Mar 212014

how can you resist a group with a name like that?  well, maybe until you’ve heard them… after that… who would think that just saxophones could sound so good?  i got this back in december 2005, when nocturnalnph upped it to dime.  i was going to re-up it, but i can’t figure out when it was.  maybe i’ll get that at some point in the future.  meanwhile, it’ll just go up here.

well, i also see that i’m still not posting as regularly as i had intended.  on the other hand, i’m averaging out at over a post a week this month.  that said, i’m off home for a week, taking my daughter to see her grandparents tomorrow, so there’ll be a short hiatus.  till i get back, then, eh?

29th street saxophone quartet
montreal, quebec
1991/92 ?

bobby watson – alto sax
steve wilson – alto sax
rich rothenberg – tenor sax
jim hartog – baritone sax

1. announcer intro (2:12)
2. in case you missed it (8:05)
3. what happened (7:33)
4. claudia’s car (8:12)
5. untitled (7:01)
6. conto kisti (6:21)
7. manteca (10:07)
8. ? (dropout-*right track only until 3:08) (8:08)

total time: 57:43

cbc-cbof fm “jazz sur le vif” airdate ’03/08/92

fm > basf t-120 > jvc-d830-u stereo hifi vcr > realtekac’97 soundcard > polderbits sound recorder > polderbits sound editor > wav > flac(7)(asb)

taped & transfered by nocturnal_n

t06 conto kisti.mp3
t03 what happened.mp3


May 312013

i’ve enjoyed everything that i’ve heard by christian mcbride & inside straight.  i’ve included the comments from the seeder on dime (scooter123), below… i guess this makes me stodgy and fond of straight ahead jazz.  the latter, yes but not exclusively, and i’d like to think not the former (yet?).  anyway, this is a very good recording (fm) of a very nice show.

i’m worried about moving the many shows that i’ve downloaded from dime to seoul, korea, this summer.  thinking of squeezing everything i really want onto one 2-tb usb drive, with another as backup.  send one by air, one by sea? one by air, one in my luggage?  decisions decisions, if only the rest of the move is as difficult.

christian mcbride & the inside straight
live at the village vanguard
new york city, ny, usa
11 nov 2009, 1st set

christian mcbride, stand up bass
steve wilson, alto and soprano saxophone
peter martin, piano
warren wolf, vibes
carl allen, drums

1. brother mister (mcbride)
2. theme for kareem (hubbard)
3. banter
4. starbeam (mcbride)
5. sophisticated lady (ellington)
6. banter
7. theme to ‘alice’ (a. bergman/m. bergman)
8. banter
9. used ‘ta could (mcbride)

tt 1:13

wbgo fm > edirol ohr > goldwave > media monkey (flac transfer l8)

christian mcbride is a certified virtuoso on the stand up bass, having played with freddie hubbard, joe henderson, mccoy tyner, herbie hancock, pat metheny, diana krall, roy haynes, chick corea, john mclaughlin, wynton marsalis, hank jones, joshua redman, carly simon, sting, bruce hornsby, and james brown.  although generally considered a fusion bass player, in 2009, he was invited to play at new york’s famed vanguard club, a fairly stodgy club, and was politely told not to bring his “rock and roll band” with him.

this was the genesis of this group of back up musicians. the phrase “inside straight” refers to an “inside” groove and “straight” ahead jazz.  so if you are ready, for top knotch, straight ahead jazz, press the green enter  button and enjoy. if you like this one, i’ll up an audience of the inside straight  last week at a small west coast jazz club.

sample:  t04 starbeam.mp3