Feb 092020

busy week, so no comments.  and i’ll be taking a week or two off.  but this should keep ya going in the meanwhile.

sammy figueroa and the latin jazz explosion
live at scullers
boston, massachusetts usa
october 23, 2015

sammy figueroa, percussion
silvano monasterios, piano
gabriel vivas, bass
troy roberts, sax
francisco dimas, trumpet
ludwig afonso, drums

01 intro 1:53
02 9:48
03 8:08
04 mysterious energy (gabriel vivas) 9:41
05 8:01
06 10:37
07 10:34
08 intro 2:19
09 seven doors to the left 13:16
10 outro 0:50

75:14 minutes








live broadcast on wgbh hd-fm
hd over fm broadcast;
hd-fm tuner>pc>stereo 16-bit 44.1 kbps wav>
tracked and edited in audio editor>wavs>
sbes repaired, checksum files
and flac-8 files created in trader’s little helper

a zootype project october 2015

sample: t05 unknown title.mp3
download: SammyFigueroa_2015-10-23_Scullers_BostonMA.zip

Jan 302020

here’s a change of pace, something i’ve listened to a couple of times this week.  hope you like it too.

trio gesing meyer rohrer

pks villa
bad ischl, austria
21. september 2017

klaus gesing
ss, bs-cl

björn meyer

samuel rohrer

dfm (mp2, 256 kbps, 48 khz) > wav (44,1 khz) > wavelab > flac

thanks to lewojazz for this recording (and any of his others of course)!


sample: t03 unknown title.mp3
download: Download

Jan 262020

you have to to hand it to jalc…  the produtions there are fantastic.  this new year’s eve performance by two of my current favorite pianists is like a turbo-charged piano trio, plus the great jimmy heath (recently deceased, r.i.p.) and nicholas payton thrown in just because new year’s eve at dizzy’s.  with two pianos, i’m [Read more…]

Jan 252020

james newton and geri allen is a killer combination, and this is an excellent show.  not overly long, but having longish pieces more than makes up for it (for me, anyway – i think i’ve said that before).  it’s funny, when i think of the flute, i don’t really think of jazz.  not sure why, [Read more…]

Jan 042020

here’s a very nice trumpet-clarinet combo.  have i mentioned that lately i’m becoming more and more fond of the clarinet? ralph alessi/don byron quintet teatro comunale porto san giorgio, italy may 9, 2004 ralph alessi – trumpet don byron – clarinet andy milne – piano drew gress – bass shane endsley – drums 01 – [Read more…]

Jan 012020

happy new year!  i was spending a bit of time booking tickets for shows over the next few months, and listening to a concert by melanie de biasio.  and then one from a year later.  and it was still working very well for me, so what the heck?  one from the next year.  super.   so [Read more…]

Dec 252019

there are always a bunch of christmas jazz concerts floating around on dime, but this one by the incomparable clare teal is my favorite of the ones that i’ve downloaded.  it’s obvious:  she’s great, and just look at the tunes — a pantheon of christmas classics (her xmas cd is great too! and without the [Read more…]

Dec 202019

this is a fun show!  and bound to pick you up if you’re feeling a bit blue.  this reminded me of the great spike jones & the city slickers, but  in a small way — after all, a piano trio ain’t an orchestra.  on the other hand, i might put on a recording by hildegard [Read more…]