Apr 252017

here’s a short video from 1965, at the centenary of ella fitzgerald’s birth.

i’ve included a demux (mp2, not tracked) of the audio also.

ella fitzgerald & tommy flanagan trio
helsinki, finland
23 march 1965

ella fitzgerald: vocals
tommy flanagan: piano
keter betts: bass
gus johnson: drums

01. 00:00 people
02. 04:11 they can’t take that away from me
03. 07:09 and the angels sing
04 11:08 hard day’s night
14:12 ef intro to do nothing
05. 15:05 do nothin’ till you hear from me >
06. 17:23 mood indigo >
07. 18:44 it don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing) > ef band intros
08. 20:46 the boy from ipanema
09. 23:20 angel eyes
10. 26:59 hello, dolly!
11. 29:13 (unknown scat song)

total: 33:15 min

dvb-c capture from 2009 “yle teema” rebroadcast
proshot, b/w, pal
chapters, no menu
no artwork
authored by arcana

oscar peterson trio & clark terry also performed at this concert. his portion has been released officially.

sample: t02 they can’t take that away from me.mp3
download:  EllaFitzgerald_1965-03-23_HelsinkiFinland.zip

no covers.

Apr 222017

when i decided to upload this here, i realized that i’d also reseeded it on dime, almost exactly 3 years ago.  this was originally shared on dime by franka, almost exactly 8 years ago.  i guess april is “cécile verny month” around here…  it’s a topnotch fm recording, in mp2/320.


cécile verny quartet
musikstudio 2, funkhaus halberg
saarbrücken, germany
11 february 2009

cécile verny – vocals
andreas erchinger – piano
bernd heitzler – bass
torsten krill – drums

set 1: (45:52)
01 announcement 0:48
02 kanakassi 7:13
03 talk 1:37
04 you will know when you get there 4:54
05 ta question 5:14
06 talk 1:29
07 amber tears 7:54
08 talk 3:28
09 k’la 5:38
10 talk 1:32
11 amoureuse 6:00

set 2: (1:07:15)
01 talk 0:52
02 serendipity 7:05
03 talk 1:09
04 i will give my love an apple 8:37
05 i would … 8:06
06 talk 1:37
07 regenlied 8:13
08 introduction > 4:48
09 the fly 8:25
10 talk 1:39
11 j’aime l’idée 9:02
12 talk 1:17
13 the bitter and the sweet 6:19

tt – 1:53:08

source: dvb-s@320, 48khz > raw data > projextx > mp2 > mp3directcut
aired by sr 2 live – february 11, 2009

sample:  set2 t09 the fly.mp3
download:  CecileVernyQuartet_2009-02-11_Saarbruecken.zip

covers by pete

Apr 152017
marion brown - tokyo, 18 nov 1979 & new york, 7 sept 1985

this “twofer” of shows by marion brown were both shared on dime by woessner in sept 2014.  they’re very different shows, as marion brown is solo in the 1985 new york performance.  given how the term “avant garde” pops up in most bio’s of marion brown, and that it’s a solo, i’d expected the sort [Read more…]

Apr 082017
mark giuliana quartet - 12 oct 2015, duc des lombards, paris france

a quick little set by mark giuliana.  what is it with jazz drummers?  enjoy. mark giuliana quartet duc des lombards paris, france october 12 2015, early set mark guiliana, drums jason rigby, tenor saxophone fabian almazan, piano chris morissey, bass 8 tracks, no setlist 61 minutes source : tsf (fm) / naim uniti / rh-09r [Read more…]

Apr 022017
gianluigi trovesi & gianni coscia - 30 july 1998, féstival européen des régions, fellbach, germany

here’s a bit of italian jazz – clarinet & accordion (yes, more accordion).  i don’t remember what i was looking for when i ran across this yesterday, but remembered it immediately from when it showed up on dime in august 2005.  so also one of my earlier downloads.  what with the wretched speeds, there aren’t [Read more…]

Mar 172017
ahmed abdullah's solomonic sextet featuring charles moffett - 15 sept 1990, d.c. space, washington dc usa

here’s the ahmed abdullah show from the next night, in d.c. space.  i used to go there quite a lot in the late 70’s & early 80’s, though at the time i was more into punk, new wave, blues and southern rock (but already had a few jazz lps… so it begins).  it was an [Read more…]

Mar 152017
ahmed abdullah's solomonic sextet featuring charles moffett - 14 september 1990, old cabell hall, univ. va., charlottesville va usa

following up on the jack dejohnette show at old cabell hall, ‘pino’ had asked for more from old cabell hall, and i immediately thought of this show, a bit of a favorite of mine.  i’ve never heard much by sun ra; that seriously needs to be remedied but in the meanwhile this period of ahmed [Read more…]

Mar 082017
antonio faraò trio - 18 aug 2009, sunside, paris france

for some reason, antonio faraò is one of my favorite pianists, and though this great performance with hadrien feraud wasn’t what got me hooked, it easily could have been.  at one point, i thought (pace salieri) that there were just too many notes for him to be playing them all (it’s not just the number of [Read more…]

Mar 042017
jack dejohnette new directions - 22 feb 1992, old cabell hall, univ of virginia, charlottesville va

here’s a show from my old alma mater, with two current favorites jack dejohnette & lester bowie.  ‘nobody’ did some work on this (see notes), before re-seeding it on dime just over 3 years ago.  i think it is better than the previous incarnation, which i also have, so thanks for the work.  actually, i [Read more…]

Mar 022017

the beginning of march already.  here’s one that i’ve listened to a time or two, including right now.  no covers, just a quick upload. annepaceo.com stephanekerecki.com anne paceo “yôkaï” jazz sous les pommiers magic mirrors coutances, france 11 may 2013 anne paceo (drums, voice) leonardo montana (piano) pierre perchaud (guitar) stéphane kerecki (double bass) antonin-tri [Read more…]