Mar 052014

i just reseeded this on dime, after a 7 year gap (i got a copy when “ricola” uploaded it in october 2007).  i was listening to it yesterday, and just had to post it!  the show was recorded almost a year after the oscar peterson trio (same lineup as here) lp “live and at its best”, a period and a lineup that really had all the cylinders firing.   and, being taped from fm, it’s a super recording.  it’s fairly long too, around 1:45… so enjoy

oscar peterson trio
ndr funkhaus (norddeutscher rundfunk)
hannover, germany
1 may 1965

oscar peterson -p;
ray brown -b;
ed thigpen -d;

cd 1

01 the lamp is low 7.12
02 witchcraft 4.55
03 you look good to me 7.29
04 have you met miss jones? 6.20
05 cubano chant 7.16
06 my one and only love 5.04
07 someday my prince will come 5.43
08 bess, oh where’s my bess – it ain’t necessarily so 7.19

cd 2

09 satin doll 7.00
10 ill wind 5.40
11 yours is my heart alone 8.30
12 whisper not 6.10
13 waltz for debbie 7.00
14 sposin’ 7.45
15 tricotism 10.30

source: fm > unknown recording equipment > tape > cd transfer > trade > cd > eac secure modus > flac frontend level 6 > flac

sample:  t10 ill wind.mp3


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