Jan 212023

i’ve listened to this a few times over the past several weeks, and finally decided it had spent too much time in my foobar2000 playlist not to share it here.  nonets and tentets are so nice, more depth of sound than a small combo but still not a full orchestra, a cozy in-between.

leïla olivesi nonet – suite andamane
studio 104, maison de la radio & de la musique
paris, france
april 2, 2022

leïla olivesi (piano, voice, direction)
quentin ghomari (trumpet, flugelhorn)
fidel fourneyron (trombone)
baptiste herbin (alto sax, flute)
adrien sanchez (tenor sax)
jean-charles richard (soprano & baritone saxes)
manu codjia (guitar)
yoni zelnik (double bass)
donald kontomanou (drums)

01 suite andamane : i jeu de vagues (leïla olivesi) 7:08
02 suite andamane : ii le chemin du levant (leïla olivesi) 5:44
03 suite andamane : iii fleur andamane (leïla olivesi) 6:32
04 suite andamane : iv la corse du ciel (leïla olivesi) 6:24
05 mary lou (leïla olivesi) 7:11
06 intro 0:41
07 missing cc (leïla olivesi) 12:55 (tribute to claude carrière, founder of jazz club)
08 soustraire à la lumière (leila olivesi) 8:36 (composition on a poem by taïeb lucie)

tt 55:11

fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : jazz club, france musique, april 16, 2022

sample: t02 suite andamane – ii le chemin du levant 256k.mp3
download: LeilaOlivesi_2022-04-02_(SuiteAndamane)_ParisFrance.zip

photo:  downloaded from leïla olivesi’s facebook page.  photo is labelled as (c) solène person (can there be two french photograpers with that name?).  used without permission.

Dec 182021

you often wonder about the names of groups, where they come from, what they mean, and i’m left wondering in this case.  anyway, a good show for these short, grey days, a bit slow and somber at times.  the white russian 5tet cd was zerafa’s first cd as leader.

sandro zerafa white russian 5tet
studio charles trenet, radio france
paris, france
5 february 2011

sandro zerafa (guitar)
olivier zanot (alto sax)
david prez (tenor sax)
yoni zelnik (double bass)
david georgelet (drums)

01 goose 6:20
02 intro 1:17
03 delightfully disconnected 7:12
04 slowness 6:35
05 intro 0:14
06 sidewalk slant 7:26
07 untimely 6:37
08 intro 0:27
09 siberian pig race 6:35
10 staring 4:33
11 intro 0:29
12 moose 5:03

tt 52:48

dvb-s > skystar2 > kaffeine (mp3 256 kbs, 48 khz) > xcfa (wav conversion) > wavelab > flac (level 8)
broadcast : jazz sur le vif, france musique, 26 feb 2011

sample: t03 delightfully disconnected 256k.mp3
download: SandroZerafa_WhiteRussian5tet_2011-02-05_ParisFrance.zip

Jun 042019

here’s something i was listening to last week, and threw it up to the cloud quick, so i’d remember — and find — it again.  no idea what i was going to say last week, but that’s how it goes, eh?  still, i’m glad i did that; a lovely show, géraldine laurent and pierre de bethmann work together very well.  i’m becoming very fond of sax-piano based groups, and this only reinforces the trend (though add a trumpet, now & again, and we’d really be talking…)

it’s interesting, though:  there are a few people on dime who listen to (and record) a lot of radio, and live in places where there is a lot of jazz radio – including concerts – to listen to (unlike dublin).  their efforts are greatly appreciated.  and online jazz radio is problematic.  for example, when i lived in washington dc and listened to the spectacular wpfw-fm.  great jazz, but it takes a lot of plays before i can associate a name with music that i really like.  ok, that was a long time ago, but even now it’s enough to make you weep, trying to piece it together.  now my listening is very shaped by what’s on dime… including what the aforementioned folks share.  which includes a lot of younger musicians & also greatly appreciated.

so: between the above & interruptions, the 2nd listen is about done.  very nice.  very nice indeed.

unrelated to the above:  i heard the rté concert orchestra at the nch in dublin, performing miles davis’ ‘kind of blue’ orchestrate.  phenomenal show.  and yet… orchestrated jazz always makes me think of the early 60s and of peter sellers.  i’d see it again in a heartbeat, but i’m still a bit of two minds about it.

géraldine laurent quartet
festival de radio france et montpellier languedoc roussillon
amphithéâtre d’o, montpellier, france
16 july 2012

géraldine laurent (alto sax)
pierre de bethmann (piano)
yoni zelnik (double bass)
franck agulhon (drums)

01 black and tan fantasy (duke ellington) 12:18
02 intro 1:13
03 did you remenber you (géraldine laurent) 9:49 >
04 brillant corners (thelonious monk) 11:25
05 mau mau (art farmer) 16:50
06 ask me now (thelonious monk) 8:47 >
07 cordova is dancing (géraldine laurent) 8:09
08 her bets (géraldine laurent) 6:09
09 minority (gigi gryce) 5:42
10 smash (géraldine laurent) 2:27

tt 82:49

fm > edirol r-09 (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : jazz été, france musique, 29 july 2012

sample: t03 did you remenber you.mp3
download: GeraldineLaurent_2012-07-16_MontpellierFrance.zip

well, i ran off a bit at the keyboard, or what?  then again, the blog’s tag line does say ‘occasional musings’