Jan 182023

this is one of those shows that i’m posting here though it was only just on dime.  i don’t think you can get nicole glover’s first record anymore, but she has a second album strange lands & is on a few albums by other people.  anyway, loved this show, looking forward to when strange lands and george colligan‘s more powerful arrive from jazzmessengers in portugal.

nicole glover trio
inntöne festival
diersbach, austria
july 23 2022

nicole glover: saxophone
tyrone allen: bass
kayvon gordon: drums

01 – (unknown)
02 – one second please
03 – without a song
04 – the a-side
05 – blues from mel brown

total time: 46:36

radio broadcast
deutschlandfunk on 10.jan.2023 (mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps)
dvb-s -> sat tuner -> hdd -> adobe audition(edits, fades) -> tlh -> flac

sample: t5 blues from mel brown 320k.mp3
download: NicoleGloverTrio_2022-07-23_INNtoene_DiersbachAustria.zip

photo:  by dieter wagenbichler, from the inntöne festival webpage, used without permission.

  4 Responses to “nicole glover trio – 23 july 2022, inntöne festival, diersbach, austria”

  1. alphaville

  2. The sample sounds great, I’m looking forward to hearing the whole thing. Thanks Pete.

  3. I have her “strange lands” and she plays “du feu de Dieu”!
    Thanks a lot, Pete, for this share!

  4. Track number 1 is titled “The Fox”.

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