Mar 192014

i recorded this at the irish association of korea‘s 2014 st patrick’s day festival, at d-cube plaze, sindorim, here in seoul.  bard are a korean traditional irish band, and boxty rebellion are an irish band from shanghai, china.  in the links below, there’s nothing for

this was the first recording with the zoom that i have felt pleased with. still, there is the inevitable background chatter especially the boxty rebellion set. anyway, i’ve broken the longer gaps between songs out into separate tracks so they can be easily deleted (which i’ll be doing if i burn this to a cd for anyone). my daughter fionnuala minded the zoom during the boxty rebellion set, but then we had to leave before the 2nd sets by bard and by boxty rebellion, so it’s not the entire peformance. i did not record any of the dancing between bard and boxty rebellion, as it was just pre-recorded music.

in the links below, btw, there is nothing for bard as i could not find any homepage.  there was a nice article about them in 2012 in the korea times though, and a web search will for
“seoul irish music bard” will give plenty of hits!

bard & boxty rebellion
2014 st. patrick’s day festival
d-cube plaza, sindorim, seoul
15 march 2014

0. mc (“no smoking please!”)

bard (set 1)
1. unknown (4:08)
2. (gap) (1:00)
3. unknown (3:55)
4. (gap) (0:39)
5. unknown (3:29)
6. (gap) (0:51)
7. unknown (5:22)
8. chat (1:04)
9. unknown (5:45)

boxty rebellion (set 2)
10. intro (1:02)
11. unknown (3:31)
12. unknown (3:21)
13. chat/tuning (0:32)
14. unknown (2:35)
15. unknown (3:15)
16. molly malone (3:54)
17. unknown (4:07)
18. unknown [the pogues] (3:25)

bard (set 3) & boxty rebellion (set 4)
– not recorded

source: zoom h4n (44.1/16) just to right of soundboard > cd wave editor (tracking) > tlh > flac

Bard 2014-03-15 SPD Fest Seoul 1t03
Boxty Rebellion 2014-03-15 SPD Fest Seoul 2t03