Mar 202014

i’ve listened to this a number of times since i downloaded it from dimeadozen back in 2005.  the recording is ok but not great, and there’s a lot of background noise from the club.  for some of it someone (the guy who taped it & his friends?) gives some running commentary, e.g. from track 1…

“this is certainly wonderful, people are sitting around here, there’s a lot of, everybody around here, and they’re all digging this music, and they’re digging it terrific, wow!  arlene and jenny are right in front of me and they’re digging it tremendously… as a matter of fact, arlene is waltzing in that wheelchair, that [jeebly?] chair, so it’s right to music [?], you know, go ahead… somebody’s doing a, uh, winger fling, well it might be a charleston… she’s going every way, is she ever gone, wow!  no shoes. [arlene or jenny: “no dress, no dress”] no she has a dress but it’s about half backway [arlene: “i’ll say”], crazy man.  one leg up in the air and wow! there she goes again, c’mon.  […illegible, he sounds drunk…] for heaven’s sake  y’know what’s the matter honey… if she keeps this up she’ll be shot. she’s stopped, she’s bowing, taking a something, wup, she didn’t take it off… as a matter of fact, she’s very good.”

he keeps on chatting into the mic.  crazy, man.  sounds like a great evening.

howard mcghee
jam at christy’s 1949-52
christy’s restaurant, framingham, ma

joe gordon (tp); howard mcghee (tp); boots mussulli (as);
charlie mariano (as); brew moore (ts); rhythm unidentified

1. perhaps
2. all god’s children
3. body & soul
4. don’t blame me/gone with the wind/million dollar baby
5. three little words
6. walkin’

howard mcghee (tp); boots mussulli (as); jesse powell (org);
warren kane (d)

7. rifftide
8. body & soul
9. just you just me

sample:  t02 all gods’s children.mp3


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  1. fantastic!…
    BIG THX!…

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