Sep 122021

here’s the second show from the “a” part of the alphabet, aurora nealand from the new orleans jazz fest.  it’s a bit more new orleans and bit less django-esque to say the least, but again highlights my weakness for the clarinet (not that aurore voilqué had a lot of clarinet).  what can i say?  they worked well together for me, and i hope for you as well.

my wife says that i’m wrong about the instruments at our wedding, that it was an accordion not a violin (which would have worked better with dad’s song).  that’s entirely possible, memory is a tricky thing, as is perception:  new neighbors moved in across the street.  i was opening the curtains the other day, and they were setting out with their kids in their school uniforms for the first day in their new school(s?).  later that same morning, i remembered the uniforms being brown, my wife remembered blue.  we’re still waiting to see those children in their uniforms to settle the matter.

aurora nealand & the royal roses
peoples health economy hall tent
new orleans jazz & heritage festival
new orleans fair grounds
new orleans, la.
april 25, 2014

aurora nealand, clarinet
tom mcdermott, piano
matt perrine, sousaphone
matt bell, guitar
dave boswell, trumpet
paul thibodeaux, drums

01 radio intro 0:32
02 c-line woman 4:45
03 t03 5:48
04 tain’t nobodys business if i do 6:48
05 old man blues 3:54
06 don’t let your love go wrong 5:37
07 fort worth stomp 7:20
08 si tu vois ma mere 5:12
09 le richelieu 4:38
10 ne me quitte pas (don’t leave me) 8:53
11 when my dreamboat comes home 5:43
12 the ferryman -> band intro 6:51
13 radio outro 0:15


source: wwoz-fm > harmon kardon hk3480 receiver > analog cables > metric halo mio-2882 firewire interface > macbook pro (2.5 ghz intel core 2 duo) > mio console (record panel) > (44.1khz split stereo files) > dsp-quattro 4.4 (trimmed, normalized by 0.9 db, split into songs) > aiff/wav > x audio compression toolkit 2.39 (level 8 compression, sector boundaries repaired, tags applied) > flac


* a 20.5-second station id was removed at 4:05 into track 8.
* a 0.2-second broadcast glitch at 4:13 into track 9 was removed.

a notch filter was applied using dsp-quattro’s parametric eq plugin at 3.6khz and 7.2khz, -5db, to reduce intrusive, high-pitched fm noise.

this performance was not broadcast live but was delayed until the next day, april 26, 2014.

sample: t06 don’t let your love go wrong.mp3

the photo is a screengrab from a 2013 performance in the french quarter.

Sep 112021

here’s the first of two sort-of companion pieces, from the “a” section of the alphabet, and two shows that i’m hoping/expecting will get general acceptance in the car on long drives.  though i don’t really see us all singing along, at least not well.

django-esque music like this is sort of go-to music for me when i need a bit of a lift, or just ’cause why not sometimes (like now), and often reminds me of our wedding, when the combo we’d booked bailed on us for a tour of scandinavia (can’t really blame them), and their manager shanghai’d a violinist and a guitarist who’d never played together, but turned out to be perfect for the night and not normally being a duo, they had nothing invested in what they played, or played along to, including the full version of frankie & johnny by my godmother, danny boy by my freshly minted mother-in-law (as gaeilge, to boot!) and, talk about your unplumbed depths, a rousing German drinking song in German by my fairly abstemious father.  My best man held up the side for people our age with oh shenandoah, thank you very much.  Actually, the drinking song was a cappella, now that i think about it.

aurore voilqué – aurore quartet
duc des lombards,
paris, france,
28 sept 2009

aurore voilqué,vio,voc
siegfried mandacé,g,voc
thomas ohresser,g
pierre frasque,b

1 title (fade-in) 4:32
2 title 2:54
3 title 6:09
4 title 4:05
5 title 5:13
6 title 4:09
7 title 3:37
8 title 3:49
9 title 3:20
10 title 5:22
11 title 3:31
12 title 7:33
13 title 4:55
14 title 2:59


lineage: tsf (mpeg1 layer 2 / 256 kbps, 48kh) > received with satellite > tracked with wavelab > flac > dime

sound rating: a

uploaded by jazzrita 09-09-30

sample: t01 unknown title.mp3

photo is a screen grab from a video posted by duc des lombards in feb 2009 of the aurore quartet.

Sep 042021
jazz big band graz feat. barbara buchholz - 4 nov 2010, haus der berliner festspiele, berlin, germany

i was listening to a solo performance by pamelia kurstin on theremin & electronics (while excellent, following it with some latin jazz from poncho sanchez helped me decompress).  but what other performances featuring the theremin might there be lurking and overlooked, like so much?  this is one of two shared by unclewolfi, four or five [Read more…]

Sep 022021
jacky terrasson trio - 1 july 2001, salzau, germany

always nice to hear a jacky terrasson show, and here’s one with a little bit of icing on the cake:  stefano di battista and severi pyssalo on two tracks near the end. i got this version in 2003 when ‘maddrax’ shared it on dime, but the cover is from a version posted on the (apparently [Read more…]

Aug 262021
merle koch band with guests george van eps & eddie miller - 19 & 20 apr 1986, silver stope, virginia city, nv, usa

here’s a bumper 2-day concert recorded by george van eps (one of the guest musicians) and shared by his (nephew? it’s often so hard to tell from usernames).  such a lovely combination too – piano, cornet, clarinet, guitar and sax plus of course bass & drums, don’t forget them.  real classic stuff, and if you’re [Read more…]

Aug 152021
moutin reunion quartet - 7 aug 2010, marciac, france

despite having recordings of several shows by the moutin brothers, they only floated into my active notice recently.  here’s a less-recent show, from marciac 2010.  this is a very good recording, but seems to fade in which suggests that we’re missing part of the show. actually, the moutin brothers and the belmondo brothers have both [Read more…]

Aug 022021

this looks like a very interesting pair of series on jazz, here from wtju-fm,  uva, charlottesville, va. jazz at 100 in early 1917, the original dixieland jazz band made the first jazz recording. over the next 100 years we have heard transcendent leaps of creativity and staggering virtuosity; we have experienced the music of crushing [Read more…]

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Jul 282021
james carter's organ trio - 14 sept 2012, jazz en touraine, montlouis-sur-loire, france

wooph!  how things work out!  i started out a little while ago all set to upload an absolutely super show by jackie mclean in old cabell hall at the university of virginia, only to find it was already on nowbodhi’s☾✺☽blissness☯ (hope those characters show up ok!).   slightly different tracking than my copy, but definitely the same [Read more…]

Jul 232021
eight bold souls - 24 aug 1986, festival de meer vaart, amsterdam, nl

i’m really not sure what to say about this show.  different parts of the show elicited very different reactions from me (though i did enjoy it all), so i’m really not sure what to make of it, except that it’s for listening to, not for my car.  when he seeded it in 2018, ‘carville’ noted [Read more…]

Jul 222021
sligo jazz festival 2021

enjoying the sligo jazz festival, streaming/playback free on youtube, with lots of details on either or  (and donations are accepted for the festival!).  @sligojazz on twitter.

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