Nov 092016

bobby-watson-1995-12-06-nyc-front-coverwell, quite the week what with the elections & all.

here’s something to get your mind off that:  a smoking performance by the bobby watson trio.  i’ve included the comments from the dime seeder (‘iceman’) for a change.

bobby watson trio
new york city, ny
6 december 1995

bobby watson – alto sax
george cables – piano
essiet essiet – bass

set one
1 invitation 14:43
2 someday my price will come 12:58
3 ceora 14:07
4 minority 10:418

set two
5 tenor madness 13:56
6 all the things you are 16:49
7 body and soul 15:40
8 oleo 11:21

tt 1:50:22

source: sonic dsm-6s > sony d3 > tascam da20-mkii > bias peak > toast > xact

song titles filled in from comments on dime tracker webpage.

original seeder’s comments:
very cool one-off show by one of the best alto players out there – bobby watson. was a huge fan of
bobby watson & horizon through their heyday during much of the 90’s. “the inventor” & “post motown bop”
were amongst my fave albums at the time. this gig features bobby playing exclusively standards in a trio
format with his regular bass player, essiet essiet and george cables on piano. bradley’s was the
quintessential nyc piano bar/musician’s hangout. a who’s who of jazz pianists took up residency there. as
was usually the case at bradley’s there was no drummer but bobby swings like crazy. obviously drums would
normally cover up some of the bar “noise”, on the other hand, mic placement was so close, who cares …

sample: d2t4 oleo.mp3

Mar 212014

how can you resist a group with a name like that?  well, maybe until you’ve heard them… after that… who would think that just saxophones could sound so good?  i got this back in december 2005, when nocturnalnph upped it to dime.  i was going to re-up it, but i can’t figure out when it was.  maybe i’ll get that at some point in the future.  meanwhile, it’ll just go up here.

well, i also see that i’m still not posting as regularly as i had intended.  on the other hand, i’m averaging out at over a post a week this month.  that said, i’m off home for a week, taking my daughter to see her grandparents tomorrow, so there’ll be a short hiatus.  till i get back, then, eh?

29th street saxophone quartet
montreal, quebec
1991/92 ?

bobby watson – alto sax
steve wilson – alto sax
rich rothenberg – tenor sax
jim hartog – baritone sax

1. announcer intro (2:12)
2. in case you missed it (8:05)
3. what happened (7:33)
4. claudia’s car (8:12)
5. untitled (7:01)
6. conto kisti (6:21)
7. manteca (10:07)
8. ? (dropout-*right track only until 3:08) (8:08)

total time: 57:43

cbc-cbof fm “jazz sur le vif” airdate ’03/08/92

fm > basf t-120 > jvc-d830-u stereo hifi vcr > realtekac’97 soundcard > polderbits sound recorder > polderbits sound editor > wav > flac(7)(asb)

taped & transfered by nocturnal_n

t06 conto kisti.mp3
t03 what happened.mp3


Jan 292013

off on a business trip, this was on the thumb drive that i brought along.  who’s that? i said, being ever feeble minded when it comes to remembering names.  listened to it … loved it.  the dime page showed that i d/l’ed it back in oct 2010 (tip o’ the hat to piergi), and liked it enough to add a comment that i loved it.  well, i haven’t changed, i still love it.  now where can i get some more?

i’m in budapest at the moment.  great city, really enjoy it every time that i come here.  but you need to plan ahead, which i singularly failed to do, as the penultimate performance of wagner’s the flying dutchman was on the day i arrived (arrive sooner… coulda woulda shoulda) and the last performance is on saturday (but i must be off friday night).  oh well.  looking into the schedule around the next couple of month-ends, maybe i can catch something here then… .. .

hungarians really seem to like meat, i swear it seems as if every dish has a bit, even my layered cabbage appetizer tonight.  the place we went boasted about it (meat, that is), and on the back of the waiter’s shirts, over a shoulder blade, it said things like ‘vegetarians are people who eat side dishes’ & ‘real men eat meat’.  and something i’ve not seen in a ‘meat’ restaurant:  a large group of women having dinner together.  didn’t look to see what they were having, but probably not side dishes.

bobby watson “horizon” quintet
studiodue -radio svizzera lugano
lugano, switzerland
10 november 1991

bobby watson – alto sax
terrell stafford – trumpet
edward simon – piano
? – bass
victor lewis – drums

1 – intro
2 – track 01 – karita
3 – track 02 – in case you missed it
4 – announce
5 – track 03 – i got it bed
6 – track 04 – country cornflakes
7 – radio outro

dvb-s linn preamp-pphilips cdr – wav – flac – dime a- (some noise on last track, i have used audacity to cut pops…)

sample:  04 – country cornflakes