Aug 032023

no postings of late, as i am currently moving house and have had a number of other demands on my time (but we are all in good health, in case you were wondering about that!).  basically:  “radio silence” here as i just won’t have the time until probably september or so.





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Jun 172023

well, this has been hanging around a while!  i drafted it up back in 2019 but somehow never got around to posting it for some reason (probably got tired of looking up musicians).  but then i ran across it today, in a rather convoluted series involving stanton moore, skerik, and the buddy rich big band (in retrospect, i can’t quite figure that all out, it may have also involved clicking on the wrong folder by accident).  and here we are!

i read once that men tend to prefer female singers, and women prefer men singers.  that’s my experience (except for my wife, who just prefers having singers, full stop).  these are mostly male vocalists.  anyway, after a delay of several years, here it is.  i’ve cut short finding & adding links, to actually get this thing posted (and given how busy my life has been lately, there’s not been a lot of that!), so my apologies to musicians who do have an unlinked website.

torkestra: the great american songbook featuring judith owen, harry shearer, kermit ruffins, clint johnson and more
new orleans jazz & heritage festival
new orleans fair grounds
new orleans, la.
may 4, 2017

david torkanowsky, piano & band leader
jason marsalis, drums
neal caine, bass
clarence johnson, tenor, flute, clarinet
rex gregory, tenor, flute, cal
khari allen lee, sax
joe goldberg
brad walker
b.j. mcgivney (?)
jeffrey miller, trombone
rick trolsen, trombone
jeff albert, trombone
eric benny bloom, trumpet
ashlyn parker, trumpet
mark braud, trumpet
scott frock, trumpet
jesse mcbride, piano

1 radio intro 0:07
2 hello dolly (kermit ruffins) 2:12
3 fly me to the moon (beginning cut) (kermit ruffins) 2:12
4 night and day (judith owen) 5:19
5 you’ll get yours (harry shearer) 4:29
6 luck be a lady (dropouts) (clint johnson) 5:53
7 it happened in monterey (clint johnson) 3:49
8 all or nothing (clint johnson) 4:31
9 come fly with me (clint johnson) 3:56
10 band intro 2:08
11 they can’t take that away from me (clint johnson) 2:59
12 ut 1:43
13 radio outro 0:11

source: wwoz-fm > radioshark fm-receiver hardware > usb > sony vaio vpcs131fm (running ubuntu linux) > shark v1.0 (linux command line) > sox v.v14.4.0 > flac (level 8 compression) > copy 1 large flac file > macbook pro (2.3ghz, intel core i7, osx 10.11.6) > sox v14.4.0 > transcoded losslessly from flac to wav > dsp-quattro 4.4 (trimmed, repaired – see below, normalized by 5.7 db db, split into songs) > x audio compression toolkit 2.39 (sector boundaries repaired; level 8 compression) > flac
some additional editing was done with bias peak pro 6.2.0.
editing notes:
* severe glitching began about 1:05 into track 6 including several long dropouts. the bad section is faded out, removed and fades back in after 1 second of silence. about 15 seconds was removed.
* a 44-second station id removed at 4:08 into track 8

notes: track 2 ends abruptly and track 3 starts abruptly. it seems that perhaps wwoz broadcast the first few minutes of this performance from a recording then (at track 3) switched the broadcast over to the live feed. the performance was scheduled to start at 4:15 but the broadcast didn’t start until about 4:33…

sample: t07 it happened in monterey 256k.mp3

photo:  screen grab from a youtube video, that i think was of this performance.

May 122023
odean pope & charles bowen - 1 feb 1981, rf club, philadelphia, pa, usa

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Mar 312023
max grosch band - 16 apr 2013, unterfahrt, munich, germany

violin, sax and b3?  max grosch must have seen me coming a mile off (as they say)!  and this show very much lives up to its promise.  while it’s lovely when one or another instrument is taking the lead, i just went crazy for the bits when they’re all blasting away full tilt.  i can’t [Read more…]

Mar 232023
heinz sauer & michael wollny "art of the duo" - 6 aug 2016, klosterkyrkan, ystad, sweden

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Mar 222023
harry greene trio - 3 sept 2017, milestones jazz club, lowestoft, uk

first this show by the harry greene trio, and then we’ll have duos by heinz sauer & michael wollny shortly.  it was lucky running across these two shows at almost the same time.  they went together well, and hopefully for you too.  harry greene must have been quite young – the photo (of the same [Read more…]

Mar 112023
old and new dreams - 21 july 1979, nervi, italy

it wasn’t until i began looking into this that i realized it had been  shared not only on dime but also on inconstant sol (which you should look at if unfamiliar with), but doesn’t seem to have been available for a while (?).  which is a shame because it really is such a phenomenal show.  [Read more…]

Mar 042023
myra melford trio - 16 may 1995, loft, cologne, germany

i’ve been on bit of a myra melford jag lately, which was kicked off by this very long show from 1995.  researching this show online (result: nil), i saw that had a webcast of a show from the same period (which i missed, of course), but which is included in the quite interesting selection [Read more…]

Feb 262023
palmeira d'água quinteto - 21-aug-2022, palco sesc santíssimo, tiradentes, mg, brazil

here’s a little something from brazil, part of their show at the 25th tiradentes culture and gastronomy festival last august, that ‘bigfootpezao’ shared recently.  the festival site describes the palmeira d’água quintet as “formed by saxophonist marlon wesley, guitarist rodrigo canton and bassist lucas sales, palmeira d’água trio brings to this show the classics of [Read more…]