazz alley, seattle, wa, usa

it’s not been a great week for music, nothing has seemed right, so friday i pulled out a 6-night run by elvin jones at seattle’s jazz alley.  only made it around 4 hours into it by the end of the day (thanks, conference calls!), and am playing it with breaks until the full 13+ hours [Read more…]